Gymnasts From Hell


Author’s Caution: Contains violence, male abuse, male domination and also a very small penis. Please don’t read if this will offend you or is not what you are interested in.


After kissing my wife goodbye for the weekend I grabbed the morning paper and headed back into the house, dressed only in my robe and briefs. She was off to check on her ailing mother, which left me to fend for myself with my new step daughter. This was the second marriage for both of us and 18 year old Traci was part of the package my wife brought with her when we married two months ago.

Traci was an incredibly beautiful girl, but she tended to have a quick temper, and at times had an attitude. The sliding glass door was open and I could hear her splashing around in our backyard pool, so I went to the window to see what she was up to.

I gently parted the Venetian blind a crack to peer out just as she lifted herself out of the pool in one fluid motion. I gasped as I viewed her facing me dressed in the skimpiest of string bikinis with a small patch covering her vagina, and two tiny pieces of cloth covering each small firm breast.

Traci shook off the water, readjusted the bottom of her suit which and ridden up into the crack of her pussy, then reached back with both hands to ring out the water from her hair. She had always been a bit of a tomboy according to my wife, and was into every sport imaginable since she could walk.

The sport she excelled at during her senior year of high school however was gymnastics. That, combined with her years of training in Judo had given her 4’11” 105 pound body incredible strength with noticeable yet feminine muscle.

I had gone to a couple of her gymnastic meets where she wore the usual revealing leotard so I knew that her tiny body was packed with muscle, but I had never seen her taut tanned body practically naked before. My left hand started to shake holding the blind open as my other hand entered my robe and pushed my briefs down over my hardening penis.

Unfortunately I was cursed with a very small cock, but it was extremely sensitive and I loved stimulating it. It was hardening into its 3 ½ inches as I slowly stroked it, watching as my step daughter began to practice her gymnastics routine.

She performed a perfect handstand with her back to me, with the beautiful tight muscular globes of her ass exposed invitingly. My breathing became ragged and my hand began to pump my cock faster as I watched her slowly bend her arms and touch her nose to the grass, and continue still in the handstand, spread her legs into a sensual split.

I watched for ten minutes as she continued to stretch her flawless body in every position manageable. I was totally absorbed in the sensations both viewing this tiny goddess and stroking my dick were producing, that I hadn’t realized my briefs had fallen to my ankles, and also hadn’t realized that the phone was ringing, until I saw Traci racing to the glass door to answer it.

I quickly released the Venetian blind just as she pulled the door open and bent to pull up my underwear. I tried to move behind the kitchen counter to hide myself but didn’t make it before Traci grabbed the phone.

I stood behind one of the kitchen chairs with my hands on top and tried to look innocent, but when Traci looked at my flushed face and nervous fidgeting, then looked at the Venetian blind slat which still remained parted, I saw her beautiful face turn from questioning to furious.

“Hold on Jenny for about five minutes. I need to take care of something and I will be right with you.”

She laid the receiver on the counter, and then slowly moved her tanned firm body toward me with her eyes ablaze with anger.

I scratched my chin and backed up a bit as she advanced and with a half nervous smile said “What’s wrong honey? Are you, um, upset about something?”

I am only 5’4″ and 130 pounds, so there wasn’t a huge difference in our heights and weights, but she was in far better shape than I was in, and that fact that she had a black belt in judo made me incredibly nervous.

Without a word, she slowly took my left hand in her right and interlaced our fingers, then like lightening quickly forced my fingers görükle escort back, causing me to instantly fall to my knees in pain.

“You know damn well what’s wrong Daddy Dearest. You are a fucking pervert. What were you doing you asshole; spying on me?”

The robe had unfortunately come open and Traci could see my underwear stuck around my quaking thighs and also see my small cock, which had now shrunk to its humiliating 1 ¼ inches.

“Oh my God! I haven’t seen one that small since I baby sat for 8 year old Timmy Johnson. How could mother have married someone with such a little pecker, who is also a friggin’ pervert?”

She roughly twisted my arm up behind my back with her superior strength, forced me to stand and moved me back to the phone and picked up the receiver, laughing almost hysterically into it.

“Sorry Jen for the laughter. You have got to come over here and see this…No I want it to be a surprise. Just get here as fast as you can”….and she hung up.

She released my arm and flung me around so my back was against the counter, then grabbed me by my hair, jerking my head back and grabbing my throat in a choke hold with her other hand cutting my air off. I had never been so scared in my life. I tried to remove her fingers but they were just too strong and in a pleading strained voice begged for her forgiveness.

“Pl.. Please Traci. I can’t breathe. I admit I was spying on you, and I swear it will never ever happen again. Please let me go. You’re hurting me.”

“Hurting you eh? You haven’t experienced hurt yet. I should probably tell Mom what a sick little jerk she married, but I think it would spoil all the fun I plan to have with you and I will just handle matters on my own.”

“Wh…What do you mean Traci?”

“What I mean Daddy Dear is that whenever Mom is away, I will be running the show, and you will do as I say, without question. Understood?”

I hesitated too long and she painfully grabbed my balls and squeezed them roughly causing me to cry out in pain. “Pleeeeeeze Traci. Oh my God. That hurts so bad!”

She merely increased the pressure and through clenched teeth said “Understand?”

“Yes, yes. Oh God, yes! Please let me go.”

“Okay Daddy Dearest. Just so you now realize that I don’t expect any hesitation when I instruct you to do something. I also expect this little arrangement to stay just between you and me…and any of my friends I wish to have involved; like Jenny. I expect her any time, but before she gets here I need to pee.”

Twisting my arm once again behind my back she led me out of the kitchen and down the hall to the bathroom. She instructed me to stand at the vanity as she untied the skimpy bottoms of her bikini pushed them down her legs and sat down on the toilet. Without another word, I could hear a trickle begin, then turn into a steady stream of urine emptying into the toilet.

After about 1 ½ minutes it finally became a trickle once again and stopped. “This is normally where I grab a large wad of toilet paper, but I’m not going to do that this time. You know why Daddy Dear?”

I was speechless, dreading what she had in store for me.

“I see the cat has got your tongue. Well, the reason I don’t need TP is because I have what you might call ‘human TP’.

I panicked. “Please Traci. You can’t be serious!”

“Oh but I am Daddy Dear.”

She scooted up to the edge of the toilet and spread her legs so I could see her glistening pink pussy lips. I tried to resist and reason with her but by balls were once again tortured with her firm grasp, and I went down on my knees between her legs.

The amount of pee on her hairless lips was negligible, but I had never done anything so perverted and tried to stall for time as I slowly lowered my head. Not satisfied with the pace, Traci grabbed my hair and forced my lips into her moist spread pussy.


I closed my eyes and gingerly stuck my tongue out and began to lick her opening as she guided my head up and down her warm naked slit. I don’t know if it was being so close to my daughter’s pussy, or if the smell and taste of her urine was appealing to me, but as I drank in the few yellow salty, görükle escort bayan and musky drops, I could fee my small cock start to respond once again.

After being satisfied that she was properly cleaned, she pushed me back, stood up, pulled her skimpy bikini back up and flushed the toilet. “That was very good Daddy Dear. I probably won’t ask you to ever be my human toilet, but you do make great toilet paper. Mmmmm My Daddy. Better than Charmin”

The doorbell sounded, sending a shockwave through my whole body.

“That must be Jenny. Now I expect you to be a good boy in front of my company, and do as you are told.”

“Please…Please Traci, don’t do this. I will do anything you ask, but please don’t humiliate me in front of Jenny.”

She refused to listen to my plea and once again put a painful wrist lock on me and led me to the front door and opened it letting Jenny enter. Jenny was also on the gymnastics team, and was the mirror image of Traci.

Jenny was dressed in the skimpiest pair of shorts I had ever seen and they clung to her half exposed muscular ass like a second skin. Her small breasts were standing up proudly in a tank top and I could see her taut nipples trying to break through the material.

She and Traci hugged and Traci closed the front door. “Hey Trace. What did ya want to show me?”

She forced my arm up my back causing a shocked expression to appear on Jenny’s face then proceeded to once again guide me as she said over her shoulder, “Come on into the living room and I will show you. You’re gonna freak out over this.”

Reaching the center of the room, she released my arm and as I tried to rub the pain away, I looked pleadingly into her eyes not to do this, but I could see the determination in her face, and knew I would be able to offer no resistance to whatever she had planned.

“OK Daddy Dearest. We’re ready. You can remove the robe.”

“For the love of God Traci. Don’t do this to me.”

She got that killer look in her face and started to advance toward me, so I quickly raised my arm and with open palm instructed her to stop.

“OK, OK. I’ll do it.”

Slowly I looked down and proceeded to undo the cloth belt and let it fall away. Unable to look them in the eyes I took a hold of the fronts of the robe and pulled it back, removing my arms and tossing it on the couch, so I stood before them in only my jockey shorts.

Traci got a huge smile on her face and grabbed Jenny’s muscular arm and gushed, “This is what I wanted you to see. It’s got to be one of the 7 wonders of the world.” Turning back to me, she added, “Drop the undies Daddy Dearest” and she began to make the sound of a drum roll with her mouth.

Slowly I put a hand on each side of my jockeys and closed my eyes preparing for the worst as I bent and pushed them down over my legs, then slowly rose and stood naked before my twin teen tormenters.

“Oh my God,” shrieked Jenny. “It’s so tiny!”

She quickly moved in front of me and went to her knees and put a hand on each of my thighs, parting my legs and studying my tiny penis. “It’s adorable. It’s so tiny, it’s like a little boy’s teenie weenie.”

Jenny took a finger and bounced my short member up and down rapidly, almost like she was flicking and stimulating a large clitoris. As she squeezed my balls with her other hand and continued to play with me, I could not stop from getting an erection.

“Look Traci. It’s becoming huge….It must be at least…. 3 inches.” I felt my face go beat red dealing with the humiliation as both young women broke out in fits of laughter. I could only think to myself, ‘How could this be happening?” ….A 38 year old male being totally debased by two young teenaged girls?

“Good Lord Traci, even his balls are the size of tiny little marbles.” With that, she removed her hands from my aching ball sac and moved quickly around and shoved a finger deep into my asshole, causing me to jump, and try to tear her hand away. Wham! came a hard slap to my buttocks and I was told to hold still as she reinserted her finger, then surprised me by taking my small cock completely into her mouth. She released me with a loud slurping sound and bursa escort looked up at Traci as she continued to finger fuck my sensitive ass.

“That’s one advantage of your Dad being so small…I can deep throat him.”

“You go girl,” Traci said, and Jenny returned to sucking me deeply as her finger continued to saw in and out of my ass. The pain was turning into pleasure, and no matter how I tried to fight it the young beauty was driving to the brink of pleasure, when suddenly she drew back once again and grabbed my balls firmly, to keep me from reaching an orgasm. I never wanted to cum so badly in my life, but my pleading for release only brought more teasing and disdain from the two fit gymnasts.

After being reprimanded for trying to cum too quickly I was forced to lay down on my back on the carpet, scared to death about what else they had in store for me. Both sexy teens then slowly removed their skimpy clothing, taunting me with their wonderfully firm, tanned and sexy bodies.

Traci moved around to the top of my head and placed a foot even with each ear so I was looking up at her smooth shave pussy lips and shapely cheeks of her ass. Slowly she lowered herself down to my face. She took a hold of my hair and raised my head up and placed a muscular calf below my head, then sat down on me, fully covering me with her ass and pussy as she faced my feet.

Jenny stood straddling my waist and proceeded to step on my balls and cock with the ball of her feet. All I could do was force out a muffled scream as Traci rocked back and forth over my nose and mouth. Jenny continued to maul my crotch with her sadistic foot, but the smell of my teen stepdaughter and the pain/pleasure once again caused my small cock to harden.

Finally she let up and I had grown to my full three and a half inches. The next thing I felt was the warm moist hairy crotch of Jenny sliding down sucking my organ into her her young body.

“God, he’s do small I can barely feel him.”

She began to rock, and in a couple minutes her pussy muscles adjusted and wrapped hungrily around my short member.

“Mmmm, he’s starting to feel better Trace.”

Traci pinched my nipples roughly, ordering me to start licking, and although I had never eaten a woman before, I stuck my tongue and began exploring her body to avoid further pain.

Jenny continued to ride me, and pumped harder and faster as her breathing increased. My tongue was probing into Traci’s puckered asshole, then licking the sweet moisture from her warm flowing fountain. I felt like a human punching bag as Jenny roughly pounded on my cock, and Traci had a vice-like grip on my head with her muscular legs. All I could do was lay their and submit as both young beauties ravaged me without mercy.

My face and cock were being ridden for 15 minutes when my two attackers facing each other bent in for a deep kiss as they fondled and pinched each others breasts. Their tongues sucked and wrestled with one another, but they did not miss a beat in continuing to pummel my body.

I continued to lick and suck Traci’s sensuous body as Jenny continued to ride me, then I heard their moans start to increase and they both found another gear in increasing their attack.

Both girls screamed out simultaneously and I thought I would die from suffocation as my tongue was buried deeply in my step daughter’s pussy. Jenny’s body spasmed and I could feel her pussy muscles clamp on to my cock and suck it in deeply so I shot a load, feeling like nothing I had ever experienced in my life.

All three of us slowly began to catch our breath and return to normal, though I doubted anything would ever be normal between the three of us again.

Jenny slid slowly off of my cock and Traci removed her lovely body from my face. All I could do was lay on my back, totally spent, exhausted and humiliated.

Jenny reached over to my deflated cock and took the 1 ¼ inches between her two fingers. “It’s amazing to me that someone that small could have made me feel sooooo good.”

Traci smiled at Jenny and said, “That good eh? I will have to try him out later this weekend. His tongue isn’t bad either. What do you say you call your Mom and tell her you are spending the weekend with me, and we can have some more fun with tiny Daddy Dearest.”

Hand in hand they headed off to Traci’s bedroom leaving me naked and beaten, wondering how I had become a prisoner in my own home, and totally the mercy of two horny young gymnasts.

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