Halloween Party


I was finishing up putting the finishing touches on my Halloween costume for the party my brother was throwing at the house while mom and dad were gone, my hopes were to be the sexiest girl at the party, because whoever won the contest, got to sleep with my brother as prize. I knew it was wrong, but I didn’t care, I have always thought my brother was hot, he was very muscular, jet black hair down to his shoulders, which he always wore in a ponytail, I loved that he did because it showed off the thick muscles in his neck, along with the tattoo he had gotten of my name shortly after I was in a horrible car wreck, but that’s another story for another time.

*ding dong* the first of the part guests were arriving and my brother shouted for me to come downstairs to greet everyone. My job was to hand out the programs for the night, I got multiple looks from all the guys coming in, each one looking my body up and down in my short pleather skirt, my ripped up fishnet stockings, my thigh high platform boot, the mini-corset that showed my belly button piercing, the dog choker that I had around my neck, which was connected to a retractable leash that was attached to my brothers belt loops. I got asked many times what I was supposed to be, my simple answer, a sexual slave. I smiled over at my brother and tugged on the leash, signaling that it was time to get the party started.

“Okay everyone, first things first, just so everyone knows, there will be a contest, and as all cliché contests go, sexiest female in the room. I will spend an hour judging the ladies, and the winner, will get to have sex with me.” My brother was always very blunt, and I loved it, just thinking of all the things that he could, no would do with me excited me, and I could feel myself getting very wet.

I gasped suddenly when I felt my brother’s hand on my almost showing ass, I backed up slowly and pressed against him, feeling his raging hard-on, “so Blake, who’s the sexiest girl here?” I asked feeling his warm breath on my neck, my lust and love for my brother was so strong that it almost seemed natural.

“You’ll find out Val, don’t worry.” Was his short response and gave the leash a tug which made it difficult for me to breathe for a short second. He walked away scouting out all the girls, they were beautiful but, I couldn’t help but to think that they Ümraniye Escort didn’t put any thought into their outfits, most of them even looked store bought. Next came bobbing for apples, kiddish I know, but, when it was Blake’s turn I watched intently, as he gently brought his face down to the water, slowly lapped his tongue into it, softly bit down on the stem of an apple and slung his head up showering people behind him with the water that was saturating the tip of his ponytail. God how I wanted to feel my brothers hair laying on my thighs while his skillful tongue whipped around my wanting, throbbing pussy.

“okay guys, there’s no contest winner, none of these chicks here dressed to my liking so, sorry ladies, you just aren’t my type. And on that note, party’s over guys, thanks for coming.” Blake said over the blaring death metal music playing on the surround sound stereo mom had bought for Christmas the year my father came home from the war.

After everyone had left, it was just me and my brother, all alone, I was getting hot just thinking about it. “So Blake, who was the contest winner, a lot of those girls were sexy.” I said as I tried to remove the choker from my neck. But I wasn’t given the chance, Blake had pulled on it, I couldn’t breathe, and I had fallen to my knees. I looked up to see him standing above me with his raging hard-on right above my face. I had a smirk, I slowly crawled closer to him, grasping it in my hands, stroking it slowly at first, then continuously faster, I could feel him tensing up about to blow his load. “fill my mouth with your sticky cream Blake, I want every drop.” I slowly ran my hand down to my slit, which was now wetter than I had ever felt it before, I couldn’t believe it, I was finally getting what I wanted. Soon after I could feel my brother’s load shooting into my mouth, I swallowed hungrily, wanting more. I looked up at my brother lust filling my eyes, “thank you Blake.” A huge smile breaking across my face.

“Oh I’m not done with you little sister, now, go up to the bedroom and wait for me,” he pulled on the choker cutting off my breath supply once more, “like a little slave does for her master.”

I could not believe what I was hearing Blake say, but I was enjoying every minute of it, when he released the leash I practically running up to our bedroom, Anadolu Yakası Escort yes we shared a bedroom, we only lived in a two bedroom apartment and my brother refused to let me sleep out in the living room where my parents told me I had to sleep. I would always sneak into his room at night after my parents had gone to sleep, crawl into his bed, and would just sleep, he’d always wrap his arms around me, but I never knew what he did after I had fallen asleep.

I got onto the bed took off my bra, which sat right on top of the mini-corset, exposing my perky, 36DD breasts, slid my lace thong off, tossing it behind the door, just as I did my brother walked in, with a whip in his hand and a ball-gag in the other. “ready Val?” I nodded vigorously.

“Good, now get on your back bitch!” I had never heard him call me that before, so I stood there shocked, and that’s when I felt the whip crack straight across my back, I whimpered in pain and laid on his bed with my legs spread wide, I could tell that’s how he wanted me, god I was getting so hot, I don’t know why, but him cracking the whip across my back turned me on like no tomorrow. Once I was on the bed I looked down to see my brother positioning his head between my legs, and soon enough I felt his ferocious tongue begin to lick my slit, slowly at first then faster than I thought possible for the human tongue to move. I arched my back and let out a loud moan, it felt so good to have my brother pleasing me like this. I ran my fingers through his hair, he was giving me the best head I’d gotten in a long time. “Oh Blake!” I cried out loudly.

” I know this is what you have been wanting for a long time little sister,” He said softly “god Val your pussy tastes so good!” he then proceeded to stick one finger in my tight wet pussy, thrusting his hand into me, causing me to arch my back more, moaning louder. I couldn’t take it anymore, I wanted, no, needed to feel his cock inside me.

“Blake, please, fuck me, fuck me hard, I’ve been so bad!” I begged, squirming at the feel of my brothers tongue still grazing across my slit. ” please Blake, I can’t take it anymore!” I screamed as I came, my juices dripping down my ass as well as my brothers face.

He looked up at me smiling, “well sis, looks like someone’s finally ready.” He said as he stood İstanbul Escort up, pulling out his cock, he began to rub the head against my slit, causing me to quiver in pleasure, I could feel it throbbing against me, god how I wanted him inside me. I got my wish, with a forceful thrust of his hips his cock was deep inside my pussy, I gasped in ecstasy and my eyes rolled back into my head. Soon his lips met my very hard nipples, his tongue grazing across them, I moaned softly grinding my hips against my brothers feeling every inch of him deep inside me.

I could hear him grunting, thrusting deeper and faster, I could tell he was getting close, but I wanted it to last longer, so I took my hands and pushed him off of me, the look on his face was priceless as he stood there completely naked his cock standing completely straight, I got off the bed and pressed up against him, biting down on his neck, causing his cock to jump. “wow Blake, I didn’t know you liked being bitten.” I said seductively, I brought my lips to his and kissed him with the passion of a lover, my hand stroking his shaft slowly. I broke away from our kiss and shoved him onto the bed, I took off the remains of my Halloween costume and straddled him, teasing his 9″ cock with my dripping pussy.

He couldn’t take it anymore, he grabbed my hips and pulled me down on top of him, again I could feel his rock hard cock inside my pussy, I grabbed my tits and threw my head back moaning loudly, I was sure the neighbors could hear me, but I didn’t care. “Oh yes Blake, fuck me, fuck the shit out of this dirty whore.” I said, which made me even hotter, “god I’m going to cum again Blake.” I couldn’t stop it from happening, my body shuddering as I came all over my brothers cock. Blake grabbed me by my shoulders and rolled over on top of me, thrusting as hard as he could, sweat began to bead on his forehead, he looked at me with his ice blue eyes, his black hair falling from his ponytail.

“Oh Val, I’ve only dreamed of this, fucking your tight pussy.” He continued to thrust his cock into me, brought his lips down and kissed me. I loved my brother more now than I ever have in my entire life, and now we were as one, a hot sweaty sex mess, and I loved every minute of it. “Val, I’m cumming, oh god yes Val, OH GOD!!!” I could feel his cream filling my pussy, soon dripping out of my pussy as he continued to shoot cum into me, soon his body collapsed on top of mine, and he kissed me one last time. ” I love you Val. I always have.”

That, had to have been the best Halloween I had ever had. And I could only hope, that there would be more nights like this one.

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