Hanna episode 3 – Ultimate Lapdance!


*Cough* Look at this story from the beginning for maximum luvvage. *cough*

I open my eyes with her arms wrapped around me, and her body as close to mine as the blanket covering us. We are fully clothed but still, I just can’t seem to get used to this.

I didn’t expect it the first time, and here it is again…

I lay there and I begin to wonder… Why the hell did she want it so badly? Why did she know what to do, and everything? How does she even know about Deep Throating?

I swear, if my sister’s boyfriend has been raping her I will kick his ass so hard he will never stand straight!

My eyes wander down to the girl draped on me like an accessory… A nice, plush, welcoming accessory… A great thought I shake the thought off. I should really kick my own ass… This is bad…

Loosening her ensnarement of my body, I worm my way out and then replace the covers on her. As of now she looks cute, and looks so very gentle. She changed completely when that first night hit, and I am now wondering – WHY? Why was it that she seemed so different right then? She’s smart, real smart but could she really be that same girl who blackmailed and raped me earlier? I raise my head and look about the room and see what I should have figured I would see all along. I see a computer in her room with a DSL connection. Let’s face it, of all things that is by far the worst thing for someone smart enough to manipulate it correctly to have in her room at this age in regards to keeping her “pure.” The temptation of the internet is great, and contrary to the popular belief, the smarter ones are those who end up for at least a while or even on and off become addicted to pornography. I guess even SHE was no exception.

… Ironically, neither am I.

I worm my way out of her entangling grasp and replace the covers on her to ensure she doesn’t get too cold. Intrigued, I get up and go to the computer, and then sit down as it begins to start up.

Suddenly, a somewhat familiar screen greets me.
Username: Ha_chan
… Hmm… Let’s try… This… *Beep* denied… What about… This… *Beep* denied.

This is kinda fun… Let’s see… She’s probably one to use…
Username: Ha_chan
Password: Password
The screen lights up as the desktop is loaded. Aww, how cute, it is a picture of a beach.

Anyway, let’s see… Let’s go Start… Recent Documents… *click*
… There’s no Recent Documents folder, what the fuck?

Alright, let’s just go to the history…

… Windows, let’s see… *click* History, history… Wait…
There’s no history folder!

God damn it! Why are there not those folders!

Alright… Let’s just continue now. Ctrl+H… History. Alright! …

Wait, that can’t be right, not even yesterday is shown… There’s absolutely no history to this computer. How can that be? Sex hikayeleri *Closes*

Alright, let’s just open the internet. … Internet… … There’s no internet explorer.
What the fuck is wrong with this computer? Hey, what’s this… “Mozilla Firefox… ” Oh yes, that’s right, this is also an internet browser. From what I heard it’s pretty useful. Alright, let’s just… *Click*

I am greeted by a pop-up window. It says, “Mozilla Firefox closed unexpectedly. [Restore old session] [Start a new session]”

Alright, little miss sly pants, you left a loophole. Let’s just restore that session and… HOLY SHIT!

(A window opens up with at least 20 tabs full of porn, and the first tab is set to Google.)

Well that explains it. Jesus Christ, that’s a lotta sex!

I lean forward intently and begin to mischievously sift through it… Wow, looks like the last tab that was up was Incest pornography… What do you know, a young looking girl and her brother, as it advertises. That explains why she kept calling me brother, she must have developed an incest fetish and then started to pursue it. Then she saw a point to take advantage of the situation and took it thinking it was just another fantasy.

Jeez… What to do what to do…

“Oh… Good morning, Jason… ” Hanna says as she raises her head. I quickly minimize the window.

“What were you doing?” She asks puzzled.

“Huh? Oh I was just looking something up and… ” I started on. She got up and hit Alt+Tab, and the window popped back up.

“… I accidentally hit restore old session… I was going to check some important E-mail and well, this came up and it kinda started to freeze on me… ” I went on.

“Oh again? That damn thing keeps freezing whenever there are that many open…”

“Wait, you’re not embarrassed?”

“Of course I am… But I don’t mind… If you don’t that is…”

“I was just kinda hoping you had an influence from the internet which is making you so hungry to explore sex, and not that your mom’s boyfriend did anything to you.”

“What? No, he would never. I would bite him!” She says with a giggle.

“Why do you like me like that anyway?”

“Are you saying you don’t find me attractive?”

“No, no! It’s not that, it’s just… Well honestly I never thought about it until yesterday…”

“You’re lying.” She says with a mischievous smile.


She walks a little closer, and then leans in slightly. “You tried not to think about it and told yourself that I was off limits and that I was far too young. But the thing is there’s plenty of events just like this that happen all the time! Neither of us is stupid, and it’s not like you are scarring me for life or anything. I honestly care about you a whole lot you know!”

“Really? Is that why you put me in such a tough spot and blackmailed me?”

“That was just… Me in the moment, I just really didn’t want you to leave me hanging… You know Sikiş hikayeleri I wouldn’t have right?”

“No I didn’t,” I say while looking away slightly.

“… ” She leans in closer. “You’re lying. I know that look from you. If you’re trying to hold onto your honor it’s fine, I understand. The fact of the matter was you didn’t rape me, you didn’t force me into it, or hell even pressure me. You’re a good person, and both of us want the same thing. I’m young but I’m fully capable of this, and so are you. Hell, if you want one last moral barrier for you, think of this as us educating each other about our curiosities. Now, are you really gonna say that you didn’t like it?”

“Liking it wasn’t the problem, not at all! It was liking it that WAS the problem!”

“How do you figure?”

“I never even thought about you like that until a couple days ago. Now I feel so dirty…”

“Why do you feel so dirty?”

“You’re my NIECE! I am NOT supposed to be doing this with you!” I say going into a slight panic.

She nods her head slowly, and continues, “You know our family tree. She’s not related to you by blood and I am not either. You were adopted, remember?”

“But you’re way too young!”

“Really! How come I just fucked you then huh? There are plenty of couples aged much further than 5 or hell 10 years apart, and just because this is a little earlier doesn’t mean it’s wrong!”

“The eyes of the law tend to disagree with you on that one, Hanna!”

“The law is not involved!”

“… I’m sorry…”

“It’s fine you’re just trying to blame yourself for something there’s no blame for! This is fun, it’s not wrong! It would be seen wrong hell yes, but that’s why it must be UN-seen.”

With that being said she climbs into my lap, still in the white shirt from earlier but now with green panties on, now hangs around my neck with one arm sitting facing the computer.

“Hanna… “

*click* She clicks a link. It goes now to a movie of two people fucking, and rather vigorously too. She begins to move her hips slightly on my lap, and keeps watching intently on the film.

“Still, I can’t help but wonder if… I’m doing the right thing…”

“I want you. I want this. And besides…” She says with a little grin and a lick to my neck, positioning her hot pussy mount on top of my erect, almost defiant penis. It lay under her, touching her panties, longing for the warmth within… I begin to try to shake it off, and only partially succeed, as my gaze turns to the intense fucking on the screen. She swivels her hips all around it though, turning to face me, licking at my bottom lip.

“I’ve learned a lot from these videos… Do you like it?”

I fight it successfully. Well, for about two seconds before I suddenly feel as though something clicked in me. I smiled, put an arm around her waist holding her down on my penis firmly. She seemed surprised as I do this, slightly backing up as I take one of her breasts through her shirt into Erotik hikaye my hand and grasp it firmly. As she began to even move her mouth to let out a moan, I took her mouth with mine in a deep, passionate kiss. At this dominance, she put both her arms behind me and began to rub vigorously at my penis, almost desperately. Her tongue twirls around mine as I lavish the taste of her. I pull back, licking at her bottom lip a little. Suddenly, I bite it gently, sucking on it and licking it in my mouth. At the sudden change of my standing, into almost a love beast, she lost it and seemed as though she couldn’t spend the time to properly even take off her panties. She simply moved the cloth covering her plush, wet mound and angled her entrance so that it was perfectly on my penis. Before she began to move down on it, my arm around her waist pulled her down onto me. With a sharp, cute moan of pleasure, she took my completely engorged penis into her, little by little, until she was at the very base. She began to try to rise up to begin fucking madly, but I held her still on it. Looking at me pleadingly, she whined a bit.

“Please, aah… Please…”

“Please, what?” I say with a mischievous smile.

“Please, fu- Aah…” She stopped herself in mid sentence with a moan as I began to move her hips around on it, grinding us against each other. Overtaken by the pleasure, she feel speechless as the slow grinding went on. After a good ten minutes of nothing but that I repeated.

“Please, what? You didn’t finish…”

“Please… Let me… Let me pump you~!* She said in ecstasy with slight embarrassment as I then let her go up and down, and take her mouth with mine once more. She began to ride me like no tomorrow, her tight once virgin hole grasping at my cock so hard it almost threatens to take it with it as it pulls up. It begins to suck wildly on me, as I begin to get very close. Unlike last time I wasn’t hesitant or even worrying about finishing early. I just sat there, and enjoyed the ride. I felt her pussy contract vigorously as she blew a hot long moan into my mouth as it overtook hers and my probing tongue dominated hers. Her tight pussy began to contract hard as she came, and her gaze into my eyes precious, telling me just how much she loved it. Suddenly it all clicked. I was about to cum, in her pussy, with absolutely no protection. I then pulled her up so that my penis got out of her pussy just in time, but she sank back down onto it! Luckily, it didn’t go inside, it brushed along her pussy lips and clit and pointed straight up her loose shirt as it began to blow her load all over her stomach, chest, and even firing far enough to pelt her neck a little. She then sat there, rubbing our discharged organs against each other, along her crevice, as we sat staring at each other.

“Wow… Just… Wow, Jason… How come you suddenly became so great? I mean before was fun and all but that was, wow…”

“I have no clue… But I like it… I love it…”

She then giggled a little, embracing me, our sex organs well greased with our fluids…

“… I want some more of it.” With that, we kissed passionately again, and continued the day, pretty normal really…

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