Happy Birthday Lorie


Lorie stood outside in the freezing cold, completely pissed because she couldn’t get her door opened. Her ride had left, she didn’t have a cell phone, and the fucking key wouldn’t turn in the lock. It was the perfect ending for a fucked up night. She felt tears welling up in her eyes as she kicked the door and thought over all that had transpired. It was supposed to be a fun and romantic evening out with Bill and her friends. After a few drinks and some teasing comments gone awry, she and Bill got into a huge argument which ended with him stomping out of the bar like a petulant child and her without her much anticipated birthday gift.

Her friends then wanted to pick apart what had happened and try and place blame – mostly on her! Damn, these are supposed to be her friends. They are supposed to say, “Fuck him, he is a bastard!” But no, they wanted to analyze the situation and relationship and come to all the wrong conclusions. Lorie ended up drinking way too much and laughing at her friends. Since most of her friends had coupled up, they were eager to get home and spend what was left of the night together. Which meant Lorie would be going home alone, since her partner had decided to be an asshole.

Lorie sat on her steps and thought for a moment about what to do. She laughed to herself, because no immediate answer came to her. Her vision was blurry, she was shivering because of the cold, and she wanted nothing more than to reach the inner sanctuary of her home so she could cry her eyes out in a good old-fashioned bout of self-pity. What a fucking way to spend the first few hours of her birthday.

A car drove down the street. It seemed to slow as it went past her house. She contemplated trying to flag down the driver – but by the time she had formulated that thought, the car had passed. Her ass was getting cold from sitting, so she decided to get up and try the door again. As she stood in front of her door, she dropped her keys. “FUCK!” She yelled to no one in particular. She bent down to find her keys and hit her head on the door. The world went black for a few moments and she could hear desperate laughter coming from somewhere.

The next thing Lorie knew, someone was kneeling along side her asking her if she needed assistance. She opened her eyes slightly and glared at her would be rescuer thinking, “what the fuck does it look like?” She bit her tongue when she saw who it was. Her eyes went wide and speech eluded her. It was Frank. Frank the man of her dreams, the one she desired the most but couldn’t have. “Lorie, do you need help?” Frank asked again. Lorie shook herself as she looked around for a moment. She explained that she dropped her keys, keys that didn’t seem to want to open the door. Frank found her keys and helped her up. She laughed lightly as she swayed a bit. Frank grabbed a hold of her and she leaned into him, delighting in the wonderful feeling of being this close to him. He felt so hard, so manly. He even smelled good.

“Which key is it Lorie?” Frank asked. Lorie looked at him, dazed from the alcohol she had consumed, the bump on the head, and the simple fact that he was standing so close to her and said, “huh?” Frank rolled his eyes and said never mind. He tried every key until one finally worked and he was able to get the door open. “Come on you sexy bitch,” Frank said as he led Lorie into the dark house.

Once they were inside the house Frank shut the doors. Without bothering to turn on the light, he pinned her against the door with his body and grabbed both her wrists with his left hand and raised them above her head. “My, my you have been a bad girl tonight,” he said as he leaned in to graze her jaw line with his teeth. Lorie moaned lightly, enjoying the sensations coursing through her body. His hard body was pressed into hers and even though she görükle escort wiggled a bit, she knew she was effectively trapped and wanted nothing more than to be so.

Frank took his free hand and ran it up her body. He cupped her left breast and pinched her nipple. “You should know better than to waste your time with assholes that aren’t worthy of you,” he said as his fingers bit into her breast. Frank stepped back and just looked at Lorie. She let out a small whimper, not sure what she wanted but knowing she wanted him against her. As he looked into her eyes she whispered so softly it was more of a sigh, “please.” He smiled a smug smile as he traced the cleavage of her shirt. He grabbed a hold of the front of it and pulled with one hard, fast motion. The buttons that were holding her shirt together disappeared. Her shirt was hanging open, exposing her upper half to his hungry eyes.

“Naughty girl. Only dirty little bitches go out without a bra on. I bet your pussy is wet, too. Did you think you were going to get fucked tonight?” Frank asked. “Yes,” Lorie said panting. Frank leaned down and took his time circling each nipple with his tongue. He gave each nipple a hard bite as he sucked on the bar that went through them. Lorie could feel her legs getting shaky as each nip he gave her caused a delicious sensation to course straight from her nipple to her pussy. With his free hand, Frank twisted and pinched her left nipple as he sucked and licked on her right. She whispered please again and he stopped. “No, my sexy bitch. You don’t get to come yet. You may come when I tell you to.”

Frank released her wrists and stepped back. He laughed as he grabbed her hair and pulled her to him. He touched his lips on her open, panting mouth and tugged on her hair to move her head back into position. He kissed her roughly, dominating her mouth with his forceful tongue. He pulled on her hair again, pulling her away from him and waited for her to open her eyes and look at him. When she did he said, “Ah, you have a hungry little mouth. You know what dirty bitches do with a hungry mouth, don’t you?” Still gripping her hair he placed a hand on her shoulder and pushed her down. “Show me what you want to do with your hungry mouth Lorie.”

When she was down on her knees, her eyes were immediately drawn to the bulge in his pants. She brought her hands up to undo his pants and paused a moment to look up into his eyes and smiled. “I know it is what you want. All dirty bitches want a hard cock in their mouth. Show me what a naughty bitch you are!” Frank said to her. Lorie couldn’t get his pants off faster. When she had his pants undone, she pulled them and his boxers down grazing her nails along his hips and the sides of his legs. He kicked his pants and underwear to the side and stood with his legs slightly apart. Lorie smiled and licked her lips as she looked at his rock hard cock.

Lorie brought her hand up and licked her palm before grabbing the base of his cock. She had a moment of wonder. It all seemed so surreal. This is something she had wanted for a long, long time but never in a million years thought it would come to fruition. Frank twisted the hair he had in his hand and said, “Now Lorie!” The here and now came quickly back into focus for her. Without further thought she leaned in and encompassed his cock with her lips. She brought her lips down to her fingers that were wrapped around the base of his cock. She moaned at the feel of his cock in her mouth. Her hungry tongue swirled around and around his cock, savoring the taste and feel of it. She removed her hand from the base of his cock and swallowed his entire length down her throat. She cupped his balls with her hand as she worked her tongue over his cock.

With a groan of contentment, Frank ran his hands over the görükle escort bayan sides of her head until his fingers were buried in her hair. He fisted his hands through her hair and held her head in place as he started to fuck her mouth. Lorie looked up to Frank as his cock slid in and out of her mouth. She kept her lips tight and flicked her tongue over the head of his cock with every stroke. “Yes you sexy bitch, you love it, don’t you? You love having my cock in your mouth,” Frank said, as he began to rock his hips, thrusting his cock harder and deeper into her mouth. She moaned as she kept up with him. Breathing could be so tricky. She cupped her hands over her breasts and played with her nipples. She ran one hand down over her stomach and pushed her hand down her pants.

Her clit was hard and her pussy was dripping wet. She started circling her clit with her fingers. Franks cock was throbbing and pulsing in her mouth. With each stroke in, it felt as if his cock was growing bigger and it was becoming more and more difficult to breath. She slid her slick fingers down to her cunt and started finger fucking herself. She rode two fingers with the same rhythm that he was fucking her mouth. He pulled her hair harder as he slammed his cock into her mouth, forcing her head closer so that his cock went deeper down her throat. He held her head there for a moment and he rocked with short, deep thrusts until he pulled out and grabbed his cock. He yanked her head back as he shot his hot, sticky load all over her face. She kept her fingers buried in her cunt and her mouth wide open. Her tongue was out, so that she could catch as much cum as she could on it

Frank laughed at the wanton expression on Lorie’s face. “You liked that didn’t you. You are such a dirty slut,” Frank said, as he took his still hard cock and slapped her face with it. He took the head of his cock and smeared his cum all over her face. “Come my dirty bitch and clean me up.” Lorie licked his balls, sucking them into her mouth before licking his cum off his cock. She was ready to explode. Her pussy was clamping on her fingers and she wanted to cum so badly that it hurt. He pulled her off of him and pushed her back. “Stand up! Do you like my sticky cum all over your face?” he asked her. She had to remove her hand from her pussy to stand; she was panting and needing more.

Frank walked over and sat on her big, comfy chair and held his hand out to her. When she was standing in front of him, he told her to remove the rest of her clothes. She let her shirt fall back and slid out of her jeans. “You naughty little cunt! Only dirty bitches go without underwear! Spread your legs, let me see how wet your pussy is.” Frank slid a hand between her legs and ran a finger through her slit. Lorie’s legs about gave out on her when he took his finger and thrust it into her wet cunt. He pulled his hand out and brought it up to her face. “Look at how wet you are! Taste how wet you are.” He ran his finger over her face, mixing some of the drying cum on her face with the wetness before shoving his finger into her mouth.

Lorie could taste the mixture of his cum and her juices on his finger and playfully bit it. Frank removed his fingers and told Lorie to turn around and bend over. She did as he requested, moving the ottoman so that she could lean over and place her hands on it to brace herself. “Spread your legs Lorie,” was all Frank said. Lorie spread her legs shoulder width, but Frank took his hands and placed them on the inside of her thighs and pushed them apart further. To prevent herself from being knocked off balance, she leaned forward more and placed her forearms on the ottoman. A delicious shiver ran through her at being so exposed. Her dripping cunt was mere inches away from his face. She could feel his hot breath bursa escort on her sensitive lips.

Frank ran his hand lightly over her ass, taking a moment to squeeze here and there. “Such a pretty white ass,” Frank said, as he leaned forward and bit her lightly on her right butt cheek. Frank leaned back and ran two fingers through her slit. He teased her pussy with his fingers. He circled her clit, pinched her lips, and teased her opening by just barely inserting his fingertips into her. Lorie was biting her lip, trying to prevent herself from pushing back and consuming his fingers with her cunt. Frank chuckled, knowing that she was ready to explode.

Frank shoved two fingers deep into Lorie’s cunt as a resounding smack filled the silence. Feeling the sting of his hand on her ass, mixed with his fingers buried in her cunt, Lorie couldn’t hold back and came. “Oh, now see that was very wicked of you! You weren’t given permission to come yet,” Frank said. He stood over her and leaned forward. His cock was nestled against her cunt as he placed his hand in front of her mouth. Lorie whimpered at the contact, wanting nothing more than to feel his cock deep in her pussy. “Clean my hand before I begin your punishment.” Lorie eagerly licked her cum off of his hand while he rocked slightly so that his cock teased her slit, hitting her clit on the rock forward. He snaked his other arm around her and gave one nipple a vicious twist, making Lorie cry out with pleasure/pain.

“You are a greedy slut aren’t you? It isn’t enough that you made my hand all sloppy, now you want my cock as well. That is your forfeit for not listening and not obeying!” Frank said as he sat back down. “Shall we try again my pet?” Frank again took his hand and slowly inserted two fingers into her cunt, rotating his fingers until they were buried deep into her. He flicked his thumb around the base of his fingers to get it nice and wet and then placed his thumb over her asshole.

“Do not move, do not flinch,” Frank said, as he began to spank her. Each time his hand hit her ass, it was with enough force to rock her forward. Every time she moved forward, he would remove his fingers from her cunt and push his thumb into her ass. Lorie cried out, unsure what it was she wanted but knowing she didn’t want him to take away his hand. Lorie concentrated on not moving, regardless of how hard he smacked her. It was difficult with the pleasure coursing through her, but it was just enough to enable her from being overcome with pleasure and disobeying him again by coming.

The spanking continued. The sting that was felt with each contact only heightened the sensation of his fingers in her cunt and thumb in her ass. Once her ass was completely red, Frank stopped, leaned forward and kissed every spot his hand and touched. He instructed her not to move. He stood over her, removing the hand that was buried in her cunt and grabbed his cock. Using the wetness from her cunt to lubricate his cock, he stroked his cock until he came shooting his second hot, sticky load all over her red ass.

Frank walked around her and gathered his clothes. He walked into the bathroom and cleaned up. Lorie was unsure what she should do, so she stood up and waited for him to come out. He exited the bathroom, looking refreshed and completely ordinary – as if nothing had happened. He walked over to Lorie and kissed her lightly on the forehead. “Happy Birthday, Lorie. Glad I was the one to be able to give you a gift first,” Frank said. “Perhaps next time you will be a good girl and I can fuck you like the dirty bitch that you are”. He smacked her once more on the ass before he walked out the door.

Lorie walked into the bathroom and looked at herself in the mirror. She did indeed look like a dirty slut. Her face had dried cum on it and her eyes were alight with mischief. She turned so that she could see her ass in the mirror. Her ass was red and his cum was drying on it. She could still see the imprint of his hand on her fair skin. She laughed to herself and thought, “Fuck Bill, this was the best birthday present ever!”

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