Harder, Faster to Get Over You


Steve knew coming back to visit his old hometown was a mistake.

But as a musician and lyricist with a song writer’s block for almost a year, he didn’t know what else to do except to go back to where he had initially drawn inspiration from.

To go back to the start, essentially.

But, he really didn’t have to commit mistake after mistake, he thinks. So,

The first big mistake: not high tailing it out of there when he stumbled upon his ex.

Well, that part was hard. He had come back from the ice cream shop to realise that his car had been towed away, because stupidly, he hadn’t noticed the new ‘no parking zone’ signs. Everywhere. And you know, the OBGYN clinic: which in front of he had almost lost his mind, kicking at a road sign, had had an LED information board big as his head reading the name: Doctor Gabriel’s OBGYN Clinic.

Until, a tall shadow had loomed upon him and freaked the bejeesus out of him. Gabriel, his fucking ex. Who had been from a rich, homophobic family. Who had broken his heart halfway through College.

The second big mistake: accepting help from Gabriel because he had insisted so. When raindrops had started splattering across the pavements, hinting an oncoming storm, tired of the long journey he had had before, Steve had accepted the invitation to a cup of tea and a promise that Gabriel knew the town’s sheriff so his car would be back the next day.

So, onto the third mistake:

When they got to Gabriel’s quiet house, the doctor had insisted he cook for Steve. And right now, with a steaming plate of Enchiladas in front of him, and well into the second beer, Steve didn’t know what to feel.

Except, feel the pain he had hidden away as a 19 year old kid come in full force seven years later. This right in front of him, the good food, the little house bereft of a toxic family that had hurt the man he had loved was here. In his juvenile dreams, this had been it.

Except now, he wasn’t in it, in reality.

‘I don’t talk to my father anymore…’

Gabriel explains.

‘After mom passed, I left them for good. I wish I had done that earlier, Steve. But I couldn’t leave my mom behind, even if she didn’t like the fact that I liked men, I couldn’t leave her behind with that monster.’

Steve reaches across the table to lay his hand on Gabriel’s.

‘I’m sorry for your loss, Gabe.’

And the old nick name slips. Gabriel’s dark brown eyes widen slightly before his hand turns palm up under Steve’s and his fingers interlink.

‘I’m sorry for what happened back during College.’

‘You apologized to me, Gabriel. It doesn’t matter anymore.’

‘But I would still turn back time and tell you how I really felt about you if I could. I wish I had been brave enough to fight for us, or to even run away with you.’

Steve laughs, it’s bitter.

‘We did what we had to. I left College and was on the streets for two years before my producer picked me up at a rundown club. You needed your family to afford your tuition, Gabe. We are in better places now for the choices we made.’

Gabriel interjects.

‘You are at your best. Not me though.’

Steve sees red, feels irrationally angry.

‘Nothing about me is at it’s best! Do you know that every fucking lovesong I’ve written for the past seven years have always had you in it? Someway or another?’

Gabriel looks stunned. Their half eaten enchiladas lie between them, porno room temperature now. Gabriel takes a swing of his beer, it’s his third. And he gulps it down audibly.


‘You know what, forget I said it. It’s fucking pathetic. Seven years, seven god damn years and you still haunt me sometimes. Just-‘

‘I still feel something for you too, Steve… I haven’t ever not felt anything really. Hearing you on the radio for the past few years made me miss you so much.’

Steve slams his chair back and gets up.

‘Then why didn’t you to try to reach out for me? Why did you just let me believe that you’d damn well forgotten about me?’

‘Because… you looked happier without me.’

The anger deflates out of Steve like a balloon losing it’s air, that was never tied properly to begin with. He walks over to the other side of the table where Gabriel has his head in his hands.


‘I’m sorry, Stevie. I’m so so sorry for everything that happened…’


‘I would do anything to make it all up, anything-‘

‘Then fuck me.’

Gabriel’s dark head shoots up, in disbelief.


‘I’m sick and tired of what would have been. So let’s just fuck and get it out of the way.’

‘How is this going to help?’

Good question, but Gabriel had always been smart. It’s obvious with an MD at 28.

So Steve tries to put into words how not wreckless this is going to be.

‘What keeps haunting me is nothing ever really happened between us except for a lot of unresolved emotions and feelings. When i leave tomorrow all i want to remember is how physical it is with you. That’s it. I can handle physical, I’ve always been able to.’

Gabriel’s eyes shift and then comes back to focus on him. When the doctor stands up from his seat, he looms over Steve.

They were always opposites. Academy vs Arts. Second year vs fourth. Gabriel Hernandez was dark and tall with broad shoulders. Steve McFarland was light haired and has been called the elfish prince by his fans.

‘I would do anything for you, to make it better.’

Gabriel’s voice is an octave lower.

‘Then fuck me.’


It’s hard to remember who moved first.

But does that even matter when one of Gabriel’s hands are up in his hair and the other is running all over his body, setting everything aflame.

They discard clothes in record time, sparing only their briefs in the rush. Gabriel squeezes his ass cheeks and pulls him against his hard body and Steve feels them both hardening together, the friction so delicious as they rut together.


Steve demands.


He tries to reciprocate as much as possible, but Gabriel is hard in all the right places. So when the table is haphazardly cleared (a plate goes crashing, no ones cares) and Steve is tilted back onto it, he decides to let Gabriel do the work.

Gabriel’s hands tweak his nipple before lowering his head to give attention to both by licking and suckling one while simultaneously he pinches the other one between his fingers and give them a squeeze.

Steve gasps and arches off the table and and spreads his knees apart so Gabriel can slide right up against him. The touching of where both their bodies bisect sends a thrill down his spine.

Gabriel kisses and bites down a path to the v of his hips, then trails wet kisses up his thighs as he palms Steve’s hard on through his briefs.

‘Fuck, that feels so good baby. So good.’

Steve encourages, moaning into his fist.

‘Lift your hips up, baby.’

Steve gasps when his briefs are roughly pulled down his hips and off with a little slap to his ass.

‘Look at you, all leaking and red and flushed all over.’

Gabriel’s mouth whispers above his cock before taking the head in.


Steve moans helplessly.

‘Take it in some more.’

Gabriel obeys by swallowing him in. Swallowing his thin, long cock in with a gutteral moan. Then his fingers fondle Steve’s balls before they flutter down to meet his rim. He tests it out with a hand before drawing back and detaching his mouth with a indecent pop from around Steve’s cock. Steve mewls in protest.

‘Where are you going?’

‘Lube and condoms?’

Steve is desperate now and he doesn’t want to drag this out, to feel some more by the end of this.

‘I’m clean.’

Gabriel’s eyes are wide.

‘So am I. But are you sure?’

Steve nods and drags Gabriel back into his space with his legs, and props it over the doctor’s shoulders and throws his hands back to grab at the table edge above his head.

‘Yes, bottle of olive oil on that countertop. That’s enough.’

Gabriel is still looking at him. So Steve whispers,

‘I trust you.’

And that sets everything in motion. Gabriel grabs the oil with and outstretched hand and spills it generously over Steve’s pink rim before plunging his oil slicked fingers in.

One finger turns into two and two turns into three. Gabriel props Steve’s legs a little higher on his shoulders and angles his fingers and hits that place just right.

A spark of lightning travels down Steve’s spine and he arches off the table with a cry.

‘Your man pussy feels so goof, Steve. Can’t wait to be inside of you, stretching you till you can’t anymore.’

The fingers crook upwards again and assault the bundle of nerves again and again.

‘So get inside of me!’

Steve demands a little roughly.

‘Not until you beg, baby. Not until you’re begging me.’

Steve grits his teeth and tries not to scream with pleasure as he bites back.

‘You do all of this edging to your patients too then? Do they beg you to cream?’

The fingers inside of him turn a little cruel, relentless.

‘Going to punish you for those bad words by making you come with just my fingers.’

Steve’s eyes roll back into his head when he realises he is close. Close to coming even without touching himself.

‘I’m close. Get inside, Gabriel. Please.’


Gabriel lowers his head and takes a nipple into his mouth and pumps in his fingers in a ruthless rhythm till Steve comes loudly, his white splunk splattering the both of them.


Steve tries to catch his breath but he’s pulled roughly off the table and turned around pushed back onto it, face first in one movement before he can object.

Gabriel lines himself up with precision and slides right to the root, into Steve with no warning.

‘God, you are so thick and huge…’

Steve whipers brokenly.

Gabriel pauses a bit as Steve’s musles clench around his dick to accommodate. He uses that time to spread his hands on Steve’s pale ass cheeks and squeeze them hard.


Steve commands. Gabriel stays still, with a smirk.

‘Please Gabriel, move. Make me feel good-‘

Gabriel’s hips snap forward and sends Steve scrambling for leverage against the table edge.

‘Like that?’

‘Yeah. Like that.’

Steve moans and it’s filthy as Gabriel snaps his hips forward, his dick coming out fully before penetrating the pink rim.

Steve cries out, now overstimulated but moans out a harder, faster, please and who is Gabriel to withold all of that from him. His angry cock takes control of the situation and slams into Steve with pent up feelings and passion. Gabriel folds himself over the light expanse of Steve’s back and grabs onto his arms and his hips gain momentum and loses its rhythm and all they hear are the filthy wet noises of hips coming together, two bodies joint together and the pleasure inside of him coiling and unfurling and setting everything ablaze.

Steve’s incoherent now and Gabriel has this unexplainable urge to see his face so he unfolds himself briefly to pull out, flip Steve to his back again and slam in right home.

Steve’s lighter cock is hard again and Gabriel gives it a generous pump or two before grabbing Steve’s hand and placing it against it.

‘Stroke yourself babe.’

And while Steve is stroking himself, Gabriel pulls back and fingers the place where they’re both joined. Where his cock is going in and out and it almost sends him off the edge.

It does something to Steve though. He arches off the table with a sob and falls back onto it. Tears spool on the edge of his eyes and leak down his cheeks.

Gabriel feels his heart break. So he slows down his pace and bends over to lean his forehead against Steve’s.

‘Are you okay..?’

Steve scrambles for a bit before focusing on Gabriel.

‘I thought this’- Gabriel pulls out and pushes in fully-‘would make my feelings go’- He undulates his hips and finds the spot- ‘away’.

Steve is outright sobbing now.

‘I thought you would be easier to forget.’

‘Baby… Do you want me to stop?’

Gabriel’s eyes are wet too. His cock aches with impending release and his heart shines through its cracks.

Steve’s arms come around his neck and his legs wrap around the small of Gabriel’s back, pulling them impossibly close. Their lips find each other and Gabriel almost loses it, loses it at the softness of Steve’s lips, the wetness of his tongue. The eagerness and openness of it.

‘No. I want you to come inside of me. Then after, possibly not break my heart.’

Gabriel rotates his hips in a hypnotic motion and Steve’s eyes roll back. They’re both close.

‘I won’t. I promise.’

And Gabriel sets a drawn out pace after it. Pulling out, pushing in, frustrating them both but Steve’s nails scratching down his back and toes curling against his ass is a good sign, he knows.

They keep kissing and kissing, tongues swirling and teeth on bottom lips and it’s more intimate than ever. Gabriel reaches in between them and strokes the cock between them and Steve goes first, comes again, with a cry so loud it is a sob of his name.

The ensuing clench of internal muscles spasming around Gabriel’s cock sends him over the edge.

There’s a blinding white light and a clarity so clear that when his come shoots into Steve and leaks out, drips down his thighs, he whispers.

‘I love you, Steve. I’ll never ever stop loving you.’

Steve is smiling and radiant and fucked out as he pulls them both into a heated kiss that warms them inside out.

‘I love you too, Gabriel. I never stopped loving you, anyway.’


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