Have Faith


Faith let out a soft sigh and let her head fall back, her eyes closing as she relaxed atop her padded stool, elbows on the metal rail at the edge of the bartop, a slender glass stem held delicately in one hand, the other clutching the strap of her bag.

She hadn’t really been sure what to expect when a few friends from work had asked her to come out and join them for drinks, there was quite the age gap after all, between her and the teaching assistants who had been so insistent she comes out.

Part of her had thought it would just be them for the evening, sat around a table chatting and gossiping about work stuff, which, to be fair, they had done for the first hour or so. Then the music had been pumped up, the lights dimmed and the girls just had to dance.

She brought her head back down to survey the scene, pursing her full red lips as she watched the three girls in the crowd, so unlike her. Younger by ten years and slender too, glasses of something bright pink held precariously in their hands as they bopped and swayed to the music, their hands up, each one seemingly marked by a player, sizing them up.

She raised her glass and sipped her wine, enjoying it, if not the rest of all this. She wasn’t a dancer, even when she had been as young as them she’d refrained from it. Just not her thing, she’d always thought.

After a moment or two she went to sip her wine again but found the glass empty. Glancing down she inspected the inside, suspiciously devoid of any fluid.

Spinning in her stool she rested her arms on the counter, placing the glass down and beginning the age-old game of trying to catch the barman’s eye. She was patient, which was fortunate because she wasn’t very good at it.

“And a glass of red for her, too, please.” A voice said to her left, a figure that she had until now ignored now tapping her empty glass.

“Oh you don’t have to…” she started looking up at the generous stranger, her voice a little bit heavy from drinking, but still clear.

She looked up into the face of a young man, strikingly handsome she thought, his eyes a piercing blue that widened, almost in surprise as he saw her. She tilted her head and blinked curiously from behind her glasses, “Hey… Do I know you?”

He let out a little laugh and glanced around the bar, “Hey uh, I don’t know, do you?”

His voice was rich and full of character, his teeth a gleaming white as he smiled. She felt a warmth at her cheeks and she found herself sitting a little straighter, “You look familiar…” she studied his face for a moment, “Have you been on TV?”

His smile broadened and he laughed again, shaking his head, “No no, nothing like that, you uh, you come here often?” He ran a hand through his short black hair and flashed her another winning smile.

“No no… First time,” she gestured towards the trio of women she’d come with dancing on the floor, “with them from work.”

Tall and handsome glanced across towards the three and she took the opportunity to quickly sweep her eyes up and down his figure, slender, but his bare arms looked strong. By the time he looked back she was smiling innocently up at him.

“You er… Want to grab a booth?” He asked with a little smile as their drinks arrived, using his card to pay contactless as he picked up his glass of something amber and bubbly.

She bit her lip. He was gorgeous and looked so familiar, she was sure she’d seen him somewhere but couldn’t place his face. She might not have been sure what to expect, but she wasn’t going to say no to someone like this.

“Um, sure?” she said with a shy smile, moving to stand, a little wobbly. As she stepped down she found his hand on her elbow, offering her just the smallest bit of support, “Ah, thanks, um, the names Faith, by the way.”

He smiled, “Faith, I’m Michael.”

Michael, far from releasing her elbow linked his arm with hers, giving her a little guidance as they made their way past the dancing groups towards one of the seating booths off to the side. He was taller than her by maybe three inches or so, though she was wearing some pretty serious heels that probably meant, given that she was five eight, he’d be about six two.

“So ah, Michael, are you here with friends?” she asked as they found a spare booth, sitting down across from each other, the small table making it a cosy experience.

He shrugged a little, glancing around before lifting and sipping his drink, eying her curiously, “For a bit, think they moved on, but I’ve got a reason to stay…”

She lifted her glass of wine to hide her blush, “Oh?”

He winked and she almost fainted, her cheeks ablaze.

“You’re sweet,” she smiled, biting her lip for a moment before taking a sip of her wine, the lipstick leaving a red mark on the rim as she held the glass by her elbow, finger tracing delicately over the stem.

“So, what do you do for a living Faith?” he asked with a little smirk, raising one eyebrow.

“Oh I um, teach. Highschool.” She replied with a little nod.

“No bursa escort way?” he grinned, “I’d have thought you were still in high school.”

She laughed a little and put her hand gently on his forearm, if only for a moment, “Oh that’s awful.”

He laughed too, warm and genuine, “I know I know, you’ll just have to teach me to do better, maybe some private lessons?”

She laughed again and smiled, bright and happy, “Mm, maybe.”

“Only maybe?” He asked, smiling, his bright blue eyes alive and gorgeous.

“I’m still trying to figure you out, Michael, I mean, there’s those three girls out there, a little more…”

“A little more what?” he pressed, smirking.

“I don’t know… Pretty? Young?” she said a little meekly.

He glanced towards the dancefloor and smirked before looking back, dropping his tone to a conspiratorial whisper, “Can I be honest with you, Faith?”

“Mm?” She took another sip of wine.

He spoke quietly, making her lean forward slightly against the table to hear, “I’m pretty sure I’d break them, they’re skinny like sticks, who wouldn’t prefer someone with a few curves here and there?”

Faith tilted her head some and raised her hand to tuck a few stray hands of her auburn red hair behind an ear as she sat back up, she was wearing it in a ponytail, but the action was habit to her.

“Well… I do have a curve or two…” she admitted, and it was no lie. She was a full figured girl and while she had dressed quite modestly, it wasn’t hard to make out the shape of her heavy breasts or full hips under the figure-hugging fabric of her dress.

“And age is just a number,” he said with a smile before taking another drink of his beer.

It was a cheesy thing to say, she thought, but coming from him, she wanted to believe it. At least for tonight.

She slipped her stocking clad foot from her shoe and leaned back a little, one hand holding her wine glass, resting it on the edge of the table, her other folded under her chest, subconsciously pushing them up slightly to enhance their size, and let the side of her foot graze against his calf.

“Okay, Michael… So where are you at with life hm?” she asked casually, trying to make a little conversation as she caressed his leg with her foot.

“Oooh you know, not much… Just got my own car though,” he said with a wink, “so I’ve got that going for me. Which is nice.”

“Sounds it…” She smiled and said distantly, taking a sip as she got slowly lost in his gaze.

After a moment he disrupted her reverie, “You have the most beautiful emerald eyes, did you know that?”

She blinked, “A-ah, sorry, was I staring?”

He laughed a little and leaned forward, placing his hand on her arm, “It’s okay, so long as you like what you’re staring at.”

She bit her lip and nodded.

He smiled and drank in her expression, reading her desires, “So uh, so would you like to… Your place?”

“Oh god yes…” she said without hesitation, her breath coming a little fast for a moment as she laughed a little, which he joined in on, fortunately not taken aback by her obvious keenness.

She couldn’t remember the last time she’d gotten laid, let alone by someone so striking and the suddenness of it all only heightened her desire in the here and now.

He glanced around and smirked, putting his hands on the top of table and slowly started to push himself up, “Well, what’re we waiting-“

“Ah,” she took a hold of his wrist and looked suddenly very sheepish.

“Not getting all shy on me are you?” he asked, smirking as he slowly lowered himself back down.

“N-no, well, yes, well…” She felt embarrassed and looked down into her glass, feeling suddenly stupid, subtly slinking her foot back into her heel under the table.

“Hey, Faith, what’s wrong, do you feel okay?” He asked, a little concern bleeding into his voice as she released his wrist, his hand finding hers, squeezing it, “You can speak to me, you know.”

She looked up at him, so perfect.

“I um, look, I’m not, you know, like those girls…” She said, tilting her head briefly towards the dance floor.

He squeezed her hand again, “Look, if you don’t want me to come back to yours we can-“

“No! No I do, I do, It’s just, how do it say it?”

He smiled and met her gaze, “Quickly? So we can hurry up and get to yours?”

She blushed, “I have… Well, I have a…”


“Dick?” She asked, even though it wasn’t a question.

To his credit, and her surprise, he didn’t immediately walk away, though he did hesitate for a moment, “Oh. No shit?”


“Mm.” He was quiet for another long moment, then shrugged emphatically, grinning as he stood again, a little more insistent, “Who cares, come on.”

“W-wait!” She stammered, releasing his hand and he looked about to give her a ‘what this time’, but fell silent as she picked up her glass of wine, drained it and scooped her handbag, malatya escort “A-alright, let’s go.”

He grinned and held her hand as they made from the club, waiting only a moment before handing her his phone so she could put her address in, eager to place the order for the Uber.

The wait and ride was mercifully short and they’d had real difficulties keeping their hands off of one another for the journey. She’d put a hand on his arm just to keep steady and had found herself holding his bicep. He’d noticed, glanced at her and while smirking, flexed his arm, displaying his strength.

She’d melted into him in an instant and they’d started making out, facing each other, her hand on his waist and her other on his back, his on her side, the other resting on the back of the car seat, just by her breast.

As they’d drawn close she’d taken his free hand in her own, pulling it to her chest, his fingers splaying and sinking into the soft warmth of her breast through the fabric of her dress and bra.

The Uber driver had to, awkwardly, shout back at them twice as he pulled up at her place before they eventually untangled themselves from each others embrace, Michael muttering a low apology to the Uber driver even as he wore a grin and a well-defined lipstick mark on his cheek as he tried to salvage his rating with the driver, both of them climbing from the car.

“T-this way,” she said, looking towards one of the apartment buildings, fishing in her handbag for her keys which she produced, letting them both in.

Their footsteps clicked on the tiled stairs as they ascended, opting out of using the lift as she only lived on the second floor.

Even so, and likely because of Michael, Faith found herself feeling a little breathless as she fumbled at her door with the keys, feeling his hands slip around her waist, giving her a soft squeeze as he leaned in, her ponytail giving him easy access to kiss at her neck.

She found the correct key, pushed it into the lock and twisted, but she found herself hesitating for a moment, her head tilted back against his shoulder as she gasped gently, her lips parted as he bit gently at her neck, sending shivers down her spine.

He leaned forward and she felt him against her back, urging her forward. Biting her lip she opened the door and let it swing inwards, where she stepped quickly followed by Michael who didn’t for an instant take her hands off her waist as she turned around to face him.

She opened her mouth to talk but he placed his hand on her cheek, his other flicking the light on in the apartment as he leaned in, kissing her full lips, passionate and desperate, his foot catching the door, swinging it shut behind them as he started to urge her once more onwards.

She stepped carefully backwards, dropping her handbag on the floor with a clatter as she turned her body to the side, Michael following as she began to step back towards her bedroom, her fingers at his chest, trying to undo the buttons of his shirt.

By the time they reached the door his shirt was hanging limply on his shoulders, her heels kicked off and discarded somewhere she’d have to find in the morning.

With a bump she was pressed into her closed bedroom door, his firm toned chest pressing to the softness of her figure through her dress and he broke the kiss, looking down at her, breathing hard, her hair a little more dishevelled, her glasses a little skewed on her face.

“Fuck, you’re so hot…” he grinned as he looked down at her, much shorter now without her three-inch heels.

She blushed and moved her hand down towards the door handle but he grabbed her wrists, pulling them above her head while she gasped and he grinned, leaning down to kiss her again, deep and with passion, their tongues mingling as he pinned her to her door, one hand holding both her wrists above her head and while she could have probably broken the grip, she really didn’t want to.

Biting her lip as he pulled back slightly she looked at him with a sultry gaze, his spare hand pulling her dress up, his hand gliding over the silky smoothness of her stocking-clad thigh to squeeze at her hip and around to her bubbly ass, his thigh pressing between her own, finding her hard against him.

He grinned and looked down at her, pressing himself forward so she could feel his own hardness against her thigh, which she pressed up slightly to greet, the two of them taking in the fact that he was bigger than she was.

“D-don’t keep me waiting…” she said softly and, like a gentleman, he didn’t.

He released her hand and took a half step back, beckoning with a hand towards the handle to her bedroom door.

She half turned towards the door, then hesitated, her lips pursed as she drank in the view of his bare chest and abs through the parting in his unbuttoned shirt, his body toned and strong, his hands resting on his hips before, with a blush she turned the rest of the way, pushing open the door and moving to step çanakkale escort inside the dark room.

She didn’t get more than a step before she felt his hands on her, again under her dress, but this time lifting it up much higher.

She let out a soft, “Ah,” as she lifted her hands up over her head, letting him lift her dress up and off, casting it aside on the floor where it was, after a second, joined by his shirt.

Standing behind her he traced both his hands around his waist to her stomach, pausing briefly as he kissed her neck, sweeping his hands up to slip eagerly under the cups of her bra, feeling the warm softness of her heavy breasts between his fingers, finally feeling them skin to skin.

Faith let out a soft little moan as she pressed back, her own hands moving to rest on his hips behind her as she felt her panty-clad ass press against his bulge, still torturously trapped in his jeans.

With a gasp she felt as his splayed fingers purposefully trapped her hard nipples between his fingers, lifting and squeezing her breasts tighter against her chest as he bit harder at her neck, maybe even leaving a love bite as he ground his hard cock forward against the swell of her ass.

After a moment he pulled his hands free from her now ill-adjusted bra, his hands moving to quickly unhook it, Faith quickly discarding it to the floor.

He moved his hands back to her hips, thumbs hooking under the band of her panties, but she turned in his grip, smirking up at him as pressed the swell of her bare breasts to his chest, his hands instead slipping down inside her panties to hold onto her sizable butt.

“You like these?” she asked a little teasing as she pressed her chest forward further, feeling his contrasting fit body against her soft supple one. She was by no means a big girl, but she would never get away being called any sort of slender or lithe. She was full figured, something Michael seemed to appreciate.

In response he squeezed her close and leaned down, kissing her deeply for a moment before grinning, able to make out her features in the darkness of the room as they’d neglected to fully shut the door from her lip apartment, “You know I do.”

He leaned in again to kiss her but she placed a finger to his lips, reaching up to remove her glasses before leaning over to place them on a dresser, then reaching back to pull her bobble free, letting her long auburn hair cascade free like a waterfall of firey gold.

She shook her head slightly, helping to fan it out and then she paused, blushing as she blinking up at him, practically seeing the stars in his eyes as she did so, then he grinned.

“I thought girls typically put their hair in a bobble before going down on a guy…” He said, reaching up to run a hand through the lush silkiness of her now free hair.

She laughed a little, looking up at him with a naughty little smirk, her hands unconsciously moving back to his sides just under his arms, tracing down over his strong figure towards his waist.

“Ooh? You think I’m going to give you head, hm?” She said, trying to be coy and teasing, but he merely grinned as her hands met at the button to his bulging jeans.

“Yup,” he said confidently, grinning and she found herself biting her lip.

“…Okay, but only because I want to,” she admitted with a smirk.

Holding him by the front of his pants she turned, pushing him back towards the bed as they kissed again, one of his hands on her waist as they moved, the other kneading her full breast eagerly, at least until the back of his legs bumped against her mattress and he was pushed down into a seated position.

She began to move to kneel but he slid his hands under her arms and pulled her forward, off balance. She let out a squeak as she fell forward and he laughed laying on his back as he pulled her down on top of him, Michael loving the feeling of her soft breasts as they pressed tight to his chest, her weight atop of him, her hair splaying messily around him as she leaned up, blushing brightly.

“H-hey,” she stammered as she rolled onto her side beside him, looking to complain but being quieted by another deep kiss, one of his arms around her body, caressing her hair, his other down at his own jeans, unbuttoning and unzipping them, finally freeing his hard cock to the coolness of the air in her room.

As they kissed she lifted a thigh up over his legs, feeling it bump against the underside of his bare shaft. She moaned into the kiss as she realised what it was she felt, her hand moving down without needing to be prompted by him.

He moaned back as he felt her hand wrap around his hard cock, which she squeezed testingly, figuring out its size as she stroked it, long slow motions up and down.

After a few long moments she broke the kiss, letting out a shy little laugh, “Oh god, Michael, it’s huge…”

He grinned a little, he would’ve said big, but he wasn’t going to correct her, “Yeah?”

“Mm!” she said, looking up into his eyes, “So uh… Can I now?”

Smirking, the hand he had been caressing her hair now more firmly gripped the back of her head, pushing her down.

“Oh,” she purred softly as she was pushed down, her cheek brushing against the definition of his abs before her lips bumped against the hot tip of his cock, which she held by the base still in her hand.

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