Having Fun With My Aunt and Mom


Disclaimer! This story is a work of fiction. All characters are 18 years and above. The story contains sex between aunt and nephew, mom and son. If that is not your cup of tea, please move on.

This is my very first story. All constructive comments are very welcome. All spelling mistakes are mine alone.

I am planning a second part by the way, a following up if you will, where my cousin Frank finds out that I fucked his mom and wants to get even. Yes, you guessed it, he wants to fuck my mom.

“You are coming with us and that is final.” my dad said angrily. “Now go and pack up your stuff.”

“It is not all that bad honey” my mom said. “Your cousin Frank will be there too. And you might even meet a nice girl.” she chuckled. “This time of year the camping is full of them.”

“Yeah, whatever.” I mumbled and left the room to go and pack.

My name is Ricardo, but everyone called me Ricky. I am an only child and I recently turned 20 years old. I am 1.75 meters long and I have a very athletic body, which was a result of working out 5 days a week. I have blue eyes and dirty blond hair that I wore slicked back and shaved high on the sides, like Arthur Shelby in Peaky Blinders. That haircut was all the rage at the moment. And it looked pretty good on me, as I have been told on more than one occasion from several girls. I had just finished my first year at the University studying Economics and Business. I was looking forward to my summer break.

I went upstairs and entered my room. I was pissed off that I was being dragged along to go and visit my aunt and uncle. My aunt, my father ‘s sister, and her husband had invited us to go visit them on their usual camping spot to spend a long weekend there and she had rented a small cabin for us. My father was very close with his sister, and they kept in touch regularly. He was very big on family and wanted for us to spend more time together as well, which pissed me off as I felt a bit smothered and wanted to spend more time with my friends, but I still lived at home and I had to live by his rules as he always reminded me.

This weekend I had made plans with John, my best friend. We were going to go out with a couple of girls we had met recently, and then bring the party to my home and see how that would pan out. But now I was going to spend a long boring weekend with my parents and my aunt and her family. I did not have the heart to call John and tell him about the change of plans, so instead I sent him an app. I packed quickly, grabbed my bag and headed downstairs to the living room.

“Are you coming dressed up like that?” I could hear my dad yelling as I entered the living room.

“Why, what is wrong with my dress?” my mom yelled back from the kitchen and a moment later she came in the room holding a glass of wine.

My mom ‘s name is Beth, and she is 45 years old. She is 1.80 meters tall and had short stylish blond hair. She had very beautiful blue eyes. She had big and soft breasts. Her hips were wide and she had a gorgeous ass. Her legs were long, thick and shapely.

I guess you could say that she was a curvy woman, but her curves were in all the right places. She looked very much like that Danish curvy model, Olivia Jensen, only taller. My father and I teased her quite a lot about it.

She was wearing a very short white dress that was barely covering her bubble butt, showing her smooth silky creamy thick thighs. The dress had a low decollete displaying half of her big boobs that bounced up and down as she walked.

I had never seen her show that much skin before. I gawked at her and I felt my dick starting to stir in my pants. I went quickly to the kitchen and with a swift motion I moved my dick flat upwards my stomach so the hard on would not show. I filled up a glass with water and came back to the living room trying not to stare at my mom ‘s sexy body. But the way that she was dressed made that very hard. At this time my dick had grown to a full fledged hard on.

To be honest I had been fantasizing over my mom quite often for the past half year. That was something about curvy women that drove me crazy and made me super horny. Strange as it might sound, I did not find thin women very sexy. It all started when a buddy of mine remarked that what a milf my mom was and how he would fuck her in a heart bit no matter if she was his mom or not. At the time I was disgusted by his remark and hit him hard breaking his jaw. But later on when I saw her at home in her short dress and top, I started to get very horny for her body, especially her ass and legs.

What a perv you might say. But really guys, with a mom like that you would be a perv too. Trust me on that.

“Do you see anything wrong with my dress honey?” my mom turned to me, winked and made a slight nod towards my father, as if to say let us piss him off for a bit.

“I do not want to get in the middle.” I mumbled and took a sip of water.

“Coward” she mouthed playfully at me. “And you, do not yell. It is very hot today.” she turned nurdağı escort towards my father. “I am sweating already as it is, but what do you care? Anyways, it is either this, or I am not coming at all.”

She picked up her whine glass and drank it all in one gulp and set the glass down with a thud. My father looked disgusted. He opened his mouth as if to say something, but thought better of it. He glanced at me and shrugged. I could see that he was very pissed off at her.

My father ‘s name was Dan, and he was 50 years old, but he still looked good. His hair was grey which gave him a very distinguished look. He wore it half long and had a stylish grey beard which matched his hair.

He worked as a Director for a High Tech company, and he had met my mom 21 years ago when she had gotten him out of a jam. My mom was and still is a corporate lawyer. From what kind jam she got him out of, was never mentioned. I had asked them numerous times to satisfy my curiosity, but I never got a straight answer. We were what you might call an upper class family.

My parents both had very high salaries, and we live very comfortably in a 2-story villa in an exclusive neighborhood in Amsterdam South, the poshest part of Amsterdam. It had 2 garages, a very big garden front and back where there was a good sized swimming pool.

Something about my father, he was a very jealous guy, and he could get very mean when he thought that someone was making a pass at my mom, or if he thought that my mom was flirting with someone. Several of his jealousy fits had ended in fistfights to my mom ‘s embarrassment.

“Did you get all your stuff?” he asked me?

I nodded and pointed to my bag on the ground.

“OK, let us go.” he said. “You will drive.” He took out his car key from his pocket and tossed it to me. He drove a late model black Jeep Compass and I loved driving that car, but he rarely let me behind the wheel. I guess that was his way of making it up to me for dragging me along.

The campsite was in up north Fries land, a couple of hours away and the drive went uneventfully. We drove nonstop and barely spoke to each other. My aunt was waiting for us at the entrance of the camping site when we arrived. She was very happy to see us. After greeting us cheerfully she helped us with our stuff and showed us the way to their camping spot. It was on a cozy small field with 6 small wooden cabins and several other RV’s parked next to each other.

We went near a grey big RV, which I recognized as being theirs, parked under some big trees that provided plenty of shadow.

“Here is your cabin guys.” she told us pointing to a cozy looking wooden cabin a few meters away from their RV. “You can put your stuff inside. I will go and call Harold. He is playing pool with Frank. Be back in a jiffy”. She said.

“Why did not you lecture her too on how to dress?” my mother told my father, when my aunt was out of earshot, and winked at me. “At least I have a whole dress.”

My aunt ‘s name was Linda, and she is 50 years old and a bit chubby. She had blond hair and blue eyes like my mom, but she wore her hair long in a ponytail. She had large breasts and you could see that they were starting to hang down, and her thighs showed signs of cellulite. But overall she looked good for her age I guess.

Right now she had on a very short black dress, but nothing on top, only the top of a bikini. She looked like she had recently gained some weight in her belly.

“Cut it out!” my father said curtly to my mom. “Now let us go and get the cabin ready.”

I helped my father and mother bring our stuff inside the cabin. The cabin was very small and almost empty. It had a small window covered by a clean brown curtain. A double bed was on the right side and several small drawers to store clothes were on the opposite side. Everything was made out of wood.

“Where am I going to sleep? This is a 2 persons cabin” I stated the obvious.

“I thought that my sister had rented us a big cabin.” my father said. “But it is OK. The most important thing is that we are together now, and we are going to spend some quality time this weekend. I will ask Linda if you can bunk with them. Look at how big that thing is.” he pointed to the RV. “Now let us go sit down and relax.”

We walked over to my uncle and aunt ‘s RV and set down on the camping chairs surrounding a large white table. It was nice and cool under the trees. We opened the cooler that we had brought with us and each took a drink. My father and me took a cold beer whereas my mom poured a tall glass of wine.

“Again with the wine?” my father looked disgusted.

“Yeah, again.” my mom replied and looked challenging at my father. “Do you have a problem with that?”

I was a bit surprised, my mom was a very serious woman who until a couple of months ago drank only in moderation. The occasional glass of wine at dinner. Nor did she talk like that to my father in front of me or other people. But now nurdağı escort bayan she seemed to be poised for a fight. What was going on I wondered?

Before my father could reply, my aunt came back accompanied by her husband and my cousin. My uncle ‘s name was Harold. I think that he was a decade older than my aunt and it showed. He was bold and clean shaved. He had dark circles under his eyes and a big belly which hanged over his pants. A pair of old glasses hanged over his nose. My aunt and my uncle owned a fast food shop which they had sold last year for a huge profit and now they were enjoying their retirement.

I had been a frequent guest at their home over the years and I always had a great time there. They were both very laid back and chilled. A couple of hippies you might say. You could always talk about anything with them without being afraid of them judging you. My aunt even gave me tips when I first started dating.

My cousin, Frank was a year older and a bit taller than me. He had very short brown hair and was thin and like me in a very good shape. I liked him a lot. He was a solid and stand up guy that you wanted to have in your corner if things got tough. We used to hang out a lot together, but we drifted apart a couple of years ago when I went to the University and he started to work in the construction. Now we saw each other only at family gatherings.

We all started talking to each other, catching up with each other’s lives.

“What ‘s the action around here?” I asked my cousin. “I saw some hot babes by the sports center when we came in.”

“Most of them are spoken for.” he replied. “For the rest nothing special. All the action is on the beach though. There is a wind surf competition this weekend and there is pussy everywhere. I will tell you all about it later. We are going there today again.”

Suddenly I felt much better. “Did you get some?” I nudged him on the ribs.

“What ‘s that about wind surfing?” my aunt asked. “I used to surf when I was young.”

“Nothing mom.” Frank said “It is just a stupid thing. The only reason that we are going is because we are going to meet a couple of buddies that Ricky has not seen in a long time.”

“Sure. I know what couple of buddies you are going to meet young man.” my aunt smiled. “Me and your father are coming too. Do not worry” she added when she saw that Frank was going to protest. “We will not be in your way. We will do our thing and your guys do yours.”

“What about uncle Dan and aunt Beth” Frank went on. “Are you going to leave them here all alone? They came all the way here for you after all.”

She glanced nervously at me. “They do not mind it. Now go get the stuff and we will be on our way. The bus leaves in 10 minutes.”

“We are taking the bus?” I asked.

“We can not go by car.” Frank said. “The traffic is a bitch. It will take us hours to get there. The bus has its own lane and we will be there in less than half an hour.”

“Half an hour inside the bus in this heat?”

“It has air co. It is not bad at all.”

“Enough chit chat” my aunt said, shoving a beach umbrella in my hand and handing a plastic bag to Frank. “Let us go or we will miss the bus.”

The bus station was right outside the camping grounds and it was very crowded, mostly with young people. A moment later the bus arrived. We got on at the very last door. Inside it was cool and half empty. But the bus filled up very quickly. We ended up at the rear of the bus. I was on the left corner, my back to the window glass. My aunt in front of me, my uncle next to her and my cousin to my right. The beach umbrella stood between us.

The bus drove away and a couple of minutes later got on its own lane parallel to the highway. I looked out of the window and indeed both lanes were full of slow moving cars.

I looked around the bus, but all I could see were unfamiliar faces chatting way happily. We hit a rough patch on the road and the bus started to jolt a little. At that moment I felt my aunt ‘s big and soft ass press and bounce against my crotch. It felt very good. My dick started to get hard and it poked her in the ass. I got a full fledged hard on in no time.

I became embarrassed, mortified. I tried to pull back but there was no place for me to go. I stood literally with my back towards the back of the bus. I looked at my aunt, but she did not say or do anything. She carried on talking to her husband.

I moved my hand slowly and pointed my dick upwards to get some relief, but it came to rest right between my aunt’s butt cheeks. Her ass was very soft. It felt so fucking great. I looked at my aunt again, and still there was no reaction at all.

She had to be feeling my dick now for sure. I mean I had the biggest hard on of my life. It was like a throbbing hot iron and it was between her ass cheeks. And yet she did not react at all.

Right until that moment, I had never though of my aunt in a sexual way. She had always being my escort nurdağı old aunt Linda to me. But now, oh man. I was the horniest I had ever been in my entire life.

Emboldened by her lack of reaction I started to push my hips forward into her, slowly at first, and then a bit harder, feeling my dick go deeper into the crack of her ass cheeks. I looked down and I could see how my hard on was rubbing against her ass. That exited me even more.

She stopped talking to her husband and turned her head slightly sideways in my direction. She raised her eyebrow quizzically as she looked at me. To my surprise she seemed rather amused than angry.

I leaned forward and at the same time I pressed my hard on harder into her.

“I am so sorry aunt Linda” I whispered into her ear “I can not help it. You have a great ass.” I blurted out.

She said nothing, but I saw the corner of her mouth turned up slightly in a mischievous smile as she turned her attention back to her husband. The way that we were all positioned was great. As I mentioned previously, I was in the corner of the bus, my aunt stood in front of me and my uncle was to her left. We could see each other from the neck up and that is if we moved our heads a bit because my aunt was in the middle of our vision line.

There was no way that he could see what I was doing. The same went for my cousin Frank. He was on my right with his back to the end of the bus, just like me. And the beach umbrella stood between us covering up everything. Just to be sure I moved it a bit and sneaked a look at him, but he was busy typing furiously on his mobile phone.

Seeing that the coast was clear, I became even more emboldened. I continued to push against her again and I could swear that this time I felt her pushing her ass right back. Did she really do that or was it my imagination? I pushed again and this time there was no mistaking. I could feel my aunt push her ass against my crotch and rubbing it slowly. My aunt was not only allowing me to dry fuck her, but she was participating too. I felt my heart beating in my throat.

I pulled my dick out of my shorts, pointed it downwards my aunt ‘s ass. The shaft was still between her ass cheeks, but the head was going underneath her ass, right between her thighs, at the softest spot. I had a hard time breathing.

By this point I was going crazy with excitement and pleasure. Without thinking, I lifted her short dress just above her buttocks. To my surprise she was wearing a black string thong. The string was thin and it went to the crack of her ass leaving her ass cheeks completely bare. I ran my palms softly over her left cheek first and then over her right cheek. Then I put my dick above the string and with my hands I cupped both her ass cheeks and I tried to pull them over my dick, burying it inside them. The feeling was sensational.

I felt my aunt stiffen. I stopped what I was doing and I leaned forward against her and whispered in her ear. “How long till we arrive at the beach aunt Linda?” Saying her name made me very hot.

“10 minutes, more or less.” she replied and then whispered. “Make sure that Frank does not see you doing…… whatever it is that you are doing.”

I could not give a fuck how long it took till we were at the beach. I only wanted to gauge her reaction. And her reply sent me over the edge. She did not tell me to stop. Her only concern seemed to be for her son not seeing me feeling her up.

I grabbed my dick and rubbed it against her ass cheeks at first and then down between her thighs. I squeezed her ass cheeks softly as well.

I had less than 10 minutes of pure pleasure. I was surprised that she had let me go this far already. Would she let me go all the way as well? One way to find out.

I bent slightly my left knee, placed it between her legs and pushed them apart slowly. I lifted her string next with my index finger, grabbed my dick and put it at the entrance of her pussy. I could feel the heat coming from her pussy blasting away at my dick. I entered her in one swift movement. She was very wet and my dick slid through immediately. It all happened very quickly.

My aunt turned her head sideways again, and I could see her eyes wide open in shock, her mouth opened forming the letter “O” and she let out a soft “Oh”.

“What is the matter honey?” I heard my uncle ask. “Are you OK? You look very red in the face.”

Shit, oh fuck. I was so busted. I panicked and I grabbed my dick. I almost pulled it out of her pussy to hide the evidence, when I heard my aunt reply.

“Nothing honey, I am OK. I thought that I lost my wallet and panicked for a moment.”

“Did you find it?”

“Yes, I did. It had slipped to the bottom of my bag.”

My uncle said something, but I zoned him out. The fact that my aunt covered for me when I had just entered her, and hearing my uncle talk to her when I was fucking my aunt, was too much for me to bear. It sent me over the edge.

I grabbed her hips and started fucking my aunt with slow but powerful thrusts. I felt my balls tightening and I knew that I would come any moment now. I gave one more thrust inside her and I felt my whole body shudder as I came very hard inside my aunt. It was the most powerful orgasm I ever had. I had had sex with several girls before, but it was nothing compared to fucking my aunt.

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