He and She


He and She.

They were as unlikely as any couple to ever become lovers.

He was a big redheaded man, nearly six-five and at least two hundred twenty pounds. He was very reserved and many thought he was unfriendly but he liked people well enough. However except in the line of work he just would not speak to anyone unless spoken to first.

The conversations were friendly and polite but rarely lasted sixty seconds on his end. Questions asked about him were given short answers then he asked a question in return about them. That usually ended his part of the conversation. Much to the surprise of many he really did listen.

He was very handsome and the women of the company wanted him but he had not had a relationship with any of them. Some suspected he was gay but when he set out to get laid he was nearly always successful. Among the women he had sex with he had a reputation as an exceptional, long lasting lover with a bigger than average cock. He had a lot of repeat business.

Somehow that information made its way to his department and he had to withstand a lot of advances. They stopped when he mentioned they would both lose their jobs.

The people working for him were intensely loyal. He gave them flowers on their birthdays and dinner coupons on anniversaries. He always gave them full credit for jobs well done. Yet no one at his office thought of him was a friend, he was the boss.

She was a liaison in his unit assigned to his office when his company bought hers. She was a pretty black woman, very intelligent, and terminally shy. She was about five feet tall, under one hundred pounds. She was perhaps the oldest member of his staff but looked like the youngest.

She was terrified of the city; it was more than fifty times bigger than her Georgia hometown. She was embarrassed by compliments because she never felt she deserved them, just doing my job she said. She spent a lot of time blushing.

At first many thought she was lesbian because she had always retreated from male company but the department’s two lesbians had their advances to her rebuffed, the only single woman to ever do so.

He felt sorry for her and worried what would happen to her when her job was done. The bosses had already told him she would be let go soon. She had done a great job of teaching her counterpart but would likely be laid off when she returned home. That was what she seemed to expect. She had been working for him for three months.

He did hope she would stop blushing every time he spoke to her.

When he had flowers brought to her desk on her birthday she blushed the entire day. When the others told her the flowers were from him and a tradition in their section she blushed whenever she saw him. At the end of the day it took her several minutes to be able to say thanks to him and ran out of his office as soon as she did.

He wondered how lonely she was. Probably lonelier than he.

As they were leaving the office that Friday, the last two as usual, he asked her to please follow him and he led her to a nice restaurant on the corner of their building and they sat at a corner table.

“The chicken is very good here and so is the pasta but order anything you want. And stop blushing,” he said with a smile.

She gave him a brilliant smile and a brilliant blush then stammered that a chicken salad would be nice. He ordered that for her and a chicken sandwich for himself and chicken soup for both.

Their conversation was sparse but neither found that unnerving. In fact dinner with company was very pleasant for both.

When dinner was over they separated at the sidewalk with just smiles for each other.

“Terminally cute, borderline gorgeous, smart” he thought then did his best to erase that from his mind.

“What a handsome, gentle man” she thought and then tried to bury that thought.

On Monday he found a Thank You card on his desk. It read, “It was my best birthday since I was twelve. Thanks.”

She had not signed it but he knew from who it was. He gave her a smile as he went past her desk. She blushed.

He had never taken someone out to a birthday dinner so she became an immediate celebrity in the department. He saw the commotion and apologized to her for placing her in the middle of it. She smiled, nodded, and blushed.

That workweek was hectic; a client had changed her mind on what she wanted and the sales department had made promises that could not be fulfilled. He had to explain the process to the client and cover for sales. He had spent most of the week out of his office.

The sales department as usual did not acknowledge his efforts on their behalf but the company president gave him a thanks and a pat on the back. That Friday morning the sales department sent him a note that promised it would never happen again. His boss had apparently gotten on their butt. He put the note with the other five he had from them.

As he rode the elevator down he thought that he would like to have company for dinner that evening. Ataşehir Anal Escort He saw her on the sidewalk in line to take a bus. He went to her and asked if she had a date that night. She giggled and said “No.”

“Follow me please,” he said and led her to a Japanese restaurant a block away. They were led to a small booth and he ordered the fried calamari appetizer and a Japanese beer. She asked for tea.

He soon noticed that she had no idea what anything on the menu was and he asked if she would like him to order for her. She closed the menu as she gave him a grateful smile. He ordered the shrimp and noodle for each of them.

She loved the fried calamari and admitted it was the first time she had ever eaten them. She did leave the ones with tentacles to him. When her tea was brought her confusion led him to prepare it for her.

“Have you been in a Japanese place before?” he asked.

“No, in my town we don’t have one that I know of. We have Italian, seafood, and Mexican restaurants. We have lots of diners and a Chinese buffet. There was an Indian restaurant but they closed.”

“Well, in this town we have a wide variety. Name a country and we have at least three restaurants with their cuisine. Did you like the Indian restaurant?”

“I never went, I was too scared. I would have needed someone to explain things for me.”

Their food was served and she enjoyed it even though she though the shrimp looked funny.

He told her there were hundreds different kinds of shrimp and different ones were preferred by different cultures. He also mentioned that the restaurant served sushi one of which featured a raw shrimp. She was aghast so he ordered two.

He ate his shortly after it was served and as usual wrapped a piece of ginger around it.

Several minutes later she cut a very small piece of hers and wrapped ginger around it too. Several minutes later she closed her eyes and put the morsel in her mouth.

He managed not to laugh.

Several minutes after that she bit into half of what remained.

“I could not taste the shrimp or the rice, just the ginger which is good.”

He said, ‘I am impressed you tried it. There are others with different seafood including crab and octopus; the most popular is tuna fish. I prefer the eel, it has a stronger taste.”

She made a face as she giggled. He poured some of his beer into her empty cup and said, “Try this.” She took a small sip and wrinkled her nose. “No, I still don’t like beer. Sorry.”

“Not a problem, more for me,” he said.

They had finished dinner and he had paid the bill but enjoyed the others’ company for several minutes more until the feeling that they were imposing on the other began to intrude in on them. He asked her if she would like a ride home.

“How far out of your way would you have to go?”

“Not very. At this time of evening the busses no longer run often,” he added.

He was mortified with himself; he had just begged her to accept his offer.

She blushed a crimson red, a difficult feat for a black girl. She had suddenly realized he wanted her company a little longer. She wanted his company a little longer too. It occurred to her they were on a date.

That thought did not cross his mind until the next day.

She stammered, “If you don’t mind.”

“No, not at all,” he said too quickly much to his chagrin.

She lived at an extended stay hotel less than three miles away from his patio home. The park and ride lot where her car was parked was a mile away from her hotel.

He parked next to her car, opened his door and walked around to her door. Her hand was on the handle when he opened it. He closed her door after she got into her car. They smiled at each other and he watched her drive away.

As soon as each was in their bedroom naked both masturbated thinking of the other.

After she achieved her second orgasm she went to the computer and ordered a dildo for herself. She had a vibrator but she needed something bigger, something that would allow her pussy to accept a cock.

She had only fucked one guy in her life and ten years had passed since; she had not liked it at all. He had made no effort to get her to enjoy the experience and it had hurt. She fucked him again but there was never a pleasurable moment. She broke off her engagement to him.

A few years later, shortly before her company began to have difficulties she stumbled into a web site called Literotica and had read some stories in the romance category. She learned from them that the problem had not been her but him. She began to look for the right guy but work worries intruded. She had already given up on romance.

She masturbated again with the vibrator off. She did not have an orgasm. She wondered if his cock had a vibrate setting. She fell asleep giggling softly.

By Monday morning both had decided a relationship would be a bad idea and held themselves within themselves.

They smiled and worked and the week passed Ataşehir Yaşlı Escort without problems, until they were in the elevator that Friday after work.

Without consulting his brain his mouth asked her if she would like to try a real Indian restaurant. With absolutely no input from her brain she said, “Yes.”

At the restaurant they talked to each other like they had never talked to anyone before in their lives. They revealed more about themselves than they had done before.

She learned that he had been a bookworm and had graduated cum laude in high school and college. He had tried several jobs before the one he had but kept thinking he would move back home. He was from a small town on the coast.

He learned she had been a valedictorian in high school and her small college. She wore glasses because she could never manage to stick contacts onto her eyes. She was considering not returning home, her town was in deep recession.

They had each been engaged once and were the one that broke it up. Neither had a significant other for years. Both loved avocados and pasta, neither liked eggs. Both loved symphonies and seventies rock.

When dinner was over he drove them to an ice cream parlor and had some serious combinations of scoops. They needed to get the taste of curry out of their mouth.

As he opened her car door at the park and ride she impulsively stepped in the car, turned and kissed him. She quickly sat and rove away.

Each masturbated as soon as they got home, several times.

On Monday they were back to reticent mode. By Wednesday she was inventing reasons to go to his office. He was inventing reasons to go to her desk. By Thursday their hands were caressing each other at every opportunity. On the elevator ride down on Friday they kissed.

He followed her to the hotel then drove them to a hamburger joint by the bay that had the best burgers and onion rings in the state. They held hands as they strolled along a bayside park. The kiss they shared before they left the park told her she needed to order a bigger dildo,

That Saturday they each managed to avoid calling the other. He lasted until three Sunday afternoon before he called her.

“How about a drive to the coast, we can get a sea food dinner, and go for a walk on the beach. If you are not busy. If you like the beach.”



“Now would be perfect.”

He had just stepped out of his car when she came out. They kissed before she got in. He was amazed at how beautiful she looked. It had been the first time he had seen her in anything other than a conservative dress. She wore a sailor blouse in red, white, and blue and white Bermuda shorts. She looked delicious.

He noticed she was blushing, apparently he had said that last part aloud. He chose not to amend the statement.

The drive was pleasant; all the traffic was on the other lanes leaving the beach. They sat in the balcony overlooking the Gulf and did not mind the slow service at all. They held hands.

She amazed herself at how normal holding his hand had become. At first she thought he would get in trouble but most people smiled at them. They apparently only saw a big galoot and his cute girlfriend.

It was after six and nearing dusk when they walked to the beach. They continued to hold hands for a while until she put an arm around his waist as she blushed intensely. She had wanted to do so for two weeks until it had become an “I have to” problem.

He reacted as she fervently hoped; he hugged her to him and kissed her. She noted that her new bigger dildo would be about the right size. He noted that her tits were bigger than they seemed and nipples were trying to stab him.

Somebody shouted near them and they noted a white Mom was trying to get her black boy to get in the car. It crossed her mind that at her home they may have all been shot. She decided that there were advantages to a big city after all. He and she held their embrace for a few moments then continued walking with an arm around each other.

It was dark when they returned to his car. They kissed for a while then began the return trip. Neither said a word on the way back but both had smiles on their lips. And they held hands.

He took her to her hotel and kissed at her doorway before saying good night. Neither masturbated that evening.

On Monday morning he was at her hotel to give her a ride to work. They had not talked about it but she was not surprised

After he parked his car in the underground garage they went into their building and stopped at a deli. He bought two coffees and two bagels. As usual they were the first two in the office. They kissed often as they had breakfast until they heard the elevator ding.

Except for the morning and after work rides the next few weeks were normal at work. He took her out to dinner each Friday after work but they never ate downtown again. Saturday night and Sunday afternoon he took her to a different attraction then a restaurant Ataşehir Zenci Escort then took her home. She loved the zoo and the science museum. She loved watching the major league baseball team. She loved watching the symphony. All were new experiences for her.

She though that an old man with a beard was going to give them trouble at symphony hall but what he said was, “He is way too ugly for a woman like you. You need to find a bearded gentleman that can spoil you rotten.” His smile told them that yes he would love to love her but that her young man seemed to be crazy about her too. They both blushed and smiled as the man walked away.

“He is right. You are too pretty for a man like me,” he said.

“She kissed him and said, “You are the handsomest man I know”

During the weeks there were many kisses and hugs and a couple times one of them would have allowed sex even at the risk of their jobs but the other kept their sanity.

They did allow the occasional “accidental” tit and cock gropes. There were many such accidents. Her hand had drifted from his waist to his ass. Since his hand was often on her ass she thought it would be OK.

Three weeks after their non-love affair had become established she came to his office on a Friday afternoon and asked him to please come and help her. When he got to her desk she was packing her personal items.

“Have you lost your job?” he asked.

She grinned at him and said, “Yes, I no longer work here.”

He grinned and said, “I am sorry to hear that.”

There were others around them so they could not say how happy they were. Both knew anyway.

He helped her carry her boxes down and drove her to her hotel. He helped her pack her stuff there and after she checked out followed him to his home. They managed to put all her stuff away before they kissed.

They were nude and kissing in the shower before they were aware that they were. He kneeled on the shower floor and lifted her to his shoulders and ate her pussy to an orgasm.

They were barely dry when they went to bed. He urged her over him and she began to lower herself over his cock.

She should have gotten the next size dildo she though as she slowly sank her pussy over his dick. She smiled when she reminded herself that she was in control. She was grateful and impressed with his patience, his gentleness.

He propped himself up with his elbows and began to kiss her. He gently nibbled her nipples. He felt her sit on his groin; he was all the way in her.

He sat up and hugged her to him and covered her face with kisses. He was fascinated by their difference in size; he was over a foot taller and over one hundred pounds heavier than she.

She marveled at how safe she felt sitting naked on his lap with her pussy full of his cock.

She rose and fell on his cock a little. A few moments later she rose higher and sank herself to him three times. He lay flat as she paused. She wondered in amazement at the pussy fluids emerging from her and lubricating the passage of his cock. She pressed her tits to his chest and gave him the best kiss she had ever given anyone.

She pushed up with her arms on his chest and began a slow, gentle fuck. He caressed her tits. She was going almost all the way up and simply siding back down. On one of those she groaned and her pussy gave his cock a strong squeeze.

She collapsed on his chest. She had cum.

“Man, had I known how good it could be I would have tried harder to get a man. Apparently I never found the right one because I was not looking for a very large redheaded white guy.

You are my second man, this was my third fuck. The first two were very disappointing, painful. This one was my best orgasm ever. How many more can you give me?”

“At the pace you are on maybe three or four. I will need mine soon but we will be fucking all night so do what you need to do.”

“Thank you,” she said as she blushed before she resumed fucking him.

He lasted through four more of her cums. She had a fifth as he filled her pussy with his ejaculate. It was then that he remembered he was not wearing a condom.

He waited for her to recover her breath before he asked if she was on the pill.

“Oh hell. No. It never crossed my mind until now. I am sorry. With any luck I am not pregnant and we can keep fucking the weekend away.”

“I don’t have condoms.”

She looked at him and said, “OK, we will get some tomorrow. Just leave your dick in me tonight.”

She remained draped over his body and fell asleep.

He caressed her gently and kissed her often as he began to sort the rest of his life. Thirty minutes later his cock had recovered and was very erect in her pussy. She may have felt it since she was stirring awake.

“Nice,” she said.

He kissed her and said, “It would not devastate my life if you became pregnant.”

“How old are you?”


“As you know I am thirty-two. I would be fifty before our daughter graduated from high school. That is too old.”

He kissed her lovingly, gently. “You would not be alone,” he said.

She gave him a brilliant smile and her most loving kiss. He had just asked her to marry him.

“I would love to be with you when we are fifty,” she said answering yes to his proposal.

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