He Made Her His Lady


My husband, my lover is absent from our home much of the time. You see he is a pilot so the children, my ten-year-old son and our five-year-old twin girls and I keep the home fires burning. It is an honor to so respect my husband but also, he demands it. We cannot wait for him to return from his high-flying job, we all relish in what he adds to our lives.

Until I met my husband six years ago, I was party girl extraordinaire often feeling saddled with my son. Oh, make no mistake my son, Jason, was the apple of my eye. I had been barely of age when Jason was born. I felt cheated.

Reading my son to sleep nightly was the pattern of our lives. With a kiss I would tuck the covers in around my little man and then the night was mine. Then with a loosening of my mass of curly auburn hair I metamorphosed into what I saw as the real me — party girl. The only guarantee was I would be back before Jason got up. He was my life.

It was my time to let loose. Boy, did I ever know how to kick up my heels. At night I felt pretty and popular, in the light of the dawn I hated who I had become. The guys knew for a few drinks and some laughs I would put out for them. The cycle had me in its grip.

Dressed in pour-me-into-them jeans topped with skimpy blouses and T’s or slinky revealing dresses and my hair and makeup done to perfection I quietly slipped out. I knew I was a looker and I was stacked.

The local country bar was my favorite. I’d start walking, soon someone would give me a lift. Rarely did I refuse to get into a car or a big rig. I’d turn on my charm and with a smile say, “You’re in luck tonight.” They’d be my date for the night. They never brought me all the way home; I insisted I be dropped off up the street. Then I’d stumble the rest of the way.

It was a game Mom and I played, I knew she knew and she knew I knew that I hadn’t been alone all evening. She was horrified at what she called my transgressions, “There you go again. You know where you’ll end up, don’t you? Isn’t one bastard child enough? Where’d your Dad and I go so wrong, I can’t believe you’ve become a little slut.” As a good Christian woman, she’d make the word “slut” sound like the sin of the world. “You end up with another bellyful and let me tell you, you’re out of here for good, just you remember!”

Her parting refrain was always the same, “Just you remember when it happens, I’ll keep my precious Jason, but you’re out of here.” Her words would end in a venomous crescendo.

As a teen mother my education had been cut short. I’d been fortunate to find work as a cashier in a small convenience store. The owner was old, a widower, and every payday I paid for my job with a blowjob. I didn’t think it was such a bad deal, all thinks considered. Had mom not let me stay home, I’m not sure if I’d have been able to support us. To this day I shake all over thinking that I could have lost my Jason.

I always seemed to have an ache deep in my belly, well actually more between my legs that demanded my attention. Each night as I trudged up the drive I would silently pray, “Tonight, let me find what I’m looking for. Let me find the man of my dreams, the one who will love me and tame.” At the road the sparkling lights of town pulled me and I knew I would again settle for drinks and a fuck and pray for the man of my dreams tomorrow night.


One night, you know one of those perfect late June nights when the air’s laden with the perfume of a dozen different flowers and the warm air wraps you in a cocoon. It was perfect. I felt lucky. Though that night I had to walk all the way and with aching feet I doubted if the perfection of the night actually held any magic for me as I hobbled into the noisy bar.

That night the only possible ride had been a silver Beamer, one of the little ones. It flew by me ruffling my hair as its slipstream washed over me. I knew anyone with a Beamer wouldn’t give a girl like me a second look. He didn’t. But, a girl could dream.

My long hauler friends weren’t around on the weekends. They were making a fast run for home and their little woman. It appeared none of my base friends were around either and that was unexpected. It was going to be slim pickings for a Friday night; the bar was quieter than normal. My local “friends” were there but the best they could give me was a wink. It was the SO’s night out. I heard the women’s comments, “Put your eyes back in your head that Suzie’s nothing but a whore. My gawd, I hope you aren’t doing her on the side, are you?” My arrival caused a stir.

I flashed my sexiest smile and with a toss of my shiny mass of curls I wiggled on past. I knew later in the loo, I’d catch the bitches and throw out, “Wouldn’t you like to know?” Then with my head high and my back ramrod straight I’d sashay out, reciting to myself, “Sticks and stones can break my bones but words can never hurt me.” I’d laugh to keep from crying. I hated my reputation but I couldn’t break the cycle.

That night the only vacant seat was at the bar beside a stranger. Distinguished kuşadası escort was the word that immediately came to mind as I watched the thirtish man in the back mirror, but I knew he would consider me white trash. He smelt so good. He was about as close to my dream man as damn is to swearing. Our eyes met, he gave a cursory nod turning to grab the peanuts. He never looked back. I sighed.

“Hey Artie, glad to see you are on tonight. How’s tricks?” I hollered to the bartender. He was pretty good about spotting me the odd drink; I hoped he would that night.

He chuckled as he plopped down a gin and tonic, leaning in he whispered in my ear, “Suzie, you got that question wrong. I should be the one asking you that, shouldn’t I?”

I felt the heat creeping up into my face. I was so thirsty, my mouth watered thinking how my drink would smell and taste, but damn it no one called me a whore. With a wry look on my face and a snarl in my voice, “Ha, ha. You prick!” I tossed the contents of my drink into Artie’s face as he straightened.

“You fuckin’ lil bitch, who the hell, who d’ya think you are? We all know what you are, a cheap little slut who’ll lay anybody for a few drinks.” His voice got louder with each word. I’d made a mistake. The instant silence almost echoed as all eyes were on me. He raised his hand preparing to slap me. Anticipating the sting and the shower of stars from his blow, I closed my eyes, grimacing.


Slowly opening my eyes a slit, I was stunned. The stranger had Artie by the shirt collar. They were nose to nose. “How dare you speak to a lady like that! Apologize! Do it, NOW!” His low voice bespoke an authority seldom disobeyed.

Artie snarled back showering the stranger with his spittle, “Don’t you recognize a cheap whore when you see one? Stay outta this, it ain’t your business, stranger. Mind your own fucking business.”

“You think so, you mean you hope so.” I watched as the big stranger pulled the pudgy Art closer. His voice dropped to a whisper. “I’m from the base and I wield a big stick. You’re hole in the wall just went on the no list. Hell will freeze over before you see another air force person in here.” He let Art go, he fell landing hard against his back bar.

I starred in awe at my knight in shining armor, his demeanor and deportment, I now understood. The absence of the enlisted men became crystal clear they had sensed brass and made for safer ground.

He threw a twenty on the bar, “Her’s and mine.”

“Come on. Now.” Squeezing my upper arm he lifted me off the stool; I stumbled. He propelled me towards the door ahead of him. My face was hot and red. All eyes were on me. Twice I attempted to shake him off, he only squeezed harder. My mouth opened and closed attempting to find a suitable retort. None came. I knew I’d wear his bruises for the next week.

One of the regulars, Johnny, who would buy me a drink for some conversation on the nights when there were no young bucks available, made a move as if to stand. The stranger only pointed his finger, Johnny slouched down and hung his head. I couldn’t imagine Johnny backing down so easily.

No one came to my rescue. I wanted the floor to swallow me; it didn’t. I knew tomorrow the whole town would be a buzz about the stranger and me. I could almost hear the phone ringing before breakfast with one of Mom’s good Christian friends being concerned for my welfare and just feeling they must tell her, she had right to know.

The stranger never let go of me until he had opened the Beamer’s door. “Get in.”

“No. You can’t just kidnap me like this. NO!” I stomped my foot for emphasis.

“You little fool, get in. I’m not kidnapping you. You couldn’t stay there. I thought we’d get some dinner in a nice quiet place. Where’d you suggest?” I starred at him but let him put me in the car. “Stay.” He headed for town. “I saw you walking back there a piece. Didn’t your mother ever tell you that it’s dangerous for a girl to walk alone?”

I whispered in a sarcastic voice, “Then why didn’t you stop?”

He chuckled, “I don’t pick up hitchhikers no matter how enticing they look.”

“Oh.” The only sound was the soft rock the emanating from his expensive surround sound. I felt the soft cool leather against my legs. Almost wistfully I ran my hand along the door panel. His car smelt of his spicy cologne and that heady smell of tanned leather. I felt intoxicated.

He pulled up to a small exclusive restaurant. One of those old buildings that had been here forever, the quarried stone hidden behind its cloak of ivy. I remembered coming here as a little girl with my parents on special occasions. That seemed so long ago.

He opened my door, “Come on.” I felt like such a lady. Taking my small hand in his large one he gave me the most radiant smile. “Now we are going to get to know each other. It’s Suzie, right.”

I knew what those words meant, boy did I know. Translated it meant let me wine you and dine you then you can pay by spreading kuşadası escort bayan your legs. My dream shattered. My knight was like all the rest of them.

As if he sensed my thoughts, he stopped dead in his tracks right in the middle of the driveway letting go of my hand. “Suzie, my name is Geoff Barnes. It is so nice to meet you.” He held out his hand.

I hesitantly took his, “Hi.”

He lifted my chin looking in my eyes, “Little one, I am buying you dinner that’s it, then I will take you home. Nothing more. Understood. I have no hidden agenda.”

That night we talked and talked laughing at each other’s stories and howling over poor ole Artie. I couldn’t remember when I had so much fun or laughed so hard. Good to his word, he took me home right to my door. Like a gentleman he walked me to my door. No kiss just a handshake and a, “It was really nice meeting you, Suzie.”

He was gone. That night I dreamt of knights in shining armor and damsels in distress. But awakening I knew it had all been an illusion.

Arriving home that day, mom and Jason met me at the door, “Mommy, come quick. Come see. Flowers you got some white flowers. Hurry.” Jason grabbed my hand pulling as hard as he could.

“What were you up to last night, you little hussy?” Her tone accusatory.

“Flowers like really.” I smiled at Jason assuming he had picked mom’s flowers, yet again for me. They were both talking at once.

“Because there was a call this morning for you, he said he was a captain at the base and he wanted you to talk to you. What the hell did you do? Who is he?”

There on the dining room table was a perfect but small, very pretty basket of daisies. I felt the texture of the petals and played with the ribbon before taking the card, sealed thankfully. Finally someone had sent me flowers. I knew I was going to cry. “Flowers,” I whispered, “Flowers for me.”

For once mom shut up, maybe she remembered what it’s like when a girl gets flowers for the first time from a man. Anyway she did and she took an objecting Jason out with her. Dare I dream? The card simply said, “I’ll pick you up at 8. Geoff.” He wanted to see me again. I soared.

It took me forever to get dressed that night, clothes were strewn everywhere. I looked less like a tramp, but hardly a lady when I was ready. Poor Jason could hardly contain himself; his mom was going out a date. Mom quizzed me, I was reticent about sharing. It was too strange, too new. I knew the bubble would burst if I put it into words.

When I heard the car, I flew out the door. He wheeled me around, “Not so fast there, Suzie, you’re forgetting something aren’t you?” I looked at him perplexed.

“We go nowhere until I meet your mom and that little boy of yours. March.”

Opening the door I hollered, “Mom.” But of course they were glued to the window.

“Mrs. Mills, I am Captain Geoff Barnes, it’s good to meet you. Suzie is a very special girl, but then you know that, don’t you?” He said challenging my mom to disagree. Mom only nodded and weakly took his hand.

Jason was shy as he peeked out around the doorframe. Geoff walked over and knelt down holding out his hand. “Jason, your mom said you really like your friend’s Game Boy and she has been saving her money to get you one. So why don’t you have a go at this.”

Jason let out a hoop and a holler grabbing it before I had time to object. Looking over his shoulder, “It’s only a loan, Suzie. Pay me when you can. OK.” He slid down on the carpet beside Jason sharing in his excitement. I stood there with tears streaming down my face. Mom stood there with slack-jawed.

“Mrs. Barnes, I will have Suzie home before midnight.” He said taking my hand. I sniffed as he pulled me along.

To Jason from the door, “I’ll pick you up tomorrow and we can go play some ball and then have a swim while your mom works. OK, son.”

My knight had arrived. We had a whirlwind courtship and six weeks later, we were married in the base chapel. He had never made love to me. We had done some pretty heavy necking, but no intercourse. He had made me feel like such a lady and so loved.

I never did go back to that bar. Geoff laid it out very straight right from the beginning, he loved me, I was his and his alone or I would not be in his life at all. We did have one rough spot and that was when he explained the lifestyle he would expect us to live.

“Remember I love you, Suzie. Remember how I have told you that I love you in a very special way and someday I would show you how.” I nodded, my throat closing at the words of love but also with a tinge of fear. He made me feel so special and so hesitant at the same time.

“Suzie, I know you have been badly treated by men and I want you to know that our special love you will take you to new levels of awareness. You may find it sometimes uncomfortable until you experience it all. Little one, you will always be safe with me. If you are ever afraid at all, you just need to say this word, Flower.” escort kuşadası When you say it everything stops and you are released and I will still love you. Do you understand, pet?”

I am sure I had a look of incomprehension, “No.”

“Have you ever heard of BDSM?” I shook my head. “Well, from all of our conversations I know that you got off by how those men took you and used you. Some of what you described was pretty brutal and yet it made you orgasm and there was no love to any of it, was there?”

“Well, I wished there was sometimes. Some of them I really cared about, but they always went home to their wives or girlfriends.” I said. He could make me cry so easily. I’m not sure how come I ever shared with him how all the things I had done, but I intuitively trusted him. Maybe it was because I loved him so much.

“I believe you will find our life full of love, laughter, and adventure. Some of the adventure will come from your sense of awakening as you become initiated into my lifestyle. At one point, I thought I would just ask you to live with me and try it before we got married, but Suzie you deserve to know it is for keeps. You, for one so young have been through enough. That’s why I proposed first I wanted you to feel safe, to know I really do love you.

I am what is known as a Dom or Dominant.” Geoff had such a soothing voice that he seemed to have a calming effect on me and he makes me so horny. I felt like I was cloaked in love when he was around. Only a sliver of dread ran up my spine at those words.

He proceeded to spell explain what BDSM was and what our roles would be. “Under normal circumstance we will be a perfectly normal loving couple, but there will be times that you will be under my control even when out. At home when we are alone you will live the life. I have some books for you to read and a movie we are going to watch in a few minutes when your mom goes to bingo and we are sure Jason’s sound asleep.” None of what Geoff had told me made a whole lot of sense and in fact, he scared me terribly.

I remember watching the movie aghast at what was being done to the poor woman until I was living the part with her. I was moaning lying there in Geoff’s arms and I felt my wetness seeping out and my heat building. Geoff said nothing until it got to the point where I couldn’t lie still any more and turned to him begging him to make love to me. He only smiled and said, “We can wait another ten days, can’t we?”

I groaned, “No, now, please.” He tenderly kissed me but was firm that we would not have sex.

“See what I mean about you being a natural submissive?” I kissed him as my answer.

Until he slipped that ring on my finger, I doubted he truly loved me. How could he, he had never demanded sex as payment? I kept expecting him to leave my life as quickly as he’d arrived.

For the first time in five years I hadn’t had sex several times a week, well except for when I delivered Jason. I was so horny I could hardly contain myself as we drove away from the base after the service.

He had sat in the deep blue velour armchair and watched me strip slipping into my wedding night attire. I turned towards him in my white totally transparent negligee; he had just given it to me. I stood before my husband. Nothing except his eyes moved as he scrutinized me, I felt a little shy under his examination. I smiled shyly. Me shy, but I was. I was used to “bim bam thank you ma’am” style of sex, tailored to give the man release.

A slow smile lit up my husband’s face, “Come, little one.” I was ready to sit on his bare knees and made a move to do so, “No sit here, on your knees.” He indicated that I sit between his legs. I knelt looking up at my husband.

“Put your hands on your thighs and I want you to look at me, don’t turn away, OK, Suzie.”

“Yes, Darling.” My hands were itching to reach out and touch him, to take his hard cock in my hands.

“My little Suzie, now for our special ceremony.” His face was so animated that I couldn’t do anything except smile at my husband. I was excited and scared shitless from what I knew was coming. From down the side of the chair he pulled out a black leather collar.

“Suzie, the symbol a submissive receives from her Dom to seal our love and respect for each other is a collar. Remember, little one, you don’t have to wear it all the time, only at home, if Jason is OK with it.”

“Geoff, are you sure about Jason being ok with it? I wouldn’t want to scare him or anything.”

“Hey, you know me well enough that we will not do anything that will negatively affect our son.” I burst into tears when he referred to Jason as his son too. I nodded through a sob. “SHHH. We are family now, there is no yours or mine just ours. I hope I get you pregnant soon. I want to see you swollen and waddling.” His thumbs wiped my tears as we both laughed at our vision of my slender body heavy with our child.

“You ready.” I was eager to please my husband of a few hours but I couldn’t seem to say the words I knew Geoff wanted to hear. I nodded.

“No, Suzie you must say the words.”

“Geoff, will you be my Master and take me as your sub? Will you please let me wear your collar?” He beamed and nodded; in fact his eyes had that glassy look that men get when they are trying to fight back tears.

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