Hello Stranger…


Hi everyone. Apologies for disappearing for so long – it’s been a difficult few months for us. The truth is that in November 2021 my husband and I decided to separate. What had begun as fun and exciting encounters ended up driving a wedge between us. While we remain the best of friends, and still love each other, it was clear that our marriage couldn’t ever be the same again – so we decided to take a break.

If anything, it’s been a bit of a relief for us both. We don’t have a mortgage to pay, and the kids moved out about 3 years ago, so it’s kind of like a natural progression in a way. Hubby’s renting a room from a single friend nearby, so we see each other all the time. Most of his things are here, so he’s around a lot. And yes, we have enjoyed the odd friends-with-benefits evening. So it’s sad, but it’s also all good.

Anyway, all this has meant that I’ve been somewhat inactive for a while…until last night.

Although I still occasionally go out with my husband and other couples, I’ve started to have more nights out with just the girls – something which I never used to do very often, but I really enjoy.

Last night myself and two old friends met up for a drink at a lively pub in a place called Lye. Now, Lye is not a particularly nice area but it does have a great pub popular with affluent people which also has a very conveniently situated curry restaurant just across the car park. It’s also near the station and easy for us all to get to, so we met up 6.30pm – all glammed up for a Saturday night of Prosecco and giggles.

This pub’s always busy, but we managed to get a table upstairs in the gin bar. With it being Saturday night I didn’t look out of place in a figure-hugging pink Bodycon dress and elegant black patent court 5″ heels. My friends were dressed in similar outfits, so we certainly got our fair share of indiscreet looks from men of all ages.

We were having a lovely and uneventful evening until about 8.30pm when across the room I noticed someone I hadn’t seen for a while. It was Kayleigh.

If you’ve read my other stories you’ll remember Kayleigh. She’s a young girl who lives locally to us, and we once shared an experience in an alleyway with her boyfriend and my husband. It’s fair to say that Kayleigh is a little whore who is largely responsible for turning me into the slut I am. I haven’t seen her since that night, and I was hoping she wouldn’t notice me, but a lot of alcohol had been consumed and we were not very quiet.

Inevitably, she saw me and came over to our table.

“Hello stranger” she said. “And where have you been hiding?”

“Hello Kayleigh. No, not hiding, yeni gaziantep escort just having a catch-up with friends” I replied.

“So I see” she said, smiling to my sightly bemused girlfiends.

“She’s a dark horse this one” Kayleigh said, placing her hand on my knee under the table and squeezing gently. “She’ll lead you astray if you’re not careful!” she added.

“So who are you here with?” I asked politely.

“I’m out with the girls too, but they’re all off into town.” She said.

“Oh, you should go with them. A young girl like you.” I said, hoping to encourage her to leave.

“Nah, not really my thing. Anyway, I don’t need to go into town to get a bit of action.” She replied, giving me a knowing look.

“Anyway, see you later ladies” she said as she stood up on her impossibly high heels and swayed back to her equally slutty friends.

“Who was that, Sarah?” asked one of my friends.

“Trouble” I replied.

“Oh, she’s just a girl on a night out” said my other friend. “She’s enjoying herself. We were like that once, or don’t you remember?” She joked.

“Yes, well…are we going for this curry, or not?” I said, keen to get away from Kayleigh.

As we got up to leave Kayleigh and her little gang moved over to sit at our table.

“See you later babe” Kayleigh said softly as we passed, blowing me a kiss.

I was so glad to leave. God knows what she would have blurted out to my friends otherwise.

We left the pub and tottered over to the restaurant arm-in-arm, our heels clicking and scraping over the uneven tarmac of the carpark. Before long we were sat enjoying our meals.

Another bottle of Prosecco later and it was soon 10pm, and my friends and I were all quite ready for home. We settled the bill and went outside. My two friends live slightly further away, so had come by train. They walked off to the station as I waited for my taxi.

As I waited I heard a voice call me.

“Sarah. Sarah!” It was Kayleigh, shouting to me across the small car park. “I’ve got a cab. Come on, we can share”.

As much as I didn’t want to, it did make sense. We live near to each other after all.

I carefully walked over to where she was stood, next to a vacant minicab.

“Come on, I won’t bite” she said “Unless you want me too” she added, giggling.

I rolled my eyes, jokingly, as I got into the back seat with Kayleigh.

“Where are we off to ladies?” asked the driver. A young Asian man, about 25, with very rugged good looks and smelling of Sauvage.

“Home…wherever” said Kayleigh, cryptcally.

The gaziantep yeni escort driver looked at me in his mirror and smiled. I looked at Kayleigh, who was also smiling at me. At that moment I felt a little knot in my stomach – the one you get when you realise something might be going on.

“We can take the scenic route if you like?” Kayleigh whispered, placing her hand on my thigh.

With that, the driver pulled out of the car park.

My heart was pounding. Not fear, I knew I wasn’t in any danger. No, this was new – this was excitement I hadn’t felt before. This was Kayleigh, after all. One, or both of us, was going to get a damn good fucking. My pussy suddenly became very wet.

Kayleigh was now running her fingers through my hair and breathing on my neck, kissing the side of my face as I looked into the eyes the driver in rear view mirror. It was at this point I suspected that this was not a random fare – they were in this together.

We had made our way from Lye to the leafy suburbs of Pedmore. Kayleigh shifted slightly to hitch up her dress and straddle me. She began french kissing me, exploring my painted red lips and mouth with her tongue. I responded by caressing her hips and shapely calves, all the way down to the pointed tips of her fuck-me shoes and back up again to her hard nipples.

She now had both hands cradling my face as she pressed her body against mine as hard as she could.

“I’ve been waiting for so long to fuck you again” she breathed into my ear.

As she said this she took one hand and squeezed it between us, down to my soaking satin panties. Within a second she was rubbing her middle finger up and down my slit. I came almost instantly.

Now consumed by lust I reached underneath her to return the favour, and found myself knuckle-deep in her totally shaven cunt. She gasped and began grinding on my hand, lost in her orgasm.

“Oh God, fuck me” she whimpered, soaking both of us (and the back seat).

At that time I noticed the driver, who I’d pretty much forgotten about, had pulled over and we were now parked up in a very secluded spot. He was now just watching us getting off on each other and masturbating.

“I’m guessing you two know each other?” I said.

“Me and Kayleigh have an…erm, arrangement” the driver replied, unfastening his seatbelt and opening his door.

Kayleigh clambered off me.

“I’m just going to pay our fare” she said, and opened the rear door.

Kayleigh was now sat with her legs outside the car, as the driver unbuttoned his jeans and continued to gaziantep yeni escort bayan wank his cock. Kayleigh placed both hands on his buttocks and took the whole length of his penis in her mouth. Her head slowly moved back and forth. God this was turning me on.

“Don’t you dare make him cum yet, you little whore” I instructed, sternly.

She pulled her head away and turned back towards me.

“I was hoping you wanted some too” she said as she lay back with her had in my lap, staring up at me.

The driver lifted her legs, held them by her ankles, and pushed his cock into her. She gasped and gazed into my eyes as he pumped into her, rocking her against my groin until I could take no more.

I shuffled along the seat towards the door and got out. My heels sinking slightly into the soft ground. I positioned myself with my forearms leaning against the boot of the car and spread my legs.

“I think my friend wants you to fuck her” said Kayleigh, pushing him off her just in time.

“Here, put this on” she said as she offered him a condom, “You need to slow down a bit – we don’t want you spunking yet”.

In the darkness I could just make out the driver unrolling the condom over his shaft. Then he positioned himself behind me and literally shoved it into me. No tenderness, no technique – just roughness. He held me tightly by the hips as he banged me like a toy, slamming me against the back of the car with no regard for my feelings or enjoyment. I was being used like a worthless slag, and I was loving every fucking second of it.

But it wasn’t for long. No sooner was I building up to a climax, Kayleigh had pulled him away from me and back into her slutty little mouth. She was crouched beside us, sucking my juices from his sheathed cock. It was such an erotic sight that all I could do was bring myself off with my fingers.

As I did so, Kayleigh backed herself up against the boot of the car and took him into her cunt, wrapping her legs around his waist. She turned her face towards me and I kissed her deeply as she came.

This was obviously as much as our young driver could stand. He withdrew from Kayleigh and wanked himself for a moment until long spurts of cum splashed over her belly and sexy thighs. She immediately took her index finger, scooped a bead of semen from her stomach, and smeared it on my lips.

I produced a couple of wipes from my handbag, and after Kayleigh had cleaned up the driver’s spunk from her body we both pulled down our dresses and got back into the car. The engine was already running.

We set out for home, this time taking the direct route. Kayleigh and I exchanged kisses and numbers.

“I’ll message you” she said to me as they dropped me home.

“I’ll look forward to it” I said, smiling.

She might be trouble, but my God she’s good.


p.s. Kayleigh messaged my half way through writing this – she’s asked if I want to meet up in the week. I have to say I can’t wait to see where she’ll lead me next…

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