Hello Sub Ch. 01


“Hello sub.”

You drop your bags and nearly jump across the room as you hear those words. You spin around to see me sitting in a chair in the corner, even sitting you notice the power and control that runs through me. The same power and control you give up each time you are with me.

“hello Sir”, you quietly answer as you drop to your knees as per my order when you are in my presence.

As I inspect my kneeling sub with your hands behind your back and your head lowered to the ground I come upon what you were hoping I would overlook.

“What is that sub?!” My tone becoming strict as I point to the skirt you have on.

Your mind starts to race hoping I wouldn’t have noticed that the skirt you’re wearing is too short for my liking. You go over and over quickly in your head why you wore it and how best to answer me.

Your thoughts are shattered when you hear, “ANSWER ME!”

You look up at me as I now stand over you looking down waiting for an answer to this clear breaking of my rules.

“i…i…i didn’t think…”

“That’s right you didn’t think sub!” As I cut you off.

You move your gaze towards the floor almost boring a hole in it. A hole you could use right about now to escape or hide in.

“I gave you rules and I expect those rules to be followed AT ALL TIMES!” My voice becoming stronger with each word.

“You’re going to be punished!” The last word rings in your head.

It quickly stirs up more emotions than any other word ever has. Your body fills with fear, anticipation, excitement, anger, sorrow, and last but not least arousal.

“i…i’m sorry Sir” is your only replay.

But you know even at this point that is useless. Once that word has been said you know it’s only a matter of time before it is delivered.

I shrug it görükle escort off like nothing was said as I move about the room.

First I grab a pair of wrist constraints then a blindfold. I move up behind you placing the constraints tightly around your wrists and then I quickly slide the blindfold over your eyes. The rest is a mystery to you as you hear me going through the dresser drawers and even into the closet.

“Stand up!” Grabbing your arm tightly and pulling you up quickly. You almost stumble over as I forcefully pull you over to the bed pushing you down face first on it.

You lay there eyes still covered and wrists tightly bound together half your body hangs off the side of the bed; the other half lay on it.

“You will be punished for breaking my rules sub.” As you hear those words you feel something cold, metal and sharp lightly dragging up and down your thighs.

Your mind races once again, ‘my Master wouldn’t hurt me, would he?’ and ‘He loves me, he could never hurt me’ entering your head. You feel the metal touch your skin once more as you hear fabric being cut. Your worries quickly disappear as you realize your Master is cutting the skirt off of you. After it is off it is thrown in the garbage.

“Open your legs sub.” You open them before I can finish with my order not wanting to disobey me again.

You begin to feel the arousal and even a hint of embarrassment flush over your entire body as you realize the only thing covering your most private of areas from my watchful eyes is the thin black see through panties, my favorite pair, you wore today. ‘Well at least I can’t be punished for that’ is your thinking as you remember the panties you have on.

You feel me pull them up away from your body the fabric becoming tight against your pussy lips görükle escort bayan and asshole. *Snip* is all you hear as I cut them off of you. Your anus and pussy lips clearly exposed to me now.

“Open your mouth.” You quickly obey not sure what I will put in it.

Your answer comes soon enough when you’re able to feel fabric first on your lips then your tongue. You realize it is the panties that were just cut from your body.

You manage a mumbled “thank You Sir” through the panties stuffed in your mouth.

For the first time you realize how wet the fabric is and know instantly it is the juices from your pussy that the panties were covering throughout the day. You hope I am not upset at the arousal of your most intimate of areas knowing that punishment is for learning a lesson and not for pleasure for the sub.

The fear of my increasing the severity of the punishment if I think you’re enjoying it too much dances in your head.

“Your punishment will now begin sub.”

You’re able to hear something. It sounds familiar but you can’t quite place it. Then you feel it a cold, wet and hard object pushing against your anus. You realize quickly tightening or trying to close your asshole is useless and only will lead to more punishment. You try to relax not knowing how big or long the object is.

All the relaxing is pointless as you feel it stretch your asshole more than it has ever been stretched before. You figure out fast that it is a butt plug but you’ve never felt one this big before. You let out a pained moan through the panties stuffed in your mouth. It feels as if your asshole is going to rip as I push the rest of it inside of you.

You know begging and pleading is only a waste of my time and your breath. Once it is completely in you, your anus bursa escort is able to begin to try and incorporate this large plastic plug as a part of your body. You hope this is the extent of the punishment but know deep down it is only the beginning.

“You will receive 25 lashes punishment.”

The number alone sends a stinging throughout your body and especially to your ass. Before you can prepare yourself the first smack the paddle comes down hard on your butt. The placement is right on target for pushing the butt plug deeper into your asshole.

The pain is hot and stings from the paddle and deep from the plug. You try to keep quiet with little yelps of pain escaping your lips being absorbed by both the panty gag and the fabric of the bed with the blindfold becoming damp from your tears. The more paddles you receive the more they become blurred together. The feeling is more and more like one big long smack to your hot, red ass.

You use the time wisely thinking over what you did wrong to deserve it. The one thing that sticks clearly in your head is the fact that your juices have not stopped from escaping your tight wet insides.

Even with the pain both in and on your ass you can’t seem to stop the moisture of your pussy from building. You know how dangerous it would be for me to see the wetness. The fact that even a small part of you enjoys this would be a huge disappointment for me and make your situation more painful for sure.

As the last paddle comes down just as hard as the first you hear me say, “There, that wasn’t so bad was it sub?”

The break from the paddling should be a welcomed relief but instead causes the numbed pain nerves in your flesh to spring back to life with the rush of blood back to your rear. This causes a second wave of pain to come over you almost as powerful as the first.

You finally are able to breathe a slight sigh as you hope the punishment has ended until you hear, “What is this wetness on the bed between your legs?!?”

Your body quickly tenses. Your fear has been realized as you wonder what could be next.

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