Help wanted part 9 (last) and The Shower


The LAST chapter

“Try not to move Cate.”

“I’m sorry Doug.”

“I’m sorry too. Thank god you’re not seriously hurt.”

“My car is a write off.”

“So I heard.”

We drove in silence for a minute or two. “Do you want another Yaris or would you prefer a pick-up truck? A pick-up truck would make more sense, business-wise.”

“Can it be black?”

“No. Pink. Girly pink.” I said.

“Fuck off.”

I smiled. At least her spirit wasn’t broken.


The next day we drove to her parent’s house. She pointed to what she wanted packed up. It included synthesizers, keyboards, amps, speakers, a laptop and a whole lot of cable. All of that was going to go into the third bedroom. Her wardrobe was predictably almost all black. Most of her jewelry was that kooky silver stuff with skulls and crossbones. She hesitated before asking me to pack it up. Her clothes and stuff would go into the second bedroom. There was a box in the back of her closet she asked me to retrieve. I noticed there was something pink and rubbery inside, definitely destined for our bedroom.

She was only off work for two days. Hurting and banged up she carried on in the shop. The same rules applied. The shop swan remained professional with a good work ethic. The house swan a brilliant, but demented whacko. And a good cook.

Unfortunately for the next week or so, there was no sex. The broken ribs just hurt too much.


I was able to confirm that it was the alcohol that helped trigger her carnal cravings. I made sure that there was always plenty of beer, wine and liquor, including gin for martinis, in the house.

Sex continued to be fabulous. Sometimes I would tie her down. It didn’t matter if I fucked her pussy, her throat or her ass, or all three. She loved it no matter where. She never tired of eating my cum, as long as it didn’t come out of her ass. I could never get enough Caitlyn juice. I never did let her tie me down again.

Like everything else about Caitlyn, her early Christian synth music was brilliant. She needed it to get away from me and the shop sometimes. The Sex hikayeleri third bedroom became her private space.

Not only was Caitlyn my employee and my lover, she became my best friend too.

The face metal never came back. Her hair grew out brown. The Goth look was gone forever, but was never really replaced with flowery dresses. I got used to the tattoos. After awhile, I didn’t even see them.

Business improved and expanded. I made her my equal partner.

Then my wife.

Caitlyn came off the pill. It was no big deal really, with her cum fixation not much sperm was ever exposed to her uterus anyway. We made the conscious decision to have a baby.

When she thought the time was just right she asked, “Can we do it like we did the first time? I want to feel you come inside me.”

There is something fundamentally different about making love to someone and making love to someone you are actually in love with. There is equally something different about making love to someone you are madly in love with, with the intent of creating a baby. Somehow foreplay seems superfluous. The psyche is already tuned in before the first article of clothing is shed. Every nerve is on fire. The entire experience is carnal, organic, built into our DNA. Genes are expressing themselves, we are just their instrument.

No orgasm could possibly be stronger.

That night we fucked in missionary position. Caitlyn came hard and long. I lay still, ready to explode. When her contractions subsided, I let go.

Tears flowed from Caitlyn’s eyes as I did. We lay kissing for the longest time. Eventually my spent and shriveled cock slipped out. Caitlyn pinched her pussy shut and fell asleep smiling.

We decided to name the child Maxwell if a boy, Maxine if a girl. Either way, Max.

When we noticed the swell in her belly, the belly button piercing disappeared. A week later the nipple and pussy rings disappeared.

The transformation was complete.

I had hoped to change her into a self-confident ordinary woman.

I didn’t.

She became a self-confident, extraordinary Sikiş hikayeleri woman.

Caitlyn turned out to be nothing like what I’d expected.

Good job! You made it through the whole series! LOL

Another story (not part of Help Wanted)
I layed there and watched his chest rise and fall, almost in a tempo of its own. Our large blanket was pulled up on me, I assume he had pulled it up when I passed out. Last thing I recall was him mounted inside of me, his face covered in sweat. My skin felt a little sticky from sex. I slipped out of the covers, trying my best not to wake him up, and I walked to the bathroom. Flipped on the light and glanced up from the sink. In the mirror my chest glistened in the light. I glanced over at the bed again, and he was sleeping. I wiped off all my makeup from the night before. I walked to the shower without thinking and turned it on, hot. I waited until the shower door steamed up before I would go in. I slowly opened the door and watched the steam roll out. I stepped in and closed the door. there was a wave of warmth that washed over me.
I could feel my pussy pulsing. I started to wash my breast and moved my hands slowly down my body until I caressed my crotch. My hands were so soft…
I Just couldn’t stop. I was rubbing so hard. My legs started to feel weak and I fell to my knees. I was rubbing furiously. My heart was racing with every stroke. I threw my head back and arched my back and let out a loud moan, I just couldn’t hold it.
I felt a hand on the back of my head. Shocked, I looked down and he was there. On his knees. he pulled me to him to kiss me, our bodies were touching but not enough to impair my play. He was so forceful.
I could feel his hard cock against my belly, poking and rubbing. I was just so close. And even our make-out-session couldn’t suppress a loud moan from me when I climaxed.
I stopped kissing and indicated for my lover to stand up.
I crawled foreword and I slide his head into my mouth. …. so soft that I just licked it continuously. I loved the taste of me on his cock.
I felt his fingers weave through Erotik hikaye my hair, applying a little presser to go a little farther. I look up and met his hungry eyes that pleaded for me to go on. I closed my eyes and went as deep as I could. I met the skin of his crotch on the second bob of my head. He tasted so good on roof of my mouth. His head was so silky. I got a little carried away. I started to hold him, and he started to pound. Faster and faster. I could feel him on the verge of bursting and then he pulled out fast. He put his hands on my shoulders and pushes them back. He pushed me into laying down. The next thing I knew He was back on his knees… mounting me. He pulled my bottom end up to meet his. and he slid his super hard cock in, sending sparks throughout my body.
The Shower water was thick in the air, The steam made breathing harder. And the water made my juices not so much like lube. To much friction. I was going crazy.
“Faster!” I screamed through my moaning. “Please, I NEED you”
And Right on que his pounding got harder. I could feel every inch of him inside of me. Touching every spot I have, big or small. Every sensation was acting up. I arched my back IM pure pleasure. I could feel one good grind and he was pumping me full of his love and cum. he let out a great sigh. I could feel a throb of cum being pushed up inside of me and it falling out onto the shower floor. Again and Again it was pushing up inside of me, lubricating every inch.
My vision was blacking out. In and out I would come and go. I was so sexed out. I remember his arms. Wrapped around me. I was cold? No I now have a towel…. The bed feels so soft… The covers feel amazing… so soft and warm…. and…. this isn’t all covers…? … I feel him… “Oh, My god your skin feels amazing”… “I love you”…”I love you too” …. IM not sure whose saying what… I feel warm and …… Is his hand down there??? … massaging me… oh, how wonderful I feel.
I woke up and glanced around, the sun was no longer peeking through the window. the clock said 3:43. I look over and there he is. sleeping. Looks so peaceful. I move to touch his face and notice that I have a fresh new wet/sticky spot on my abdomen. We did it again?
I don’t care… IM so comfortable….
“I love you” echoes through my head….
The End

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