Helping Hand Ch. 03

Big Dicks

(As usual, you may want to read the first two installments before reading this one so you’ll know what has transpired up to this point)


I know, I know. I know what I said. I said it was best if I didn’t have sex with my sister in-law Carolyn again. She said it was only going to be a one-time thing and at the time I agreed with her. I didn’t think it would be a problem but damned if I couldn’t get the thought of screwing her again out of my head. I fantasized about sleeping with Carolyn quite often. Frequently when I had sex with my wife, I imagined it was her sister’s mouth and pussy I was sliding my hard cock into. At times I had to stop myself from calling out my sister in-law’s name during sex. I made up my mind that I just HAD to have her again.

The hard part was that Carolyn was sticking to her guns. In the year and a half since Carolyn’s baby was born, our families were together on three or four different occasions. Each time I set up an opportunity to be alone with her and I would casually broach the subject but Carolyn kept saying “no.” It was made even worse by the fact that the Carolyn had reached a comfort level around me that meant she rarely wore a bra when she wasn’t planning on going out and would frequently get dressed in an oversized t-shirt with only panties on underneath when we hung out in the evenings.

Our families recently got together again, this time at Carolyn and her husband’s condo in California. After a long day sunning and swimming out at the pool on our second day there, we had some pizzas delivered and sat around watching TV for the rest of the night. They had blown up an air mattress in the living room and my son plopped down on it with Carolyn while my wife, Carolyn’s husband, and I occupied the couch and recliner. Carolyn’s little one was out early and was put to bed upstairs in his room. My wife was burned out after our day at the pool and she was off to bed fairly early. She went into the den off the entryway to sack out on the hide-a-bed that was set up for us.

Our son fell asleep shortly thereafter and I carried him to the guest bedroom. I returned to the living room and planted myself on the recliner and the three of us watched a DVD until I couldn’t keep my eyes open any longer. I joined my wife on the hide-a-bed and I don’t even remember my head hitting the pillow.

I awoke in the middle of the night and was badly in need of a drink of water. The room where I was sleeping was near the living room and I could see the light of the TV reflecting off the walls from the hide-a-bed. Wearing nothing but my boxers, I shuffled to the kitchen, which was between the two rooms, and poured myself a glass of ice water. As I stepped into the living room I saw an old “I Love Lucy” episode on the screen and found both Carolyn and her husband fast asleep, with him on the couch and gaziantep escort her still on the air mattress.

I drank my water as I silently stood there for a moment and watched them sleep. Carolyn was wearing her usual t-shirt and panties and was sleeping on her side, facing toward the couch, away from me. Her shirt had ridden up and I was getting a good look at her great ass. The material of her silky panties was slightly riding up into her crack and I could see the bottom of her cheeks peering out below.

As I gazed at my sister in-law’s ass I could feel my erection quickly spring up in my boxers. It popped out of the opening in front and I reached down to run my hand up and down the shaft as I admired Carolyn’s sleeping form. Memories of sticking my hard cock into her began flooding back and I new I had to have her. Right then and there. But how? She’d always nixed the idea when I brought it up. I remembered my wife telling me how heavy of a sleeper Carolyn is and I figured my one shot would be to make my move while she was sleeping and hopefully by the time she woke up she would be so worked up that she would go along with it.

In my highly aroused state, with all of the blood rushing from my head to the throbbing member in my hand, this seemed like a really good idea. In hindsight, it would seem like a very stupid plan, but it was the only plan I could come up with and I just had to have her again. I put my water down and tiptoed into the living room to make my move. My hard tool pointed the way, swaying and bouncing with every step. When I reached the air mattress I knelt down at the edge. It was like I was stalking my prey in the jungle and I had to be ultra-stealthy.

Now, I’m quite familiar with air mattresses but at the time I had forgotten how damn noisy they are when you get on them. As I moved onto the mattress it made that loud “body-on-vinyl” noise and I froze. I could feel my heart racing in my chest as I awaited movement from the two sleeping people in the room. Luckily it appeared that the sound of the air mattress just blended in with the sound of the TV and they didn’t stir at all.

Ever so slowly I moved further onto the mattress and slid in behind Carolyn. I laid down behind her in a spooning position and began to press up against her back. I sandwiched my erection between me and her panty-clad ass as I moved up against her. Still no movement. So far so good. I nervously placed my right hand down onto her thigh and still nothing. I lightly caressed her leg, trying not to tickle her or awaken her, but wanting her to get used to being touched. As I gained more confidence I moved my hand up her smooth thigh, over her panties, and up under her shirt.

I slid my hand up to her breast and gently kneaded her full mound. Carolyn’s nipple stiffened escort gaziantep and pressed against the palm of my hand as I massaged her tit. I began to grind my hard cock into Carolyn’s rear as I worked her chest over. I felt like I could shoot my load right then and there but I held off. My warm breath fell on the back of Carolyn’s neck as I continued my actions. Her breathing was quickening and she let out a slight moan in her sleep. I imagined that she was having a sex dream, a really realistic one, as she got hotter and hotter.

She let out another low moan as I continued and then said her husband’s name in a monotone, groggy voice. SHE THINKS I’M HER HUSBAND! I saw this as an extremely good thing and I was intent on keeping her in this state as best I could. I wanted to make sure that I made no quick movements or do anything to jolt Carolyn awake because as soon as she would open her eyes, she would see her husband asleep on the couch right in front of her and the jig, as they say, would be up. She instinctively began to push her rear back, against my dryhumping, and I slowly moved my hand down her stomach.

I slid my hand inside Carolyn’s panties and my fingers found her forest of pubic hair. I slipped my hand deeper and gently nudged her right leg toward me so I could have better access to her pussy. When I moved my fingers between her legs I found her pussy was very wet. I slowly ran my middle finger between her lips and smeared her wetness around. That was it. I had to be inside her.

I moved my hand back up to her waistband and eased her panties down over her hip. The shiny fabric of her silky panties slid out from under the hip she was laying on easily and I gently slid them down just past her bottom. I then grabbed my aching rod and guided the head down between her cheeks. I could feel the smooth skin of the head of my cock meet with the warm wetness Carolyn’s pussy and I slid my dick up and down her slit. When the head was good and coated with Carolyn’s juices I slowly pushed into her slit.

Carolyn’s smooth lips engulfed my cock as I eased inside. Slowly, pushing further in a little more with each gentle thrust, I was finally all the way inside her. As much as I like to ram my cock into a sloppy wet pussy, there truly is something to be said about just gliding slowly in and out. I could feel my swollen head drag across her labia, pulling them out, and pushing them back inward with each slow thrust. It was heavenly!

Just then Carolyn’s husband let out a loud snore and stopped abruptly. “Holy shit!” I thought as I froze right where I was. The whole time I had been working on Carolyn, her husband was asleep on the couch not five away. He was facing us and we were facing him. His steady, low snoring and loud breathing in and out had added a kind gaziantep escort bayan of soothing white noise along with the TV’s low volume. I can’t help but think it aided in keeping Carolyn asleep. But here I was, right in front of him, with my throbbing cock buried in his sleeping wife’s pussy. All he had to do was open his eyes and I was dead. Sure I was still wearing my boxers, but I was entering his unconscious wife from behind in a spooning position, with her panties down past her ass. How was I going to explain that?

I could feel my heartbeat down in my engorged cock as it lay still between the wet folds of Carolyn’s warm pussy. I sat there without moving for what seemed like an eternity and he finally began to breathe and snore in his usual pattern. With the danger seemingly passed, I knew I had to finish and get back to my own bed as soon as possible before something else happened and I was really caught.

I again began pushing cock slowly into Carolyn as I reached up to lightly massage her breast. I continued my slow steady fucking and, with her husband right in front of us, I began to imagine that he was in on the action too. In my mind’s eye I could see him lying on his side just like he was, but down on the mattress in front of Carolyn. She was sucking his dick as I was fucking her from behind, just like I was doing right then. At that point the fantasy began to take over in my mind.

Carolyn’s husband began to turn into one of those jerks you seen in porno movies as he grabbed her hair started talking dirty. “You like feeling your brother in-law’s hard cock in your pussy don’t you, you little whore? (Carolyn couldn’t answer, of course, because he was ramming his cock into her mouth). Yeah, that’s it, suck your husband’s dick while your sister’s husband fucks you from behind. He fucked his wife’s mouth long and hard as she swallowed his tool. I could feel myself build to orgasm as the scene unfolded before my mind’s eye.

It’s amazing that I was able to keep my slow, steady pace and not fuck the shit out of Carolyn because I was lost in the fantasy of our threesome. I continued to fuck Carolyn as her husband pulled his rod out of her mouth and pumped it furiously. Thick ropes of cum spewed out, coating Carolyn’s face, as I reached my peak too. I pushed all the way inside her, shooting my seed deep into her pussy, and continued to pump my emptying cock in and out.

After Carolyn’s pussy had squeezed every last drop of cum from my cock I laid there with it embedded in her just enjoying the moment. Finally! I got to fuck my sister in-law again. But seeing as how she was asleep the whole time it wasn’t as good as before. I certainly didn’t regret it, that’s for sure, but it would have been better if she was an active participant in the sex.

As my ebbing member slid out of Carolyn’s messy slit I moved my body away from hers. I slipped her panties back up and quietly moved off the mattress. After covering Carolyn with a nearby blanket I quietly went back to my own bed. I had finally gotten my wish and I slept the satisfied, spent sleep that only comes after shooting your semen into your sleeping sister in-law.(Try saying that fast three times)

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