Her Dirty Lingerie Ch. 01

Ball Gag

I sit in the food court of my local mall, hoping to meet the perfect woman.

My criteria for perfection are simple: 5’10 to 6’0, fit, trim and athletic and must be wearing a skirt or a dress.

My plan is, meet the perfect woman, buy her lunch and ask to buy the panties she’s wearing.

A half hour later, and I’m about to head home, when I spot her. She’s leaving the nail salon, she’s absolutely perfect, she’s about 5’10, long blonde hair down to the middle of her back, and she has a sleeve of tattoos on her left arm, And she’s wearing a pink tank top and a white satin floral print skirt. And her tank top shows off her enormous chest, I’m guessing she’s about a c cup.

She stands in line at the salad place, and I decide to make my move.

I get in line behind her. “Excuse me, miss? I was wondering if I could buy you lunch, I have a business proposal for you.”

“Listen, sir, I’m flattered, but, I’m not a prostitute! Leave me alone, or I’ll yell for security.” She says, turning to face me and looking angry.

“I don’t think you’re a prostitute, I just want to ask you something. I just want to pay for your lunch and have you join me. Please, miss?”

“Fine! I’ll take a large chef salad and a diet soda. Which table are you at?”

I point to my table, and to my surprise, she walks over and takes a seat.

A few minutes I come back with her salad and one for me as well.

She sits there staring at me.

“Ok…what did you want to ask me?” She asks, sounding impatient.

“First, can you tell me your name?” I ask.

“Jennifer…you can call me Jenn, but do not, I repeat, do not, call me Jenny. What’s your name?”

“Steve, Jenn. And what I want to ask you was…how much would it take for you to sell me the panties you’re wearing? I mean, I assume you’re wearing panties.”

“Yes, I’m wearing panties. You’re quite the pervert, Steve. Do you often approach random strangers in the mall and ask for their underwear? Let me guess, you smelled your sisters panties when you were young and you even jerked off in them. You probably can’t get a girl of your own, so you approach random women and ask for their panties. You’re fucking pathetic.”

I look at her, shocked.

“Name your price, Jenn, I’m sure I can match any price you come up with.”

“Fine, pervert. I want $1000 and I’ll give you my bra, panties and socks and you agree to leave me the fuck alone.”

“For $1000 you come back to my apartment, and you let me take a few pics of you modeling this stuff and I get your bra, panties and socks.”

“Will you leave me alone if I do all of this?”

“I can’t make that promise, because I was going to say, I’ll make it $1500 if you also give me your phone number so I can call you and we can arrange other purchases.”

She looks absolutely disgusted right now.

“Make it $3000 and I’ll give you all that stuff, model it for you and I’ll be whatever else you want me to be, and I’ll give you my phone number. Come on, pervert, you know you want me!” She says, smiling at me.

“Fine! $3000 it is. Take your time with your salad, my apartment isn’t far.” I say, raising my foot and putting it between her legs.

She gives me a devilish grin. “Already, pervert? We aren’t even at your apartment yet and already you’re touching my pussy? Naughty boy!” She says, blowing me a kiss.

She finishes her salad and I finish mine, and we walk to my car, holding hands.

I start the car, but, she stops me from putting th car in gear.

“Before we leave…kiss me…come on, Steve…kiss me.” She says, leaning in close to me.

I can’t help myself, I cradle her face in my hands, and kiss her, deeply, passionately, my tongue entering her mouth. We kiss for at least 5 minutes, finally we break the kiss, I look at her and blush.

“Now you can drive, Steve.” She says, wiping her mouth off.

I put the car in gear, back out of my parking space and drive away. As I’m driving away, I put my hand on her leg and go under her skirt.

“Does that feel good? Keep it in your pants till we get to your apartment, perv boy.” She says, moving my hand away.

A few minutes later we’re arriving at my apartment building. I take her by the hand and we race up the stairs to my apartment. Once inside, I pin her against the door, but she quickly shoves her away and lifts her tank top over her head, showing off a beautiful black satin bra which barely contains her huge tits.

“Stick your nose in the middle of my bra, right between my tits, come on, Steve, do it!” She says, kuşadası escort sticking her chest out.

I do as she asks, inhaling the sweet scent of her perfume mixed with sweat, it smells so sweet.

“Do you like how that smells? You’ll love this then!” She says, unzipping and lowering her skirt, showing off a pair of black satin and lace panties.

“On your knees, Steve. Come on, sniff my panties.”

I drop to my knees in front of her, and gladly bury my nose in her crotch. She smells so sweet, and I smell just a hint of perfume mixed with her piss.

“Do you like how I smell?” She asks.

I stand back up and kiss her.

“Steve? I want you to tell me to give my lingerie for free, say it, Steve.”

“But…” I say, confused.

“Just say it, please.”

“Jenn, I want you to give me your lingerie for free.”

She lowers her head in submission. “Yes…yes, Sir!” She meekly says, reaching behind her self and unhooking her bra, letting her tits pop free.

I stare at her in amazement.

“My tits are a d cup and they’re real.” She says, sitting on my couch, kicking off her sneakers and raising her feet up.

“Smell my feet, Sir, please!” She says, lust in her eyes.

“Have you been on your feet all day, Jenn?” I ask.

“Yes…yes, Sir, I’ve been on my feet all day.” She says.

I hold her feet up and smell them, inhaling the musky scent.

I take her socks off and slowly lick the soles of her feet.

“That tickles!” She giggles out.

I continue licking the soles of her feet, moving up and sucking on her toes.

“That feels good, Sir!” She moans.

“Why do you keep calling me ‘Sir’?” I finally ask.

“I feel like I should submit to you, Steve. Don’t you want a submissive girl?”

“Yes, but, if you’re going to submit to me, I want you to be my girlfriend. Does that make sense?” I ask.

“It makes perfect sense, Sir. This girl is willing to break up with her boyfriend and serve you and only you, Sir.” She says, again lowering her head.

“I’d also want to eventually be your Master too, Jenn, are you prepared for that, to commit to me?”

“Yes, Sir, this girl is ready, but, let’s not rush things, we’re a long way away from that.” She says as I continue to worship her beautiful feet.

After a few minutes of this, I move back up her body and began kissing her yet again, my hands going right to her breasts, softly squeezing them.

After squeezing her tits, I begin licking around her nipples, first her left nipple, biting and tugging on it.

“You can bite harder than that, Sir!” Jenn moans out.

Eventually I move to her right nipple, as I do tie, I move my hand inside her panties. Her panties are really fragrant.

“Do you want me to take my panties off, Sir?” Jenn meekly asks.

I just nod my head, and she wiggles her hips and slides her panties down, showing me her neatly trimmed pussy.

“Do you like how she looks, Sir? If you don’t, I can either grow a full bush or I can shave her bald. You tell me what to do and I’ll do it.” She says, again lowering her head.

“I want you to shave her so you’ll only have a landing strip of pubic hair, can you do that, Jenn?”

“Yes…yes, Sir, this girl can do that, Sir.” She says, not meeting my eyes.

“Jenn? Is it ok that I want to have sex with you?” I ask.

“It’s perfectly ok, Sir, but I know I told you I didn’t like this earlier, but, if you wanted to degrade me further and call me Jenny, you can do that, Sir.”

I lean in and kiss her again, softly cupping her d cup breasts.

“Lay on your back, Jenny.”

She does as ordered.

I spread her legs and softly kiss her clit, which is starting to pop out from under it’s hood.

“Who knew you were a romantic, Sir.” She says, giggling.

I spread her pussy lips open and push my tongue inside of her, slowly licking her.

I begin licking from the tip of her clit all the way to the rim of her dirty asshole.

“Do I taste good?” She asks.

I move back up her body and kiss her, making sure she tastes herself.

“A little of my pussy mixed with my ass! Damn I taste good!” She giggles out.

I go back to eating her pussy as I push two fingers in her asshole.

“That feels really good, Sir!” She moans.

I start to slowly finger bang her asshole as I continue to lick and suck on her clit.

“You’re going to make me me cum, may this girl cum, Sir? Please? May she cum!” She asks, breathing heavy.

“Cum kuşadası escort bayan for me, Jenny! Go ahead, cum for your Master!” I command.

“Yes. Master! Jenny will cum for you, Master! Jenny’s cumming…oh shit…Jenny’s cumming, Master!” She says, having an intense orgasm.

I move on top of her and we begin kissing again.

“Master?” She says, after a minute.

“Yes, Jenny?”

“Please put your cock inside this girls cunt, she wants to be pregnant, Master. Please, get this girl pregnant, Master!”

“Does this mean you’re fully submitting to me, Jenny?”

“Yes, Master, please tell this girl what you expect of her.”

“I am always to be addressed formally, you are to always address yourself as ‘this girl’, you are also to keep a journal that I’ll read every night. Also, all lingerie, that includes bras, panties, nighties, socks, anything, must be worn only once and for at least 2 days, after that they are to be promptly given to me. Am I clear so far, Jenny?”

“Yes, Master, you’re clear.”

“I am your life, from this moment forward. Dinner is to be on the table every night, no exceptions. Go lay on the bed again, Jenny.” I order.

“Yes, Master!” She says, laying flat on her back on the bed again.

To my surprise, my cock is rock hard.

I get between her legs again and we begin kissing.

“You like kissing, don’t you, Master?”

“I love to kiss, is this a problem, Jenny!”

“No problem, Master. This girl loves kissing as well, Master.”

After a few minutes of this, I’m ready to enter her.

“Don’t wear a condom, Master, this girl really wants to be pregnant, Master.” She says, almost pleading with me.

I place the head of my cock at her opening, and slowly I start to enter her.

“You’re really tight!” I say, barely able to hold my cum.

I’m able to hold it though. “I love you, Jenny!” I whisper once I’m all the way in.

“This girl loves you, too, Master!” She whispers back.

Slowly I begin fucking her, watching her enormous breasts bounce.

I take her hands and hold them over her head as I start fucking her a little bit faster.

“Please…please…please get this girl pregnant, Master. This girl wants, no, she needs to be pregnant, Master. And, this girl is willing to have as many kids as you want to have, Master.” Jenny moans out.

I lean down and begin kissing her again, moving down and sucking on her neck until a hickey appears.

“That’s it, mark your property, Master. This girl is willing to get any number of tattoos or piercings that you want her to get. I mean, she’s already tattooed, and she has a small stud in her nose, but she is willing to get more tats and more piercings for you, Master.” She says, lust growing in her eyes.

I start fucking her about as fast as I can, and I just love watching her huge tits bounce.

“Are…are…are you ready…ready to…to cum, Master?” She says, gasping and moaning loudly.

I nod my head ‘yes’

“Cum inside your slave, Master, get her pregnant!”

“Cum with me, Jenny…come on, cum with me, baby.”

No sooner do I say that, she has another intense orgasm and I cum hard as well.

“Don’t pull out just yet, Master. This girl wants to savor every drop of cum.

I lay on top of her for several minutes kissing and making out with her.

“This girl thinks you can pull out now, Master.” She says, looking me in the eyes.

I pull out and kiss her one more time, and I try to move to get dressed, but she stops me.

“Master? May this girl suck your cock? She wants to taste herself on your cock, on top of getting your yummy cummies in my tummy. So, please, may this girl suck your cock, Master?” Jenny says, with a sly grin on her face.

“You may, Jenny.” I say, pulling her to her feet and forcing her to her knees.

“Please, Master, cum once in this girls mouth and cum once on this girls face. Please, tell this girl you want to degrade her by cumming on her face, Master.” She says, gripping my rock hard 10-inch cock and slowly stroking it.

“Take me in your mouth, Jenny. Be a good girl, Jenny, take me in your mouth.” I say, stroking the side of her face.

“Yes, Master…” She says, taking just the head of my cock into her mouth.

Slowly she devours my cock, all the way to the back of her throat, and now she begins bobbing her head up and down on my cock.

I start running my fingers through her long blonde hair.

“That feels so good, baby. Finger my ass, Jenny, escort kuşadası please finger my ass.”

She winks at me, she then spreads my ass cheeks and finds my asshole and pushes her middle finger up my ass.

She then takes my hand, that was running through her hair, she puts it on the back of her head, and I begin to slowly fuck her face, she gives me a thumbs up.

After a few minutes, I begin picking up the pace, I can feel my balls hitting her chin.

“Jenny…Jenny…Oh my God…Jenny.” I start moaning.

“I’m going to cum, are you ready to swallow?” I ask.

She again gives me a thumbs up, just as my cock erupts in her mouth.

She slowly swallows my load and stands up and kisses me, I can taste my load on her lips.

“This girl loves you, Master. This girl sees you’re still hard, are you ready to degrade this girl further and cum on this girls face?” She says, lust still in her eyes.

I begin stroking my cock, and she gets back on her knees.

She looks up at me with her beautiful eyes.

“Degrade this girl, Master! Cum on her face, especially aim for her eyes. You can do it, Master!” She says as I begin stroking faster.

With that, my cock erupts, coating her precious face, and yes, I made sure to aim for her eyes, getting some in both.

“Look at what you did to my face!” She says, giggling.

She goes to the bathroom to wipe her face off, and as she walks by, I slap her ass.

She comes out a few seconds later.

“Master? Are you still hard?” She asks.

To my surprise, I am still hard.

“This girl wants you to bury your cock in her shit hole, Master. And then she wants to be degraded further by being made to clean your dirty cock off. Please, tell this girl you’ll fuck her dirty shit hole, Master!” She says, pleading with me.

I pull her in close and kiss her, passionately.

“Bend over, girl!”

“Yes, Master!” She says, smiling.

She bends over, showing off her perfectly round ass. I spread her ass cheeks, exposing her beautiful, brown, puckered shit hole. I lean in and run my tongue around the rim of her anus.

“Ooh! That feels weird!” She giggles out.

I lick her asshole for several minutes, then I stand up.

I place that head of my cock at the rim of her asshole, and slowly start to enter her ass.

“Ow! Oh God! It hurts!” She begins yelling.

Without warning, I ram myself the rest of the way into her ass.

“OOOOOWWWWW!!” She screams out, dropping to one knee and crying.

I pull out of her ass and quickly wrap my arms around her.

“I’m sorry, Jenn…I’m so sorry…please forgive me.”

“You’re forgiven, Master. I just didn’t expect it to hurt as much as it did, and I wasn’t prepared for you to be so rough with me, Master.”

“Like I said, I’m sorry.” I say, leaning down to kiss her.

“I still want to taste my own ass, put a finger in my ass, Master, please.” She asks.

I push two fingers inside her rectum.

“Ow! I only said 1 finger…you’re hurting me, Steve!” She says.

With that, I cover her mouth with my free hand, and I add a third finger to her asshole. She begins screaming louder.

I lean close to her ear. “You don’t tell me what to do you fucking whore. You belong to me, I’m going to fist fuck you dirty shit hole and then I’ll make you clean all my fingers off, am I clear, whore?”

“Yes…yes Master…you’re clear.” Jenny says, fear in her voice.

I cover her mouth again and add my pinky finger to her asshole, she begins screaming louder.

“All that’s left is my thumb, are you ready, Jenn?”

“No…please…no…please…OOOOOWWWW!!” She screams through my hand as I add my thumb and ball my fist in her asshole.

“Good girl, Jenn, my whole fist is inside your shithole. That wasn’t so bad was it?”

“You’re…hurting…me…please…stop…” She cries out.

I pull my fist out of her ass, but, I make the pain last as long as possible.

Once my hand is out of her asshole, I shove three of those fingers into her mouth, making her gag and vomit.

“That was disgusting, Master…please…whatever you’re trying to do, please, stop it!” Jenn cries out.

I stand her back up and begin kissing her again.

“I’m sorry, Jenn. I didn’t mean to hurt you. Can you forgive me?”

“I forgive you, Steve…I mean, Master. But, please don’t do anything like that again, ok? Anal is off the table form here on out, deal?”

“Deal.” I says, squeezing her breasts.

“You’re still horny?” She asks, smiling at me.

“No, not horny,” I say, picking her up in my arms. “let’s go to bed.” I say, laying her back on the bed.

“Ok, let’s lay down.” She says, kissing my cheek.

I roll over and turn the lights out, already thinking about what we’ll do later.

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