Her Gift to Me


I married Ophelia, and I love her very much. She is without a doubt the smartest woman I know, not to mention being absolutely beautiful. I mean, like, Ashley Graham beautiful. Ophelia is 5’9″ and her measurements are 44DD-34-46, but she’s not flabby at all. She’s tight, curvy, and well-proportioned, and we have the best sex I ever had. Most importantly, she loves me. I wouldn’t trade that for anything in the world.

By contrast, Ophelia’s younger sister, Circe, is 5’9″ as well, but more like 34A-22-34. All her curves are in the right places, just like her sister, and she is equally as beautiful. Still, she is not Ophelia, so while Circe may be attractive, I am not attracted to her, if that makes any sense to you. That doesn’t necessarily mean I don’t look every now and again, either.

Ophelia is a marketing analyst with BEEBO Advertising. I worked diligently to put her through college, and now that she has secured a decent paying job, she works while I go. We are really good for one another and support each other in every endeavor. Because of that, when Ophelia announced that Circe wanted to stay with us a few days in Alabama as she headed to Louisiana for Mardi Gras, I had no objections. In fact, it had been about three years since I last saw Circe, and that was when she was Maid of Honor at our wedding. Ophelia, on the other hand, was known to take the occasional trip to Pensacola to visit Circe when time permitted.

Circe met Ophelia at BEEBO, then Ophelia took an early leave while the two went to lunch. No biggie as I had a paper due on Elizabethan poetry. Upon returning home, Ophelia ushered her sister into the house, and I was shocked, to say the least, when I first saw her. No, she hadn’t gotten bigger, but gone was her long, brown hair in favor of boyishly short spiked, platinum hair. Also, her state of dress had drastically changed as well. Where once she was uber-conservative, she was now a full-fledged punk. It was so wild that I actually liked it. “Wow, look at you,” I said as I hugged her. “I never would have recognized you if I saw you on the street.”

“So, you approve?” she asked.

“It doesn’t matter if I approve, so long as you’re happy,” I told her, “but yes, I like this new you. Just don’t get too wild. Your folks will have a fit.”

“They’ve had several already,” she retorted with a laugh.

“Well, you two hang out and catch up,” I said as I finally made my way to Ophelia and kissed her. “I have a little more homework to do, but then we can go out wherever you ladies like.” I made my way to my study room and shut the door, then took my place in front of the computer and began conjugating Latin verbs.

We ate dinner at Rodeo (pronounced Row-Day-Oh) Mexican Restaurant and had a couple of Marguerites each, then returned home and put a movie in, which we talked over anyway. Finally, at 10:30, Ophelia announced that she was going to get her shower and go to bed afterwards. She used the bathroom connected to our room while I pointed out to Circe the bathroom closest to her room. I then went back to mine and Ophelia’s room where I thought of joining her, but the drinks had made me really lightheaded, even now, a few hours later, so I just stripped down to my boxers and hopped in bed. I thought sex might be on the menu, but somewhere in the middle of thinking of my wife’s beautifully curvy ass, I fell asleep.

I was startled awake sometime in the middle of the night by a hand over my mouth and someone whispering my name. I opened my eyes to find Circe looming above me. I got the “W” of the word “What?” out of my mouth when she pressed her hand harder on me and placed the forefinger of her other hand at her lips, silently shushing me. She then stood and slowly lifted her leg over my head like some kind of spider monkey. Her foot softly came to rest just next to my ear, and then she lowered her pussy onto my mouth. She began to rock back and forth very slowly as one hand braced her against the wall while the other she ran through my hair. Soon, a barely audible “Uuunnhhhhh” passed her lips. She jerked, then smiled. She stealthily removed herself from my face then bent down and whispered in my ear, “You don’t talk to anyone about this. Not her, and especially not me. Understand?” I nodded. “Good. Now sleep well.” With that, she kissed me on the temple and turned to exit the room, but stopped and added, “Better get the smell of my pussy off your face.”

I lay there for all of a minute, then decided she was right. I made to get out of bed, then stopped and turned the other way. I lifted the covers to find my wife, naked as the day she was born, just the way she always sleeps. One look at her ass and I knew what I needed to do, especially since my dick had been throbbing for urfa escort a few minutes now.

I untangled Ophelia’s legs and buried my face in her pussy. She did not immediately awaken, but when she did, she didn’t turn me away. “Damn, baby. What’s got you so horny?” she asked. My only reply was to buck her up and slide my dick into her. I went hard in the paint for about three minutes before cumming, but that was okay with Ophelia because she had cum as well. “There’s nothing better than two a.m. sex,” she said, looking at me with dreamy eyes and a sleepy smile. I kissed her on the mouth and told her to go back to sleep.

I was awakened at seven by the sound of Ophelia taking another shower, one of those “just in case” jobs to rid one of the smell of sex before leaving for work. I lay there with my eyes closed as I thought of what had transpired earlier, and all of a sudden I felt something warm and wet on my face. Well, really, on my mouth. I opened my eyes to see that Circe had made her way back into the room and had once again straddled me, and I was somewhat surprised to see that her mohawk of pubic hair was dyed platinum blonde as well. She furiously grinded on me for all of a minute before cumming, then she made a shushing gesture before disappearing out of the room.

I hurried into the bathroom and began brushing my teeth, then joined Ophelia in the shower. “Too late, lover boy,” she said to me. “I’m finished and have to get ready for work.”

“Tonight, then,” I said with a smile, then I kissed her on the mouth, smacked her ass, and assumed control over the shower as she exited. Once finished, I dressed and made my way to the kitchen to find that Circe had made eggs and bacon. The three of us sat down and ate, chatted, then I announced that I needed to get to school while Ophelia said the same about work. She assured Circe that she wouldn’t be alone long as I had just two classes today and would be home by 10:45 at the latest, which I was.

Circe and I went out for pizza for lunch, and true to my word, I never broached the subject of what had transpired between us, much as I wanted to. Afterwards, we went to a theatre that specialized in movies from the eighties and chose Weird Science even though I own it on DVD. “Too bad you won’t be here next week,” I said to her as I pointed to a poster that stated the Back to the Future trilogy would be playing beginning Thursday night.

“Yeah, that’d be cool,” she answered.

We did some window shopping after the movie, returned home and talked about nothing in particular. I looked at the clock and said, “Your sister should be home in about fifteen minutes.” After I said it, though, I really wondered if it was for the benefit of letting her know she didn’t have to wait much longer, or to inform her that if she wanted to indulge us both again with her little game, she had just a tiny window of time in which to do so. Also, I wondered why I was so accepting of participating. As far as I knew, Ophelia had put her up to it. I couldn’t ask Circe as she forbade me discussion of any kind concerning it, and I had already promised her that I wouldn’t discuss it with Ophelia, either.

When Ophelia arrived, she and Circe went into the kitchen to begin dinner, which would be rib eyes that Circe had marinated this morning at breakfast. I did what little homework I had, then joined them once the call to eat had been given. The wine poured freely, even after dinner was over. I loaded the dishwasher, then announced that I was going to get my shower. Ophelia and I did make plans for sex tonight, so I wanted to get an early start of things.

When I returned to the living room, they were walking down memory lane, so I left them to it and went to my room and read a few chapters for Friday’s Women and Gender Studies exam. Ophelia joined me around eleven, got her shower, then told me how last night really turned her on and she wanted me to wake her up like that again. “Sure thing, baby,” I told her, and just lay there as she dozed off to sleep. I continue to lay there even as my burning eyes called out for the sleep they so deservedly needed, hoping—???Was I really hoping???—that Circe would soon enter, but she never did. Finally, at three o’clock, I removed my boxers, then lifted the covers and began lightly rimming Ophelia’s ass. God-damn, I love her ass. It is soft and sweet and just the thought of it gives me major woodage.

I went from light rimming to deep tonguing, and from there to just plain, old-fashioned eating it. She awoke with an “Ooh!” and before I knew it, she had turned to where she was sitting on my face. Soon, though, she moved down and allowed me access to her clit even as she took my cock into her mouth. She balıkesir escort was already sopping wet, and my cock was throbbing in anticipation of anything she might choose to do to it. She swallowed it whole, then a gurgle of sound pushed past my dick as she came hard in my mouth. I lapped it up and sucked her clit hoping to incite more. She kept me in her throat for another few seconds, then came off me and jerked it wildly.

“Oh fuck, baby, here it comes,” I told her, and she put just the head in her mouth, running her tongue all around it until I spurted off. Like every time before this, she swallowed every bit. She continued to softly suck me, then slowed, then stopped. She lay on her back—maybe she was finished for the night, but I wasn’t. I mounted her, bucked her legs up, and entered her ass. “Oh, God-damn, Fi-Fi. I love this fucking ass.”

“You better fuck it right,” she told me as she began to masturbate. There was about a minute’s silence, then she said, “Oh yes. That’s it. This is your ass, Benny. Fuck it like you want to. Oh shit. Fuck it like … Fuck it like … UNNHHHHH!!!!!” and she came hard. I just love that twisted look her face adopts when she has a big one, that look that says nothing compares to the here and now. It always gets me to the edge, and I was ready to explode. She plopped one of her thick nipples into my mouth and I growled around it as I came inside her ass, then I lay on her bosom, out of breath, both satisfied and thankful that this was the woman with whom I chose to spend my life. Yet, if that were the case, why did my immediate thought go to Circe?

I lay next to Ophelia and she cradled herself on my shoulder, and we remained that way, asleep, until the alarm clock went off at seven. Today we did shower together, but no hanky-panky. I got out first, dressed, and made my way to the kitchen to find that once again Circe had made breakfast. A few minutes later and Ophelia joined us.

“We’re out of orange juice,” Circe announced.

“I just bought that last one about two days ago,” Ophelia said.

“It was sour. I had to dump it. I could go get some more.”

“No, you’re still in your pajamas,” Ophelia said. “I’ll go.”

She exited the house, and as soon as the sound of the car was discerned to be moving away from us, Circe jumped onto the table, lifted her night gown, spread her legs, grabbed me by my hair, and forced my face between her legs where she fucked my mouth good. In fact, she fucked my face up until the time she heard the car pull back into the driveway, then she hopped off the table and told me to go wash up, which I did. I even splashed on a little Stetson to ensure there was no lingering smell.

Breakfast went well. Bacon and eggs again, but I liked that, so it wasn’t bad in any way. I ate quickly and left for school. Upon my return, I walked in to Circe’s room and caught her lightly rubbing her clit as she watched porn. She looked up and placed that shushing finger at her lips. I turned away and went into the living room where I turned on the TV and began watching Season Two of Jessica Jones on Netflix.

Circe appeared about twenty minutes later dressed in a mini-dress that was more like a barely-dress. She sat at the other end of the couch and threw one leg upon the cushion, cocking her legs wide enough for me to see she wasn’t wearing any underwear. I looked at her pussy, then looked her in the eyes. She slowly shook her head, then began watching TV like all was right and fair in the world. She had settled a hand between her legs, and every now and again she would diddle herself for a few seconds, but not enough to get off, but more like just enough to keep herself on the edge of an orgasm. We stayed that way until we heard Ophelia’s car pull up, then Circe jumped up and ran into the kitchen.

Ophelia walked in, kissed me, then asked about the mail. “Oh, he just came, like, five seconds before you pulled up,” Circe called from the kitchen. “I was about to go get it.”

“I’ve got it,” Ophelia said, and when the sound of the door closing reached her ear, Circe was back in the living room. She threw a leg onto the back cushion of the sofa and mushed her pussy into my face, grinding hard and frenetically. “Oh, shit!” she gasped, then pressed against me hard as she came in my mouth. “Lick it up, bitch!” she commanded me, and just before the door opened again she was off me and on her way to her room. She reappeared a few minutes later wearing her PJs. I excused myself and washed up.

“Let’s get Chinese buffet tonight,” Ophelia suggested, and Circe and I agreed. We all ate too much, but it was good. Upon arriving home, we watched a little TV, then I invited Ophelia to join me in the shower trabzon escort when Circe went to get a beer. Ophelia did, and we had great shower sex. There’s something about my wife’s soapy boobs that turns me on to no end.

The following morning at breakfast, Circe declared that she would be leaving on the eight-p.m. bus to New Orleans. “We really hate to see you go,” Ophelia told her sister.

“Yeah, it would be nice if you could stick around a little longer,” I added.

“Maybe afterwards,” she said.

I had no school today as it was advising day, so I just hung around the house. Circe came to me after Ophelia left and said, “Okay, you get one question, so make it a good one.”

“Why?” I asked. “What was the purpose of everything you did?”

“Did you enjoy it?”

“Of course, I did.”

“Then why question it?”

“Because I want to know your motivation behind it.”

“Let’s just call it a trial run.”

“Trial run for what?”

“See? That’s another question, and I said you could ask only one,” and with that, she stood and went into her room. I almost followed her but decided to just let it go. Subs and fries for dinner, after which Circe announced, “I’m staying one more night. Cool?” Ophelia and I both agreed.

I didn’t know what Circe was up to, but I couldn’t stay awake long enough to find out. Finally, I was awakened by her, and she mounted my face in a way to suggest a sixty-nine. I ate her pussy, as usual, and then it happened: She freed my cock from my boxers and began to suck it. I moaned deeply into her pussy as she worked me over, and after she had her first orgasm she crawled off me and whispered, “Know what I really want?” I whispered that I didn’t, at which point she slithered down my length, moved over, and separated Ophelia’s legs. I watched in hopeful anticipation as I saw Circe spread my wife’s—her sister’s—legs apart, then slowly affix her mouth to Ophelia’s pussy. She moaned just as I had, and soon began eating it.

“What the fuck?” I whispered, and could just barely make out a smile come to Circe’s face as she continued to eat Ophelia’s pussy.

I watched my wife stir. I saw a smile come to her lips. I saw her hand snake down and hold Circe’s head in place, then I heard her say, “I was wondering when you were going to eat this pussy again.” She then turned and looked at me. “You don’t mind, do you, Benny?”

“Uh … No. Of course not,” I answered.

“Good, because I don’t think I have the will to call her off,” Ophelia said as she opened her legs wider. She closed her eyes again. “That’s right, Circe. Work that magic.” Then, to me, “She eats pussy as good as you do, babe.” I continued to stare, then Ophelia reached out and placed a hand behind my head, guiding me to one of her nipples, then she placed the other nipple in her own mouth and began sucking, and a few minutes later she had a wonderful orgasm. She pulled her nipple from her mouth and said to her sister, “Come on up. My turn.”

Circe mounted Ophelia’s face as I assumed the empty spot between my wife’s legs. As I ate her pussy, I watched her tongue dance around her sister’s slit, moving across her labia, then in and out slowly yet passionately. Circe pinched at her nipples as her sister ate her, and in no time she cacked off an orgasm. She then repositioned herself and shooed me out of the way so she could enjoy a sixty-nine with my wife. I did the only thing I could think of to do: I got behind Circe and ate her ass. It wasn’t as voluptuous as Ophelia’s by any means, but I was so worked up that it didn’t matter. Ophelia came off Circe’s pussy long enough to say, “I want to watch you fuck her,” then began sucking her clit again even as I pushed my cock into Circe’s tight little pussy. She came immediately. I didn’t stop, though.

I continued fucking her through three more orgasms, then moved down and slid my cock into Circe’s mouth. She sucked it like a champ, and soon Ophelia joined her to give me the best head of my life. I felt myself nearing orgasm, so I said to Ophelia, “Baby, I want to cum in you.”

Ophelia quickly mounted me, and just in time as I filled her full of cum. I suddenly became aware of Circe licking the overflow of the creampie from my cock, then from her sister’s pussy once Ophelia slid off me. Circe finally lifted her head up, a very satisfied smile on her face, and said, “I get the next nut.”

“Don’t dawdle,” I said to her, and she sat on my still-hard cock and began to ride me as Ophelia sat on my face, allowing me to eat her scrumptious ass. It took about thirty minutes, but I gave Circe what she wanted, and Ophelia wasn’t shy about licking up the remnants as her sister had.

Once things were over, I asked my wife, “Why?”

“Because I love you.”

“So, what’s the history between you two?” I asked her of herself and her sister.

“It all started with a bottle of rum and a game of truth or dare,” Ophelia answered, “and I wouldn’t trade it for the world.” She then kissed Circe on the lips.

“And neither would I,” Circe added. “Neither would I.”

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