Her Pet Amuses Her


I glance up from my iPad as we sit on the couch to see you reading your book, legs curled up underneath you. You feel my eyes on you, meet my gaze, smile, and lean into me to snuggle, resting your head on my shoulder. Your hand reaches over to caress my chest. As I close my eyes to focus my thoughts on the sensation of your gentle caresses, you lean up, put your lips to my ear, and whisper those words I’ve come both to desire and to dread:

“I’m bored. Amuse me, Pet…”

This simple directive has come to signal the start of our own, private play time for many months now. A seemingly normal couple to any casual observer, our personalities morph starting with this simple phrase, with the speaker claiming the dominant role for the evening and the other recognizing that he or she must endure whatever pain and humiliation the dominant one chooses to meet out. The roles aren’t static and can switch from day to day, but for tonight you have claimed the upper hand.

I set down my iPad, stand and walk to retrieve the expected equipment from the bedroom. I must present myself to you, rendered helpless to escape and at your mercy until you are satisfied. You enjoy watching me squirm under your torments. It amuses you.

I return to the living room and begin the ritual preparation. You continue to read your book, paying me little attention while I strip. First, I lube our newest toy – a device that is a cock ring on one end and an anal probe on the other. I never did figure out where you found this contraption, but it has certainly added to your ability to torment me as you wield the remote that controls its vibration. I insert the probe and wrap the loop on the other end around the base of my scrotum.

Next come the nipple clamps, also vibrating and also remotely controlled. You learned early that my nipples are my weak spot, my kryptonite. You OWN me when you play with them, and these clamps allow you to stimulate them while leaving your hands otherwise free for other tasks. Once I have the clamps applied, it will be time to immobilize and present myself to you.

“Wait,” you say, as you stand and walk quickly out of the room. After just a moment in the bathroom you return with your panties in hand. “Put these on,” you direct me. “I thought of you while I was wearing them earlier,” you say with a wink.

This is new. We’ve not ventured into cross-dressing before. I wonder what sparked this idea? Clearly a new level of humiliation for me and a new level of control for you. Your eyes twinkle with anticipation to exercise your dominance.

With some hesitation, I take the silky garment and catch a whiff of your arousal on it. I know what you were doing earlier. Perhaps you’ve been planning this evening for most of the day. I stand up, step into them, pull them to my waist and resume the task at hand.

The last step involves the handcuffs. I kneel, facing you as you sit on the couch, and attach one side of each pair of handcuffs to each ankle. I then cross my arms behind my back, and secure my wrists – right wrist to left ankle and vice-versa. Once closed, I can only be freed by the pair of keys that you wear around your neck.

“Almost done, Pet,” you say, expectantly. “But one more special item for tonight.”

You stand again, and again walk out of the room. I hear you rummaging through the dresser in the bedroom. After a few moments, I hear your steps approach, but I cannot crane my head to look behind me to see what unknown object you have.

You lean over my shoulder from behind and nibble gently on my neck. You reach over and your right hand briefly caresses my chest, gently tweaking the clamps fastened to my nipples. You stand, and I feel you run your fingers through my hair as I lean my head back and close my eyes in response. I know your gentleness is a deceptive start to what will surely be my torment, but I am nonetheless helpless to resist.

My eyes are still closed as you quickly slip the blindfold over them. Like the panties, this is entirely new. How long have you been planning this? Reflexively, I cast my head around, but am unable to get even a glint of translucence through the material.

“Oh, yes,” you growl, low and breathy. “Perfect. Those are going to be a VERY important part of my . . . amusement . . . this evening. Now, then – let’s begin, shall we?”

Sightless and nearly immobile, I hear you walk over and sit down on the couch, just a few feet in front of me. Time slows as I await the first of the expected sensations. Will it be the anal probe? Or will it be the nipples? You wait, watching me tense with every sound of you shifting on the kuşadası escort couch. An eternity. Longer.

I hear the buzz before I feel it. The clamps cause my nipples to tingle. Their gentle but insistent bite on my sensitive flesh is insistent and unyielding. I begin to writhe in a vain attempt to squirm away from their pressure and tingle. With my arms bound, I cannot escape them. Even from behind the blindfold, I know that your smirk is growing as you watch me, helpless and in your control. I hear your breathing deepen as you begin to get aroused at my torment.

“Mmmmmm, Pet,” you moan. “Watching you struggle really turns me on. You look so helpless. So tense. You strain against the cuffs. And yet you don’t beg me to stop. Why is that, Pet?”

“Because I’m yours,” I respond, my breath staccato amidst the unavoidable and overwhelming sensations flooding my nipples. “You own me.”

“Yes, Pet. Yes, I do. And it’s good to hear you say it, because that really excites me.”

I continue to squirm under the relentless vibrations of the clamps, failing in my attempts to block them out of my mind. And then, without warning, you grab the other remote, and the probe resting against my prostate begins to hum as well.

Behind the blindfold you cannot see my eyes roll back, but I’m sure you can guess. My response to this toy has never been subtle since you first used it. My writhing turns into tremors as I unconsciously try to move away from and gain some control over the sensations. My hips thrust forward, trying to find some friction for my cock, but with none to be had. I’m losing all resistance. I am putty in your hands.

I hear you get up from the couch and close the distance between us. You turn, pull down your shorts and lean forward.

“Do be a dear, Pet, and lick my ass,” you say as you step backwards slightly and press your ass into my face.

You feel my tongue eagerly snake between your checks to find your anus. You feel it lick around the rim briefly and then, with urgency, begin to stab inside. You can, no doubt, read my thoughts. If I serve you well you’ll reward me. You’ll give attention to my straining cock. Or at least you will turn off the maddening sensations that assault me from both front and rear.

I hear you moan and push back against me harder, as your hand slides down your lower abdomen and your fingers begin to rub your pussy. I feel your ass checks clench as your own tremors begin deep inside you. You begin to settle into your own rhythm, losing yourself in your own flood of sensations.

Just then, our scene is interrupted by a knock on the back door.

You stand, pull yourself away from my face and pull up your shorts. “Oh, I’m sorry,” you say in mock surprise. “Did I forget to mention that we’re having company?”

I kneel there, frozen, unable to process what’s happening. Our play time has always been private. While I enjoy being on display and vulnerable to you, we’ve never discussed bringing others in. Had you nonetheless sensed this unspoken aspect of my desires?

“Don’t get up, Pet,” you say, as you turn off both of the remotes to the toys that have been assaulting me. “I’ll get the door.”

My mind is reeling. I still can’t put this all together. Who is it? What have you done? How could you expose me like this? I strain against the cuffs, but to no avail.

I hear you stride to the door and open it. Anyone looking past you will no doubt see me: kneeling, bound, blindfolded and wearing your panties.

“Hello! Hello!” you exclaim. “I’m so glad you could make it over. We’ve been looking forward to your visit,” you greet the unknown visitor.

I hear the person step inside. No! Oh, dear God, NO! I strain, I squirm, I struggle to begin moving away, but I am powerless to stand, let alone to run and hide.

“Hi. No problem. Glad to…” A female voice, cut short. Whose? Do I recognize it? Is it someone I know? Oh, God, the humiliation of being exposed like this!

The same stranger’s voice exclaims, “OH MY GOD! Is that…?”

“Yes,” you reply. “It’s him. Now, shhhhh – not another word. I don’t want him to know who you are. I find that aspect of this situation . . . amusing. Especially so. Come on in and have a seat.”

I hear the two of you walk across the room and sit on the couch, just a few feet in front of where I kneel. I’m mortified. I want to dissolve into the floor beneath me, drain away from this exposure. I clench my eyes closed behind the blindfold, as if to make myself invisible by sheer force of will. Yet I know it’s all in vain. I am your Pet. I am exposed. And you are kuşadası escort bayan loving it.

“So,” you begin to explain, matter-of-factly, “we’ve been seeing each other for a few months now. He’s quite the button-down type to all of his colleagues and acquaintances. Nice enough, but – candidly – he comes off as rather boring.

“As it turns out, however,” you continue, “he’s anything but. He’s quite the little kinky boy. Who knew?” I hear you chuckle as you talk.

“We’ve been playing our power exchange games for quite awhile now. He confessed to me that he really gets off on being vulnerable, exposed and at my mercy. He likes me to make him humiliate himself and to exercise my power over him. He likes me to watch him. He says that I smirk and tilt my head to the side when he’s amusing me, and that he just melts when I do.”

“Why does he…?” I hear the other woman start to ask before you cut her off. That voice. Where have I heard it? Have I heard it? Is it familiar? Do I want it to be?

“Shhhh!” you rebuke her, sharply. “I understand your question, but I do not want him to know who you are. I want him to worry, I want him to sweat that any woman he encounters either socially or professionally might know his secret.

“Let’s pose your question to him. Pet: our guest wants to know why you expose yourself to me like this?”

I freeze. I just want to slink away and hide, but there is no escape. My secret desires are out now. But to whom? Who is this stranger?

“Pet, I asked you a question,” you say, threateningly.

Resigning myself, I reply, “Because you own me.” After a few seconds, I continue, “Because I am yours.”

I hear you both giggle.

“Exactly,” you respond. “Thank you, Pet, for confirming to our guest what you and I both already knew.

“Now, then,” you continue. “Let me show you how this game works…

“Our little Pet, here, is in a bit of a predicament. You see that his arms and legs are bound, so he cannot escape. He’s on display to us so that we can watch his every reaction. And, he’s sporting a couple of . . . accessories . . . that might prove particularly entertaining for us.

“This first remote controls the clamps on his nipples. He’s very sensitive there, and this remote will control the vibration function of the clamps. You can vary the pulse and the intensity and watch him squirm as you do so.

“And this other remote controls a special, hidden toy. Under those cute, little panties that he’s wearing, this little kink boy has a probe inside him that is currently pushing against his rather sensitive prostate. It’s not doing much right now – just steady pressure. It’s probably a bit uncomfortable, but nothing that might spark a response that he cannot control. But if you start playing with these buttons, I’m sure he’ll start struggling for us, and who knows what things he might prove willing to do or what promises he might make in exchange for an end to his torment?”

The growing knot in the pit of my stomach feels as if it’s already reached the size if a grapefruit. Part of my mind remains in denial. This cannot be happening. This is all a dream – an amazingly arousing dream, but a dream, nonetheless. I’ll awaken any time now.

I twitch as the probe starts buzzing abruptly. The visitor must have turned it immediately to its highest intensity setting. I hear a giggle in confirmation, and to remove doubt that remains, you say, “Oh my. You have no mercy at all, do you?”

My sphincter clenches around the probe and my thigh muscles tighten as I start to squirm in a hopeless attempt to evade the device. I can usually block the sensation out of my mind for a few seconds when we play with this toy, and I’m doing my best to do so now, but I can never outlast the battery. I feel my resistance slipping as I begin to thrust my hips uncontrollably.

Another giggle and I feel the clamps start to vibrate as well. This two front assault immediately wears down any remaining restraint I might have had and I start to squirm and writhe uncontrollably, whimpering in a vain appeal for mercy.

I hear whispering. “Yes,” you say, “he is rather cute when he dances like that – bound, on his knees and wearing panties. I will note that the panties are a new touch. I added them in honor of your visit. I figured they would reinforce his station and remind him further that he is here for our amusement.”

Suddenly, the vibrations from both devices stop. My hips slow their thrusts as the sensations no longer drive them. Silence. A tense pause. Time stretches.

“So here’s how this normally works. By escort kuşadası entertaining me, he earns his release. Those handcuffs are keyed differently, and I wear the keys around my neck,” I hear you explain. I can envision the shiny chrome keys on the chain as they hang tauntingly between your breasts.

“I must say, Pet, I am very entertained,” you continue. “You have been such a good sport, I feel compelled to release you now.” I hear you stand up from the couch and walk behind me. You reach down and insert the key into the cuff on my right wrist. You turn and release it. My right hand is free.

“See? You’re almost free, Pet,” you whisper as your lips brush my earlobe.

“Oh, wait,” you state. “How rude of me. I forgot about our guest. I mean, my amusement isn’t the only goal here.

“I know,” you say, after a pause. “I’ll give our guest the other key. That way, we can make sure that she is satisfied.”

I take a deep breath in. This adds an entirely new variable to the equation. Can my humiliation go any deeper? What will I need to do to satisfy this stranger?

“What can I do to amuse you?” I ask.

“Nice try, Pet,” you interrupt. “I know that it’s absolutely killing you to know who our guest is. But, the most delicious part of this game is that you don’t and that you won’t as you go about your business in the coming days. As you encounter your friends or my friends or your colleagues or your staff, you just won’t be sure which one of them has seen you exposed like this.

“So, she’s not going to answer your question. Instead, you need to offer an idea yourself.” You squat down behind me, and your arms wrap around from behind. Your right hand caresses my forearm and your left slides down slowly as your fingers duck under the waistband of the panties and rub the front of my hip.

“You’re creative,” you purr. “I’m sure you’ll come up with an idea. But be sure to ask first. You don’t want to presume.”

If there had ever been a doubt in my mind about how cunning and calculated you could be, it was removed at that moment. Our play sessions usually end with me masturbating while you watch. Now I must do that same, embarrassing task in front of a stranger – indeed, one whose identity remains a mystery still. And, to make it worse, I have to suggest it myself and ask permission.

I take a breath. There seems no way out but to press forward. My voice shaking, my head bowed, I ask, “May I touch myself for your amusement?”

“Now, now, Pet,” you scold. “Where are you manners? Your fate rests in our guest’s hands right now, so you really should be polite and respectful. What’s the magic word?”

I pause, breathe in and say, “Please. May I please touch myself for your amusement?”

“She’s nodding her head, Pet. You may proceed.”

I hear the stranger settle back on the couch, and I can feel her unseen gaze on me. I reach down and slide the panties below my hips. I grip my cock and begin to stroke.

It doesn’t take long for my breath to begin to quicken. The humiliation and the previous stimulation on my nipples and in my ass have left me quite aroused. The added sensation on my cock quickly dominates my focus.

I feel the probe against my prostate begin to buzz gently. One of you – either you or the woman whose identity I still don’t know – have found the remote and turned it on at a low setting. A few moments later I also feel the nipple clams begin to vibrate. Now I cannot focus as the sensations attack me from multiple directions. I begin to squirm and writhe as the pace of my hand on my cock quickens.

I moan and whimper, helpless to fight off the overwhelming sensations. My orgasm quickly builds and I arch my back as I erupt to the sounds of both of you giggling at my utter humiliation.

The probe and clamps are mercifully shut off. I continue to kneel, head bowed, drifting as my senses re-center themselves.

“Mmmm, Pet,” you say, breaking the heavy silence. “That was quite . . . amusing. You were very gracious to our guest. I’m sure she appreciates it and will remember it for quite some time.

“Thanks for joining us,” you address the woman, still unknown to me. “Your presence added to the entertainment, as I had hoped it would. I’ll see you out and, if you’re interested, perhaps we can arrange another visit soon.”

The woman stands up from the couch, steps behind me, and unlocks my remaining handcuff, pausing to caress my back after doing so.

I hear you both walk toward the door. You open it, she exits, and you close it behind her. You come stand behind where I still kneel, reeling from what had just happened and with my arms still hanging at my sides. You remove the blindfold and lean down to kiss my neck.

“She left you a note, Pet,” you say, as you hand me a slip of paper.

On the sheet of paper, in a feminine hand, is written: “Thanks for the show, Pet. See you soon! *wink*”

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