Her Pleasure Became My Desire


It happened while surprising my wife one romantic evening while on vacation. We went out for dinner, had a few cocktails, and afterward decided to find a local dive bar for a couple more drinks. My wife is always an attention-getter, especially when we go into a dive bar in a strange town. Heads always turn, and then we laugh at the number of guys trying not to be obvious at their stares.Describing us: she is in her mid-forties, 5’6″ with a petite build, a nice bubble butt, and full D cups. I stand about 5″ over her with an athletic build, broad shoulders, and could stand to lose about ten pounds. I have been told by past lovers I am well endowed but I am not one to make such claims or compare myself to other men. My wife says it’s the biggest she has seen. I think she exaggerates.After returning to the hotel, we were feeling no pain. The room was kind of dark as we only turned on one light by the bed. I was feeling especially frisky as kinky thoughts passed over me throughout the evening. I had seen videos Sex hikayeleri and read stories but never had the courage to venture into this path. Before I could think about how I was going to approach my newfound fantasy with her, I turned to see my wife standing in front of me with her full breasts and hard nipples staring right at me. She could have been making a clown face and I wouldn’t have noticed.Her full breasts and sexy ass always turn me on, so standing there looking at her was making me hard. I tried to approach her, but she was quick to undo my belt while giving me a deep kiss. I reached for her ass to get a handful of the left cheek, and as I did, she gave out a moan of pleasure and continued to unbutton my pants and work my cock out of my boxers.I bent down to suck on her nipples, and she moaned even harder which sparked me to put my hand between her legs. I moved my fingers over her pussy. She was already dripping wet. This made me rigid hard as she stroked me. I love nothing Sikiş hikayeleri more than to sink my tongue into a waiting, wet pussy. The taste is amazing, and I love hearing the moans of pleasure.Before I could even sink one finger into that warm wetness, she knelt down and began sucking me faster and harder than I ever remember. It was like she was on a mission to make me cum as fast as possible but I didn’t want to, at least not yet. As she sucked me I gently put my hand on the back of her head to let her know it felt great but letting her suck me at her pace. My other hand worked its way down to pinch her nipple and squeeze her breast. I looked down to see all of my cock disappearing in her mouth, I have never seen her deepthroat like that before! Only one other time did she take it all when I laid her head off the edge of the bed, I buried it so deep I could feel the bulge at the base of her throat. Probably the hottest thing I have ever experienced!Until this night…As she Erotik hikaye sucked me even harder, I could feel the urge but needed her to stop. I wanted to plant my tongue between her lips and lick that wetness! I needed to tease that clit and suck those lips before I split them open with my cock. God, I was horny!! I picked her up and laid her on the bed, giving her a deep, wet kiss, then moved between her legs. I pushed them open for view and access. She was already dripping down to her ass crack. She is always self-conscious about me going down on her, she is worried it won’t smell good. It ALWAYS smells good and tastes even better!I traced my tongue around while making motions in every direction, then a long slow suck on her clit. One long slow lick from deep over her anus to lick up all her wetness, then continued licking my way up to finish on her clit. I did this several times before planting my tongue deep in her hole. She let out a loud moan, and I could feel wetness land on my tongue. This totally sent me over the edge and I could feel precum dripping from my cock. I reached down, running my finger over the head, and brought it up for her to view. She instantly took it in her mouth and sucked so hard I thought she was trying to remove my finger from my hand.

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