High heels


I was all dressed up for just for you. Wearing the red body with the black lace on it that you bought me and I also had on my shiny black patent shoes with the 4 inch heels. My favourites.

We were upstairs in the bedroom and you were sat on the bed and looked up at me expectant and excited. Your eyes shined brightly and lips were moist in anticipation. I leaned over your lap placing my palms flat on the dark blue bed cover and pushed up on to my tip toes and you sighed with arousal, your already stiff cock poked up into my stomach. I felt you undo the fastenings in crotch of the body, and peel the material up off my backside – the coldness of the room an unpleasant surprise. You began slowly. Rubbing and massaging my thighs, pushed them apart just enough to tease the flesh, moved your fingers slowly up to just flick my already sodden lips. And then you spanked me, palm flat on arse, quite hard, making me jump – no easy beginning today but a sudden breathtaking slap followed by another, and then the sound of your satisfied purr in your throat at my reaction. I relaxed again, the initial smarting pain subsided.

Then it was back to you rubbing and caressing my lower body. Thighs, backside, down to my knees and the oh so tender skin behind them making me flinch ever so slightly as you fingers passed over. Then you slid your hands back up and with a well practised touch pushed a finger from your left hand inside me to rub my G-spot – and all the time you’re were still touching my body, skin on skin, over and over. My eyes were closed now. The sensations began to overwhelm. Hand on skin, finger in pussy, you shifted your position and lifted me lightly and nuzzled my still damp hair.

I know you can feel me as I tighten and stopped playing to spank me again 3 or 4 times on each cheek, quickly and evenly with kuşadası escort a practised stroke. Then before I’d caught my breath you went back to caressing me both inside and out.

You kept on with this for what seemed like ages, teasing me and not allowing me to come. Every time I got close you’d stop. Then spank, then caress once more. I began to silently curse you. Every time I got a little tighter, a little harder, a little more desperate for that dramatic release that I craved. I heard myself whimper. I don’t DO whimpering, but yet there I was under your hands squirming, handfuls of bedclothes knotted between my fingers, mentally rechristening you a dozen times over.

I reached down to bring myself off and you said ‘No’ and gave up your exquisite torture and firmly lifted my arms up, shoving me unceremoniously across the bed to cuff me. I didn’t fight you even though my body was screaming for orgasm. I knew it would cum. You’d let me…eventually. So I submitted.

You buckled me neatly into my cuffs, face down – arse up, constraining just my arms leaving my legs loose and free to be spread at your pleasure. And this you did. Pushing them wide apart and burying your face into my pussy sucking up my juices. I arched and bit the pillow as you flicked and sucked my clit with your tongue. It’s a sad old cliché but involuntary and I simply couldn’t help myself.

Then your mouth was gone and you continued to tease, stroke and spank me and I could feel my cheeks getting hotter and pinker and sorer but it was a wonderful sensation. The skin being oversensitive and pulsing.

Then you pushed in two fingers in through my pussy lips and I realised I am about get my reward for patience. You let me cum, and I do, moaning and rocking hard against your hand, muscles locked tight kuşadası escort bayan and it makes me feel dazed, light-headed and a bit disorientated having come so hard. You moved me to kneeling up, by pushing on the back of my thighs to lift up and it took me a few moments to realise that you were now using the hand you had spanked me with for something new. You had lubed your fingers and were playing with my anus. You slipped a finger into the tight but well used hole, the muscle gave easily under the gentle pressure. I grunted in delight at the feel of you invading me. The inherent naughtiness of anything anal still gives me a kick every time. Nice girls don’t, do they?

The finger in my pussy has also returned but now it had been joined by several fingers more. Almost a whole hand in fact and I squirmed, desperate to come again, but you wouldn’t let me. Every time I got close, you’d stop. But no more spanking now, you’d bring me down with gentle stroking and by rubbing your fingers round my clit with teasing caresses.

I was your toy and you revelled your playtime.

My eyes were still closed but I could feel your every movement, my were senses acute and I waited for the moment you’d allow me to cum again, but you didn’t. Instead now it was time to feed your own soul. You pushed me down onto the bed so I was lying flat and you mounted me and slid your rigid cock into my arse. My cheeks were still hot and angry and the sensation of your body against mine, your skin rubbed them as you began to fuck me created a friction that was delicious. You had your whole weight on me, but you knew I love it. You had your arms down beside you and were holding my hips, digging yourself deeper and deeper into me. Your face buried in the crook of my neck, tongue licking the back of my ear and escort kuşadası it was SO good as you penetrated me deeper and deeper. I could feel your enjoyment. Your measured strokes followed by those of more abandon. Gorging on everything available and becoming satiated on my beautiful body.

You were panting now, the few minutes of exertion taking its toll. You stopped yourself from coming, even though I knew you want to, and slipped out of me. You spread my legs as wide as you could and lifted my hips up onto a pillow, so you could access my clit easier. Now you fingered me in both holes again, hard, fast, knowing you couldn’t hurt me as I was relaxed and dripping wet. The spanking was long since over and I knew you definitely wouldn’t continue now. The pain was over, now it was just pure pleasure to enjoy. I was almost screaming with the need to come. But still you wouldn’t let me. Please, please, please I whispered….I was begging. I pulled on my cuffed arms wanting to touch myself but knew that I couldn’t.

Then you did THAT thing that you do. Two fingers either side of my clit and squeezed and a flashbulb went off in my head. You bastard. Every damn time you make me cum shockingly hard. Arms tense against the cuffs, hips pushed down as I drained every single second out of the orgasm I so desperately needed. I sucked in a huge lungful of air as I always hold my breath when I cum, and felt that cold tired sensation creep up my legs and settled into my belly as the orgasm dissipates. I heard you chuckle. I knew you’re wearing that superior smile…and I also knew it was about to disappear. You uncuffed my arms and in almost one single movement you rolled me onto my side and entered me. One arm gripped my hip the other wrapped around my upper body to give you the leverage you required to penetrate me deeply. I was tight. Unsurprisingly so, and it only took three long slow strokes before I felt you shudder and pull me up close you. I tilted my head back and you kiss my ear as your sticky warm semen filled me and I wondered how long it will be before you could do that to me all over again.

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