High school band teacher takes my virginity


My senior year of high school was quite an eventful year not only did I turn 18 at the beginning of the year it was the start of one of the most erotic relationship I have ever had. I grew up with a very strict father and extremely religious mother. Although I did some light petting with boyfriends, I was very na? and inexperience when it came to anything to do with sex.

It was football season again; I played the flute and part of the flag corps of the marching band. We were returning home from a football game around 1 am when we finally returned to the band hall. My sister was supposed to pick me up but she was nowhere to be found. So I called my parents to come pick me up but their drive was going to take well over an hour since we lived way out in the country. Mr. Burgess, my band director, volunteered to wait with me until my parents arrived. He was an extremely attractive 36 year old man who looked similar to the young Elvis. As the rest of the students took off for home, we soon found ourselves alone in the band hall. I felt a little uneasy by the way Mr. Burgess was acting. He was looking at me in a way that made me feel like he was undressing me with his eyes. Maybe it was because what I was wearing. Being a young Hispanic girl, I had nicely tan skin year round and short wavy black hair. My young teen body was nicely defined by the tight white band T-shirt that fit snugly around my firm 34C breast and a loose skimpy pair of shorts that highlighted my smooth silky legs. After 30 minutes I tried to call my parents to find out how long they would be. So I went to his office to use the phone again to see if they had left the house yet but much to my Sex hikayeleri surprise they were just getting ready to leave. Mr. Burgess was leaning against the office door watching me talk to my parents and heard that they wouldn’t be there for awhile. As I was leaving his office squeezing between him and the doorway, he grabbed my arms pinned me to the door and kiss me deeply on the lips. I struggled to push him away at first, but soon found myself returning his kiss letting our tongues explore each others mouths.

His hands slid down under my t-shirt, pushing my bra up freeing my young firm breast. He hungrily took my breast into his mouth flipping his tongue across my erect nipple while tearing off my shirt and bra. I couldn’t believe this was actually taking place and my heart and mind were going a hundred mph. His hands were skillfully exploring all over my body. One hand was traveling up my thigh, his fingers snaking there way under my short and panties, and coming to rest on my swelling pussy lips. The other hand held me tightly to him, squeezing my young tight ass cheek, so I could not move away.

As Mr. Burgess attacked me, I felt confused on what I should do. Before I could do anything, he grabbed my shorts and panties and tugged them down to my ankles. I was standing there in total shock, completely nude and exposed in the band hall office. Eyeing me, taking in my fresh naked young body, he gave me a look of unrestrained lust. Grabbing me by the shoulder, he spun me around, and pushed me onto his desk. As I fell my legs came up were he quickly ripped my shorts and panties the rest of the way off and gripped me under my knees pinning me on Sikiş hikayeleri the desktop leaving my tight virgin pussy spread wide open for his easy access. His face dove between my silky thighs running his tongue along my tight virgin slit, licking and sucking like a starving animal. And surprisingly to me a feeling of pleasure began to grow deep in the depths of my newly discovered womanhood.

Mr. Burgess ate my pussy for probably five minutes before he stood up and began unbuckling his pants. I was in total disbelief . This was going to be the way my virginity was going to be taken and just remained there lying on top of the desk. He dropped his pants and boxer stroking his chubby hard cock. I had seen only a couple of cocks before but never this close. His dick had a huge mushroom shaped head was extremely fat and at least 6” long. I was scared that his fat cock wouldn’t be able to fit into my unfucked cunt and would rip me up with its girth.

He placed his big cock head against my wet slit and rubbed it up and down teasing me, before he tried to take my virginity. He tried to slide his thick mushroom head into my tight cunt but I couldn’t take the pain and his huge head just wouldn’t fit. He told me that I had a choice to make. Either I would have to make his cock fit in me or he would do it and next time he won’t be as gentle. So I told him that I would get his cock in me.

He sat back into his chair, and I climbed off the desk and straddled his lap. I took his cock in my hand guiding his meaty cock to my pussy lips. As I sat down onto his beefy cock it penetrated slowly into my virgin cunt. It took a couple of tries but soon I felt Erotik hikaye the head of his cock pushing pass my tight lips and deeper into my pussy. Soon his cock was resting against my hymen and I was scared to go any further. But Mr. Burgess had a different plan and he placed his hands on my hips pulling down while thrusting up with his pelvis allowing his cock to tear through my virgin wall. A flash of light passed in front of my eyes and pain escaped from my moans as his manly cock took my special gift. Soon the pain subsided and pleasure quickly took its place as I rode up and down his thick cock.

Mr. Burgess said it was time for me to be fucked like a real women and pushed me off his cock. Bending me over his desk, his thick manly cock was soon back at work pounding away on my wet cunt. I felt him grab hold of my hips while the pace of his battering ram was merciful less and his balls slapped against my clit. He drove his fat cock into my sore pussy making me cry with both pain and pleasure making me cum for the first time.

He was telling me that he loved the way my tight cunt squeezed his hard cock and for the rest of the year he is going to use me as his fuck toy. Pulling my ass tight against him and shoving his cock as deep as it could go, he began to grunt loudly. I felt his cock throb deep inside me and a rush of warm liquid come running down my leg. As his fat cock slipped out of my cummed filled hole, I realized that my cunt had just filled with his man seed. Fearing my parents would be there at any moment, I quickly got dress. Not a few moments later my dad arrived to pick me up. When Mr. Burgess greeted him it seemed like nothing had ever happen between the two of us. As we drove away, he had the biggest grin on his face knowing that he had just stolen my virginity, knew I wouldn’t say anything, and would be his sex toy from then on.

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