His First Task


Your email read: “My first command to My Owned flower, then. Before she plays with herself again. Take a long hot shower. Clean yourself and prepare your body as if it were your wedding day. As if you were being sacrificed to the dragon Himself. When clean and dry, kneel down and look up as if your Master were standing there. Say simply “Yours, Master.” Then, the girl may play.”

The email came in the middle of the day. The instructions seem simple enough. My day continues, but my thoughts begin to wander. Being told not to… makes the act that much more desirable. Hours pass and the desire turns to need. I’m now squirming in my seat, trying unsuccessfully to focus. I pull up Your email and I read it over and over and over again. It only makes my need grow stronger. My jeans become a fabric prison, my hands itch with want.

Graciously, the end of the day arrives. I can’t make it to the car fast enough. The seat warmer isn’t helping, I’m now biting my lip in traffic. A few more miles… feels like hundreds. I run an errand, making small talk with the cashier. She has no idea the fire building between my legs as we exchange pleasantries. The conversation couldn’t be more aggravating, every word delaying my release.

Home, I drop my shopping, putting away the perishables as quickly as I can. Then the dog must be let out, my mother kuşadası escort calls, a knock at the door. Delay after delay after delay cause me no end of torture.

Finally, FINALLY, I step into the bathroom and strip naked. The clothes peel from my body like a most unwanted skin. I take a deep steadying breath before stepping forward. The last thing I want is to slip and fall before I get my first chance to please my Master.

The cold of the bathtub floor is quickly juxtaposed by warmth of the water as it flows over the tops of my feet. The overhead turns on and my body finally relaxes for the first time all day. As the water soaks my long hair, I feel it tickling all the way down my back. I smile at the sensation. The feeling reminds me of hands on my skin, the hands that put me here, Your hands. My need begins to build again.

Quickly, I grab the loofah and soap, lathering as fast as I can. I need to hurry, need to get to the end of this game. But the feeling of the soft leather, the coarse fibers of the scrubber against my skin, causes me to slow down. So smooth, so soothing, so intoxicating. The smell of lavender fills my nostrils, bringing my mind to calm. I smile again, thinking of how I will now smell of flowers, for You, Your little flower.

The orange loofah caresses my sore feet, one kuşadası escort bayan after the other. Then up my legs. How skinny they seem under the white bubbles. Up and up, past my knees, further still, over my soft thighs, and up again. The bubbles find my valley, but I dare not do more than clean no matter how I yearn. Back and around, over the small curve of my ass, into the crevasse, and back around again. Over my long torso, along each individual rib, between the perky mounds now heaving with need. My nipples grow hard despite the warmth of the water passing over them.

My back, my arms, my hands, my shoulders, my neck: all relish the feeling of soft lather scrubbed into the tan skin. My hand pauses for a moment as my fingers pass over the nape of my neck, just below my hairline. Someday, I will earn Your mark and there it will sit, forever more. A sigh of bliss passes my lips as I think of it.

Grabbing my razor, I shave every hair from the neck down. Well, not every hair. I leave a small strip just above my aching lips, two fingers wide, three long. Just a little patch for You to pass Your fingers through.

As I grab for the shampoo, I remember your words: “hot shower.” After my hair begins to soak up the coconut scent, I turn, shutting off the cold tap completely. Steam instantly fills my senses, escort kuşadası causing me to breathe deeply. It’s not until I slowly back into the scalding water that I realize just how cold I really and truly was.

A sigh of relief crests my lips as every care of the day seems to slip from me. I merely stand there, eyes closed, letting the faucet wash the bubbles away for my soft, grateful skin. Once again, my mind wanders to You. I must remember to thank You.

I turn off the water now feeling more than a little at peace. The soft fibers of the towel kiss my skin as they whisk away the hot beads now decorating my body. I dry my hair as best I am able, but it drops to my back still damp after several moments of work.

I spread the towel beneath me, not wanting to get my freshly cleaned knees dirty, an act which would certainly not please You. On my knees, my back is straight, my hands on my thighs. I look up into nothing, into the ceiling, into Your eyes.

It’s getting harder to breathe. Why is it so hard to breathe? The steam, my position, the thought of You?

A deep breath in and the words quietly slip from my lips like a prayer.



A smile washes over my face as my hands finally find myself. It doesn’t take my fingers long, finding myself in sweet and unforgiving bliss within moments. After the final wave has crashed against my shores, I find I have become a puddle of ecstasy upon the cold tile floor.

I speak the words again. “Yours, Master. All Yours.” The dragon has claimed his sacrifice.

Miles away, He smiled and whispered “Good girl.”

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