Holiday Experiences


I love the sun, it always make me feel naughty. Let me introduce myself I am Kristy, I am 23 years old and have been seeing Brian now for 2 years. We have always been a very sexual couple but on holiday we seem to push all the boundaries.

This year we decided to go to Tobago, the Heat, the music, the rum and the black men. For this year Brian wanted to explore his fantasy of seeing me with another man and for him he wanted to see me with a Black man.

I was a little concerned before leaving and was not sure whether I was OK with his fantasy, but as I said the Sun does make me very naughty.

When we arrived at the Airport I was getting lots of appreciative stares from the local, I am 5’4 size 8, I have long blonde hair, which is normally up in a ponytail, and I have perfect 32b breasts. I had chosen to wear a very short skirt and a vest top for the journey and I could feel their eyes stripping me as I walked across the airport.

We decided to skip the coach transfer and headed straight for a Taxi, the Taxi driver was about late forties and had a big grin on his face when he saw me climbing in the back of his taxi with my skirt riding up, he kept glancing back at me and Brian thought it would be a good idea to put on a show and started to kiss me very slowly and sexily. My tongue was immediately probing his mouth and I felt his fingers run up to my breasts. Within a couple of seconds Brian had pulled my top up and was pinching my nipples Ataşehir Yabancı Escort in full view of the taxi driver god I was so hot moaning every time he twisted and pulled.

Unfortunately our journey ended and we pulled up outside our Hotel and I had to pull my top down very quickly. After a couple of days I had a great tan and Brian always makes me go topless and loves to watch other people staring at me as yet we had had no advances from anyone in or around the hotel and just as I thought we were going to be out of luck Brian came up with an Idea.

He decided we were going to take a trip around the island and asked at the reception which bus was the best one to get, the receptionist advised us that anytime after 10.30 in the morning was best as all the men going to the work yards often filled them before 10ish.

Well then next day came and Brian had laid my clothes out on the bed as usual for the day ahead, Brian loved to dress me and today he was really keen. He picked out a halter neck top, which was sky blue, and my nipples could be made out very clearly in and a short white wrap around skirt I looked around and saw no underwear and was told that I couldn’t wear any today.

I put on the clothes picked for me and we went down to breakfast, Brian soon informed me that we were taking the bus into town at 9 o’clock and we should hurry. We reached the bus stop and there was about 3 other people Ataşehir Yeni Escort waiting they were all Black men ages between 18 and 50. We waited around 5 minutes and our bus came, as I got on I could see that it was standing room only and I went and stood in the aisle, Brian paid and I found myself stood on my own as it had filled up while Brian was paying.

I saw Brian who was stood to one side of the bus and could see me, he was smiling a wicked smile and then I felt it. A hand on my back from behind me I froze and stared at Brian, the hand started to stroke my back. Again we stopped at another bus stop and a few men got on, the bus was now packed and I was jammed between the black men. I could feel my nipples tighten as this hand moved lower to my ass; it was then that the guy in front turned to face me.

He smiled and stared at me, the hand behind me was now groping my ass and I felt really horny and unsteady on my feet so I reached up and grabbed a strap from the roof of the bus with each hand. I then felt two more hands on me one on my breasts and the other tugging at my skirt. I knew it wouldn’t hold that long and it gradually became undone and fell to the floor, I closed my eyes and felt more hands stroking my ass and then on my clit.

I opened my legs and stood very still feeling fingers all over my body, I opened my eyes and looked for Brian but he just smiled and watched. The first finger to enter me Ataşehir Masaj Salonu was very rough and I felt another enter me I was beginning to moan and sway gently, then I felt my top being ripped up and tow mouths biting my nipples I came so hard over and over, grinding myself on this guys hand. After I came round I was still getting groped then I felt it…a cock it was nudging against me and I arched my back and felt it touching my ass I then felt tow hands one on either cheek of my ass pulling me wide open then this cock slid into me. I nearly collapsed but then he started to really fuck me hard. I felt him getting harder and faster and again I can I felt my own juices soaking my own thighs as this big black cock fucked my ass so full.

I thought this was going to last forever when all of a sudden he withdrew and shot his cum all over my ass and up my back I was so relieved to be free I opened my eyes to see several big black cocks all being wanked off by the owners, I knew what I had to do so I knelt down in the aisle of the bus and stuck my tongue out and waited for these guys to finish.

One by one the came, the first guy hit me on the side of the face it dripped over my ear and across my nose then it all hit me. When they had finished I had cum all over my face and down my front, I was covered in it and all the guys took it in turns to wipe their cocks on my skirt.

The bus came to a holt and they all got off and left me with my face covered in cum and my clothes totally ruined with there sperm.

Brian came over to me and offered me his towel and I cleaned up he then kissed me and told me how good that was and I told him it had been the best experience I had ever had.

I wonder what he has in store for me next time??

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