Holly and her Uncle Pt. 01


It was a Wednesday night and Steve was playing eight-ball with his friends at a local hotel. It was a busy night and there were a lot of patrons enjoying their drinks. A few others were dancing to the music from the band. Steve notice there was a group of guys in a corner surrounding a drunken young female. He watched as their hands roamed over the woman’s body. From where he was he could make out that the female’s dress was open and the men were playing with her tits.

Steve didn’t take much more notice of what was happening, thinking the female was a slut. It was only when he went to walk past her and the group of men that he recognized her as his niece Holly.

“Holly is that you?” He asked above the music.

When Holly turned and saw Steve she nervously asked, “Uncle Steve what are you doing here?” Then moved closer and threw her arms around his neck and gave him a kiss on his mouth.

“I think I better drive you home,” Steve said to her.

“Hey grandpa why don’t you fuck off and leave her alone with us, we can drive her home.” One of the men said to Steve.

Steve stared at the men and said to them, “She is my niece and I’m driving her home, or I can phone her father to come pick her up.”

“You dirty bastard you just want to fuck her yourself,” another of the men said.

Steve ignored them and after doing up her dress he helped Holly walk out of the hotel to his car. He had to help her into the passenger’s seat because of how drunk she was and her dress fell open to his gaze. She was a mess; her dress was fully open exposing her bra and panties. One cup of her bra had been lifted up to expose her bare breast and hard nipple. Steve tried to cover her by doing up her dress but it was hopeless she was sitting on the front of her dress as it had fell open when she got in the car.

With the car still parked in the hotel’s parking lot Holly asked, “Where are you taking me?”

“I’m taking you home. I think you have had enough to drink tonight?” Steve told her.

“No, you can’t take me home looking like this. Take me to your place,” Holly pleaded

“I don’t think that’s a good idea. I could call your father to come pick you up,” Steve said trying to convince her.

“Let me out the car and I will go to my girlfriends place,” Holly screamed.

Steve shook his head and said, “I am not letting you go anywhere, your father would kill me if I didn’t look after you.”

“Why don’t you take me home to your place and you can fuck me? I know you want too,” said Holly and continued, “I was going to let those men fuck me. But you fucked that up.”

Steve had never heard Holly talk this way before. He knew she was drunk, but the offer from Holly to let him fuck her had always been a dream of his. He was conflicted as he always had wanted to fuck Holly but he knew he shouldn’t even be thinking of fucking his niece.

Before he can start the car Holly reached out and began to undo the zipper on his pants. He made a feeble attempt to stop her. He knew there would never be another chance like this happening again. With his zipper open his hard cock sprang out and stuck up like a flagpole.

Holly leaned down and took her uncle’s cock into her mouth and began sucking. Steve gasped and took a deep breath and lay back into the car seat. Holly lifted her mouth of his cock and began licking all around the tip of his cock that was oozing with pre-cum. She then opens her mouth and takes his cock back into her mouth and began sucking him again.

Steve had mixed emotions, he shouldn’t be taking advantage of his drunken niece, yalova escort but it felt so good having her sucking his cock. He then gives in to his desires and reaches out with his hand and frees both of Holly’s breasts from her bra giving them each a squeeze. He places his other hand on to the back of Holly’s head and guides her head up and down.

He is close to coming, when there is a loud knock on the car’s window and someone is trying to open the car door. Steve turns to see the group of men from the hotel standing at the window looking at Holly sucking his cock. Steve quickly starts the car and drives out of the parking lot with Holly still sucking on his cock. He suddenly has to stop the car at the side of the road, as his cock erupts and starts shooting his cum into his niece’s mouth.

Holly hungrily swallows every drop of his cum and only lifts her head off his cock as she feels it going limp. She sits back and closes her eyes as Steve slips his fingers inside her thong and feels her wet pussy. He pushes a finger inside her pussy to discover it’s full of cum so knows she has recently been fucked.

After Holly falls asleep, Steve starts the car and heads for his place. When he arrives he parks up the driveway as close to the front door as he can and then goes and unlocks and opens the front door. Returning to the car he opens the passenger side door and looks at Holly lying there asleep, he tries to wake her up without any success. Steve manages to get Holly out the car and lifts her up over his shoulders in a Fireman’s lift.

He takes her into the bedroom and lays her down on the bed and stands there for a few seconds looking at his niece’s half naked body. He thinks about throwing a blanket over her but decides to remove her clothes first. First he slips of her dress and then removes her bra, exposing both her young breasts. He stands looking at her lying on the bed in just her white thong. Steve takes hold of both slides of the thong and slips it down her legs to her ankles and removes it.

Steve gazes at her naked body lying there on the bed in front of him. She is every bit as gorgeous as he thought she would be. His cock starts twitching inside his pants and he lowers his pants and starts stroking his cock. He removes his shirt with his other hand and kicks off his pants. He stands there stroking his cock as he looks at her pussy which is nearly bald except for a small landing strip of hair.

Holly begins to awaken and when she sees the hard cock, she says, “Fuck me now. I want your cock inside me.”

Steve thinks to himself, does she know it’s me she is asking to fuck her or is she thinking of someone else.

“Uncle Steve I want you to fuck me,” asked Holly.

That is all he needed to hear her say and he crawls onto the bed beside her. Holly wraps her arms around his neck and pulls his face closer to hers. She gives him a kiss on his mouth and then pushes his mouth down onto her young breast. Steve takes her nipple into his mouth and suckles on her breast like a new born baby. His hand moves down over her pussy; his fingers penetrate deep into her love hole and then he begins to finger fuck her wet cum filled pussy.

Holly opens her legs further apart. Steve moves between his niece’s thighs and aims his cock at the entrance to her pussy, the same pussy he has always dreamed of fucking. With a thrust his cock enters her wet sloppy love hole easily and he begins to thrust his cock deep into pussy over and over.

He can feel her pussy muscles tighten around the shaft edirne escort of his cock as she screams, “Fuck me harder Uncle Steve, fuck me harder.”

Steve starts thrusting his cock harder and deeper into her as his balls slap against her pelvis making a loud slapping noise. Holly responds to the thrusts of his cock by humping her pussy against each of his inward thrusts. She is like a wild animal in heat as she wraps her legs around his waist, holding his cock inside her. Steve feels her breasts and hard nipples pressing against his chest as she digs her nails into his back holding him tight against her.

Fucking Holly has been a dream of his and here he is finally fucking her. Dreams do come true. He tries to hold back from coming, wanting to make it last. His balls have other ideas and explode sending his cum squirting into her pussy. He lays there exhausted and his cock becoming limp. Holly finally releases her grip around his back and he rolls off her and lies down beside her.

Holly isn’t finished yet and moves down the bed to Steve’s limp cock and then begins licking the shaft and knob before taking it into her mouth. She desperately wants to be fucked again and Steve has the only cock available. She works on his cock with her mouth and tongue hoping it will quickly become hard again. She thinks of the four men that she had left at the hotel; if she had stayed with them she would have had plenty of cocks to satisfy her.

Holly feels Steve’s cock beginning to become harder and she releases his cock from her mouth and tells him, “I want you to fuck my ass.”

Steve is shocked to discover that his niece is a dirty young slut. He rolls her over onto her hands and knees and pushes her head down on the pillow. He pulls her ass cheeks apart spits saliva onto her butt hole and rubs around her puckering hole with his finger. He leans down and spits again onto her butt hole and uses his tongue to make her hole nice and wet.

Holly screams, “For fuck sake don’t stop. That feels fantastic fuck my butt with your tongue.”

Steve continues to lick around her butt hole and then wets his finger and pushes it deep inside and begins finger fucking her. When he feels her hole relax and loosen he pushes his tongue as deep into her as he can. By this time his cock is again hard and after wiping the head over her wet cum filled pussy to coat it with her juices, he then pushed the tip of his cock against her butt hole and after applying some pressure he enters her butt.

Steve is amazed at how easy his cock enters her butt hole and wonders how many others have fucked her butt. By the feel of it she has had plenty of cocks in her ass before.

He holds onto Holly’s hips as he pushes his cock as deep into her hole as he can, then he pulls back out and then slams his cock back in. He gets into a steady rhythm, as his cock goes in and out of her butt.

Holly screams out. “Fuck yes, that’s what I wanted. I love having my ass fucked.”

Steve keeps thrusting his cock in and out Holly’s butt. At the same time he reaches under her and grabs a breast in each hand and with each thrust he pulls on Holly’s breasts pulling her against his cock. Steve’s hands pull, squeeze and twist on Holly’s breasts it’s painful but it’s just the way she likes it, she loves being abused and treated like a slut.

“Slap my ass. I’ve been a slut and need to be spanked,” Holly yells out.

Steve keeps fucking her butt as he is about to cum. He pulls on her breasts and pulls her back onto his cock as it erupts. With each squirt erzurum escort of cum he squeezes her breasts hard.

Holly screams, “Oh fuck yes, you have just given me an orgasm.”

Steve can’t believe what a foul mouth Holly has and as he pulls his limp cock out her butt he slaps her ass cheek as hard as he can.

“Ow that hurt,” Holly screams at him.

“That’s what you deserve for having a foul mouth and behaving like a slut,” Steve tells her.

When he rolls her over onto her back Steve sees the marks he has left on her breasts and feels ashamed of himself for treating her so rough.

Holly throws her arms around his neck and kisses him pushing her tongue into his mouth and when she breaks their passionate kiss she looks at Steve and says, “I love you Uncle Steve. That was the best fuck I’ve had in ages I hope it’s not our last.”

“You like being treated roughly?” Steve asks Holly

“Hell yes. I love being used as a slut.” Holly tells him.

Holly then again kisses him passionately then asks. “Do you think I can make your cock get hard again?”

Steve tells her. “Yes, I’m sure you can.”

Holly slides down the bed and takes Steve’s limp cock into her mouth and begins licking and sucking on it.

It’s not long before Steve’s cock is once again hard and Holly takes it into her mouth and begins bobbing her head up and down and can feel the head of Steve’s cock hitting the back of her throat. Fuck she is incredible, I wonder where she learned to suck cock like she does, Steve thinks to himself.

Steve reaches out, places his hand on the back of Holly’s head and pushes her head down as his cock begins squirting into her mouth and down her throat. He squirts again and again into her mouth and feels her swallowing everything he can give her. With his last squirt Holly removes her mouth from his cock and crawls up beside him. Holly opens her mouth and show Steve a puddle of his cum on her tongue. She then kisses him passionately, transferring some of his cum from her mouth into his.

That night they fall asleep in each other’s arms and in the morning when he wakes up Holly isn’t beside him. Surely it wasn’t a dream Steve thinks just as Holly appears from the doorway wearing one of his shirts.

“I thought I would have a shower and clean myself up for you. I hope you don’t mind me wearing one of your shirts?” asked Holly.

Steve smiles at her and says, “I love you. You can have anything of mine you like.”

Holly giggles and smiles back and says, “I love you too Uncle Steve. What would you like us to do today? I will do anything you want. I’m your slut for the day.”

“First I think you should ring your father and let him know you’re ok,” Steve tells her.

Holly picks up her phone and rings her father. “Daddy I’m at Steve’s house and guess what, he fucked me several times last night.”

Steve is shocked that she has told her father that he has fucked her.

Holly’s father says, “You finally got your wish to fuck your uncle that’s fantastic. Tell my brother that I will see him later and I want him to tell me everything that has happened.”

“I will daddy bye,” Holly says then says to Steve, “Daddy wants you to tell him everything that happened when you see him later.”

Steve is speechless but manages to say. “Your father knew that you wanted to fuck me? Why didn’t he say anything to me?”

“He tried to encourage you to be with me. That’s why he arranged for you to spy on me while I was in the bath and shower,” Holly tells him.

“Now I remember how he showed you off to me, letting me see you naked. I loved looking at you then but was embarrassed and worried your dad would get mad.” Steve told her.

“It’s going to be hot day just perfect for the beach. Why don’t you shower and then take me to the nudist beach?” asked Holly.

“That sounds like a great idea,” Steve tells her.

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