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After Wendy and I had our wild evening with her sister Sara and Sara’s fiancé Mark, my wife confessed to me that she and her sister had done the lesbian thing before and that she even had hopes of what happened coming about. I was flabbergasted so say the least. While my wife is no prude in the bedroom she never indicated she could be so . . . so wild and kinky! Some people, you think you know them and then bang you are totally surprised by something they say or do.

Well, Sara and Mark made a habit of coming to visit about every two weeks and maybe I’ll tell you more about that another time. About five weeks after that first night it was our anniversary and we got together for dinner with our daughter Ann, Wendy’s parents Annette and Bill as well as Sara and Mark. Sara and Mark had to leave early that night but we knew they would be coming over next weekend anyway. When we got home Ann went to bed and my wife and I and my in-laws went and sat out for drinks on the patio. It was my mother-in-law that mentioned the seclusion I had created in the back of my home. Again my wife proved she had either little shame or a totally kinky aspect to her personality as she offered her parents the opportunity to have a nude soak in the hot tub! I mean this time she didn’t even mention swimsuits! My father-in-law seemed reluctant to share the view his body parts with his daughter but Annette interest was obvious the minute the words left Wendy’s mouth.

‘Oh I used to love swimming nude when I was younger.” she confessed.

“You can’t really swim in a hot tub mom but you can soak and the water does the moving; it’s very relaxing” Wendy told her.

“I’m game if you are.” said Annette to her husband.

I get the feeling that Bill didn’t want to be a wet blanket and so he just said “Oh, why not.” and started removing his shirt.

Now unlike my sister-in-law I had no desires about my mother-in-law before this and frankly the thought still didn’t occur to me as we all striped down to get in the tub. However, my eyes were glued to my fifty-eight year old mother-in-law’s clean shaven pussy as she climbed into the hot tub. I followed closely behind her and she turned as soon as she was thigh deep in the water causing me to be crotch to face height with her as I got in. Not only was she looking at my cock mardin escort but I swear I saw her inhale deeply. Wendy was behind me and she stop just before getting in the tub and announced she was going in to get some towels from the laundry room. When she returned she handed everyone their drinks, after refilling them, and got in herself. We sat and relaxed in the tub making little or no conversation till Wendy said we had been in long enough and explained the wisdom of short periods in the hot water. We got out and Wendy’ dried herself with the towel then sat down in a patio chair and beckoned me to her and began drying me off like a child. Annette took the example and took to drying Bill, who evidently is ticklish because he was chuckling when she did it. I guess Bill got carried away and playfully pushed Annette’s head into his groin area until his cock mashed into her face. Surprised Annette playfully slapped his dick hard enough to make it waggle and start to rise from the contact. “Nice cock daddy. “Wendy offered.

“Thanks; but I think your mother bruised it!” was his reply.

Annette leaned in and said “Oh let me kiss it and make it better.” And then she did just that.

“Still hurts.”

“How about I kiss it too?” says Wendy and follows her mother in making it better; planting many kisses all over her father’s cock bringing it to full mast quickly!

My head went bong, what family did I marry into twenty years ago that I had no clue what they were like? If I thought that was surprising imagine my astonishment when Bill stepped forward and offered his dick up for me to kiss! “Ah, no thanks Bill you’ll just have to suffer.’ I told him.

That got a laugh from everyone and I took this good natured moment to ask just what the hell was going on with this family. So Annette confessed that years ago she had caught Wendy and Sara getting it on and after we had our evening of swinging Wendy confessed the rekindled incest to her mother and then the whole story upon questioning about my knowledge of her actions. It seems Annette felt that if I didn’t know about it was cheating. Then Annette got so horny from hearing the story she attacked Bill when he got in and she told him about it. Bill tells me he had no prior knowledge of any of this. van escort Annette confessed to Wendy that she had always been curios about their lesbian sex and was a little jealous that Wendy and Sara had this intimate relationship. “So I set this up so my folks could have fun too!” She then took to her knees and swallowed her father’s cock as deeply as she could. My mother-in-law not wanting to be left out got behind Wendy and pulled her ass up so she could bury her face in her daughters rear end and lap at her pussy and asshole with a fervor I had never seen. She raised her own ass and reached back and spread her ass cheeks in invitation to me. I got lined up with her pussy and sank my cock in deep only to have her soon pull off my cock and direct it into her asshole. I slid in with ease but it was still tight and I was so overtaken by lust I was soon pounding her ass hard and deep. My father-in-law was the first to climax with a loud groan he filled his daughter’s mouth with his jism till it was spilling out the corner of her mouth. This set of Wendy and she came uttering “Yes” and “Eat my pussy Mom” repeatedly. I continued to ram into my mother-in-law’s asshole with vigor and when I came I felt it from in my own ass hole, grunting like a pig as I filled her bowel with cum.

That’s when I heard my Wendy gasp and I turned to look at what she was seeing. Standing in the sliding glass doorway was my own daughter Ann with her nightgown up around her waist and her hand working her clit like a banjo string. The site was so hot I never went soft and I shoved my cock in my mother-in-law’s snatch as I watched. Her grandpa walked over to her and Ann groped his cock while fingering her hot pussy a lewdly as she could manage standing up. Without a doubt I knew I had to have her. I pulled from the grans cunt and walk to her and lead Ann to the rug and laid her down on her back. “Fuck her Grandpa!” I said.

He mounted her; using long deep strokes to savor every movement and I mounted her chest and offered her my cock still covered in her grandmother pussy and ass juices. She swallowed it as deeply as she could on her own, another family slut, and I fed her more by pushing it in as far as it could go. Remembering the other two members of our group I looked over to see what my ankara escort wife was thinking but she and her mom were enjoying themselves in a sixty-nine and paying little attention to us. As I’m grinding my cock in my daughter’s mouth I got a surprise and a thrill, I must admit, as my father-in-law began licking my ass! It felt weird and good all at once and I was too busy enjoying my slutty daughter to stop him.

God my daughter could take a cock. I really fucked her face, she gagged some but never tried to get my cock out of her mouth and I came first this time pulling my spasming prick from her mouth and drenching her face with cum. As soon as I removed myself off her chest to admire my handiwork her grandpa pulled from her cunt and leapt up to add his sperm to her face. “Geez, her pussy was so tight” Grandpa commented.

I told him “I won’t take your word for it but I’ll have to test it out later.”

Annette moved to Ann and began slurping up the cum from her face and when Bill knelt down to watch her she shared the sperm with him. I really have to have a long talk with my wife and her family one day!

My wife moved in on my daughter’s smooth young pussy and dug her tongue in as far as she could and I, not wanting to be a party pooper, dove into Wendy’s upturned rear and lapped her from clit to crack with periods of just boring my tongue into her holes. Amazingly I got hard again and decide it had been too long since I last filled my wife’s ass with fuck juice! My saliva made for a good lubricant and I was all the way in with one stroke. After cumming two times even the tightness of her anus or the warmth of her bowels weren’t going to make me ejaculate for a while and I sawed in and out with long strokes, totally fascinated by the view of it. Ann was moaning as Grandpa was sucking Ann tits, Annette was on her back attached to her own daughter breasts as well. I reached over and fingered and slapped my mother-in-law’s snatch while fucking my Wendy’s ass. I never felt so elated in my life, but all things end and I pushed in and filled Wendy with whatever sperm I had left. When I was done ejaculating Annette was right there to clean my cock and lick out Wendy butt! We were all spent at this point and collapsed on the floor to rest.

Turns out my in-laws had been swingers many years ago but stopped when their kids got old enough to ask why they went out so much. My father-in-law; bisexual as is his wife but that’s no surprise at this point. All the rest of this is actually new for them but they sure had an easy transition. I don’t think I did a bad job of moving over to the wild side myself.

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