Honey’s Place


Master returned home from running errands. Honey had been left at home, she had domestic chores to attend to.

Master had given permission for her to watch television, once she had completed them.

Master opened the front door, stepped inside, and closed the door behind Him and waited.

He waited for 5 minutes – He timed it with His wrist watch. Honey did not appear before Him

He moved into the lounge – and Honey was sitting on the sofa watching her favourite programme. She hadn’t heard Him come in, and this was the second time this week.

She had neglected to greet Him in the manner He required – on her knees by the door.

Master crept into the lounge, She still hadn’t heard Him, reaching the back of the sofa behind her, Master grabbed the back of the unsuspecting slave’s neck, and held it firmly. She squealled in terror!! She knew she was in serious trouble.

“Master is home, Honey!! So why is it you are still sitting here???”

“explain that Honey please!!!” – the slave could hear the menace in her Master’s voice.

“i’m sorry Master, i didn’t hear you come in”

“is there something wrong with my slave’s hearing??”

“No Master”

“Are you sure, only this is the second time this week you have not greeted Me appropriately”

“or is it that my Slave has decided that she doesn’t need to obey her Master’s rules, because that is beneath her?”

“oh no Master,”

“oh i think it is Honey, I think it is time you were reminded of your place”

And He dragged the slave onto the floor, and holding onto her by her hair, ordered her to crawl to the dungeon room.

The slave knew her punishment was going Betist to be severe, she knew Master was angry, and as he dragged her to her feet, she sighed her acceptance.

The spanking bench was in the middle of the room, He threw her towards it, and attached her wrist and ankle cuffs to the corresponding legs. She was naked, as always, and was bent forwards, her ass, back, and thighs, exposed and waiting!!!

Whilst He had been out, He had visited their favourite fetish store, they had a special order for him. He had been waiting for several weeks for the delivery and now, quite unexpectedly, He had the opportunity to try out the effectiveness of the Dragon tail whip and the Tawse, which they had selected together.

Master had always stressed upon Honey the need for effective punishment, and to this end had encouraged her to take an active role in choosing punishment tools. She did not know, however that Master had ordered the two new items he had collected today. He had just picked up on the widening of the slave’s eyes when she handled them in the store on their last visit.

“Oh Honey, you have really let yourself down, you were doing so well, and now Master has to punish his diobedient little slave”

And with that the dragon tail swung above His head and down across the slave’s bare ass. she let out a scream.

“No, no screaming Honey – you brought this upon yourself”

“but so that we do not alarm our neighbours, hold this between your teeth!”

“if it drops, we will add 12 more lashes”

He placed the handle of the new tawse between her teeth.

“Your ass will get to taste that tawse too, have no fear”

“but Betist Giriş for now 18 lashes of the dragons tail”

And with that He said nothing more, and swung the vicious impliment above his head, and swiftly down, it landed between her shoulder blades and its length bit into the entire length of her spine. She groaned, as He continued relentlessly. Counting each lash as he landed it on her, each lash leaving scarlet welts in its wake. The final lash was the hardest, He used all his strength and landed squarely across her buttocks. She contorted against her restraints and then stilled. He had stopped – for now at least.

Moving round to her head, He removed the Tawse from her mouth. Tears covered her face and her nose was streaming. Her head was level with His crotch, she saw that He had a huge bulge in his trousers. He had enjoyed punishing her. He had enjoyed it alot.

He noticed her looking.

“oh does Honey want to show Master she is sorry??”

“yes Master!”

“Ask nicely then”

“please Master, can Honey show you how sorry she is?”

“Not good enough, Beg!!”

“please Master, Honey begs you to let her suck your cock to show you how sorry she is”


He unzipped his fly and drove His hard cock straight into the slaves throat.

He fucked her face hard and fast, she struggled against it, and felt her air supply deminishing. Her head began to swim as He filled her throat, faster and faster he thrust into her. Then as His orgasm began to grip Him, He withdrew and ejaculated all over the slaves face, covering her completely in His cum. She had cum dripping of her, and along with the tears and drool, she looked a complete mess.

He picked up the digital camera, and began snapping photos of her.

“for the punishment book, Honey”

He also took photos of the dragon tails handiwork. For his own journal. He liked to keep a record of his work.

Then placing the camera on the shelf nearby, he picked up the tawse.

“shall we continue”

“18 again I think, and Honey no noise please, I won’t gag you, but the more noise you, make the longer we will go on”

The tawse was much shorter than the dragon tail, and as He landed the first stroke, it thudded onto her ass. It didn’t bite like the whip, but almost punched into her flesh. This was going to bruise, and bruise badly. she grunted as He landed each stroke, He avoided her back, knowing that the Tawse would bruise deeply, so concentrated on her ass and thighs.

She groaned as he counted the strokes and again He made the last one count.

The slave’s ass and thighs were turning purple. Again He was acutely aroused by His actions.

He ran His hands over his slaves tortured ass, she winced at his first touch, and then was soothed as he gently stroked her.

He slipped his finger between her buttocks and found her tight ass, He coaxed and probed until it opened and admitted His finger. He added another finger and then He unzipped his fly, He stroked his cock along her exposed, wet labia, and plunged into her soaking pussy. She groaned. He instantly withdrew. And when drove his cream covered cock straight into her ass. He fucked her mercilously focusing only on His own release. she was groaning and whimpering as He powered into her. Then with a growl He filled her.

AS he softened, he wihtdrew and whipped the escaping cum over her battered flesh.

Soothing her as he did.

“Honey – you will obey me won’t you”

“yes Master……..”

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