Hot Bath Ch. 04


Scott sat on the floor naked for nearly an hour as he pondered what his parents might do to him and Jeanie. “Damn,” he thought, “we were so careless.” He should have known better than to do it right there in the master bedroom. But hell, Jeanie was right there, naked, her skin still damp from the shower, it just seemed so right to fall onto the floor and make love.

Yeah she asked him to fuck her but that’s not what he would call it. He had fucked his girlfriend and a few other women, but with Jeanie what happened was so different. Scott wondered how she was, so he stood up, pulled on some underwear and shorts and grabbed his cell phone. He dialed his sister’s number.

“Jeanie, it’s Scott, are you okay?”

“Well let’s see, my mom and dad just walked in on me while I am naked on the floor with my brother. How do you think I am?”

“What do you think they will do?”

“I don’t know Scott, I don’t plan to come out of my room for the time being.”

“Me either. Jeanie, did I hurt you bad?”

“It hurt a little bit, a sting sort of. It’s not bad now, kind a burning like I’m chafed, though I think I pulled a muscle running past mom and dad.”

“You did move fast.”

“What was I supposed to do?”

“I don’t know sis, I don’t know,” Scott said, shaking his head. “Okay, I may sneak down and grab an MRE for dinner, do you want one?”

“So, I’m not real hungry, I think I’ll just go to bed early.”

“Okay Jeanie, hey, I love you.”

“I love you too Scott.”

He hung up his phone and grabbed his laptop bag. Opening up the bag, Scott pulled out his computer, hooked up his power supply and turned it on. As the computer was booting up he realized he wouldn’t be able to get the internet unless the computer downstairs in the study was on. Moving over to his door, he unlocked it and peeked into the hallway. Seeing the coast was clear, he rushed downstairs, turned on the computer and then headed into the kitchen.

Scott grabbed one MRE, then opened the ice chest and mersin escort grabbed a bottle of water. He quickly headed back upstairs and was able to get back into his room without running into either of his parents. Once in the room he tried to get onto the internet, but was unable to get it up and running. After about twenty minutes trying to connect to several wireless networks in the area he gave up and sat down to prepare his MRE. After eating he slipped into bed and in the air conditioning he quickly fell asleep.

The next morning he woke up, glanced out of the window and saw it would be another sunny, but probably hot day. He noticed his father’s car was gone and hoped his mother went with him. Still wearing just his shorts he slipped out of his door into the hallway. His sister’s door was closed and he assumed she was still asleep, so he went to go downstairs when he heard, “Scott, would you come here, I want to talk to you.” It was his mother.

Scott walked into the bedroom and said, “Oh hi mom.”

“Please close the door,” was all she said.

Scott quietly closed the door and stepped into the room. He looked at his mother, who was wearing one of her tattered old robes. She had a towel wrapped around her head and noticing the bathroom light was one he figured she had just stepped out of the shower.

“I want to talk to you about what I saw yesterday in this very room,” she said sternly.

Scott nodded, wondering just what the consequences were going to be. He stood silently as his mother uncomfortably moved closer to him.

She whispered, “When I saw Jeanie looking so blissful… When I saw you on top of her…” she paused. “When you jumped up and ran out I, ah… I saw…” Moving closer to him, she stood right in front of him just inches away. Suddenly she opened her robe, letting it fall to the floor and she grabbed him, pulling him against her.

Scott felt his mother’s naked breasts press against his chest as his mother’s kocaeli escort hands ran down his back and clasped on his ass, squeezing it as she pulled him against her. He then felt her hand move around and grasp his cock through his shorts and begin stroking. When he was fully erect she reached into his shorts and clasped his cock in her left hand.

Still holding his hard cock she slowly backed up until she could sit on the bed. She then grabbed his shorts and pulled them to the ground. Immediately grabbing his cock again with her left hand, she grabbed a vial of lube that was sitting on the bed. Popping the top with her fingers, she poured it over him, sliding her hand up and down his shaft as she stared at it mesmerized.

He could hear her murmuring, “It’s so big, so big.”

Finally snapping to her senses she looked up at him and said, “Scott, you are so big, so much bigger than your father.” She then scooted back on the bed, moved her feet up and opened her legs. Pulling his cock to her, she guided it to her pussy and as she leaned back onto the bed, she opened her lips and pulled his cock to them.

Scott moved forward and while still standing leaned his hips forward and slowly pushed his cock into his mother’s pussy. It slipped in easily and soon he was pushed in to the hilt. As his mother whispered, “Now fuck me Scott, fuck me with your big cock,” he withdrew slightly and then thrust back into her. Looking down, he watched as his mother began to rub her clit with her fingers as his cock slid in and out of her.

She moaned loudly and by his fourth or fifth thrust she arched her back and hissed, “I’m coming, oh Scott I’m coming.”

He slowed his motion as he felt his mother’s pussy pulsate over his cock. After a few moments the convulsions subsided and he started moving again sliding in and out of her with a quickening rhythm.

All the while Scott was thrusting and withdrawing his mother continued whispering, “Oh it’s so good. It’s samsun escort been so long since I came.”

Looking down on his mother he saw her breasts bouncing as his continued pumping his cock into her. Peeking up at her face he saw her eyes closed and face contort in pleasure. He felt her legs close in on him and her hands grabbed his arms and squeezed hard as she suddenly came again. He paused his thrusting and once again felt the walls of his mother’s pussy squeezing his cock again and again.

Now as he began moving in and out of her again, she reached up and toyed with his nipples, pinching them and running her fingers over them. At one point, she pulled herself up and ran her tongue and mouth over a nipple. She sucked it and then bit it lightly.

The sensation of her on his cock combined with the feelings shooting though his nipples overcame him and he thrust his cock deep into her pussy actually lifting her ass off the bed as he came. His cock spurted his cum deep inside his mother in spurt after spurt. He finally collapsed down on her, his chest crushing her breasts beneath him, his cock still burrowed deep in her wet pussy.

Slowly his cock shrank and then finally slipped out of his mother. Not knowing what else to do, he pushed back off of her and stood up. She immediately sat up and grabbed his limp, wet cock. He stood and watched as his mother bent over and kissed his cock and then his balls. Finally, looking up at him she said, “You felt so good, you sister is so very lucky.”

“What do you mean?”

“Having someone as gentle and loving as you to teach her. It was so different for me, so painful, so humiliating.”


“Scott, I needed this, I needed it for so long, but you don’t have to… you go back to school, find a girlfriend. Don’t worry about me, okay.”

Scott just nodded, not sure what to say. When his mother released his cock he bent down, grabbed his shorts and pulled them back on. He then reached down, held one of his mother’s breasts in his hand, gently squeezed it and then turned to walk out of the room.

When he reached the door he turned around and looked back at his mother. She was lightly running her hand over the breast he had just caressed. Looking up as him she smiled and then blew him a kiss.

Scott nodded and then stepped out of her room.

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