Hot Incest


Dan was a well-adjusted 18 yr. old. He is into video games and sports. He especially likes football and wrestling. He is very good at both. He hasn’t decided if he is going to college or not.

He is still a virgin in spite of all the offers he gets. He dated a few girls, but none of them fired his rocket. He dates them so no bad rumors get started about him. He is just good friends with them. He only has eyes for his mother.

His mother gave him a laptop for his 18th birthday. He soon discovered internet porn. He found a site that has a star performer. She is a short blonde with nice C cup breasts. She has a hot ass and legs clear up to her ass. She is a dead ringer of his mother. He likes to watch her in action and yank off in his mom’s panties.

Carol is the proud mother of Dan. He Isn’t into drugs so she doesn’t have to worry about that.

Little does she know that she is his fantasy. He jacks off every night thinking of her.

She notices his cum stains on his sheets and knows it’s perfectly normal for a boy his age to yank off all the time. She just smiles and thinks of him as a normal horny teenager. Someday he will give her grandchildren.

Carol tries to be the best mother she can. She spoils Dan at every opportunity. She is financially secure. Her father has her listed as an employee in his business. It was understood that she doesn’t do anything. He has taken care of her since she caught her flaky husband with another woman. She caught them in their marriage bed and he was gone in two days.

At first Dan missed his father. They were never that close, and he adjusted to being without him quickly. He was 14 at the time. His mother soon got over him. She was so pissed it didn’t take long.

Carl is Dan’s best friend. He is two weeks older than Carl. Jan is Carl’s mom. She is also Carol’s best friend.

Dan and Carl burst in the front door and walk into the kitchen. He gave his mom a hug and a kiss and opens the fridge. With his butt sticking out of it, he asks.

“Mom, can I get a web cam. I want to video chat with my friends. It’s so cool. Everyone has one.”

‘My little used car salesman. He always has a good reason for what he wants.’

“I suppose so. How much do they cost?”

“About $35. I need headphones and a microphone too. $50 should cover it.”

She digs in her purse and gives his $60.

Both boys bolt out the door, stuffing food in their mouths. They go to the electronics store. He adds what money he has and gets the cheapest web cam he can find. He also gets a wireless lipstick camera. He is scheming. He wants to set up a camera in his mom’s bedroom.

He and Carl come home and they rush to his room to set up the web cam. It’s plug and play and it’s up and running in minutes. He installs the software for the wireless camera and tests it.

“Wow, that’s so cool. It’s high res too.”

“Dan, where are you going to do with it.”

“I don’t know yet. I just thought it would be cool to have one. I may make a video of me yanking off and put it on the internet.”

Carl laughs.

“Maybe you could borrow it and make a video of you yanking off.”

“Oh sure.”

Two days later, his mom goes shopping. He goes in her room and looks for a good spot for the camera. He sees a book shelf in the corner. From there he will be able to see the bathroom door, her dresser and all but the head of her bed.

‘Fucking perfect.’

She sets up the camera and tests it.

‘Fuck, this will be something. I can see everywhere.’

Dan is all excited. He is finally going to see his true love naked.

He comes home and gives his mom the usual welcome. He grabs a snack and heads to his room. He opens the spy cam and sees that it’s working. He shuts it off. He kills some aliens, thinking about the fun he will have tonight. He sneaks out and grabs a fresh pair of her panties from the clothes hamper. He leaves the old one there.

He watches TV in the living room till dinner is ready.

“Come and eat, son.”

While they are eating he asks.

“Mon, why don’t you have a boyfriend. It’s been a long time since dad left.”

“Well, to be truthful, I’ve looked around and I haven’t seen anyone worth while. All they want is a quick roll in the hay. I don’t want to be used like that.”

“That’s too bad. You’re really hot. You should be able to attract a nice guy.”

She laughs.

“So, you think I’m hot, huh?”

“Sure do, mom. All my friends think so too. They call you a MILF.”

“OK, what’s a MILF.”

“Are you sure you want to know?”

“I’m a big girl. Tell me.”

“It’s a ‘mom I’d like to fuck’.”

“Dan. Shame on you.”

He laughs.

“Is that a new word for you mom? You never said fuck before?”

“That’s not the point.”

“Well, you asked.”

“I guess that’s a compliment, sorta.”

She thinks. ‘These kids these days. So grown up at a young age.’

He helps her clean the kitchen and they go watch some TV. He sees her getting sleepy and says goodnight. He goes to his room and turns on his spy cam.

He strips mersin escort down to his boxers and waits, his cursor over the record icon. Her panties are handy.

Soon, he sees her. He sits up and watches. He click on the record icon. She comes in and starts her bedroom routine. She goes in the bathroom and turns on the shower. She comes out and gets undressed. He watches her clothes come off.

He grabs her panties and wraps them around his cock. It comes up to 10 inches quickly. He strokes it slowly. She goes in the bathroom and he breathes a heavy sigh.

‘This is so fucking hot. I saw her naked. I hope she yanks off tonight. I want to see that.’

She comes out wearing a towel. She stands in front of her mirror. She drops the towel and examines her reflection. She lifts her breasts and lets them fall. She nods her head up and down.

Dan is stroking his cock faster and faster.

She picks up her nightie. She slips it on and gets in bed. She turns out the bedside light and the show is over.

Dan cleans his cum off his desk and his hand.

“Fuck, that was hot. That was the best cum I ever had. I can do this every night.”

He clicks off the record function and closes his laptop.

He never sees her masturbate. He knows she does, but when. He has to figure out when. He suspects while he is out of the house.

The next day he tells Carol he is going to Carl’s.

“We’re coming back for a swim later.”

“OK, son. See you then.”

An hour later Dan and Carl burst in the door.

“Hi mom. A couple of girls are coming over in a while.”

“OK, I’ll watch for them.”

Thirty minutes later the door bell rings. She lets in two cute girls.

“Hi girls. The guys are in the back. Go right through.”

“Thanks, Mrs J.”

“Please, call me Carol. Mrs is too formal around here.”

A while later, Dan comes in.

“Mom, why don’t you join us. It’s a perfect day for a swim.”

“Maybe later, baby. I may take a nap first.”

He has a flash. She is going to yank off. He goes to his room and turns on the spy cam.

He comes back.

“Mom. Where is the sunscreen. The girls forgot theirs.”

She hands him some.

She goes in her bedroom and locks the door. She looks at her self in the mirror and slowly takes off her clothes. She pulls the bed back and opens her night stand drawer. She pulls out her favorite silver vibrator and lays on the bed.

She slowly brings herself to an moaning orgasm. She lays there for a while, enjoying the afterglow.

She decides to go for a swim. She puts on her modest swim suit. It still shows her figure off. She grabs a towel and heads out. She dives in and swims a few laps. She climbs out and dries off.

She sits on a chaise lounge and rubs sunscreen on every thing she can reach.

“Dan. Come and do my back. I don’t want to burn.”

“OK, mom.”

He gets out of the pool and walks to her. He is doing some serious perving on her body. He rubs sunscreen on her. He finishes off slowly caressing her. His cock twitches. He thinks about his spy cam, wondering if she put on a show for him.

“Mom, you look hot in that swim suit.”

She just smiles at him.

That night he checks out the video of her ‘nap’.

He sees her get undressed. He quickly grabs her panties and starts stroking his cock.

He watches her come to an orgasm and he cums the same time as she does.

His mind is blown.

The next day she drops a bomb on him.

“Oh, I forgot to tell you. Jan and Bill invited me to dinner tonight. The want me to meet a friend. You’ll be on your own for dinner.”

His mouth falls open. He definitely doesn’t want his mom getting hooked up.

“A blind date, huh? That has disaster written all over it.”

“I told them I would go. We will see how it turns out. I guess it won’t hurt me to go out once in a while. It’s been a long time.”

‘Is it ok if Carl comes over. We need to kill some aliens.”

“That’s fine. Those aliens need killing.”

She gets ready for her date.

She decides on a black spaghetti strap dress. She can’t wear a bra with it. It come to just above her knees. She selects a pair of low heels.

She walks out and Dan looks at her.

“Wow, mom You look really hot. You’re gonna burn him down.”

“Don’t be silly. We are just going to dinner. It’s not a big deal.

She puts on a light shawl and leaves.

‘The fucker. I hope he’s an asshole. I know he won’t be good enough for my mom.’

Carl shows up later and they kill all the aliens on the planet.

She comes home at about 11pm. Dan is waiting up. He wants to know how the date went.

“Hi mom. How was you hot date?”

“It wasn’t a hot date. We just had dinner.”

“So it wasn’t a disaster like most blind dates?”

“No, not a disaster. He seems like a nice guy. It’s really too soon to tell. He was a perfect gentleman.”

“Are you going to see him again?”

“Probably, if he calls. I gave him my number. I guess we’ll kocaeli escort see.”

She is amused by him grilling her about the guy. She loves that he is looking out for her.

Dan goes to his room and watches her change. He sees her naked briefly as she puts on her nightgown. She gets in bed and turns the light out.

‘I guess he didn’t fire her rocket. She didn’t yank off thinking about him.’

She dates him a few more times. They get a little more into it. Some heavy petting in the car when he brings her home. She lets him take her top off and he plays a little. She gropes him through his pants. She decides to kick it up a notch and see how he is in bed.

Friday night, Dan is going to spend the night at Carl’s house. She calls him and invites him to dinner.

She is wearing a pair of slacks, and nice blouse. She leaves he bra off.

“Hi Jerry. Come on in. Dinner is almost ready.”

She pours them each a glass of wine. They sit in the kitchen and chat while she finishes up. They enjoy a nice dinner and they take another glass of wine to the living room.

They start making out a little. He cups her breast as he kisses her. She moans a little and pushes against his hand. He tweaks her nipple and she gasps.

“Oh my. That’s nice. You have good hands.”

He takes her top off and kisses her nipples. She groans and rubs his cock. It doesn’t feel very big. She wonders. She takes his shirt off and hugs her hot breasts against him. She pulls him up and takes him to her bedroom. She sits him on the bed and slowly takes her pants and panties off.

“Wow, Carol. You are so hot. I’ve never seen a woman as beautiful as you.”

She smiles at him and pulls him up. She pulls is pants down and sees his 5 in. cock. She opens the nightstand drawer and pulls out a condom.

“We’re gonna need this. I’m not on birth control.”

“I hate those. They take all the feeling away.”

“Well, if you want any tonight you are going to wear this. It’s your choice.”

“OK, if you insist.”

She pushes him on the bed and lays beside him. She rolls the condom on his cock and pulls him on top of her. He pushes in her and starts stroking. In about two minutes he groans and cums.

‘What the hell. He has a hair trigger. He almost came before he got it in.

“Wow, Carol. You are the greatest. I hope it was as good for you as it was for me.”

“Yes. Jerry. It was great. Now you gotta get dressed and get out of here. My son will be home soon.”

“OK, baby. I’ll call you. You are the greatest. I want more of you.”

She shows him out and swears like a sailor. What a fucking joke. That bastard didn’t hardly get me wet. That’s the last blind date I ever go on.

She gets her vibrator out and finishes the job.

The next morning, Dan comes home.

“Hi mom. Don’t bother with breakfast. Carl’s mom made it for us.”

“Good, I don’t feel like cooking this morning.”

He looks at her. She seems in a foul mood.

“What’s wrong, mom. You look upset.”

She thinks a minute.

“You want to know what’s wrong. I’ll tell you the cold hard facts. I invited Jerry over last night. I thought it would be a good time for some sex seeing that you were gone. I cooked dinner for him and we went to the bedroom. He didn’t want to use a condom. I made him do it. He climbed on me and came in two minutes. That bastard has a hair trigger. I was never so disappointed in my life.”

He thinks to himself. ‘Yes. Yes. He failed. Yes. Yes.

“I’m sorry, mom. I thought you two had something going there.”

“What a joke. I’ll never go out with him again.

I’m done with blind dates forever.”

Later in the day, Carol is messing around on her laptop and decides to make a grocery list. She opens a txt file and makes her list. She isn’t connected to the printer so he attaches it to an email and sends it to Dan’s address. She goes in his room and opens his laptop. She turns it on and waits for it to boot up. She looks for the email icon. She sees one that says ‘spy cam’.

“What the heck is a spy cam?” She opens it and sees her bedroom. Her jaw drops open.

“Oh my god. He is spying on me. Oh my god.”

All kinds of thoughts run through her head. She deletes the email and deletes it again in the deleted section. She goes to the kitchen. She goes on automatic pilot and makes a pot of coffee.

‘He wants to fuck me. He has seen me naked. He has seen me masturbate. He probably jacks off watching me. He has seen everything. Oh god. What am I going to do.’

‘I can’t say anything to him. He would feel terrible about being caught. I can’t change my bedroom routine. He will know I discovered him. Oh god. I’ll have to get naked knowing he is watching. What a mess this is.’

She drinks some coffee and calms down. Incest pops into her mind.

‘He want sex with me. I couldn’t do that. I’m his mother. I could ruin him for life. I have to figure something out fast. He will be watching me tonight.’

Dan comes home. He gives his mom the usual kiss and hug. samsun escort He grabs a snack and goes to his room. He checks his spy cam to make sure it’s working. It’s fine. He kills a few aliens and goes to the living room. He turns the TV on and watches a ball game.

Carol is cleaning the kitchen in automatic mode. She is trying to figure a solution for her problem. She knows she will have to get naked for him tonight. She is really nervous. She starts dinner and Dan come in the kitchen.

“Mom, I need a hug.”

“OK, baby. I have one left just for you.”

She hugs him and feels his strong body against her. Her nipples perk up and her pussy twitches as she thinks about the show she will put on for him tonight.

“Nice hug, mom. You feed good in my arms.”

“You hug nice too, baby.

They eat dinner and watch a little TV. Dan goes to his room. On the way he grabs a new soiled pair of her panties. He turns on the spy cam. He kills a few more aliens and waits for his mom to go in her room. Soon she comes in and he clicks the record icon.

She goes in the bathroom and turns on the water. She comes out and slowly takes her clothes off. She is trying to make it look like every other evening. She walks into the bathroom and takes her shower. She comes out without the towel. She stands in front of her mirror as usual. She turns and checks her ass out. She slowly walks to the bed. She picks up her nighty and puts it on. She gets in bed, pulls the covers up and turns off the light.

Dan wipes his cum up, gets in bed and goes to sleep.

The next day, she is going crazy. She has to figure a way out of this.

She decides to call her best friend and see what she thinks.

“Jan, get you ass over, now. I need to talk to you.”

“Not on the phone. Face to face. I’m in some deep shit. I’ll tell you when you get here.”

“OK, bye.”

“Hi, come in. I have the coffee on.”

“What the hell is going on. You sound like the world is coming to an end.”


She pours two cups of coffee.

“OK, fasten your seat belt. Dan put a camera in my bed room. He has been watching me. He has seen me do everything there. What am I going to do. I can’t call him on it. I can’t do anything different. I’ll have to go on letting him watch me. I’m going crazy. I had to get naked last night knowing her was watching. I can’t keep this up forever.”

Jan thinks a minute.

“Fasten your seat belt, I need to tell you something. Carl and I are fucking.”

Carol’s mouth fall open.

“You’re shitting me. You’re fucking Carl? How did you get your mind right to do that?”

“He kept walking around naked when his dad was gone. He has 9 inches. I saw it and I lost it. All I could think of was his big cock in my pussy. It took me a while to make up my mind. I’m so glad I did. It’s the best sex I ever had. He was a virgin when I got him. I taught him all kinds of tricks. “

“God, Jan. I don’t know if I could do that.”

“Have you seen his cock yet?.”

“No. It’s been years since I saw him. I don’t know how big it is. Fucking your son is so wrong.”

“Yeah, but it’s so good too. The thought of incest and maybe getting knocked up makes it so exciting. You take him bareback and with no protections. Holy shit.”

“Yes. It’s way more exciting that way.”

“God, Jan. I need to think about this. He is a big handsome kid, but I never thought of fucking him.”

“Get you mind right and go for it. You won’t regret it. They get so hard and they can fuck every ten minutes. It’s the best you will ever have. He will wear your pussy out.”

“Oh god. I’m getting wet just thinking about it. I haven’t had a man in so long. Jerry came in two minutes, so he doesn’t count. It would be really nice to feel like a woman again.”

“Give me a few days to work on this. You make it sound so good. I’ll let you know what happens.”

“Do it. I’m telling you. It’s the best decision you will ever make.”

Jan leaves and she goes in her bedroom. She can’t get it out of her mind. She takes her clothes off and lays on the bed. Her hand slides down to her wet pussy. She sticks a finger in. She imagines it’s Dan’s. She starts stroking in and out. She rubs her clit and groans.

“Yes, Dan. Yes. Make me cum. Fill my pussy with your big cock.”

She sky rockets off the planet.

“Oh god. That was amazing thinking about him. I’ll give his a show tonight and then fuck him.”

Dan comes home and she meets him in the kitchen. She takes him in her arms and hugs him.

“I need a hug, baby. Is that ok?”

“Sure, mom. I like holding you. Remember, you are a MILF. Anytime you want a hug, just call me.”

She hits him playfully on the shoulder.

“You bad boy. Calling you mom a MILF. Shame on you.”

He pulls her against him and kisses her. She feels his bulge.

“There, that’s a kiss for my MILF mom.”

He laughs and goes to his room.

She stands there. Her mind is running full tilt. His bulge felt so good. I think he is hung. Her pussy gets wet and her nipples perk up. She is thinking of fucking him tonight.

She makes dinner and he shows up in his boxers. She is wearing a tight t shirt and shorts. She left her bra off on purpose.

He looks her over.

“Damn, mom. You look so hot. Can I have another hug.”

“Of course, baby. I have lots of hug for you. You are my baby boy.”

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