How the Neighbor’s Daughter Became My GF


My name is Mark I am 23 and I live alone with my cat. I am a graduate student and I get up early in the morning workout at the gym and then head to college. My first class is at 8:00 am and I am finished up with my classes every day by noon. Recently my neighbors have been fighting a bit to where you can hear them. I live in an apartment complex where the walls are paper thin.
I usually get home around 1 pm and take a nap, and then I get up around 4-5 to do homework, go out and run errands or do whatever I need to do for the day. The other day I woke up to a knock at my door, it was my neighbor’s eighteen year old daughter, Keely. She goes to the local high school, She is about 5’3¨ and has a very nice body, her ass is an 8, but her tits are way past a 10. She came over to see if she could stay the night because her parents were fighting again when she got home from school.
My place is just beside them. I have talked to them a few times and hung out with their daughter a few times with the other kids from around the complex. Mainly we just smoke cigarettes together, swim at the complex pool or play basketball. She had been over a couple of times before and enjoyed playing with my cat, listening to music or watching movies with me. She has proven herself to be a good friend. I would even ask her to feed my cat when I was going to be out of town. I was attracted to her, but because she was still in high school I felt the need to keep it purely on a friendship level. She was a sweet kid nothing more. I let her in and told her she should could stay until it gets dark and then she Sikiş hikayeleri would have to go back to her parent’s place.
She knew where everything was so I told I was going back to taking a nap and to wake me before she went home. I slept way too late and didn’t wake up until 8pm. Fuck, I thought I had pissed my whole day away. I walked out of my bedroom and she was cooking dinner. She said her parents left to go to a movie and for her to stay here. I didn’t mind it, but I wished they had asked if it was ok.
Since she was cooking me dinner of course I let her stay. We finished the food she made and just sat around watching TV. While I was asleep she must have went home to change because she was wearing sweat pants and a sweater when she came over, but now she was in short shorts and small black T-shirt. We talked for a bit about how she was doing in school and all the usual stuff we made chit chat about.
Then I began to notice she kept creeping closer to me on the couch. Soon she was close enough for me to notice she was not wearing a bra. Just then my cat had jumped up onto my lap and sat there. She started to pet my cat and she started talking about her boyfriend that she had just broken up with.
I started to get bored with that conversation very quickly, but then it turned to sex. Apparently one of their big problems was that he just wanted blowjobs from her, but after she finished him he was done, and she had to go home and masturbate. Since this was the first time we had ever talked about anything sexual, I got hard right away and within a few minutes Sex hikaye into the conversation I could tell I was leaking precum. I think that’s what she was going for because her hand began petting my crotch rather than my cat.
“Would you like to know how good my hand feels?” She said in a very seductive way.
I nodded and she unbuttoned and unzipped my pants. She started to stroking my cock. Her hands felt so soft, her nipples had gotten hard under her shirt and she caught me staring at them. She pulled her shirt off.
“Do you like my tits?”
“I replied yes they are incredible.”
She grabbed her purse and got a small bottle of lotion out. She squeezed the lotion into the crack between her tits and then she got a big glob out and coated my cock with it. She got down on my couch and led me by my cock to her tits. She grabbed my cock and put it between her tits and then she took her hands and squeezed her two tits together.
“Titty fuck me Mark,” she said.
I had never titty fucked a girl frankly because none of the girls I’d have been with were big enough to give me enough to fuck. Her tits felt so good as my cock slide between them they were soft and warm.
She said “faster Mark”
I started furiously pumping my cock between her tits.
“That is it…… you can cum on my face or in my mouth if you want.”
She held out her tongue so when the tip of my cock slid up through the top of her tits my cock would hit it. This was an incredible sensation the softness of her tits wrapped around and sliding up and down on my shaft as my dick head was getting a Erotik Hikaye tongue lashing.
“Oh fuck Keely, I am going to cum….Ah Ah”
Right before I had came she leaned up and wrapped her 18 year old lips around my dick head and I shot my cum into her mouth. She swallowed every last drop.
She said “how was that big boy?”
I told her it was incredible and she smiled.
She asked “are you up for a fuck?”
I was still hard, mainly because I hadn’t jerked off in three days. She stood up pulled her shorts and thong down and bent over the couch so I could hit her doggy style. This exposed her shaved pussy and her beautiful eighteen year old asshole. I slide my cock into her pussy and started fucking her hard, and I wanted to give her a hard fuck. I loved looking down at her teenage asshole as my cock slid in and out of her pussy. I started pulling it apart as I was fucking her. It was mesmerizing. After about 10 minutes her body started to tense up and I could tell she was about to cum.

“Oh fuck me harder Mark. make me cum.”
I pounded her has hard as I could her pussy was so wet she was sloshing. My balls were making a slapping sound as they hit against her ass. Finally I felt her pussy contract.
“Ah Ah umh umh Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…”
I gave her a few more strokes, pulled out just before I came and shot all over that tight virgin eighteen year old asshole.
She decided to go home shortly afterwards, but she left her well scented thong on my couch. I beat off twice that night with the crotch of her thong in my face as I inhaled her smell.
The next day after I got home she texted me two pictures one of her tits and another of her ass, along with a message that said “you should invite me over I am always alone this time of day.”

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