I got my slave at the mall_(2)


I got my slave at the mall

My wife and I were at the mall, just walking around getting some exercise. I was forty years old, six feet tall, weighed one hundred, sixty-five pounds. My wife was thirty two years old, five feet three inches tall, and one hundred, ninety pounds.

I noticed a woman about twenty five years old. She was about five feet eight inches and had medium large breasts. The woman was wearing a denim pleated skirt and a white shirt with the two top buttons undone, tied above the navel. She was watching us and a couple other guys as she was biting on her lower lip like she was in deep thought about something.

I asked my wife, “do you see that Woman over there?”

“Yes, she is beautiful. I’m not that much into women but, I would not mind some of that.”

I said, “just watch her, she is up to something.”

A few minutes later the woman came running up and smacked me upside my head.

I shouted, “what the hell is the matter with you!”

“You son-of-a-bitch! I told you I would get even!”

“What do you mean, ‘get even’? I never saw you before in my life.”

“Remember about a month ago at the bar, I spilled my drink on you and you busted my lip, blacked my eye, and almost broke three of my ribs?”

“Lady, you are crazy I don’t drink and don’t go to the bars. I’m not the one you think I am.”

She took another swing at me. I caught her hand and said, “I don’t beat women, but if you don’t stop this shit, I will spank your ass.”

She kicked at me and said “You son-of-a-bitch! You ain’t big enough!”

I dragged her into the shoe store. There were no customers in the store. I told my wife to not let anyone in. I set down on a stool, yanked the woman’s panties down her legs, bent her over my left knee, and locked her legs in place with my right leg. I told her, “I am going to give you twenty-six swats on your ass, and you are going to count like this; ‘one, thank you, master, two, thank you, master’. If you say anything else, don’t count, or forget to say thank you master, the count starts over. Do you understand?”


I swatted her hard and said, “yes what!?!”

“Yes, master.”

I told my wife to get me some first aid cream. The store manager said he had some in a first aid kit and that I could use some of it.

I said, “that’s fine. Okay, let us get on with it.”


“One! Thank you, master.”


“Two! Thank you, master.”


“Three! Sex hikayeleri Thank you, master.”


“Four! Thank you, master.”


“Five! Thank you, master.”

Then she squirted all over my leg. Every few swats, she would squirt again. I delivered the last swat.

“Twenty-six! Thank you, master.”

I then picked up the first aid cream started applying it to her bottom. I told her, “This will soothe the pain and take the sting out.” I then helped her stand up.

She had tears in her eyes as she said, “Oh, thank you, master.” Then she jumped into my lap and started kissing all over my face.

She tried to shove her tongue down my throat I pulled back from her. “I wasn’t trying to make you a slave or me your master. I was just teaching you a lesson.”

“You taught me a lesson all right, you taught me I belong to you and I love you.

“You love me? You don’t even know me.”

“I know you did what no other man has ever done. I fell in love with you when I orgasmed the first time. I’m yours to do with as you please. I never orgasmed so many times before in my life and that was the first time I ever squirted.” Then she started crying.

“What is wrong, babe?”

“I am a freak.”

“What makes you think you are a freak?”

“I was married for about a year and I could not orgasm during intercourse. One day we got into a big argument and he started hitting me and slapping me around. I got so turned on we made love and I had a small orgasm. After that I would start a fight once in a while so we could make up. Then he got tired of all the fights and we got a divorce. Since then when I get to needing it, I would find a man that interest me and get him to smack me around then take me so I can orgasm. But it was never anything like I just had here, with you.”

“Do you have a job, and where do you work?”

“I am a doctor. I work at the Hospital and Clinic across the state line.”

“What kind of Doctor?”

“I’m a Family practitioner.”

“Do you have your car with you, or did you come with someone?”

“I came with someone.”

“Well let’s go tell them you are staying here, and we will go tomorrow and get your car. Do you own your home, or do you rent?”

“I own my house.”

“Okay. We will try this for a couple of weeks. If it works, you can put your place up for sale. You will move in with us.”

“Oh thank you, master, you won’t be sorry.” She then got up Sikiş hikayeleri and looked down. “Oh, master, you can’t walk around like that. What size jeans do you wear?” I gave her my size she said, “We will be right back.” She took my wife’s hand and they left.

They were gone for about half an hour. When they came back they were both wearing matching collars and leading each other with matching leashes. My wife smiled real big at me and said, “surprise! You now have two slaves that will do whatever you say.”

The doctor handed me a pair of jeans and I went into the bathroom and changed. When I came back out I said, “Okay. Let’s go send your ride home. By the way my name is Wilber and my wife’s name Katherine you can call her Kate.”

“My name is Monica you can call me Mona.”

I chuckled and said, “if I’m going to keep up with the two of you, I am going to need some Viagra and some supplements.”

“I will take care of that.” She went into the pharmacy and came out with the Viagra and four more bottles of pills.

I said, “Since you are a doctor, there is something else you can do. Get with Kate and come up with a diet exercise program she can stay with.”

“I would be happy to.”

“On second thought, we need to take you to your car now. You need to get some of your clothes and other things. After that spanking we need to take a shower, then we can take care of other business. You two can ride in the back and get to know one another. When we get there you can direct me to your house .”

When we got home I took a Viagra and the supplements, then we got in the shower. It was a little crowded, but we all three fit in the shower. Washing two women was a lot of fun, and having them wash me was even better. After drying off I took them into the bedroom and set them on the bed. “Okay, You two want to be my slaves?”

They both said “yes, master” in unison.

“Well from now on, when we are at home, you will be naked. Just like you are now. Unless you are cooking or we have company.”

They said “yes, master.”

“You will hold nothing back from me, all your holes are mine, when and where I want them. Is that understood?”

“Yes, master.”

I looked at Mona and said, “as for you, I don’t think you need pain to orgasm. You just need someone that cares as much about your pleasure as he does his own.”

I laid her back on the bed started giving her light kisses on her face, her eye’s, her forehead, her nose, Erotik hikaye lips, and chin. Then I kissed her right ear, down her neck, and shoulder.

She started moaning and wiggling as I moved to her left ear and down her neck she screamed “YYYEEESSS!” I moved slowly down to her right breast started kissing and licking around it. Then I took the nipple into my mouth, sucking on it. I pulled Kate down to her left breast she started suckling on it. Mona went wild thrashing around and yelling “MASSSTERR!”

I started kissing and licking down her body, stopping at her navel, dipping my tongue in, and swirling it around. Moving on down to her bald pussy, I licked through her slit and covered her clit. I started sucking and teasing her clit with my tongue. I pushed my tongue into her as far as it would go. Her pussy juices were running like a small stream. I shoved two fingers in her pussy and pushed up as far as they would go. I started rubbing her G spot she shuddered and squirted up to my chest.

I moved over her and lined my cock up with her pussy. When I pushed into her she said “oh god, yes!” She wrapped her arms and legs around me and we kissed deeply. I started pumping into her. She was thrashing around and lifting her pelvis up to meet my thrusts. She was screaming and hollering. She shuddered as her pussy was rippling and milking my cock. Kate leaned over and kissed her. I buried my cock and started using hard short strokes. She wet me with her orgasm as I buried my cock in her. Then I started spurting cum into her womb and she yelled “MAAASSSSTTTTEEEERRRR!”

I pulled out of her, lay down beside her, and kissed her. She threw her arms around me and said “that was so intense.”

I moved over her to Kate, gave her a kiss, and laid her back beside Mona. Then I started moving down her body, licking and kissing my way down to her bald pussy. I licked through her pussy and sucked on her clit. She shuddered and came. I turned her over and pulled her hips up. When I placed my cock at her opening and shoved into her, I started fucking her with short jabs. She started moaning and shoving back. Then I switched to long hard strokes she screamed “YYYEEEESSSS!”

I shoved into her as far as I could, and held, as I pumped cum into her womb. She howled “YES MASTER!”

I pulled out and laid down between them. I fucked both of them twice more before we went to make dinner.

That was six years ago and we are still together. Since then Mona has had two children. The first was a boy, fifteen months later she had a girl. Kate just loves them. She acts just like they are her children. We still fuck like bunnies, thanks to the little blue pill.

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