I Remember Halloween



Written by Jimmmy D.

Halloween night, Samhain, the day before All Saints Day, a day when the demons are suppose to pounce from the ethereal planes to our materal planes. We wear masks to hide who we are, and to scare the demons away, but if you hde yourself for too long will you become your costume?

Benjamin Bradley as a young man, abouty 17 years old, a slender young man, but strong never-the-less. His ratty unkempt hair hd his face from passers-by, and his punk attitude scared them further away. This decade, Halloween was a time for mischief, a time for young punks and fuck heads. The Night before Halloween truly lived up to its name in New York, they had called it “Hell Night”. Hell Night was the night all the really bad things were done; skinning cats and hanging them from trees, sometimes even burning the cat corpse, razor blades stuffed into candied apples, and the tiny skeletons hiding in the trees ready to jump out and steal your purse or wallet.
Benjamin had quite a schedule set up for his Hell Night and Halloween, all sorts of evil deeds, but first he needed a mask. Benjamin searched through the shops and stores lookng for a mask that he thought would suit him. Thousands of devils, murderers, and demonic faces passed through Benjamin’s grasp, but he didn’t take a liking to any of them. Finally in a shitty little pawn shop he found a blank mask, no mouth hole, hardly any nostril holes to speak of, simply to small holes on the eyes, barely the size of a pupil. Benjamin fancied this mask, and easly paid the 40 dollars it cost, he had stolen the money from some fool he had trounced earlier. He grabbed his baseball bat and stretched the mask over his face, the fun as about to begin. Benjamin started slow, busting up a few mail boxes, then a few car windows, but then he started to grow more and more angry. Soon enough he was furiously bashing passer-by’s in the kneecaps, and just bashing people in the back, or Porno hikayeleri in the stomach. As the day died away and the night came to life Benjamin had a lust for flesh, for the soft flesh of a young girl. He combed through the alleyways and avenues, looking for a girl just right.
He finally found what he was looking for n a small redheaded girl, probably about 16 or 17 years old. She was about 5′ tall and had a more or less pear figure, hardly any breasts to speak of, but a lovely round set of hips, and a plump ass that could kill. She had a cute face, with a small turned up nose, and freckles, she had soft pouting lips, and braces. Her eye lashes were long and thick, if looks could kill then death would be her name. She was walking about the streets alone, just wandering. Benjamin followed her for a while before just walking up besde her.
“Hello” Benjamin said, in a cheery voice.
“Yea, Hi.” the grl replied only giving him a glance.
“Whatcha doing?”
“Just walking around I guess” she replied this time looking at Benjamin longer.
“Whats your name?”
“Why do you wanna know?”
“I wanna know who I’m talking to.”
“Well I guess that makes sense, I’m Charlette, and you are?”
“I’m Ben.”
“Well I guess it was nice to meet you Ben, but I’m going this way.” Charlette said, trying to break away from Benjamin, turning into an alleyway.
Benjamin stepped closer to her before grabbing her and pullng her into the alley.
“Okay, I’m just gonna come out and tell you.” Benjamin started, a grave look on his face, “I’m really horny, and I need you to help me out with that.”
“Oh God, did you really think that line would work? Get the fuck away from me.”
“Okay, we can do this easy or hard, you’re gonna let me fuck you, or I’ll rape you, it doesn’t matter to me, aslong as I blew my load I don’t give a fuck.”
Charlette reached up to hit Benjamin, but he caught her tightly balled fist, he threw his arm over her shoulder, and covered her mouth with his open palm. Benjamin pulled her deeper into the alley, far from the street, near a garbage dumpster. Sex hikayeleri Benjamin pulled 2 hankercheifs from his pockets, with one her bound Charlette’s hands together, he tied the other around her mouth, gagging her into silence. By now Benjamin was furious with lust, he unzipped his pants and let his raging hard-on out. Benjamin was well equipped, almost 8 1/2 inches long and thick. Benjamin Pulled Charlette’s pants down, lingering for a moment to look at her tight cotton panties, before tearing them off, revealing her hairless pussy. She was younger then Benjamin originally gauged, she just looked 16, she was probably more like 11, or 12, this would account for her flat chest, but by now Benjamin’s lust took his mind.
Benjamin pushed his throbbing uncircumsized member through Charlette’s hymen, and into her tight virgin vagina. Charlette tried to moan and scream as Benjamin pumped in and out of her, tearing her groin a bit more with every thrust. By now a puddle of Charlette’s blood and urine was collecting at her feet. Benjamin reached his hands up under Charlette’s T shirt and start pinching her nipples, and cupping her chest. Benjamin began thrustng in and pulling out faster and faster, quenchng her thrist for her young soft hairless skin. Tears were now streaming down Charlette’s face as Benjamin came in her tight little newly unvirginized pussy.
Benjamin dropped Charlette to the ground. Her face landed in the puddle of her urine and blood, along with Benjamins cum. She lad on the ground sobbing as Benjamin wipped his cock off, he used Charlette’s panties to dry his cock off before he picked her up by her round hips. Benjamin pushed his cock up onto Charlette’s asshole, slowly easing his cock in before just violently ramming his dry cock up Charlette’s dry tight ass. Charlette’s screams were muffled by the hankercheif up her mouth. Benjamin pumped in and out, quickly first, then slowly, then quickly again, tearing Charlette’s ass up, and by now Charlette’s rectum as torn and she as bleedng from not only her vagina, but her ass aswell. Sikiş hikayeleri Benjamin Blew another load in Charlette’s ass. When he pulled his cock from Charlette’s asshole she emptied her bowels.
Without dropping her this time Benjamin stuck his dick up her pussy again. He leaned her down, putting her face in the puddle, before he started pumping i and out of her still tight pussy. Now among the urine and blood were Charlette’s tears. Benjamin furiously pumped his cock in and out of Charlette, before blowing another load inside her tight little pussy.
“Ok, I’m gonna untie you, don’t make a sound, or you will die.” Benjamin said, pulling a long thin razor blade from his jacket pocket.
Benjamin took the gag from Charlettes mouth after he propped her up on her knees, he wipped the tears from Charlette’s cheeks with his left hand before putting the razor blade up to her throat. With his right hand he pushed Charlette’s cheeks together, forcing her mouth open. Charlette tried to keep her teeth together as Benjamin pressed he cock up to her plump little lips, “Open up bitch, or I swear to God I’ll slash you.” Benjamin said with grit in his voice. Reluctantly Charlette unclenched her teeth and let Benjamin’s large hard cock slide into her little mouth. Benjamin held her head stationary with his rght hand, nd held the razor with his left, and he started throat fucking Charlette. AFter a few minutes of throat fucking Benjamin ble another load down Charlette’s throat, as she gagged and coughed she bit down on Benjamin’s cock, nearly tearing it off. Benjamin fell back and let his hands slide across Charlette soft little throat.
Benjamin gathered himself as Charlette lay bleeding in a puddle of her own piss, blood, and tears.
Benjamin knew what he had done, and he didn’t care. Her picked up Charlette’s dying little body and started fuckng her ass again, this time so violently as to throw Charlette’s body around, legs and arms flailing. After blowing his final load in Charlette’s newly dead asshole Benjamin zipped up his pants and left her body to rot.

Benjamin ran from New York that night. Charlette’s body was found in the alley the next day.

Benjamin as never caught, and never punished for his evil crime against this sweet innocent young girl.

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