Impossible to Resist Again


Impossible to Resist Again

This story is a sequel to Impossible to Resist. I had not originally intended it as a multi-part story, but so many people asked for another chapter that I felt I owed it to them to look and see if it was viable.

I’ve written this as a standalone story, but I’d recommend reading Impossible to Resist first in order to provide more detailed background.


Bonnie and Angie were sisters in their mid-forties. Bonnie (the younger of the two) was divorced but had two adult children who lived some distance away and rarely visited. She had moved back to be close to her sister. The two had been inseparable when they were young and continued regular phone conversations as they married and located in different areas.

Angie and her husband Steve had started their family later and had one son, Michael.

Michael had gotten the grades he needed to go to the university of his choice, so he was due to leave and wouldn’t be back until Christmas. It was his 19th birthday the day before he left and rather than have a party, he had said he wanted to go out with his closest friends that evening, as they wouldn’t be seeing each other for some time.

Steve worked nights, so Bonnie came round to keep Annie company until Michael returned. He came home drunk, and they decided they had better get him to bed. It was when Bonnie removed his trousers and discovered he wasn’t wearing underpants that things got out of hand. Bonnie had sex with her nephew and then somehow persuaded Annie to join in.


Later that day.

After waving Michael off, Annie walked back indoors. The events of the night before were still in her mind and her body was reacting to the stimulus. As she walked through the house even her clothing seemed to conspire to tease and arouse her. She could feel her hardened nipples rubbing against the material of her brassiere and her pussy lips were decidedly moist.

Determined to do something about it, she climbed the stairs rapidly and headed to the bedroom where Steve had already retired at midday. Being a night shift worker, meant that his daily routine was out of sync with everyone else, but for most of us it would have been the equivalent of 11pm.

Of course, Steve wasn’t asleep yet; having passed his son’s room earlier in the day he had perceived the unmistakeable aroma of sex. He had questioned Annie about it, and she explained that he had female company in his room, but he was alone now. That played on his mind and, assuming that he had been entertaining a young friend, he began to imagine what might have been going on. Not surprisingly, he now had a raging hard-on, and his hand was wrapped around it.

Then Annie entered the room. She looked across at him in the bed, saw that he was awake and saw the movement of his hand away from where his crotch was and smiled.

“What have you been up to?” she asked.

Annie moved to the side of the bed and chuckled at the guilty look on Steve’s face and then threw the duvet back to reveal his stiff cock standing out from his shorts.

“Well, well, well. What have we here?”

She reached down and took hold. It was hot and it was hard.

“I guess we had better do something about this, hadn’t we?”

She stood back so that he could see her properly and stepped out of her shoes, before unzipping her dress and removing it. She watched his reaction closely as she unclipped and removed her bra. She deliberately turned her back on him to remove her panties and bent at the waist to push them all the way down to her ankles. It gave Steve an exquisite view of what he considered her gorgeous bottom and the pouting and obviously wet pussy lips. She turned back towards him and approached the bed.

“If I’m naked. You’re going to be too!”

She roughly pulled his shorts down, catching his dick in the opening, so that when it was released it slapped back against his stomach. She knew he wasn’t going to last long and although she was horny herself, she wanted this to last a while.

“So, someone wants to come out to play, does he? Well, what sort of games does he like?”

She knelt by the bed and reached out to grasp the shaft and hold it upright.

“Something like this?”

She began to rub him with long, languorous strokes. His reaction was to moan and arch his back.

“I see, he likes that does he? And how about this?”

Without warning she bent her head and took the head of his cock into her mouth. This was something that he normally had to persuade her to do, and she wouldn’t do it for more than a few seconds when those rare occasions happened.


He moaned and his hips bucked trying to get more in. Annie allowed more of the shaft’s passage between her lips but stopped it from going too far. She bobbed her head up and down for a while – much longer than she would normally do. But then she released him and let go. He groaned in frustration.

Annie liked Steve to fuck her from behind and she knew that it sent him wild, but ofise gelen gaziantep escort this time she wanted control, so she climbed up on the bed and straddled him, before taking hold of his dick and guiding it to her tingling pussy lips. After Michael’s large cock in the early hours, Steve’s slid in easily and she sat upon him, enjoying the feel of his penis. In this position it seemed to do something to her deep inside. With just a gentle rocking motion she felt her orgasm gently, slowly climbing. It was only when she was almost there that she finally began rising and falling rapidly on the shaft. For once, both Steve and Annie climaxed together, and it was glorious, and it was loud.

They were both exhausted by now and Annie, having first collapsed onto Steve’s chest, rolled to her side of the bed, but kept her head on his shoulder and her arm draped across his chest. She could feel his come trickling out of her pussy, but she liked the feel this one time and decided that she would change the sheets later.

They both fell into a sound sleep, wrapped in each other’s arms.


It was still only 4pm and Annie awoke, refreshed after her short sleep. She untangled herself from Steve and carefully got off the bed so as not to disturb him, before making her way to the bathroom where she stood under the shower, trying not to get her hair wet. Soaping her breasts and genitals brought fresh shivers of pleasure. She began to wonder what had gotten into her. “Apart from Steve and Michael”, she chuckled silently to herself.

From that day on, Annie attempted to join Steve most days when he retired to bed at lunchtime. The days when she couldn’t make it were usually when Bonnie had come round during her break from work. It was a change in their sex life that they both enjoyed and made the most of. She even fellated him for extended periods but made sure that she took his cock out of her mouth before he came. She quite enjoyed watching the jets of semen flying up onto his chest. As far as she was concerned, the further they flew, the better the job she had done.

Annie had yet to persuade Steve to repay the compliment but was beginning to work on a plan to “blackmail” him, by promising to take him all the way to climax if he did the same for her. For Steve, the idea of Annie swallowing his come was an unspoken, but very hot fantasy indeed.

Meanwhile, her adventure with Michael hadn’t exactly helped Bonnie. She was becoming increasingly sexually frustrated. In the words of the Rocky Horror Picture Show song; I’ve tasted blood and I want more (more, more, more). But although she craved male company, the kind of men that hit on her simply didn’t attract her. So, she had to rely increasingly on her little friend Mr Rabbit.


Three months after leaving for University, Michael returned home for Christmas.

Bonnie was happy to hear that he was coming back. She’d had many fantasies about ‘that night’ and even more about what she would like to happen now. She was looking forward to finding an excuse to visit once he was there.

Annie was more than a little bit worried about Bonnie. She knew how frustrated she was from their conversations and although nothing was said, she was concerned that her sister might try and seduce her son.

Annie finally invited Bonnie over on Sunday the week before Christmas. Steve had finished work for the festive period the day before and, although he was on call, wasn’t expecting to go into work. This was a clever plan of hers because it meant that Bonnie was unlikely to find an opportunity to be alone with Michael.

Steve had managed to acclimatise to “normal” hours within a couple of days; He kept himself up using strong coffee until the early evening on Saturday. Then slept for ten hours, before getting up and having a breakfast, rather than his “evening” meal. By Monday, he was remarkably well-adjusted. He even enjoyed sex with Annie each evening leading up to the festivities.

The family enjoyed their Sunday lunch and talked freely about home, work and studies. It was as they were tucking into dessert that Steve had an idea, which he spoke without thinking (he was still a little jet-lagged from his time=adjustment).

“Bonnie, I know Annie has invited you for Christmas Day, but why don’t you come over on Christmas Eve and stay over until after Boxing Day? We’ve got the third bedroom and I’m sure that you and Michael can get by sharing the one bathroom. It will save you driving and having to watch how much you drink.”

Steve was sure that his wife would be delighted with his offer. He knew the two of them had always been as thick as thieves and was equally sure that Bonnie would be invited for Boxing Day as well anyway. Annie merely smiled warmly and agreed that it would be a good idea, but inside she felt this might provide an opportunity for her sister to get up to mischief.

As planned, there was literally no chance for Bonnie gaziantep ofise gelen bayan escort to misbehave during her Sunday visit, but it didn’t stop her from kissing both Steve and Michael fully on the lips as she left for home, causing both to begin feeling a stirring in their underpants.


The following week was a busy one for Annie, Steve and Michael. They completed the festive decorations just as Bonnie turned up, case and gift bags in hand. She parked her car in the drive behind Michael’s as nobody was expecting to be going anywhere for the next three days.

Annie greeted her at the door, and showed her straight to her room, where she deposited her case and coat. Back downstairs, Steve kissed her on the cheek and asked if she would like something to warm her up. The unintentional double entendre sent a shiver through the most sensitive parts of Bonnie’s body. She even found herself looking at her sister’s husband and wondering what it could be like with him. She had heard from Annie that things in the bedroom had improved dramatically of late.

In the end, she plumped for a brandy. Not the sort of thing that she would usually drink in the afternoon, but it had been cold out and besides it was Christmas. The liquid slid down her throat, slightly burning but warming her rapidly.

“So, where’s Michael?” she asked (seemingly) casually.

“Ah, he’s making us very proud with his diligence. He said that an assignment was due as soon as he gets back to Uni, but that he would like to get it out of the way before Christmas. I love his ‘be lazy by getting things done sooner’ attitude,” replied Steve.

“He’s up in his room, pounding away on his laptop. We probably won’t see him until dinner,” Annie agreed.

Bonnie did her best to hide her disappointment and muttered something vaguely sounding like approval.

Finally, Michael emerged from his room at about 5pm. The evening meal was set for 6pm, so Annie had gone into the kitchen to begin the preparation. Her sister had already received a couple of brandy top-ups by now.

“Hello Aunt Bonnie,” Michael greeted her warmly.

She rose (a little unsteadily) to her feet for the customary relatives’ kiss on the cheek. But before they met, Steve interrupted them with a snap of his fingers.

“Nuts! I just realised I still need to wrap a present for Annie. I’d better do it now while she’s out of the room!”

He turned and walked swiftly out of the door and headed upstairs.

Michael and Bonnie looked back at each other and shrugged. She stepped towards him for the kiss, which he dutifully gave while placing his hand on her upper arms. It gave her that tingling sensation again.

Being taller, she was looking up past Michael’s face, when her eyes focussed just beyond him.

“Hold on just a cotton-picking minute!” she said. “You’re standing under the mistletoe! So, you must give me a proper kiss. It’s the law!”

Michael looked up and saw that she was, indeed, correct; he was standing beneath a sprig of mistletoe. Bonnie had already raised her arms and was hanging them around his neck, so he dropped his own to her waist and, their lips met, she pressed herself against the young man, enjoying his lips and his touch, hoping this would last for a while.

Knowing already what Bonnie looked and felt like naked, her body pressed against his him brought back memories of his last night before leaving for Uni. Unconsciously, his hands dropped to caress her buttocks through her trousers. She gasped into his mouth and immediately their tongues began duelling.

Breaking the kiss, gasping for breath, Bonnie grinned at Michael lasciviously.

“So, this old lady can still get you interested, huh?”

Her right hand slid down to find the hardening monster in his trousers. She squeezed and rubbed and went back to kissing again. Michael’s hands slithered up her body and found her generous boobs, where his thumbs concentrated on teasing the nipples through her blouse.

Then they heard Steve coming back downstairs, so they had to break apart and, trying not to look at each other again, attempted to make everything appear normal. Bonnie headed straight for her glass and took a sip, while turning to ask Michael if he wanted one, just as Steve came through the door.

“That’s sorted!” he said. He was so preoccupied with what he had been doing that if there had been any inkling of something going on, he would have missed it anyway. They in turn were so preoccupied with looking normal that they didn’t think to ask what he had been doing.


Perhaps Bonnie should have been surprised by Michael’s reaction to her advances, but the truth is that he too was feeling more than a little frustrated. Not long after starting Uni, he had gone out with a female student, and they had seemingly got on very well. So well, that in due course they ended up in her room. It was by this point obvious that she wanted gaziantep ofise gelen escort him to stay the night.

And that was where the problem began; when he removed his boxers, she gasped at his size and made it very clear that there was no way he was coming anywhere near her with that. She was sure it was too big to go in and that it would hurt. But she didn’t immediately kick him out, even though she didn’t want to fuck him, because she found his dick truly fascinating. Michael had assured her that he would never hurt her, even promising that he would put his boxers back on to prove it. She told him that wasn’t necessary, just so long as he promised not to destroy her delicate little pussy.

Michael had an idea how to settle her nerves and began kissing her gently. His lips moved around her face, down onto her neck and further to her breasts. She clearly like such attention and he could feel her relax and enjoy it. Gradually, he moved down and began to use his lips, tongue and fingers on her vagina. She loved it! Before long, her head was thrashing from side to side and her hips were lifting off the bed. She came so loudly that Michael was sure that everyone in the building would have heard. As it turned out, there was nobody else in the house at the time.

Kissing and cuddling after she had climbed down from her highest ever peak of ecstasy, she realised that Michael was still hard. She reached down and wrapped her hand around his shaft. She felt embarrassed that he was closely watching what she was doing, so she let go momentarily and pulled the bedcovers over them, before quickly using her mouth to suck the head. She only did this for a short time before returning to masturbate him. It felt like she had plenty of experience at this and although he lasted longer than her previous partners, his reactions were very similar. Right up until his orgasm.

In her mind, it was as if somebody had suddenly turned on a fire hose in her bed. The spurts of semen were not only powerful, but copious in volume and went on for far too long. She was holding onto his cock with one hand and trying to cover the eye with the other. He not only sprayed the bed, but she was covered in the white milky fluid too.

After that she kicked him out.

Then he found other potential female partners avoiding him. It took a while, but he finally found out what she had been telling everyone; that he was messy and awful in bed and that they didn’t get to have penetrative sex. She wasn’t lying, but by not telling the absolute truth, most interpreted that she was saying he got over-excited and came all over the bed before anything happened. Michael could have told people the truth of what happened, but that would do damage to her standing, and he was reluctant to do that. He therefore concentrated on his studies and spending leisure time with his male friends rather than attempting any further relationships.


It was Christmas Day and Annie got up early. She pulled on her robe and went into the bathroom to shower. Steve watched her come back out before rising himself. He reached under the bed and retrieved the gift that he had wrapped the previous day. He placed it on the bed and, planting a kiss on his wife’s lips as he walked past, pointed to the colourful package.

“That’s my special gift for you. I want you to wear it today.”

With that he disappeared into the bathroom. When he came back out, Annie was sitting at her dressing table, having dried her hair and was finishing her make-up.

It had become a little tradition within the family, that everybody was expected to dress for Christmas Day in a novel way. Steve was quickly dressed wearing a white shirt, white trousers, a colourful waistcoat and a bowtie that both lit up and played tunes. Once he was clothed, he stood and watched as Annie finished her make-up. Her dress hung on the wardrobe; it was a bright red velvet dress, with white fur collar and cuffs. She was going to wear green high-heeled shoes to go with the outfit.

Annie finished and stood up. When she turned round, she saw that Steve was watching her and she smiled, before peeling off her robe to reveal his Christmas gift; she was wearing an expensive (bright red) lingerie set that consisted of a fine lace material bra, panties and suspender belt. He had also bought her very fine seamed stockings which made her legs look fabulous once she had donned the shoes. The garments were so fine that they were almost transparent. The immediate effect upon him was obvious by the pronounced bulge in his trousers.

Steve reflected that his wife may well be middle-aged, but most heterosexual men would be turned on by her in that underwear.

Annie stepped into her dress and asked Steve to zip her up. Then she spun round a few times.

“Well, what do you think?” she asked.

The skirt had flared outwards as she had turned, revealing the welts of her stockings, this merely heightened his desire for her. He stepped forward with the intention of taking her in his arms and, possibly, much more. But Annie put her hand up to stop him.

“No! We have jobs to do. You’ll just have to wait until later to have some fun with that.”

She nodded at his erection.

The couple headed downstairs to get some breakfast, ahead of putting the turkey in the oven to be ready for lunchtime. The bird was far too big for just the four of them, but the extra meat would be frozen and used later.

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