Instant family Chapter 2 and 3


The next morning, I awoke to the smell of coffee and breakfast. I grabbed a quick shower before heading downstairs in my robe. Peter was at the dining room table, eating in the nude. A place was set for Molly and I.

“No sign of your sister yet?” I asked, coming downstairs. Peter smiled around a piece of bacon he was devouring. “If her night was anything like mine, she’s probably still sleeping.” He replied with a smirk.

“Why, what kind of night did you have?” A voice said from the top of the stairs. I was just sitting down, when Molly reached the bottom of the stairs, a puzzled look on her face, and not a stitch of clothing on. She had evidently showered, since her pretty red bush looked fresh and fluffy.

“Daddy fucked me good,” Peter replied with a smile. His face had a look of dreamy remembrance on it.

Molly, one knee on her chair with the other foot on the floor, giving me a perfect chance to enjoy her nude form, grabbed a piece of bacon with wide eyes.

“Did you get fucked in the butt?” she asked in disbelief.

Peter shrugged. “Well, yeah, that’s how it works.” he teased his sister.

Molly looked to me, her eyes had that wet, hurt look to them.

“Sis, don’t get upset. He’ll do you too.”

I suddenly felt bad, as if I had unintentionally chosen one sibling over the other. Molly sat on her chair to listen as Peter told her of his adventure. If she was still hurt, she hardly showed it. I saw her hand go down into her lap as he told her about our mutual oral sex.

Obviously rubbing herself as she listened, she finally broke in with a question. “Did he cum in you?” she asked in a voice that was huskier than she normally sounded like.

Peter sat up taller in his chair. “Why do you think I’m sitting on a towel?” he proudly asked, snagging the last of the bacon. He got up and carried his dishes to the kitchen and then bounded upstairs.

“Little One,” I said quietly. She opened her eyes to look at me. “Please save that for later.” I asked of her. Her hand slowly came to rest on the tabletop. She let out a big sigh through her nose and looked at me expectantly.

“Daddy loves you, and I truly did want to fuck you last night, but that’s all it would have been. My little girl deserves better. I want to set up an entire night for you and then make love to you. Believe me, there will be plenty of times when I want to fuck you, but last night you were a little shaken by your happy accident and then I knew you’d be drained. Pardon my pun.” I said, hoping to get a laugh.

She didn’t let me down, giggling and blushing. “Okay,” she said, although she still looked a little disappointed.

“Come to me, Little One,” I told her. I pushed back my chair from the table a bit and patted my leg. When she sat across my lap, I put one arm around her shoulders and held her close. She put her left arm over my shoulder and looked into my eyes. “Believe me, Daddy loves that cute little red bush. I can’t keep my hands off it, or keep it out of my mind.” She grinned and lowered her gaze. “Tonight will be all about you. We will go out and have a fancy dinner, we’ll be a little naughty and then we can come back here. You will come to my bedroom and we will see how many times you can make me cum. How’s that sound?”

Still blushing, her smile widened and she said. “Okay, Daddy, that sounds fun.” I gave her a kiss on the forehead but I was looking at her pussy.

“Let’s be a little naughty right now.” I told her. I maneuvered her little body around so that her legs now straddled one of mine. She leaned back against me, watching my hands as they slowly came together over her tummy, the fingers interlacing.

With her ear near my mouth, I began to talk softly to her. “I love your body, Little One. It’s perfect. Completely perfect. Your little breasts,” as I mentioned them, my hands lightly stroked up her stomach to gently cover each one. “They are perfect also.” I told her. Molly took in a sharp breath as he skin broke out in goosebumps. “The size of them, the color of your little pink nipples,” my hands moved to lightly pinch them as I talked about them. I kept my left hand on her breast as I let my right trail back down her front. “That cute little tummy, so flat. Seeing you in a mid-riff shirt would drive anyone crazy. Even your belly button is just right.” I got playful and tickled her navel with my finger. She giggled and squirmed but I held her close to me. “And then,” I said, dragging only my fingernails down further. “We come to that gorgeous little kitty, with its beautiful red hair.” I slid my fingers into her bush and caught some of the hairs between them, tugging them ever so lightly. She let out a ragged breath that caught as she felt my hand travel further down. I felt her shudder as I placed my hand over her mound. I could feel her wetness leaking out already. She groaned, eyes closed, and tightened her arm around my neck to help keep herself in position.

“Does that kitty like to be petted?” I asked her. With her eyes still shut, Molly could only give me a little smile and a nod.

I started rubbing over her labia, lightly at first, waiting for a response. As she began bucking her hips toward my hand more and more, I pressed harder.

I found her slit and ran my finger up to her clit, collecting the wetness along the way. Once I hit her button, she sucked in a breath through her teeth and I knew to take it softly at first. A gentle touch had her almost purring. I ran my fingertip around her little bud, using her own juice as a lubricant. Her arm around my neck tightened even more.

“Do you like that, baby?” I asked. Molly nodded again and said, “Oh, yes.” I told her Daddy wanted to know when she cums so, she was to announce it. My little girl nodded quickly then went back to concentrating on her pussy.

While this was all going on, my robe tie had loosened and come open, revealing that I was naked underneath. My dick was free and harder than I could remember, but I gave all my attention to my Little One.

With her being so short, I had my right arm around her waist and my hand in her crotch. My left hand rested on her left thigh so I used it to further her excitement. Rubbing very softly along her lips, I wet my finger and then slipped into her. Increasing my attention on her clit, her bare legs began to shake uncontrollably with my finger sliding deeper into her warm folds.

By the time I had worked my finger in to the second knuckle, she was beginning to flail her legs. I was fingering her with an increasing tempo as my other hand blurred around her clit. Her arm over my shoulder was pulling me downward, but her lesser strength and smaller stature was no match for me. Molly began to pull herself up and then let herself sink back down on my finger as she began to pant and make little exclamations like, “Oh, fuck.” and “Oh, my god!”.

Just as I worked my finger in all the way, she made an announcement. “I’m so close, Daddy!”

I kept up my ministrations as she drew closer to cumming and to me, practically slamming my jaw together when her head bucked into my chin.

“Let it go, baby girl, cum for Daddy.” I whispered in her ear as it passed.

“Oh, god!” She suddenly tensed up, her naked feet finding the rung between the chair legs and hugging herself to me. Both fingers followed her movements, giving her all I could. A flood followed, like someone forcefully throwing the contents of a glass of water on the floor, she came. Hot liquid sprayed out of her little pussy and down to the hardwood floor in a splash.

“Oh, fuck!” My daughter suddenly yelled. She stayed tense for a moment as a little more girl juice leaked out and ran down my leg. Like a balloon someone had let the air out, Molly let out a breath and collapsed against me. “I came, Daddy.” She reported tiredly.

I held her close, turning her on my lap so she could sit across me again. Molly leaned into me, then realized where she was.

“That’s your cock?” She asked surprised. I could feel it warm against her leg

I told her yes and her eyes grew wider. She quickly got off my lap and stood before me, inspecting me.

Molly, my lovely girl, got on her knees to get a better look at my equipment. It was then that I realized it was her first time seeing me.

She stared a second then looked up at me. “Can I touch it?” She asked, so innocently that I had to smile.

“Of course, Little One,” I told her. I knew she was familiar with her brother’s cock, which had to be only half my length. She reached out and grabbed me with finger and thumb. Pulling it toward her, as much as a hard-on could bend, she looked at the tip with it’s larger than normal hole and deep purple head.

“It’s so hot,” She said, almost to herself. Gently, as if holding some delicate, priceless artifact, she cupped my balls. Molly’s eyes darted to my face to see that she wasn’t hurting me. How could she? I was hard as blue steel, having this beautiful redhead kneeling before me, holding my dick. She kept watching me as she slowly leaned forward. Finally, she placed her lips on the head of my dick. Light as a snowflake, she kissed it, then quickly looked up to see me with my eyes closed and a pleased smile on my face.

Again, Molly leaned in. I have never been one to have pre-cum. If I’m going to fire one off, I just do it, no warning beforehand. But this was a situation I had never experienced before. This girl, this beautiful dream come true, was nude, on her knees orally servicing me and doing it because she wanted to.

She took the head into my mouth, experimenting, and gave me a light suck, all the while still holding me in both her hands. It only lasted a few seconds, before she released me from her mouth and sat back.

She had a look on her face of contemplation. “You taste better than Peter. Yours tastes more like fruit. He tastes like beer.” she announced with a wrinkled nose.

I leaned forward and lifted her under the arms until she was standing. “And you taste like a fine champagne.” I told her, grabbing her around her naked waist suddenly and pulling her up on my lap. My arms trapped her on my lap and hers intertwined around my neck. I kissed her, directly on the mouth, which I think surprised her, but she kissed me back. When I went in for another, she was ready and opened her mouth. We battled tongues in a kiss that had me even harder, if that was possible. We stayed that way for a bit, until we heard Peter come back down the stairs. As he walked past us on his way to the kitchen, his off-hand comment about somebody having spilled something on the floor had us share a laugh.

I left word for Molly to take her time getting ready and even told Peter Sex hikaye to help. He was to help her bathe, using her scented bath oil, (either lavender or lilac), and to treat her like it was a spa day. I laid out a simple black dress for her to wear on her bed and then retreated to my own suite. Hours later, rested and showered, dressed in a dark suit after a spa day for myself, I exited my rooms and headed down to meet my date. As she heard my tread on the stairs, she came forward, looking more radiant and beautiful than should be allowed. Her long, lustrous hair was freely flowing down her back, tucked behind each delicate ear, with her bangs just as they should be, on her forehead. She wore light eye make-up, giving her that so-called smokey-eye look, and a peach lipstick that went well with her complexion. I was happy to see she hadn’t hidden any of her freckles. Loosely draped over her bare shoulders was a burgundy wrap that complemented the strapless black dress I had chosen for her. I could just see the red polish on her toes as they peeked out of the open toes of her flats. In her hand, she held a simple black clutch purse.

“How do I look, Daddy?” She asked, her eyes sparkling as she watched me come down the last few stairs.

I waited until the last step to comment, teasing her. I adjusted my cuff links and straightening my tie before commenting.

Dutifully, she stood, expectantly waiting for my reply. I went up to her quickly, my arm snaking around her and pulling her close roughly.

“You,” I whispered to her in a taut, lowered voice. “have to be the most beautiful woman I have ever seen.” I dipped her and kissed her passionately. She at first had to overcome her shock and surprise at my expression of lust and desire and then returned the kiss wholeheartedly. Peter leaned against the door into the kitchen, his arms crossed against his chest and surprisingly, wearing a pair of swimming trunks. He wore a sly smile as he asked, “Well, how did I do?”

I winked to him and stood his sister back on her feet, holding her a moment to make sure she was steady enough. “She looks perfect. Thank you.” I said as sweeping headlights shined in the front windows.

Peter walked us to the door. “Your ride awaits,” he said with flourish as he opened the door. I squeezed a butt cheek of his as we walked out.

“She couldn’t look better.” I told him.

Molly couldn’t believe I had hired us a limousine, black of course, with a driver separated from us by a solid partition. As soon as we were inside, she threw herself at me. We made out like teenagers on their way to prom.

“Oh, I am so horny,” she admitted to me, straddling my lap. “Peter teased me all day!” She sat on me, going over her day. “First he gave me a bath and washed my hair twice. Then he conditioned it and my kitten fur.” She smiled wickedly. “He even combed my hair, one hundred times like I always do. Then he brushed my kitty. He teased that you would like it soft. He even stuck the brush handle into me to make me get all wet.”

I adjusted my hard-on as she continued. “Then, when I was done in the bath, he led me to the masseuse table. He had a TV set up in the room, along with a porno on. He gave me a hot oil rubdown while he played an anal porn movie. He kept telling me you like to have anal sex.” Here she got a nervous look and bit her lip. “Is that true?”

Contemplating being honest with her and the potential to scare her, I decided to try and alleviate her mind for the evening. “I do enjoy anal, but I would not enjoy hurting you. I wouldn’t try it until you had been prepared and you were ready.”

She nodded. “Okay, cuz the movie really got me going, but I have to admit that I’m scared about it hurting. I mean, I want to make you happy, but its a little scary.”

Moving her past her apprehensions, I asked her what else she had done today. “Well, Peter gave me a facial.” Here she smirked at the term, realizing the double meaning, but I didn’t comment. “And a manicure. He’s really good at it. I swear sometimes that he’s gay.” she added, her excitement causing her to talk quickly. “He helped with my makeup too, and then helped me get dressed. He was telling me all kinds of things to get me excited, like what position did I think we’d first do it in? And did I want to suck your cock and would I try 69 with you, and would I swallow your cum? Stuff like that. He even told me how good it felt when you fucked him.” As she recalled her sexual conversations, her hand trailed down her front, intent on a little self-pleasure. I took her by the wrist, teasingly removing it to my shoulder and kissed her once more.

She then slid off my lap, turned around and sat down the seat that faced us. While looking at me, she slowly hitched her dress up a bit, teasing me with her bare legs.

“You know, you could just fuck me now, we could skip dinner,” she said wickedly. Her feet came up a bit, giving me even more of a look at her. She was more excited than I have ever seen, teasing me and herself by running her fingertips over herself through her dress. She was practically begging me to dive on her. “Fuck me now, no one will know.” I was half-tempted, but I knew making her wait while continuing to stoke the fire her brother had started would make our sex encounter even more hot.

Activating the intercom to the driver, I gave him an address to head to before the restaurant. He readily acknowledged and I felt the car change lanes. I let Molly sit across from me, teasing me and telling me about the porno, but I would not let her touch herself directly. Just as the car came to a stop, I asked her if she was wearing panties.

“Should I be?” she asked, looking embarrassed. Then a sly grin broke out on her porcelain face.

“Yes, Peter said I should.”

I reached for the door handle. “Good, come with me, Little One,” I led her out of the car, which sat in front of a store front on a quiet street. The shop had several mannequins in lingerie in the front window, tasteful as well as titillating.

I held the door open for Molly to step in as she read the sign above.

“Priscilla’s?” She looked back as me in surprise. “Isn’t this a sex shop?”

“One of the best in the city,” I replied. “You can find almost anything here.”

Once inside, Molly froze in embarrassment. She found herself confronted by hundreds of items, all having to do with sex. From toys to outfits and leather good, to a whole wall of pornographic movies, she was in overload.

“Come now, Little One, remember why we are here.” I led her along, with Molly only occasionally looking up. Her face was flushed. At the check-out counter in the center of the shop, we stopped and I introduced Molly to the clerk who I only know by her work name, Roxy Carmichael. She stood 5’6” in her crimson stiletto heels and black fishnet stockings. Her hair was blue in color and done up in a way that reminded me of Pebbles Flintstone but without the bone. She wore large, dark-framed glasses, fingerless gloves and a denim jacket over a plain white t-shirt. It was obvious she wasn’t wearing a bra, and her small breasts didn’t need one. The skirt she wore reminded me of something fashionable from several decades ago. It puffed out from her body and was white with black polka-dots.

“Very 80’s.” I commented. “It looks good on you, Roxy.”

A large smile and a loud ‘Hey!’as she recognized me had her coming out from behind the counter for a hug. It was later that Molly told me she could see Roxy wasn’t wearing any panties. Typical.

“And who is this little beauty?” Roxy asked, leaning an arm against me as if leaning against a wall.

“Roxy, this is my new daughter, Molly. I want you to outfit her with a few things. A butterfly, a bullet with a remote control, a slender plug, and I think some of the lead weights with the adjustable pinch-type clamps.” Roxy nodded, following along as I ticked off each item. She then grabbed Molly’s hand and led her toward a back room.

While the two ladies went about their business, I did a little shopping of my own. I was able to locate another copy of a wonderful DVD on enjoying anal sex by a doctor who supposedly used to work for a porno company; a couple of different brands of lubricant, since you never know which she’ll like better, the warming or the cooling; and a black velvet choker with a small charm to go with it that read ‘Daddy’s Girl’.

I had expected that the women wouldn’t be gone too long, but after consulting my watch and realizing the reservations were coming up soon, I headed for the back room.

I was not surprised in the least to find Roxy, squatting on the floor, rubbing her shaved pussy while her face was buried in Molly’s pussy. I could see where wetness had run down Roxy’s chin and dripped onto the hardwood floor. Molly, who leaned back against a desk, was panting with her eyes screwed shut, her panties around one ankle, and her hands roaming from squeezing her breasts to pushing on the back of Roxy’s head.

“Roxy, we have dinner reservations,” I chided, leaning against the door jamb and scolding the two while I crossed my arms. Roxy gave me a grin and looked sheepish as she had to wipe her mouth with both arms. Molly looked angrier.

Roxy stood. “I couldn’t help it. She’s got a gorgeous pussy and that thick red snatch patch is too much! I couldn’t help but taste her.”

I shook my head in mock disgust, but was secretly turned on. I’d thought about watching Molly with another woman and Roxy might be the perfect candidate.

“Is she ready?” I asked as I watched Molly get her underwear in order.

Roxy grabbed a sack from the desk and came up to me. “Here’s the remote for the bullet, she’s all set. And the rest is in the bag.” She gave me a quick kiss on the cheek and I caught the faint smell of Molly on her breath.

“I have a few more purchases at the register,” I informed her.

“Which I will be happy to put on your charge account,” She replied, heading up front. Back behind the register, she quickly wrote down my other items for the bill. By this time, Molly had joined me.

“How does it feel?” I asked about the small vibrator that Roxy had inserted into Molly’s tight kitty.

Molly leaned in. “I’m glad I have underwear on or it might just slip out.” she whispered, embarrassed Roxy might hear.

Too busy reading the DVD I had purchased, Roxy hadn’t heard us. “Oh, you are in for a good time, little girl.” She said with a devilish smile as she waggled the anal DVD. All of the items went into the bag and I thanked Roxy again for all her help.

Escorting Molly out, she turned to confront me once we were on the sidewalk. “What did she mean by that?”

I Erotik hikaye smiled at her twinge of jealousy. “Roxy enjoys anal as much as I do.”

Molly’s eyes took on that hurt look. “Did you do her?”

“No, Little One, I haven’t. I came to the store to get a movie once before and she recommended the same one I bought.” She seemed to relax after that. I held the car door open for her and as she passed she hugged me. “I’m surprised she wasn’t wearing her pony tail. She often does while working.” Molly’s confused look told me she mistook my comment to mean something about hairstyles. Instead, I told Molly, that Roxy has a set of butt-plugs with horsetails attached.

“Purple is her favorite,” I told her as I unboxed the choker I had for her. I had her kneel on the floor of the limo as I put it on her. She stayed on her knees but turned to face me as I explained the meaning of it.

“This is to show all others that you are mine.” I told her seriously. “You are my daughter and my lover, and I will not let you go. You are too great a treasure to let get away.” I then stood her up and kissed her deeply, hugging her close. She had such a euphoric look on her face, and I think I saw her try and hide the fact that she had to wipe her eyes. Sliding out of my embrace, she again knelt before me on the limo floor.

“Is it really messed up that I want to suck my daddy’s cock?” she asked me.

“Not if its two willing participants.” I told her. She grabbed my zipper and tugged it down while I reached for the car phone to the driver. Giving him instructions to take the long way, I almost groaned into the phone as Molly’s hot, wet mouth slid down my shaft.

After the pre-dinner blowjob, which Molly swallowed, I was more than ever tempted to take her in the car. But I wanted to do it right, and I wanted to be able to take my time.

I alerted the driver when we were ready for the restaurant and he had us there in no time. Escorting Molly inside, the waiter greeted me warmly. “So nice to have you back, Monsieur. And as always, with a very charming companion.” He said, eyeing Molly. He was a man with similar tastes as my own.

“This is my daughter, Molly,” I told him as he pulled out a high-backed chair for her. He made some comment about her being the most beautiful woman in the restaurant that night, and I agreed.

After he seated Molly, I approached him and leaned forward. “You should see her nude.” I confided, knowing it would drive him wild. As I took my own seat, I activated the vibrator in Molly with the remote in my coat pocket. I set it to simply warm up for now.

Molly wouldn’t notice right away, she was more fascinated by the decor. The restaurant is very exclusive and classy. It has long tablecloths in case a lover is feeling frisky, and the bathrooms are co-ed. Much of what happens here is not only tolerated but encouraged. Except for flat-out intercourse on the tabletop, anything goes. We watched as two Asian women began making out while their male companion watched and sipped his wine; another woman standing by her table, with her gown hiked up, masturbating for her dinner guests; and I could see the back end of a large German Shepherd who was currently under the table, obviously pleasing his owner, a large breasted blonde woman.

Molly watched, enraptured, her menu unopened in front of her.

“I suppose I am going to have to eat your little wet pussy tonight,” I commented with a forced sigh. I used the word ‘pussy’ to catch her attention, and made it sound as if I thought it was going to be a boring chore. Her face didn’t lose any of its wonderment, but she did turn to me and finally realized I was teasing her. Her attention went back to our fellow dinner companions.

“Watch carefully, we may bring one of them home to get you warmed up,” I said with a smile.

Only the flush in her cheeks gave me any indication of her embarrassment. She kept both hands on the table, but I saw her shift in her chair.

The waiter returned with our wine, which I had ordered each time I dined here. He never bothered to check Molly’s age before pouring her a glass. We toasted each other and I watched as she tried a tentative first sip. She must have approved, because the next sip was longer. I would allow her a little to take the edge off the evening, but not so much as to ruin our night.

“I wonder how much juice you will squirt tonight?” I stated.

Molly, her head whipping around to face me with a shocked little smile on her face, admonishing me for making the comment, as well as making it loud enough someone could hear.

“Daddy!” she whispered loudly. Again she shifted in her chair. Knowing that she enjoyed hearing about sexual exploits, I decided to see how far I could push her along.

“Of course, I should film our first night. I bet Roxy would love to rub herself to watching that pretty little pussy getting fucked.” Molly trembled and I saw her smile dim. She must have been feeling the effect of the vibrator.

“I bet Peter will want to watch it too, maybe while I fuck him again.” With that, my hand stole to my pocket and I tapped the vibrate button, sending a brief tingle to Molly’s little pussy.

She jumped and let out a yelp. Her cheeks flushed even more.

“Do not be embarrassed, Little One. Everyone here is busy with their own pleasures. Enjoy the moment, because tomorrow, you may not be able to walk.”

I gave my new daughter a chance to recover once the waiter returned for dinner orders. I requested the steak and put in an order for Molly, who I think was too shocked to look up. Once he went away, I renewed my talk.

“I plan to strip you naked as soon as we are inside the front door of the house. I will then carry you upstairs to my room and lay you down on my bed. You are to hold the backs of your knees and show yourself off to me as I undress. Do you understand?” I punctuated my words with another tap of the vibrator.

Molly was able to stifle a yelp, but she did bob in her chair and hissed at me. “Yes, Daddy.”

“I want this to be a night of love and passion, Little One, I want to hear what you want also,” I told her, sending her another vibration.

“Yes, Daddy” She uttered with gritted teeth. I imagined that her pussy was leaking onto her chair. I continued to tell her things I wanted to do her, each ending with a tap of the button. She seemed to relax more as it went on, her eyes closing and a peaceful trace-like calm came to her face. I think she was past caring if anyone noticed and instead became determined to enjoy herself.

Her eyes remained closed as our food came. “You must not cum, Molly, not without permission.”

Only then did her eyes come open. She looked to me in a pleading surprise at being denied the obvious goal of my game. Then she noticed the waiter standing patiently at our table. She never even looked at the food before her.

“You must ask Mr. Evans here, if you may cum. And you must abide by what he decides. If you cannot do as he says, then you will go home and sleep in your bed alone.” I told her, my features set sternly.

My friend Evans enjoyed this game very much. “Do you want to cum, Miss?” he asked her.

I was very proud when Molly nodded and mustered a quiet little, “Yes, sir, please.”

Evans studied her for a moment. Another vibration, a little longer this time went through her. She quickly took a larger gulp of her wine.

“How do you feel about your new father?”

A single tear flowed down her cheek as she hoarsely replied. “I’m very happy he chose me,” she croaked. I couldn’t have been more proud.

“What would you do if he told you you could not cum tonight?” Evans asked as another vibration went through my beautiful girl.

“I would go to bed happy that he was my daddy.” She said, barely audible. Her eyes had closed, but she steadied herself before she answered him, meeting his eye.

Mr. Evans stood there a moment longer, continuing to watch her. He turned to go and leaned toward me. “She is a rare gift.” he commented

“I am well aware.” I replied.

Stopping a moment, he turned back as an after-thought. “You may cum, my dear.”

At that, I gradually increased the intensity and the duration of the vibrations for my little girl. Molly grabbed the table in both hands, she bit her lip, then switched to panting in hard breaths, not seeming to care who might notice. Her eyes squinted she held them so tightly shut in her concentration and she leaned back in her chair.

“Oh, fuck yes, Daddy!” She announced to the restaurant. “I am going to cum!” She proudly declared. I continued the attention I was sending her little pussy. She was too far gone to notice how the restaurant had quieted and all eyes were on her.

Molly trembled uncontrollably, giving in to her orgasm. Continuing to grip the table, she leaned back again until I was worried she would tip her chair. She groaned deep in her throat, letting out a primal growl, then threw herself forward, then back as she began coming down.

Recalling some of her modesty, she worked through the last of the waves of vibrating pleasure that went through her. She slumped forward some, her eyes still closed for a moment, then she opened them and looked directly at me. “Can we please go home and fuck now, Daddy?” She asked me in a dreamy, drained voice.

The restaurant erupted in loud applause. Molly, a satisfied little grin on her face, turned to look at them. I stood and pulled out her chair. Taking her hand, I helped her to her feet and informed the waiter we needed the check.

“Of course, Monsieur. It will be on your tab.” Evans politely said. He had a very pleased smile on his kindly face. With the clapping finally calming down, Molly leaned in toward Evans.

“I squirted all over your chair,” she said, then she bent down. Between the wetness and the weight of the vibrator inside her, her little black lace panties had slid down. She stepped out of them and handed them to Evans. “For you. Thank you for the orgasm.” She said dreamily. I picked up my little girl and carried her to the door. Molly, her arms around my neck, waved to a couple of patrons as we passed. She received several calls of encouragement for our evening’s festivities and even some offers to buy other articles of clothing or even the chair she had sat in.

The next morning, I awoke to sunlight streaming in my windows and a very blissful and satisfied feeling of contentment and sexual vigor.

I lay under the sheet, nude, contemplating the morning. I decided I at least needed a shower since it seemed the sheet was stuck to me in places. As I placed my hands under my head Porno hikayeleri and enjoyed the sun’s rays, I heard voices. It was then that I realized Molly had left my bed.

Laying quietly, I listened and could just make out the conversation between brother and sister.

Molly was filling her brother in as to our night’s escapades. “So, he carried me out of the restaurant, back to the limo. When we were in the back seat, he pulled off my dress so I was completely naked. I was soaked and he sat me on his lap and ran his fingers through my kitty fur.”

“Just say ‘pussy hair’” Peter teased her.

“Anyway!” Molly said forcefully. “He told the driver to take us home and he did it with the window open. The driver could see me!”

“I’m surprised he didn’t drive into a ditch.” Peter said.

“I was so fucking hot. I was straddling Daddy’s lap and facing forward while he rubbed me. It felt so good, I didn’t care the driver kept looking back at me. When we got home, Daddy said we needed to pay him, so we walked up to the driver’s window, me totally naked. Daddy paid him and I smiled at him and said he was a very good driver. Then he thanked us and drove away. Daddy picked me up again and carried me into the house.”

“Do you know you’ve got dried cum on your face?” Peter interjected.

I heard Molly giggle. “Yeah, the last time Daddy came on my face.”

“Geez, How many times did you fuck?”

Molly was quiet for a moment, thinking. “I don’t know, he came in me at least 4 times. I’m a sticky mess!” she said loudly.

“Oh, maybe I should get a taste.” Peter must have moved down on the bed.

“Peter, do you want to hear this or not?”

His reply was slightly muffled and I heard Molly’s sharp intake of breath. “Go ahead, I can hear you. Man, there is dried cum all down your legs too!”

“Yeah, Daddy filled me up! First it was him on top, I liked that cuz he laid on me and I could hold him close. His mouth was right by my ear and I could hear him telling me how good I was and how much he loved to look at me. I tried to wrap my legs around him, but I couldn’t reach. He just kept going and then suddenly he grabbed the back of my head and held me tightly as he came in me. He kept panting in my ear, telling me I was the perfect woman. Then he had me get into doggy style and I was worried he might want anal, but all he did was use this lube that warmed up to rub on my little hole while he slipped into my kitty. Wow, that felt different. He kept me going over the edge, his big dick in me, one hand rubbing my butthole and the other squeezing my boob. It was so slippery inside me he kept popping out. Then, we I said I was going to cum, he pounded into me and then blasted inside me again. Then he told me he wanted to watch me on top of him so he could feel my tittles. That was fun because I felt like I was doing the fucking… Ow, be careful! Peter, I sore as hell!” Molly complained.

“I just want to feel how wet you are inside from all the fucking. Besides, you can suck his cum off my cock when I pull out.”

“It wasn’t fucking,” Molly said seriously. “We made love.” This caught my attention.

“What do you mean?” Peter seemed to question her.

“I love him, Peter. I really do. I mean I love you too, but this is different. I don’t want to lose him. He gave me this choker and told me I was his forever. I want to be his forever.”

There was a silence that went on for a moment.

“I am happy for you, sis.” Peter said, quietly. “I like him too.”

“I wish I was his real daughter.” Molly said suddenly. “I want to be a part of him.”

“I think you’re outta luck there, sis.”

Molly replied suddenly, I could hear the smile in her voice. “No, I have an idea. What if I ate his cum for a whole day, or maybe like, two. If that’s all I eat then my body would make his cum part of me, like food normally does. Then I’d be part of him.” She seemed to be nervous and shy all of a suddenly, probably worried that Peter thought she was nuts.

“Mol, it’s okay. I think if you want to do this, this is the best way. You two would be linked.”

“You don’t think it would scare him away?”

“Certainly not, in fact I am touched, Little One.” I said from the doorway. Peter had moved up by her, sitting on the side of the bed to listen, his cock was wet from probing in his sister’s pussy. He smiled knowingly at me as he looked over my nakedness while I stood there.

Molly, who was a beautiful mess, sat with her back against the headboard. Her makeup had run some, and she had cum all in her hair and over both cheeks. Some had dripped down her lovely breasts and dried to shiny patches.

I was surprised the poor girl could walk. I could remember feeling like a man possessed last night. As soon as I had her in my bed, I couldn’t get enough of her. As she saw me come into the room, she flushed, but smiled widely, her eyes wet.

“Oh, Daddy!” she sniffed and sat up, but a raised hand from me kept her from getting up.

“Wait, Little One,” I went to the bed and scooped her up again. “How about a bath?” She nodded and sniffed happily, her arms around my neck. She buried her head against my chest as I carried her into the master bath just off my bedroom. First I took her into the shower, big enough for more than just us, and sat her down on the seat. I told her I would wash her out so she wouldn’t be soaking in a cum bath.

“But, Daddy,” she said, her arms going around my neck as I knelt in front of her with the detachable shower head. “That’s what I want. I want to be covered in your hot, creamy cum.” She teased with a devilish smile.

“I think that putting out that much would kill me, Little One.” I told her, making sure the water temp was perfect. I aimed it at her little flower, now more of an upset flower with her lips an angry pink. I made sure the water spray was soft enough and then aimed it at her. I told her to rinse herself as I went to go draw her bath. The bathtub in my bathroom was big enough for two and had several jets. I started the water, adding some bath oil and bubbles. Once the water was at a good temp, I went to check on Molly, not surprised in the least that she was using the shower head on her little clit.

“Oh, god, yes, Daddy! Make me cum again!” She hissed as the spray pushed her over the edge. I cleared my throat, as I watched through the glass door. My erection was as hard as ever, seeing her legs spread as wide as they would go, her pussy hair dark and soaking wet and her face in ecstasy. She came down slowly, and finally opened her dreamy eyes. With a smile, she reached up and switched off the water.

“Are you ready for me?” she purred as she met me at the shower door.

Opening the door, I crossed my arms. “Yes, Little Molly, your bath awaits.”

Suddenly she squatted down in the doorway. “Can I have a little breakfast first?” She said grabbing my cock and putting it into her mouth.

I hadn’t realized I was a little sore also, but there was no way I was stopping my little girl from getting her breakfast. She certainly had gotten more attentive about her blow jobs as time went by. She had learned just the right level of suction and that whatever wouldn’t fit in her little mouth, she could stroke with her hands. She also had paid attention to how she held me in her mouth, making sure her teeth didn’t scrape. Her loving and tender attentions had me thinking about her earlier statement.

“Molly, my love, why did you say you wanted to be my real daughter?”

She held my cock still, but popped it out of her mouth. “I mean just that. I want to be yours, a part of you. A kind of connection to you.” She looked up at me with soft eyes, and swallowed the lump in her throat. “I love you, Daddy.” She said hoarsely.

“Aww, baby girl. I love you too!” I told her emphatically. I bent and picked her up for a naked hug. She laid her head on my shoulder and hugged me close with her arms. Her legs went around my waist. “Please, don’t let me go.” She said quietly.

“Never,” I told her just as quietly. I kissed her ear, since she was almost permanently attached to me and that’s the only part I could see. “Come now, Little One, your bath is ready.” I carried her to the tub and lowered her into the water slowly, knowing it could sting a little against that sore kitten of hers. She practically disappeared in the bubbles and groaned a bit as she got used to the hot water. Knowing that the bath had a TV that played DVDs, I had popped in the anal sex instructional video earlier. As it started, I looked to my little lover for her reaction. At first, the cheesy music didn’t even get her to open her eyes as she leaned back against the padded seat of the tub. But then a scene from a porno with two woman, one who told the other that she wanted the strap-on in her ass made her spring upright.

“This is about learning anal sex. I would like you to watch it, Little One.” I explained. My erection hadn’t lost any of its stiffness and with the scene switching to one of a beautiful blonde telling her husband, who held the camera, that because she loved him so much and was so horny, that she wanted him to cum in her ass, it wouldn’t any time soon.

Molly sat back, but concentrated on the screen. Another scene was two women, in a 69 position with the woman on top being fucked in the ass by a long flexible toy, being worked into her by the woman on the bottom. I began stroking a bit as I watched; familiar with all these scenes and knowing they ended in women who thoroughly enjoyed anal sex. As the scene ended and switched to the ‘doctor’, I was very close to blowing. Molly seemed to have forgotten I was there and I could see little waves in the water as she watched. Another scene, another I was familiar with, came on, an attractive brunette who’s eyes had literally rolled back in her head as her lover grabbed her shoulders in anal ecstasy. At that point, I stepped up to the tub, my fist tight around my cock.

“Molly, open your mouth,” I commanded her. She came right to the side of the tub and got up on her knees, eagerly opening for me. My first shot exploded into her mouth and down her throat, but not wanting to let me down, she stayed right there and accepted the rest of my load. She coughed a little and swallowed it down. I couldn’t believe how hard this little vixen made me cum. After a bit, my vision cleared and I could catch my breath. On screen, another beautiful brunette was taking a strap on that looked to be about the size of a baseball bat and loving it.

“Pay attention and do the exercises. You may have to watch it more than once.” I told her, with a twinkle in my eye. She smiled and sunk into the suds to her chin, her attention all on the screen. I saw her toes poke out of the water on each side of the tub, meaning that under the bubbles she was spread wide. I went back to my bedroom and returned to my bed.

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