Internet Lover


I had never done this before. I was tense, excited yet terribly nervous. What if he didn’t like me? I thought to myself over and over again. I was on my way to London, stuck on the train in a carriage filed with other people, all of them talking far too loudly and most of them sweating far to much for my liking, to meet a man I had been chatting to for a couple of months on the internet. I sat there thinking things over in her mind. I really had no idea why I had given in and let my impulses run wild. It really wasn’t like me at all. Alright, I admit that I am a bit crazy sometimes and I do do wild things from time to time but I had never done anything like this before. I had to be honest with myself though. The thought of going down to London and meeting with this man purely for the sole reason of fucking him turned me on so much my panties were soaked right through near enough

When I got off the train I felt such relief to be off it, away from the crowdedness of the carriage and the large number of people in it. And then I walked into the underground. To call it crowded would be an understatement. It was so packed I could barely move! And that was just a Sunday! I shuddered to think of what it would be like at 9am on a Monday morning. The underground ride only took half an hour. I hadn’t realised that London was so big! Guess that shows just how many times I’ve been there before then! I was relieved to finally get off of there and to be out in the open, yet slightly polluted air of south London. I looked around, trying to spot my internet lover. He wasn’t there. Then I remembered, I had said to him that I would call him when I was almost at my stop. But since there’s no signal on the underground I wouldn’t have been able to call him anyway. So I whipped out my phone and quickly called him.

I’ll be there in 10 minutes he said. So I sat and made myself comfortable on a nearby railing. 10 minutes passed, 15, nearing onto 20 when he finally came around the corner. I have to admit he wasn’t what I expected, and yes I was slightly disappointed. But he was cute, with what I like to think good classic black man features that just oozes sex appeal and he did have a really cheeky grin that made me feel completely Kadıköy Anal Escort at ease with him. It wasn’t long before we were back at his place. He had a tidy little flat, with one bedroom, a kitchen, bathroom and very little furniture. I was given the grand tour, ending back in front of the front door. He flashed another one of his cheeky grins at me and suddenly grasped my jeans pocket and pulled me in close. I moulded up against his body as he held me there whilst he gently kissed me. Silently, he released his hold of me and then, taking my hand, led me into the bedroom.

Once in there he pulled me close again, and began to kiss me, more fiercely this time, his tongue dipping into my mouth, his left hand holding my ass tightly, his right hand roughly intertwined in my hair, holding me tightly so he could use my mouth in what ever way he wanted. Then he backed off again, but this time only to take off his top. Again I’m going to be completely honest, he didn’t have a body like Wesley Snipes, but his arms were well muscled, and he had a smattering of hair over his chest that was so sexy! He pulled me close again and this time my arms were trapped between our bodies. I ran my finger lightly through his chest hair, then along his arms and up to his face. I traced my fingers along his jaw line and into his thick curly black hair. I tried to wrap my fingers around his hair but it was just too curly and far too thick for that. His hand had come up and was gently kneading my breast, like it was a lump of bread dough. I moaned and flung my head back, breaking our kiss.

Carefully he stepped back again and began to undress me. First my top came over my head, leaving me in just my bra and jeans. I felt embarrassed letting him see me like that, as my tummy isn’t small and it over hung my jeans waist line a fair bit (the curse of jeans; if they’re too tight they look awful on you, but if they’re too loose, yes they don’t squeeze your tummy but they always end up falling to below your knees if you’re not careful!). But he didn’t seem to care. His fingers quickly snapped open my bra and released my breasts for his scrutiny. He dipped his head and began to suckle on them; first one then the other, Kadıköy Yaşlı Escort making my nipples harden into to little points of desire. I didn’t realise it but as he lapped at my nipples his hands had been busy. Soon I was standing there in just my thong, with my head throw back and my knees pressing against the bed. He stopped only long enough to pull his own jeans off then he nudged me backwards so that I fell onto the bed.

I pushed myself up onto my elbows so that I could watch him finish undressing. It didn’t take very long. He didn’t have any underwear on under his jeans, so that as soon as he pulled them off his cock swung free. I gave a gasp as I saw it for the first time. It was huge! At least 7 inches long, with no foreskin and thicker than anything id ever seen before. He came closer to me, and I leant forward grasping his cock gently in my hand. I slowly began to slide my hand up and down it, all the time watching my hand. I couldn’t take my eyes off of it. I could have stayed there all day just watching my hand slide up and down that monster cock, but he had other ideas. He gently took hold of the side of my head and brought it closer to his cock. I glanced upwards at him then opened my mouth. Slowly he pushed the head of his cock between my lips, letting me run my tongue lightly over it, getting my first taste of his pre cum. It was almost unbearably sweet; I let it flow over my tongue, completely covering it before I swallowed it down. He began to fuck my face with his black cock, pulling it in and out of my mouth roughly, yet being careful not to chock me (one sad thing about myself, is that I have never been able to deep throat. Something that I’ve always wanted to do yet could never manage, even with small cocks.) But this ended all too soon. Gasping he pulled his cock quickly out of my mouth, “I need to fuck you!” he panted at me.

I wriggled further back onto the bed and spread my legs wide for him. I reached down with my hand and ran my finger along my pussy lips; I lifted my finger up, covered in my slick pussy juices. I placed my finger in my mouth and sucked my juices off of it. This proved to be too much for my internet lover, growling he threw himself onto Kadıköy Zenci Escort the bed and grabbing my legs, pulled me close to him whilst spreading them even further. He then lunged forward. His cock stabbed at my pussy, missing it several times before he hoarsely ordered me to put his cock into my pussy. Wordlessly I obeyed, and then gasped in surprise. I knew that he was big, but the shock of feeling him sliding into me with that huge black cock of his was almost too much for me. I shuddered as he slid in deeper, filling me with hi full length. Finally he was all the way in, he could go no deeper. Then he began to fuck me. It started off slow and almost gentle, but then he began to speed up. His pounding became more forceful, his strokes longer, harder. I began to cry out, not in pain, but in pleasure. Every inward thrust pushed against my G-spot, every pull outwards would stretch my clit, causing little waves of pleasure to travel through my body. Sweat began to form on our bodies, forming little beads of moisture that ran together and finally dripped off on to the bed sheets.

My face was screwed up in pleasure, I was moaning louder than I ever had before. I was moaning incoherently to begin with, but then it changed. I began to squeal, and then I began to shout out. I was crying out, telling him to fuck me, to fuck me harder, to make my scream in pleasure, to cum deep in my white pussy, to fill it up with his black cum.

Suddenly my body spasmed as my orgasm hit me. My whole body shook as the waves of pleasure travelled through me, then my body stiffened as the last shock wave passed through me. I relaxed slightly under him, but my body soon began to move in rhythm with his fucking again. I began to talk dirty to him again, I wanted to make him cum deep inside my white pussy, I needed him to cum. I was feeling worn out, I felt as though my pussy was on fire. I squeezed my pussy tightly around his cock, making him moan out loud, his fucking sped up again as I squeezed his cock deep inside me. Suddenly he began to shudder and shake, he squealed into my ear, “Oh god, oh god, I’m cumming baby, I’m cumming, can you feel it? I’m cumming!”

Then suddenly his whole body stiffened, and I felt his cock twitch and jerk deep inside my pussy as he pumped in a load of his thick black cum. We both moaned as we felt the last tremors pass through his body. Panting he lifted himself off of my body, “Was it good for you baby?” he asked.

“You know it was.” I replied as I lay my head on his chest.

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