Jakob , Jessie: The Next Generation-3


Chapter 1

Jamie and Jordan quickly settled into a routine—classes in the morning, lunch at the student union, then either home for sex before studying or stay at the university while Jordan had a lab. They both came to savor the times they spent together making love. They had always enjoyed each other—loved the way they made each other feel, in fact—but this was different. Both Jordan and Jamie had skated through high school. Yes, they had to study but there was no stress—no concern for grades. However, in college there was much more competition and, as both wanted superior grades, there was much more stress. They found early on that nothing dissolved stress better than hot sweaty sex resulting in a searing orgasm. So virtually every afternoon or evening they worked doubly hard to help get the other off big time. They wound up panting and dripping with sweat almost every day. As a result they changed their sheets often. They also showered several times each day—it was necessary to remove the encrusted cum and pussy juice which constantly coated their abdomens, legs, and in some cases faces, breasts, and even backs.

One Thursday afternoon found Jamie in a real funk. Jordan noticed she was really quiet, avoiding conversation, on the short drive home. “OK, Jamie,” he began, “what’s the problem?”

“I don’t want to talk about it.”

“If I remember correctly, that’s just about what I said a long time ago, and what did you say to me?” Jamie smiled, but only a little. “Well,” Jordan continued, ”what did you say to me? Come on.”

“I can’t help you if you don’t tell me.”

“Right, and don’t you think that goes just as much for you as it does for me? If we’re going to live together for the rest of our lives we have to confide in each other and have confidence in each other, don’t we?”

“You’re right,” Jamie admitted but she went no further. Jordan figured he’d wait her out. Eventually she would tell him, and, of course, she did. “I’m worried about our future here. If we are open about being in love with each other someone from our high school class is going to take it home with them and then Mom and Dad are sure to find out, and if we don’t I’m going to get a lot of unwanted attention from the boys here. We can’t win.”

“I wouldn’t worry too much about it. We knew we would face this when we came to school here and we’ll figure out some way to deal with it. Just be patient. You’ll see—it’ll work out.”

“God, I hope you’re right. But right now….”

“I know…me too.” Jordan rose and led her to the bedroom. He turned once there and bent to kiss her. “Let me take care of you today. I think you need something special.” He began to undress Jamie, very slowly letting her garments drop into a pile on the floor. He started with her blouse—one tantalizing button at a time, caressing her shoulders lovingly as he bared them, kissing her neck and running his lips and tongue over her skin as he did. Then he unclasped her bra, taking plenty of time to cup, rub, and massage each heavy globe with his hands. He kissed and licked all over each glorious mammary, ending at each nipple where he suckled gently. He moved down to Jamie’s stomach kissing his way and licking her navel, tickling her as he did. As he moved down he pulled Jamie’s skirt from her body. He was startled to find she was wearing no panties. Looking up, he queried his sister. “I knew you’d want to take care of me,” she said, so quietly she could barely be heard. “I wanted to make it a bit easier for you.” Jordan moved her to the bed, knowing that when he licked her cunt she would more than likely become weak legged and fall. Leading with his tongue he flicked at her clitoris eliciting a moan of pleasure. He lowered his head taking his time to kiss and suck her pussy. Jordan started at her puckered hole, repeatedly slurping up her labia removing every tasty droplet of her nectar only to see them replaced by more and more as Jamie was gushing pussy juice. Jordan drank so much it was hard to tell who was servicing whom. Jordan dipped two fingers into her cunt, rubbing her G-spot vigorously. Jamie almost complained when he withdrew them but he switched hands putting the wet ones into her ass and replacing them with two from his other hand. He alternated thrusts driving Jamie wild, screaming in her ecstasy. When she couldn’t stand any more he sucked her hard swollen clit into his mouth, nibbling as he did. Jamie shook wildly, thrashing around the bed; she was physically drained, her hair stringy from the sweat that enveloped her body. When Jordan rose to join her she threw her arms around him with what little energy she had remaining and kissed him with all the passion she possessed. “Thank you, Jordan…you have no idea…how much I needed that. I feel better already.” They snuggled together, kissing and caressing each other until it was time to prepare dinner. They studied all evening until it was time for bed.
Jordan had convinced Jamie that everything would work out fine; if only he had convinced himself he would feel better, but he would never let Jamie know of his misgivings.

Chapter 2

They spoke with their parents on the phone every week but got the impression something was amiss. They speculated what it might be. Could their parents be getting a divorce? No—that was ridiculous. Did someone tell them about Jamie’s and Jordan’s true relationship? That didn’t make sense either—their parents would come to campus instead of calling if they knew. They found the situation frustrating until about ten weeks into the semester when they got their customary Saturday phone call. “Jamie, Jordan, I have some important news for you,” their mother began. “Actually, there’s two pieces of news. First, you’re going to have a new brother or sister—I’m pregnant! And second, your dad is being promoted. We’ll have to move to Colorado where he’ll take over the regional office, so I don’t think we’ll be able to see you during the semester, but think how much fun Christmas will be—snow, sledding, and maybe even skiing.” Jamie and Jordan were shocked, but looking at each other they both realized that this was the answer to their prayers. Their parents would be two thousand miles away—far enough that they needn’t worry about being exposed. “Are you two still there?” Jessie continued.

“Yeah, Mom, we’re shocked but thrilled for both you and Dad. When are you moving and when are you having the baby?”

“Dad will move in two weeks and I’ll follow about a week later after I’ve supervised the movers. His company will have all our stuff packed and moved and unpacked again once we’re there. All we have to do is fly there and find a new house. The baby will come in about six months—just about when you’ll be coming home for Spring Break.”

“Oh, Mom, that’s great,” Jordan chimed in, “It’s wonderful for you and Dad.” They ended the conversation elated. They hugged and jumped up and down in their living room. Had anyone been near they would no doubt have thought them bewitched or insane—maybe even both.

The following Monday they walked onto campus like lovers, holding hands and holding each other close. When they separated Jamie grabbed Jordan by the head and kissed him on the lips, a long lingering and extremely hot kiss. A girl she knew from her French class asked incredulously, “Isn’t that your brother?” Jamie replied directly, “Yes it is, why?” The girl was so taken aback she didn’t know what to say so she just turned and walked away dumbfounded. The State University is a big place—really, really big with more than 27,000 students so as it turned out, Jamie and Jordan had no reason to be concerned. They rarely met someone they knew from High School and now that their parents were moving, who cared?

Jamie and Jordan did well on their mid-terms and even better on their final exams. Jordan finished the semester with a 4.0 grade point average and Jamie had a 3.6. Both had made Dean’s List. As they prepared to go home for the holidays it was obvious that Jamie was apprehensive. “What’s the problem, Jamie?” Jordan asked.
“I’m just concerned about how things are going to be at our new home. We’re so open with each other here. We’re going to have to be really careful at home now—what we say, how we act, how we react to each other. Plus, we’re going to a house we don’t even know. What are we going to do if our bedrooms are right next to Mom and Dad’s?”

“Simple,” Jordan replied. ”We’re going to have to wait until we return. By then we’ll both be so horny we’ll probably fuck each other silly on the plane, get arrested by the Feds, and spend the rest of our lives servicing our fellow inmates.” Jamie was not amused. “I don’t think I can go for a whole three weeks without you.”

“Don’t worry, we’ll find a way to get away. Maybe we’ll go skiing. We know Mom’s not going, not in her condition and Dad will be at work. If we go for a couple of days, we’ll be fine. We can learn to ski during the morning and fuck all afternoon and evening.” Jamie’s eyes brightened; her brother always had wonderful ideas. They finished packing and left for the airport. Their flight left at nine p.m.—they picked it deliberately thinking they would be able to play around with each other while the plane was dark and everyone else was sleeping. They had window and aisle seats. Jordan stood aside so Jamie could sit by the window, but she pushed him ahead of her. Jamie had plans for Jordan remembering how he had taken care of her when she was so down. This was her chance to really repay him, but he had to sit by the window for it to work. Jordan threw the flimsy airline blanket onto the floor but Jamie retrieved it. “You’re going to need this,” she told her brother. Jordan gave her a confused look but assumed Jamie knew what she was doing—she usually did. There was a beverage service about an hour into the flight and then the lights were dimmed. Jamie spread his blanket over Jordan’s lap. Jordan was aghast when he realized Jamie’s intent; Jamie smiled devilishly. Jordan could feel her agile hands open his belt and jeans. He felt rather than heard his zipper going down. Jamie took no time removing Jordan’s large cock from his boxers. She stroked it lovingly while she looked into Jordan’s eyes mouthing “I love you.” Jordan closed his eyes, blocking out all stimuli except the sensation of Jamie’s hand moving up and down his hard erection. Because he couldn’t see he was startled to feel her tongue sliding up and down his shaft and all around the head. He almost choked in response. When he looked down he could see the outline of Jamie’s head under Sex hikayeleri the blanket; she was holding it still so it wasn’t so obvious that she was sucking him. He felt a condom as it was rolled down his erection followed by Jamie actively stroking him as her hands gripped him tightly. He shuddered as his orgasm came much sooner than usual probably due to his nervousness and fear of being caught. When he was done Jamie reappeared, secured some paper towels from her purse, removed the condom, and cleaned his deflating cock. She put the towel containing the condom and wrapper into her purse, intent on disposing it when the flight attendant collected trash near the end of the flight. Jordan was sated, but he wanted to reply in kind. He moved the blanket onto Jamie’s lap. When she looked startled Jordan merely smiled, whispering in her ear, “What’s good for the gander is good for the goose.”

“That’s not how it goes,” she teased him. In response, Jordan opened her slacks and inserted his hand under the lip of her panties. Jamie tensed as his hand brushed against her labia. He searched for and found her tunnel, inserting a finger repeatedly until she was soaking wet. He rubbed her hot juices all over her pussy concentrating on her clitoris. He rubbed her in small circles, feeling her button swell under his touch. Jamie arched her back and spread her legs, punctuating the movement with a loud gasp. Fortunately, it attracted no attention from the nearby passengers. She jammed her hand over her mouth to ensure her silence as Jordan rapidly brought her to a terrific climax. Jamie shook in her seat until Jordan relented and removed his hand, licking one of his fingers before offering the other to Jamie. She sucked every tangy drop lovingly before she refastened her slacks then leaned across the seat to give Jordan a hot wet kiss. She pulled the blanket up and fell asleep. Jordan closed his eyes but didn’t sleep, wondering what he was going to do about his impulsive sister. “Oh, well,” he thought, “that’s probably why I love her so much.”

Chapter 3

They retrieved their bags and stepped out into the lobby to find their father waiting for them, a smile on his face. He hugged and kissed Jamie, and hugged Jordan before they left for their car. Jordan noticed they had a new car, a Chrysler 300, and asked his dad about it. “Company car,” Jakob replied. “It comes with the job, even though I do less driving in this job than I did in the other one. You’ll like Denver. We live about twenty-five miles from the city center. You can drive in pretty easily or take the train. The station is only about ten minutes from our house.”
“Tell us about the house, Dad,” said Jordan, showing his normal inquisitive nature, although Jamie saw right through him. He wanted to know if they’d be able to fuck in the house or have to make other arrangements.
“It’s a big ranch, like our last house but it has a second floor…you know…an attic that was finished off with two bedrooms and a bath by the previous owner. That’s where we’ll put you two. You’ll both have some privacy there and, besides, I’m using one of the downstairs rooms for a home office and we’re getting the other prepared for your soon-to-arrive sister. Oops, I wasn’t supposed to tell you that. Your mother is going to be upset.”

“Don’t worry, Daddy,” Jamie told him. “We’ll act surprised, won’t we, Jordan?”

“Yeah, Dad, you can count on us.”

They drove around the city toward their house. Jamie and Jordan were amazed at all the snow. They had only seen snow twice in their lives, and even then it was only an inch or less. Now, here in Colorado, there seemed to be a foot or more in most places and it was only the second week in December. “What would happen by February?” they both thought. After almost an hour they pulled into the driveway. It was just as Jakob had described. It was an “L” shaped ranch with the main part of the house facing the street. Perpendicular was the two-car garage on the first floor and windows and dormers on the second indicating the presence of several rooms—their rooms. They would be well separated from their parents. Sitting in the back seat, Jamie looked at Jordan mouthing, “Yeah!” as she raised her hands for a small fist-pump. Jordan gave no response afraid his father would see and wonder what was going on. They sprang from the car, running up to the door. Jessie opened it just as they reached the steps. After hugs and kisses they retrieved their bags and were shown to their rooms. They were perfect-small, but with plenty of windows and skylights, the ceiling following the angles of the roof rising from approximately four feet of vertical wall. All of their furniture from their old house was here, exactly as it had been. Jamie and Jordan returned to the family room and asked for a tour of the house. The bedrooms were at the other end of the house; their rooms were closest to the kitchen and dining rooms. They would definitely fuck tonight—and almost every other night while they were here. Unseen by her parents, Jamie reached forward to stroke Jordan’s butt just to let him know what was coming. They retired shortly; even though it was only 10:30, their bodies were still on Eastern Time—two hours later.

They showered and met in Jordan’s room, still being careful that their mother not find any semen on her sheets. Jordan lay on his bed, his erection pointing skyward, inviting Jamie to mount him. She straddled his hips and grabbing his cock she rubbed it up and down her slit, moistening it (and herself) in the process, before rubbing her clit with his tip. Satisfied, she pushed it to the entrance of her tight tunnel, eagerly anticipating her daily fucking. “Don’t forget,” Jordan reminded her, “you need to be silent, no matter how hard it is. We’re not home in our cottage where we can scream to our heart’s content.” Jamie nodded her assent as she slid down his pole. Silently, she mouthed, “Oh, fuck, you’re so big tonight and so hard.” Jordan smiled back at her as he thrust deeply into her tight cunt. Jamie leaned forward resting her hands on Jordan’s chest as she slowly ground her clit into him. Jamie liked to take it slow sometimes, the better to savor the wonders of having her brother deep within her.

Gradually the heat built within her as she neared orgasm and as it did she increased the pace of her movements, grinding her clit forcefully into her brother. Jordan kept up with her, for his orgasm was echoing hers. Many couples never have simultaneous orgasms. Not so with Jamie and Jordan. Rarely were they more than a few seconds apart, so attuned were they to each other. Suddenly, Jamie arched her back and, had they been in their cottage she would have screamed at the top of her lungs. Instead she was silent, expressing her joy with her facial expressions. Jordan had held back for Jamie and now he too exploded, forcing his semen into her uterus with each dramatic thrust. Drained, they fell together, lying in each other’s arms for many minutes as Jamie’s pussy leaked cum. Jamie fell asleep and Jordan let her until he was no longer able to stay awake. Then he roused her and shooed her back to her room. Reluctantly, Jamie left; she was unaccustomed to sleeping alone and she didn’t like it. Regretfully, she had no choice. She slipped across the hall totally naked, unaware of the eyes that observed her from the bottom of the stairs.

Chapter 4

When they awoke the following morning they found that it had snowed overnight leaving almost five inches of white powder over the lawn, sidewalk, and driveway. During breakfast Jordan skimmed the manual for Jakob’s new snow blower. Certain he knew how to run it he headed to the garage. “Hold it,” Jessie yelled. “I planned to give these to you for Christmas but I think you’re going to need them now.” She held out down ski jackets for Jordan and Jamie. Jordan took his thanking his mother and left to tackle the job ahead of him. Once he was gone Jessie sat at the table with Jamie. “How’s Jordan?” she asked.

“Why didn’t you ask him when he was in here, Mom?” Jamie replied.

“That’s not what I meant. I wanted to know from you, how was Jordan last night?” Jamie reddened, both embarrassed and upset that her mother apparently knew their secret. “How…?”

“That’s easy Dear, I’ve known about you two for years. I know you were careful, but when you do the laundry you find out a lot about what is going on. Semen on your underwear and nighties was a dead giveaway. It obviously wasn’t any of those boys you dated. I assume you’ve continued to be intimate at school. Isn’t that why you wanted to go to college together?”

“Partly,” Jamie told her mom. “The sex is a big part of it but our relationship is much more than that. We love each other. No…what I really mean is that we are IN LOVE with each other and we have been since before we became lovers way back in Middle School. We want to be together forever.”

“How are you going to do that? You can’t get married. And what about children? Don’t you want a family?”

“Yes, I do, but given the choice between a family and Jordan I’m choosing Jordan every time. I’m sure Jordan will figure it all out. He always does. Uhh…you don’t seem too upset, Mom.”

“What am I going to do? You’re almost adults now and you should be able to make your own decisions, even if I disagree with them. If I forbade you to continue with Jordan what would you do?”

“I couldn’t live without Jordan, Mom. Giving him up would kill me and I know Jordan feels the same way. Does Dad know?”

“No, I haven’t found the way to tell him yet, and I don’t know if I ever could. He’s very traditional, you know.”

“Well, please don’t tell him. Jordan and I will when we’re ready—during our last year at school.”

“You know, Jamie, you never did answer my question—how is Jordan?”

“Oh, Mom, he’s incredible–everything a woman could hope for in a lover…or a husband. He is the most considerate…patient…loving…tender…he is just wonderful, not to mention the smartest person I’ve ever met. Of all the times we’ve made love he has never once put himself ahead of me and I always try to do the same for him.”

“May I ask how many times you’ve…been intimate?”

“I don’t know the exact number, but well over a thousand I would think– we’ve been doing it every day since I was in eighth grade and Jordan was in sixth—sometimes more than once a day, well, usually more than once a day. We love doing it. We can’t get enough of each other and we know we’re always there for each other. Jordan picks me up and I try to do Sikiş hikayeleri the same for him, although it seems he does it for me much more often than the other way around.”

“Well, I hope it works out for you. I really do.”

Chapter 5

That night when Jamie slipped into Jordan’s room she sat on the bed hunched over and looking down rather than jump into it with him. “What’s up, Jamie?”

“Mom knows.”

“You mean about us?”

“Yes, we had a long talk after breakfast when you went out to clear the snow. She asked me how you were last night?”

“What did you tell her?”

“That you were fantastic, as always. She’s known about us for years but she hasn’t told Dad. I don’t think she knows how.”

“So, what do we do?”

“I don’t think we have to do anything. She understands we have to make our own decisions even if she disagrees with them.”

“Well, if that’s the case let’s go to your bed. I hate using this tiny bed.” He led Jamie across the hall. This time nobody was watching. More than anything else they wanted to hold each other. They loved feeling each other’s skin, but holding each other always ramped up their internal heat and desire. Soon they were groping each other—Jordan rubbing her breasts and fingering her pussy; Jamie rubbing his balls and gently stroking his growing erection—and kissing with great passion . He started flaccid but as soon as he touched Jamie’s soft luxurious skin his cock couldn’t help but grow, and grow quickly it did. Rarely had Jordan experienced such an erection—long, thick, and hard as oak. Jamie grinned in her appreciation of the pleasure she was sure to derive from it. Jamie leaned down to service him with her mouth but Jordan pulled her legs over his head so he could return the favor. Jamie swallowed him in a single gulp, using her tongue to press on his shaft as she did. Jordan sucked her pussy into his mouth before tongue fucking her with gusto. In only a few seconds they were going at it with abandon.

They almost forgot their surroundings until Jamie Jumped up holding her finger in front of her mouth in the well known signal for silence. Jordan grabbed her by the waist, twisting her body onto the bed. He lifted her legs driving his cock deep into her hot tight cunt. Jamie loved fucking this way—Jordan always hit her G-spot with every massive thrust of his magnificent cock. Using her vaginal muscles she squeezed Jordan’s cock, hoping to increase his pleasure. They rocked together faster and faster and faster; they both tensed as their orgasms struck. Jordan was the first to move, thrusting what seemed like quarts of sticky white cum into his sister. As usual they fell together, holding each other, kissing, and professing their undying love for each other. This time they fell asleep together knowing that their father would be off to work long before they were expected to rise in the morning.

Jessie had breakfast ready for them when they went downstairs in the morning. Sitting with them she asked Jordan, “Well, Jordan, did you do it again last night?”

“Mom, we do it every night,” Jordan replied, “We love each other. Didn’t Jamie tell you?”

“Yes, she did, but I wanted to hear it from you. Are you sure this is what you want in life?”

“Yes, Mom, I’ve loved Jamie forever and I’ve wanted to be with her forever. There is nobody who could compare to her. She’s beautiful, smart, loving, understanding and just about every other fantastic attribute rolled into one wonderful person.” Jamie leaned across the table to kiss Jordan. It seemed strange to kiss him in front of their mother, but she didn’t care. All she lived for was Jordan. When she broke the kiss she spoke to Jessie, “Mom, I’ve been thinking–Mandy says she is just like her mother, but she’s really, really wild. I don’t think there’s anything she won’t do. But you always seem so straight and conservative. I have trouble seeing you in that kind of relationship.” When Jessie stopped laughing she had to wipe the tears from her eyes. “Jamie… Jordan… I haven’t always been like this—it’s the price of being a responsible parent. I think it’s time I told you how I captured your father. Your dad wasn’t very popular in high school. He lived on Grandpa’s farm and he just didn’t have much in common with the other students. But my mother told me something about men—still waters run deep—and the only person I could think of who fit that description was your father. We were on our senior trip when I decided to act. I got on the bus late knowing that nobody would sit with him. We were only on the bus about a half hour when I saw he had a huge erection, I think from sneaking some looks at my body. When I pointed it out to him he blushed so much—it was really cute. I came up with some lame excuse to jerk him off and I swallowed all his….”

“In the bus?” Jamie exclaimed.

“Yes, in the bus. Your father was mortified and later I borrowed his jacket, put it over my lap and removed my shorts and panties. Then I had him masturbate me.”

“Mom!” It was Jordan this time. “Yes, I know it was brazen and slutty but I had to get his attention. We were both virgins, if you can believe that! I explained why I did it. I rarely dated because all boys wanted to do was grab my boobs. I wanted something more. When we got to the hotel in Orlando Jakob carried my bag to my room and then he was going to leave but I made him stop, come back and fuck me. I know how you two feel—it was fantastic. By the time we went home we were engaged.”

“Mom, four days and you got engaged?”

“You have to realize that we knew each other for twelve years—all through school. Jakob was too shy to ask me out so I had to take the first step. When we went to State I met Sandy at the Freshman Mixer and we had a lot of fun together. Yes, she did have her first anal through your father, but after a few months she found some sophomore to take care of her. Mandy will do the same if she hasn’t already.”

Jamie cleared her throat. “I’m not so sure of that Mom. She must have had a dozen lovers but she keeps coming back to Jordan, says all the others can’t compare, and all she ever wants is anal. I think I created a monster.” They all laughed.

Chapter 6

Jessie suggested they go skiing. “It’ll be good for you to be alone again for a few days. Now that we’ve spoken about your relationship I can understand what you see in each other. I still don’t know that I approve but I’m more accepting.”

Jordan and Jamie hugged their mother. “Thanks, Mom, you can’t know what a relief it is not to have to sneak around and worry about our secret,” Jordan told her. “Don’t worry about us. I’m sure it will work out. I’m thinking of a solution.”

“What, Jordan?” Jamie wanted to know.

“I’m not sure yet so let’s just wait until I know it will work. Then I’ll tell you all about it, OK?”

Jessie made arrangements for them to visit a nearby ski resort, booking them a single room with two double beds, just in case Jakob asked her about the sleeping arrangements. She didn’t want to lie to her husband. They left on a Tuesday and drove for three hours, arriving just after noon. They were shown to their room on the second floor of the lodge which was modeled after a Swiss chalet. The walls were all paneled in real pine and they had a fireplace and a balcony that looked over the valley. It was a beautiful view for them, unaccustomed as they were with snow. They rented skis and boots along with goggles and gloves. All they needed now were some lessons so they didn’t kill themselves. They joined a beginner’s class, feeling out of place with the eight to ten year olds who seemed to predominate but they picked up the rudiments like turning and snowplowing to stop. After an hour they were able to try out the “bunny hill.” The slope was gradual and there were few turns and even those were easy to negotiate. They laughed all the way down—twice—before Jamie challenged Jordan to a race. “What are the stakes, Jamie?” Jordan asked.

“How about loser has to be sex slave for the winner tonight?”

“You’re on,” Jordan laughingly answered, “I almost hope I lose, but I’m not going to.”

“Oh, yeah?” yelled Jamie as she pushed off, getting an unfair head start on Jordan. Frantically, she raced down the mountain turning occasionally to check on Jordan behind her. One of those turns proved to be her downfall as her skis crossed and she fell only 100 meters from the finish line. Jordan slowed but didn’t stop as he passed her. “I’m already thinking of ways to use you. Ha ha ha!” He finished just as Jamie, unfamiliar with the process of getting back to her feet with long skis on her feet, finally managed to stand. It was hard to determine who was smiling more when they reunited and turned in their skis for the night.

They returned to their room, stripped each other of their warm clothes and drew a hot bath in the oversized Jacuzzi in their bathroom. Jordan sat first and Jamie lowered herself just in front of him, her back leaning against his chest. She brought his hands around her body, resting them on her firm smooth breasts. As he massaged her Jamie asked, “What are you thinking about, Jordan—you know, about our future? Can’t you tell me?”

“I’m not sure yet how to work it out but suppose we got married.”

“But, how—we’re brother and sister.”

‘Yeah, I know that and you know that but strangers wouldn’t, especially if a state will permit cousins to marry. How’d you like to become my cousin?”

“What do we have to do, Jordan? I’ll do anything.”

“I think it’ll work if you change the address on your license. With different addresses you could easily be my cousin. It would be difficult, if not impossible, with the same address as me. You can use our electric bill at the cottage as proof of residency; it’s in your name. I already checked that out online. As cousins it’ll be a cinch to get married. We can’t do it in our state—it’s illegal– so we’ll have to go to another—one that allows cousins to marry.”

But…do any states allow that?

More than you would believe—Virginia, Maryland, South Carolina, Tennessee, Georgia, for example in our area alone. In most states you don’t even have to be a resident. You just have to meet age requirements, have ID, like a driver’s license or, maybe Social Security. We won’t have any trouble going to another state, getting our license and even getting married.”

Jamie jumped up, splashing water all over the floor, turned around and threw her arms around Jordan’s neck, kissing him madly. Erotik hikaye “Oh Jordan, you are such a genius. Imagine—us married! Uhh…you know you haven’t even asked me yet. Maybe I’ll say no.”

“You do and I’ll never fuck you again. Maybe I’ll take up with Mandy Nichols.” They laughed hysterically but stopped suddenly when they gazed into each other’s eyes. “I love you,” Jamie told him.

“I know,” Jordan replied, not yet ready to stop laughing.

“Master,” Jamie interrupted, suddenly serious. “I’m ready to serve you. May I suck your beautiful cock?”

“Slave, perhaps I should mention that it’s underwater at the moment.”

“Master, you don’t think that will stop me, do you?” She held her breath as she went down on him, bobbing her head up and down in the hot water. Jordan enjoyed it immensely–Jamie’s mouth was even hotter than the water–but he worried about Jamie so he stopped her after about a minute. “I’d rather have you sit on my cock.”

“Do you wish for my vagina or for my anus, Master?” Ultimately, he left it up to Jamie so she decided on both. She mounted him in reverse cowgirl so she could fuck him while he fingered and loosened her ass. She rocked slowly so as not to spill the water all over the floor, besides she didn’t want him to cum until he was in her ass. “Once we’re married do you think we’ll be able to have children?”

“I don’t know, Jamie. I’m going to have to study that a while. I’ll bet we can find some experts at the Med School to advise us. Did you have to ask this just now?” Jordan groaned his satisfaction with what Jamie was doing to him and for him. “Jamie, can we get out of here and into the bed so I can fuck you properly?”

“You’re the Master. Let’s go.” She stood up, the suction of her cunt lifting Jordan several inches before he popped out of her. They dried each other carefully and donned thick soft robes provided by the lodge. Jordan carried her to the beds. “Which is yours and which is mine?” Jamie laughed. “Whichever is yours is going to be mine, too.” She turned his head with her free hand kissing him tenderly, her tongue teasing his. When he placed her onto the bed she pulled him over her, almost rolling them off. She reached into his robe, finding his still rock hard cock with her hand. She stroked him gently making him harder and hotter. She pushed him onto his back before straddling his cock. Just before lowering herself she reached to the nightstand for a tube of lube. Spreading it all over the huge erection she lowered herself to force him into her forbidden hole. Her ass was tight; what ass isn’t? But her patience and the constant pressure eventually forced him into her. They both sighed with relief at completing the most difficult part of the task. Now they were free to enjoy each other. Jamie rocked forward and back as her sphincter squeezed Jordan’s cock. Meanwhile the nerve endings in her butt were working Jamie to what she knew would be some fantastic orgasm once Jordan touched her clit. “Oh, Master, I need to cum so badly. Please help me,” Jamie begged. Jordan responded by reaching between her legs with both hands. He stuck two fingers into her wet hot cunt, pumping her furiously while, with the other hand, he rubbed tiny circles over her swollen hard clit. Only seconds after touching that magic button Jamie experienced spasms racing through her body. Her orgasm was like a series of electric shocks jolting her non-stop. She was about thirty seconds into it when Jordan thrust upward hard and fast forcing rivers and rivers of cum into her bowel. Jamie fell onto Jordan’s chest, his cock still trapped in her ass. He held her there until he softened and popped out of her; the gape remaining allowed most of his semen to leak out of her, completely soaking the bed. Fortunately, they still had the other bed for sleeping.

Chapter 7

They returned to school with their secret intact and with a plan to be with each other forever. Jordan promised to research both their problems and he always kept his promises. He had the plan for them to marry intact by the end of the semester. The other would have to wait until they were seniors. Their school years passed quickly—too quickly—to their parents, but not quickly enough for them. Jessie had her baby girl—Jenna. They were able to spend time with her during the summers and other school breaks but the age difference and that they attended college two thousand miles away meant that they hardly knew their baby sister.

Early in their senior year Jordan took a trip to the Medical School, seeking advice from one of the nation’s leading geneticists, Dr. Erwin Adler. Jordan asked about the chances that two relatives would have a normal child. “You mean first cousins?” the doctor asked.

“No, closer than that—siblings.”

“Is this you and your sibling we’re talking about?”

Jordan explained and then listened to a lecture on genetics and genomes and probability. Then he made an appointment for Jamie and himself to be tested. The following Wednesday afternoon, when they had no classes, Jamie was expecting some hot sex but Jordan turned away from their cottage. He explained where they were going and why. They each left a vial of blood and went home to enjoy themselves. Two weeks later they returned to meet with Dr. Adler. Jamie was surprised that he was so accepting of their relationship; he told them it was not his place to judge people. He also told them that their genomes—their genetic make-ups were sufficiently different that there was little chance a child of theirs would have a mental or physical problem– only a 1 in 2000 chance. The chance of two random people would be only slightly lower. “You see,” he told them, “there are twenty-three chromosomes plus one of the sex chromosomes—the X or Y—in human gametes. Oh, excuse me, the sperm or the egg. That means there are almost 8.4 million combinations when gametes join to form an embryo, and that’s just for the chromosomes. Each chromosome may have a hundred or more genes which give literally billions of possible combinations. Neither of you carries any genes known to cause birth defects. Had you been the children of an incestuous relationship there might be a significant problem but that isn’t the case. So, I wish you well.” Jamie and Jordan were shocked—they could have children! They left to make their plans—right after celebratory sex. Jamie went off the pill that very day.

They took off the entire Thanksgiving week, missing two days of classes. They traveled all day Sunday, stopping just outside Richmond, Virginia. Early Monday morning they walked into the local Town Hall and applied for a marriage license. They answered a few simple questions, showing their driver’s licenses for identification. Ten minutes later they had their license. All they had to do now was wait for the Magistrate to marry them. They continued to fuck every day but now Jamie wanted Missionary exclusively, holding her legs in the air for fifteen minutes after every coupling so as not to spill even a drop of Jordan’s precious baby making cream.

In mid-December Jordan graduated magna cum laude with a degree in Computer Engineering, intending to start graduate school in the spring semester. His parents and Jenna came from Denver for the ceremony, extremely proud of their son, and their daughter, too. Jordan also accepted a position with a leading software development company with a starting salary that would enable him and Jamie to live extremely comfortably. He was the subject of a bidding war with several Fortune 500 companies bidding furiously for his services. Things only got better when Jamie told Jordan that she was pregnant. All they had to do now was tell their father.

Before they all returned home for the Christmas holiday Jordan decided to break the news. They were in their parents’ hotel suite. Just after putting Jenna to bed Jordan told his parents he had something to tell them. He and Jamie sat together closely on the couch. “Dad…Mom, we need to speak with you and it’s really important. You raised us to love and respect each other and you did a really good job. Jamie and I do love each other. In fact, we are in love with each other. We have been for years and we intend to spend our lives together. We were recently married. We had to lie a little on the license application, pretending to be first cousins, but we are legally married. We know it’s not quote-unquote normal or right, but it is both normal and right for us. We know you have the option of accepting or rejecting us, but either way we will be together. I know I speak for both of us when I say we hope it’s acceptance because we’re still the same people we were only minutes ago. And…we’d like you to know your grandchild and we’d like him or her to know you.”

Jakob and Jessie sat there silent and thinking for several minutes. It was something Jakob had learned from his father. Eventually, he spoke, “Aren’t you taking a terrible chance having a child? Suppose….”

While he hesitated Jordan interrupted, “Dad, we had the same concerns. That’s why we had genetic testing and counseling. They have a great genetics department at the medical school. We met with the head of the department and he assured us the chances of having a ‘problem’ child are only minimally greater than two random people. Jamie went off the pill before we were married and became pregnant right away.”

“When are you due, Jamie?” asked her mother anxiously.

“In August, Mom, about three months after graduation.”

“Well, Jordan, you’ve given your mother and me a great deal to think about. This comes as quite a shock to us and right now I don’t know which way we’ll decide. If you’ll excuse us I think we want to retire now.”

“We understand,” said Jordan and Jamie almost simultaneously. They kissed their parents and left. When they were alone, Jakob asked Jessie if she wanted a drink. “I don’t know about you but I could really use one. Do you remember my asking you about their relationship some years ago?“ He went to make the drinks as Jessie replied, “Yes, I do remember that and if I remember correctly it was during some sensational sex. I have to tell you I’ve had suspicions over the past few years, finding semen on Jamie’s underwear, but I couldn’t prove anything so what could I do? You’re not thinking of throwing them out? I don’t know how I could live without them.”

“Of course not, but I’m willing to make them sweat a bit. Now, what do you say—ready for some fun, Grandma?”

“I’m always ready for you, Grandpa. God, it’s going to take me awhile to get used to being a grandmother.”
Jakob led her by the hand to the bedroom. “Yeah—about thirty seconds,” he laughed just before engaging her in a torrid kiss, a sure prelude to some searing sex.

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