Jay’s Sex Club Adventures Ch. 10


After the night Lisa, Holly, and I all agreed on when we would be moving in together, I immediately set out to start making the apartment ready for the two of them to come live with me. I was just as excited as they both seemed to be, and I was looking forward to spending more time with my two favorite girls. However, I was really dreading the day that Lisa would be leaving… I hated the idea just as much as Holly did.

I just hoped that time would go by as slowly as possible until she was ready to leave Philadelphia.

To pass the time until November 1st, we had been spending a lot of time at The Raven. I had shown my new trick to Holly, just a few days after showing it to Lisa. And she had pretty much the same reaction as Lisa…

“Holy fucking shit!” I recall her screaming as we finished up.

“That was… so… fucking… hot!”

“I told you,” Lisa yelled, as she had been watching from the other side of the room.

I couldn’t help but laugh as Holly practically threw her arms around me and hugged the hell out of me afterward.

“You have GOT to do that to me more often,” she said excitedly. I promised her that I would, but I also intended on practicing this technique with at least a couple more girls willing to hook up with me.

That’s why I had been going to The Raven so much lately. I was glad that Lisa and Holly were still so okay with me hooking up with other girls, and I was having a lot of fun. So far, I had gone at it with Jen twice more, and she loved it just as much as Lisa and Holly.

I had also gone and hooked up with Claudia once more… and that’s where I sort of met my match. I chalked it up as a sort of ‘bad day’, because for whatever reason, I was unable to get hard that particular night. Luckily, Claudia was very understanding and I had promised to show her on another night.

Now, here I was, back at The Raven on a Friday night, having a few drinks. Lisa and Holly weren’t here tonight, so for the moment, I was on my own.

It was a little boring, as the club was rather dead that night, and I was starting to consider maybe wrapping it up and heading home early. That idea left my mind when Rob entered the club and took a seat at my left, giving me a pat on the shoulder and ordering himself a drink.

“Good to see you here buddy,” Rob said, “How have you been?”

“I’m doing great dude, couldn’t be better.”

“Yeah? I heard Lisa and Holly are moving in with you next month.”

“Yeah,” I said happily, “I can’t wait! Hey, that reminds me, I wanted to ask you if you would mind giving us a hand moving them in.”

“Of course man, that’s what friends are for.”

I was lucky to have a good friend like Rob, and I

knew with the extra hands the move would go perfectly with little problems.

“From what I hear lately, you’ve been doing pretty well with these ladies!”

“Oh yeah… and what have you heard?” I asked with a curious grin.

“Well, I hear, you picked up a few tricks from Christy,” he laughed as he glanced around the bar conspiratorially, “And I hear, a lot of the girls are starting to really like you for possessing this new knowledge.”

“Stop,” I laughed, “You make it sound like I’m some sort of sex god.”

“Well… that’s what they say,” he took a swig of his drink, then winked.

“I’m just joking pal… hey, don’t get me wrong though, the ladies said they do enjoy what you can do. But it’s not as crazy as I made it sound.”

I was relieved to hear they weren’t making as much of a deal out of me as Rob pretended they were, and didn’t take the joke offensively at all. If anything, I really just wanted to keep this between myself, Lisa, Holly and one or two other girls… I certainly wasn’t looking to use this ‘trick’ to promote myself into some sort of player trying to hook up with every single girl in the club.

I had gotten a sort of group going: Lisa, Holly, Jen, Christy, Claudia, and Kendra… and sometimes Annie. That was more than enough ass and dick for me as far as I was concerned.

Just then… speaking of Kendra… I suddenly noticed her walking in the door off to our left, and of course, I noticed her grinning at me. I laughed nervously, shaking my head and pretended not to pay too much attention to her waving over at me.

Clearing my throat, I stood up and looked at Rob.

“I’m gonna go to the bathroom… be right back.”

“Alright then,” Rob answered.

I started walking off towards the men’s room, pushed the door open and walked inside. After I relieving my bladder, I walked to the sink to wash my hands and splash some water on my face. It had been several months since my first, and so far only, encounter with Kendra. She was probably wondering if I ever wanted to hook up with her again… hell, I had been wondering about that same thing and honestly… could not come up with an answer.

Looking at myself in the mirror, I sighed heavily, then turned and walked out of the bathroom, only to find myself face to face with Anadolu Yakası escort none other than Kendra.

“Hello Jay,” she said, smiling at me, “Are you avoiding me baby?”

“W-What? No… no, of course not,” I laughed nervously.

“Good! So I hear you’ve become quite the ladies man with a few of the girls here. Picked up a few tricks from my girl Christy, have we?”

“Yeah… yeah, she taught me a thing or two.”

Kendra forced me up against the tiled wall, and got really close. I could smell her perfume as I felt my heart racing, and my cock twitching to attention.

“Now you haven’t forgotten how to be the good little bitch I know you can be, have you? I’m sure it’s been fun being on top,” she said in a sexy whisper, “but I hope my dirty boy still knows his place when he’s with me.”

“I couldn’t forget that,” I replied, my voice sounding much more suggestive than I’d intended, it was suddenly as if I’d lost control over my words.

“If you don’t believe me… maybe you could give me a reminder.”

Had I just…? Yes, I had definitely just said that… and Kendra was giving me a smoldering look that was now really turning me on. I guess I had made up my mind as to whether or not I wanted to be with her again.

“Jay… I’ve really missed you…”

Without waiting for me to say anything, Kendra crushed her lips against my own, her tongue sliding into my mouth, kissing me passionately. We were all over each other, making out intensely. Constantly kissing, biting and licking my neck, her actions were getting me more and more fired up.

“I want you… right now,” she whispered.

We could just go down to the basement where this sort of act was intended… or we could sneak into the men’s room together and get it on in there. The basement was just downstairs, sure, but we were both really horny and it seemed so far away right now. This was a sex club… the odds of us getting in any major shit if we got caught in the bathroom were slim, so…

Making up my mind, I took a now laughing Kendra by the hand and pulled her into the bathroom… the basement was just too far away I’d decided. We locked ourselves in one of the stalls, and I got down on my knees, lifting Kendra’s skirt and pulling her panties to the side.

Her giant black cock popped free, and wasting no time, I wrapped my lips around her huge monster. It stretched my jaw trying to take her entire member, and it took me a few moments to adjust and accomplish my goal.

Once I had adjusted though, I got her as deep into my mouth as I could manage and started sucking eagerly. I felt her hands on my head, forcing my mouth further down over her huge cock and I gagged, saliva running down my chin.

“Oh fuck yeah Jay! That’s it baby, suck my big cock.”

I was a little out of practice, since I had mostly been topping over the course of the past month, but I was slowly getting used to it again. But just as I felt like I was starting to get the hang of it again, Kendra pulled me off my knees onto my feet and started kissing me again.

She wrestled with my belt and zipper, yanking my pants and boxers down, turning me around and pushing me face first against the wall. I felt her kneeling down behind me, spreading my cheeks and moaning as she rubbed my hole with her index finger.

“Oh yeah… I missed you so much baby,” she whispered.

Kendra licked her index finger, before slowly inserting it in my hole and pushing all the way into the knuckle. I bit my lip, reaching up and gripping the top of the stall. She worked her finger in and out of my ass for a few moments, before carefully inserting a second one.

“So baby, who was the last one to have their way with your pretty little asshole, Jay?”

“Ohhh… I haven’t been fucked since… Christy,” I moaned. My cock was getting hard, really hard, and dripping pre-cum too.

“Well, that explains why your spreading so easily… hmm, you’re ready now! I can’t wait to feel you around my cock Jay.”

I felt her standing up, her fingers slipping out of my ass, as she grabbed me by the hips and leaned against me. I felt her warm body pushing me against the cool metal wall and I felt her massive cock poking at my asshole. She kissed my neck, biting and sucking on it, while I hung on and moaned. Now she probed me with her cock, teasing me as she slowly pushed forward.

I grunted and bit my lip, as I felt her finally shove her entire huge member into me in one swift push.

I grabbed the sides of the bathroom stall, clutching it tightly as Kendra started thrusting in and out of my ass with long hard strokes. The sound of flesh slapping against flesh echoed through the bathroom, and the both of us were moaning pretty loudly. I felt my own cock growing hard as a rock and Kendra reached around to take hold of it, and begin stroking me…it was the perfect combination, and it felt fucking great.

Apparently, all the times I had been fucked since Kendra, especially with Anadolu Yakası escort bayan Holly, had really paid off, because I was really finding it a lot easier to take her cock this time than I had the first time. And I was certainly enjoying myself now a hell of a lot more than I had the first time.

“I forgot how… good your ass feels,” she whispered in between thrusts.

“I forgot how good your cock feels! Fuck me harder… fuck me harder!”

She responded to my request, by pulling her dick about halfway out and then slamming all the way back into me. I was slammed up against the back wall, shaking the stall and slightly laughing as she pulled out and repeated the same action a few more times.

Then, she simply took hold of my hips and started to pummel me, fucking me senseless.

Her hand wrapped around my cock, I felt myself approaching my orgasm, and I tensed up with her weight pressing down on top of me. I gasped, my dick swelling up, and exploded all over her hand and all over the wall. I kept my mouth shut as tightly as I could so as not to get too loud, but even so I couldn’t help but make a humming sound as I moaned in pleasure. It wasn’t quite loud enough to be noticed though, thankfully.

A few more powerful thrusts, and Kendra buried herself balls deep inside of my ass, moaning in my ear as she started to cum. I felt her warm load filling me up to maximum capacity, and leaking out. It ran down the back of my legs and I groaned as I felt her dick begin to soften inside of me. She slowly pulled out, and I grabbed a few pieces of toilet paper from the dispenser and handed her some. We wiped ourselves clean, as best we could, and then I turned around to face her.

She pushed my back up against the wall and kissed me, our lips mashed together, tongues battling each other.

“Jay… you really are a great fuck baby,” she smirked.

“So I’ve been told… I’m glad you think so.”

“Mmhm… when can we have some more fun together? I hope you don’t intend on making me wait as long as you did the last time.”

I laughed, “No, I don’t think I’ll wait quite that long again. I’m getting ready to move Lisa and Holly into my place in a few days though. So I’m going to be a little busy. Maybe in a couple weeks we could get together again?”

She smiled, and kissed me on the lips one more time.

“That sounds good to me honey… gonna hold you to it,” she said, kissing me again.

We fixed ourselves up a bit before sneaking out of the bathroom together and going our separate ways. I looked back over my shoulder towards her and she winked at me before heading out the back door to have a smoke. I plopped back down at the bar, my ass a bit sore, but nowhere near as bad as it had felt the last time we hooked up.

I started thinking about it, and almost felt a little dirty because of how we had just snuck into a men’s bathroom together, fucked, and then went our separate ways. It wasn’t a bad feeling, it was just… different. And now I couldn’t help but laugh as I thought about it!

I thought Rob had left while I was off doing my thing with Kendra, because he wasn’t at the bar when I returned. After a few minutes though, I caught sight of him moving his way across the dance floor, and he took a seat next to me once again. He laughed, ordering another beer and glancing over at me.

“You look a little flushed bro,” he said noticing the sweat on my forehead.

“You um… came out of that bathroom with Kendra. Did you two…”

“Yeah… yeah, we did,” I answered before he finished the question.

“Wow,” he laughed, taking a swig of his beer,

“That’s crazy dude. I don’t think I could handle anyone as big as Kendra. You must be a real bad ass to take someone that big.”

“No pun intended on the bad ass, right?” I joked.

We both started laughing, and carried on into another conversation. After a while though, I decided to make my way back home and take a shower. I could still feel Kendra’s cum leaking a bit from my asshole, and I smelled of beer and sex. I said my goodbyes to Rob, and left the club, heading back to the apartment.


November 1st came faster than I expected, but finally it was time for Lisa and Holly to move in with me. Over the past couple of days they had brought a few boxes of stuff over to make things a bit easier. So now most of the stuff they were moving in was already here. However, today was the day we would be moving most of their bigger boxes and some furniture as well. Since we weren’t in an actual relationship, we weren’t going to be sleeping in the same bed unless we had just finished having sex on those nights.

That also meant that we needed more space, something that was a bit of a hassle, but I had taken care of it anyway.

I spoke with the landlord, and he was able to move us from my original one bedroom apartment on the first floor, to a two bedroom apartment upstairs on the third floor. I would take one room, Lisa escort bayan would take the other, and Holly was bringing a futon that she was comfortable sleeping on. I still felt bad leaving her to sleep on a futon though, even though she insisted it was as she wanted it, then again, it would only be until Lisa had to go to California.

Between all of our incomes, we could afford a larger apartment, so it was all going to work out as far as I was concerned. But this also meant we were not only moving Lisa and Holly’s belongings, but we also had to move my stuff from my old apartment, upstairs two floors to our new apartment. Rob and I had started on that the day before on Halloween, and pretty much ninety percent of my belongings were already in our new place.

I got up that morning at about 9:30 am, and woke Rob who had stayed overnight, since it was easier that way for us both. Annie had also stayed the night and they slept on an air mattress they brought with them. You would have expected the three of us to have some fun together again, since we were all having a sort of sleep over. But Rob and I were both way too tired after moving all of my stuff downstairs, and so we all crashed around midnight.

The first thing that needed to be done, was we had to carry one final piece of furniture downstairs to the new apartment, the kitchen table. Once we had taken care of that, Annie agreed to stay behind to do some cleaning in the old apartment, as requested by the landlord, before we moved out. In the mean time, Rob and I made our way out the door to pick up a truck we would be using to move Lisa and Holly’s stuff to our new apartment.

The first stop was Lisa’s, and we got there at about 11:00 and had all of her stuff loaded onto the truck by 11:30. Then off we went, back to the apartment complex and started moving everything inside.

Lisa chose the smaller bedroom, and so I moved the mattress and all of her other stuff into that room, along with her entertainment center and a small TV she brought along. It took us about an hour to get everything moved in and set up, and once we were finished, we were ready to head over and grab Holly. But first we decided to stop and get something to eat.

After our quick lunch break, we arrived at Holly’s place and had all of her stuff on the truck by quarter to three. We finished up by five o’clock, at which point we had an hour to get the truck back where we rented it from before they would charge us for an extra day.

Rob drove the truck, while I followed him with my own car so that he would have a way back once he dropped off the rental. We got it checked in, filled it up with gas, made out a brief report, and paid the rental company. Finally we were on our way back to ‘our’ place, moving day was finished.

Once we pulled up outside the apartment complex, Rob got out of the car and stretched… he looked exhausted. I was just as worn out as he was, and I figured that we were probably not going to be hanging out the remainder of the night because he would probably be heading straight home.

“Rob… listen… thank you again for all your help,” I said leaning against my car and folding my arms over my chest.

“Not a problem buddy. I told you I had your back.”

“All done for the day,” Annie called from the window of our new apartment. We glanced up at her and I gave her a thumbs up.

“Get your stuff babe, we’re heading home now,” Rob yelled to her.

“I’ll be right down then,” she answered, shutting the window.

“So,” Rob said smiling back at me.

“Congratulations buddy! moving in with two beautiful ladies like Lisa and Holly, that’s quite an accomplishment. I have to say, you are one lucky, lucky guy.”

I couldn’t help but laugh, as I pushed myself away from my car and scuffed my feet on the ground. “Yeah, I’m pretty happy about it. I hated living alone anyway. And who better to spend my time at home with then those two.”

The complex door opened, and Annie stepped out carrying a plastic bag with some leftovers from her lunch. Lisa and Holly followed behind her, the three girls were all talking and laughing as they walked down the steps. Annie put her bag in the back seat of the car, and then turned towards me and smiled.

“I’m happy for you Jay,” she said, giving me a big hug, “I hope you guys all have fun in your new place. Just don’t forget, we’re always willing to have some fun with you when you guys get tired of sitting around at home.”

“Oh, I won’t forget,” I said, smiling as she gave me a playful shove. She then turned towards Holly and Lisa and hugged them both as well.

“Girls… take good care of Jay. You three are great together.”

“Don’t worry about us,” Lisa replied happily.

“Yeah, we’re all going to be just fine! And we definitely owe it to you and Rob for making things a lot easier on us all today,” I said.

“It wasn’t a problem really,” Rob interjected, “It was nice to get out for a couple of days, and help some friends as well.”

“But now,” he winked, “we’re going to get going… so you three can have some fun in your new apartment!”

“We’re going to Christen the place,” Holly spoke seductively, smiling over at me and I smirked, barely able to wait to see what the girls had in store for our first night in our new place together.

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