Jenny’s Turn


When Nigel told Jason about the sex he had with Wendy Kay, Jason was ecstatic. He was cultivating a serious fascination with older women, and there were none hotter than Wendy. By the time Nigel had finished telling him about her blowjob, his cock was hard. When had finished describing the sex, Jason had to excuse himself, using some flimsy reason, and retreat to his bedroom where he pulled down his shorts and proceeded to beat his rather substantial meat to the thought of Wendy both naked and fucking him. Within a couple of minutes, he had orgasmed and shot his load, his cum spurting high until it splashed on his belly, imagining it was in Wendy’s hot mature cunt. With his balls empty, he could face Nigel again.It is doubtful that Wendy had any idea of the effect she had on her young lover’s dreams. She had never taken time to contemplate how many of them, and how often, they jerked off thinking about her. Or how many had cum in the night—their wet dreams making sheets wet, sticky, and stained with cum. Nor did young men ever think that Wendy was jilling herself to thoughts of them—fucking her hungry snatch with one of her selected toys until she moaned in pleasure as she came, legs shaking and ecstasy coursing through her body.Neither the boy’s nor Wendy’s dreams could be complete until they finally came together and fucked in a fleshy orgy of delight. Until Nigel and Jason’s young, strong, virile bodies and big hard dicks took Wendy’s slim, mature body and fucked it until they were awash with exquisite, forbidden pleasure. Until a young cock (or two) was in Wendy’s pleasure hole(s) driving all of them to sexual madness—all they could do was masturbate.Fortunately for Wendy, Nigel, and Jason, when Jason and Nigel drove by Wendy’s house two days later, they saw the drapes open in the designated window. Jason texted the auburn-haired siren. As mentioned, every night the three of them had been masturbating separately to the idea of a threesome. And now that Wendy had texted “come over” to both boys. They couldn’t believe their luck! Jason was incredulous as he read her text reply, even though he had heard the rumors before about her sexual looseness and had been told as much by Nigel. It was almost too good to be true! It was hard to imagine proper, classy Wendy being that much of a slut.Needless to say, they all were very anxious by the time the two boys slipped inside Wendy’s door. The text said to go straight to her office/bedroom which was on the main floor of her house.Wendy was sitting in her office chair, her fifty-plus body glorious in a two-piece open-nipple bra and crotchless lingerie. Nigel and Jason’s eyes visibly lit up when they eyed her. It was obvious that they were going to get right down to fucking. It was a wet dream come true for young Jason. Wendy knew just how to tantalize young studs.“Don’t just stand there, take your clothes off. I’m not sitting here naked for you just to stare. So don’t be shy, boys, strip down and show me what you’ve got,” Wendy told them, ever the mistress.“Can I take a picture of you?” Jason stammered.Wendy thought for a minute and said, “Sure, why not. But keep it between you two. And send me a copy as well.”Hiding her face, Wendy let Jason take several pics of her in different poses around the room and on the bed. She felt very sexual and desirable being photographed like this. There was no doubt the boys would be jerking their şişman gaziantep escort boners to her pics for a long time. The fact that a pair of nineteen-year-olds wanted to take pics of her fifty-something body was quite flattering.Jason gushed candidly, “Holy fuck, Wendy, you’ve got a nice body. You’re hot!”Soon, the pair was standing naked in front of a woman who was old enough to have grandkids—but had a body that fooled them by over a decade as to her real age. Their young, smooth, muscled bodies and big hard cocks standing at attention were just what Wendy craved. There was no doubt that the pair of studs were eye candy. The kind of impressionable young lovers who could fuck her hard and long and whose stamina and recharge power would be just the ticket. Motioning them both to the edge of the bed, Wendy began to stroke their young cocks. It didn’t take only a minute to have them fully erect. Jason’s was shorter, but not by much. He had a very impressive cock for a white boy. Wendy could not believe her luck!Jason reached out and began to play with Wendy’s tits. He was a bit more forward than Nigel had been. As a reward, Wendy bent over and began to suck Jason’s dick while she languidly stroked Nigel’s prick.Jason was in seventh heaven with this hot mature fox sucking his cock, telling her, “Fuck yeah, Wendy, suck my dick!”And suck it she did, foregoing the lengthy slow build she did with Nigel previously—getting down and blowing him full on. However, it was only for a minute. Soon she switched and as she did so, she took the heads of both of their cocks into her mouth as much as she could and did them both. But a minute later she gave up the double mouth penetration and reverted to sucking Nigel’s big brown boner, while Jason stroked his large white cock, watching. The mere act of watching a sexy vixen like Wendy taking a big rod in and out of her pretty face was a turn-on!After a couple more switches, Jason became impatient and got on the bed behind her and began to feel her tits up. At this point he decided he had had enough of the lingerie bra and undid it, letting Wendy’s C-cups bounce out. Being a fan of mature and older women, Jason wasn’t disappointed with the appearance of Wendy’s jugs. They were magnificent! Firm and round, Jason’s hands were immediately all over them as Wendy was busily deep-throating Nigel.Jason loved the ripe look of older women. Their bodies had just a bit more character than the usual teen body of girls he had experienced. It was a particular fetish of his—something that set the young small-titted girls he had fucked apart from the mature, ripe women he desired. He even liked them when they were much saggier than Wendy’s pair of perfect jugs. At the beach, Jason had once spied a mature woman getting her bikini on. Her tits were long and very saggy and as she bent over to put her bottoms on, he had a wonderful look at them hanging down, with all their glorious saggy length. Her ripe, mature, naked body fascinated and excited him. From then on he was hooked on older women, the kind that filled his wet dreams. But Wendy was sporting the perfect combination of mature age and a set of tits that rocked!“Ah, ah, oh shit, you’re a randy one, Wendy. You have my knob going mad!” Nigel crooned.Then to Jason, he said, “I love American mums! They rather know how to treat a visitor. This gaziantep şişman escort is the best jobbie I’ve ever had! And look at those wonderful fucking jubblies! Wendy has tits to die for!”Wendy broke off the blowjob, saying, “Okay, boys, it’s time for you to fuck me, Jason first. Don’t be sad, Nigel, you’ll get your turn in my pussy, but for now, I’m just going to suck you.”At that point, she got on all four and directed Jason to take a position behind her sexy ass, while she directed Nigel to get in front of her so she could suck him. Wendy loved getting spit-roasted by two young guys. They complied with her instructions, and Wendy faced Nigel, with Nigel’s BBC in her face. Nigel stroked his dick in obscene anticipation of Wendy’s mouth sucking it.“I want you to face-fuck me this time,” Wendy instructed, adding, “Face-fuck me like I’m a fucking whore. And Jason, I want you to fuck me bareback. I don’t care if you get me pregnant.”Nigel positioned himself close to Wendy’s face and grabbed the back of her head, then began to tease her with the head of his cock in and out of her open and willing mouth.“I’ll fuck your mouth and throat, you horny fucking slag, and make you choke on my big fucking cock,” Nigel replied, getting downright nasty.As if to prove his point, he began to shove his cock deep into her mouth and down her throat, while Wendy formed her lips over his dick. She could taste his pre-cum, and was anticipating the full load from her young black lover. Such a wonderful lover—abusing the mouth of the mistress of the house with his large African fuck pole in the most delicious way!Meanwhile, Jason was behind her, preparing to enter her cunt after pulling down her panties. Jason liked his women naked, so the lingerie had to go. He had also taken the liberty of taking some pics of her and Nigel with his phone for future masturbation use. Her ass was wonderful and nicely round, and her bald pussy looked tasty below it. As Nigel had done, Jason had given his massive white circumcised cock a few strokes with his hand before he started to try and insert it into Wendy’s pussy. Jason knew that this was going to be the fuck of his life. Wendy was everything he had ever dreamed she was, and more!   Wendy’s hot little snatch was tight and moving with her blowjob efforts, and Jason’s aim was poor. Jason fumbled a little bit to get it in the right hole, much to his chagrin. He had never had sex before in this position with his teen girlfriend, so it was a new experience.When he accidentally bumped Wendy’s asshole with the head of his cock, Wendy quickly reminded him in a sharp voice, “Not there”, making him feel like a klutz.But soon enough he was sticking his swollen prick into her love canal, sliding it past her eager pussy lips and deep into her tight vag.And it felt amazing! Jason had always heard that older women had loose cunts, but this was certainly not the case with this mature auburn-haired MILF, it was tight. He felt Wendy squeeze his cock with her pussy as he began to fuck her. It was better than the teen pussies he had previously experienced. He also was enthralled by the way Wendy’s ass jiggled as he thrust his cock deep into her cunt.It was probably a good thing that Wendy had scolded him for almost sticking it in the wrong hole. That kept him from going off like a rocket. Because if there gaziantep şişman escort bayan was one thing he knew for sure, it was that he wanted to savor this moment. He was not only fulfilling his sexual fantasy, but he was doing it with a mature woman with a first-rate body and surprisingly dirty sexual desires. Wendy was the classiest mature woman he knew, and the fact that she would let him fuck her was mind-blowing! The fact that he was screwing her bareback added to the thrill. That this wild mature was risking getting pregnant, showed him how much she wanted him (or so he thought).In addition to that, watching Nigel fuck her mouth with his long black cock was obscene! He was shoving it in and out like Wendy was a helpless whore. Jason could cum just looking at that alone, but the fact that he was drilling her cunt from behind made the scene surreal!Jason got down and dirty with Wendy, saying, “Fuck me, baby! Oh god, your pussy feels so good! Fuck me hard! You’re such a hot slut, Wendy!”Nigel wasn’t to be outdone, “You’re a right horny bitch. Do you like my black cock? Do you like me throat-fucking you, you ginger fucking bitch? Fucking your face with my big black cock?”Wendy was unable to answer, her mouth and throat full of big black meat. But she was feeling excellent. The boys were exceeding all expectations. Nigel had no problem getting into the swing of being utterly filthy. He was fucking her face with gusto and talking filthy to her in his wonderful clipped British accent. Meanwhile, Jason was surprisingly forward with her, wanting to take charge and fuck her as if he owned her. He was inexperienced—the fumbling of his cock around her ass as he missed her cunt, testified to that, but he had great enthusiasm. These pair were split-roasting her like pros, putting her in a state of sexual nirvana.Jason was hammering his big cock into her cunt hard now. You could hear the squishy noises it made as it slide past the suction of her pussy lips, as well as the rhythmic slap of his body against her ass. Wendy would have called out in her ecstasy if only her mouth wasn’t getting stuffed by Nigel’s dick at the same time. Her clit was on fire, and she could feel Jason bumping up against her cervix. Yet she craved more. It had turned her into an animal—a vixen in heat, initiating the younger members of the group into her sexual pantheon. Young studs at her beck and call, both willing to do their best to impregnate and please the queen bee.“Goddamn, I love your fucking cunt, Wendy! I’m gonna cum inside your fuck hole you dirty fucking bitch! Oh fuck, oh fuck me, Wendy…oh shit, OH SHIT I’M CUMMING, AAHHGG!” Jason cried out loudly as his body stiffened and he shoved his cock deep into her aching cunt in one final thrust as he came.Wendy could feel his cock throb as he came and it triggered her off. She had been on the verge of cumming herself, and this triggered her orgasm. She shook like a leaf under the extreme ecstasy of her climax. Nigel had held off fucking her mouth momentarily as she climaxed, staring at her in awe of her incredible sexuality and beauty. It was also eye-opening seeing another guy orgasm as well. He assumed that this was what he looked like under the circumstances. In any case, this was the most extreme sex he had ever encountered.As Jason let his orgasm flow over him, his cock buried inside of Wendy, Wendy recovered enough from hers to beg Nigel for more. She wouldn’t be totally satisfied until her mouth was filled with his cum.   “Give it to me! Fuck my mouth with your big black fucking cock you fucking Brit bastard!” Wendy commanded.Nigel dutifully, and eagerly, began to fuck her face again. It wasn’t a problem for Nigel as he had about been ready to cum just before Wendy did, and seeing both her and Jason get off, primed his pump.

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