Jesse Must Pay


Jesse looked at herself in the mirror of her bathroom. Her pouty lips shimmered with pink lip gloss, and her curved lashes made her deep brown eyes seem darker. She’d decided on a pair of knee-high velvet heels, and a pair of lingerie suspenders that peeked from under the bottom of the baggy, bright-red hoody that she was using as dress. She’d decided on no underwear–that excited her. Her brunette hair had been shampooed with some expensive strawberry stuff and she’d tied it into a ponytail that slid out of the side of her hood.

When she examined her butt, it stuck out. The exercises were helping, and she could see the bump which was toned and definitely spankable. She lifted up the front of her hoody and examined the stainless steel chastity cage: only three inches in size with a golden padlock hung underneath. The key for it was on a silver chain around her neck. She was ready.

She’d told herself that it was time to slow down before anybody caught on, but the need for it sometimes felt overpowering to her. With a final look in the mirror, she checked out the green tint of makeup on her eyelids giving way to two Egyptian flicks and stuck her tongue out over her plump, pinkish lips before she went out the door.

The place she’d kept returning to was The Red Diamond: it was a strip-club uptown. A fancy looking establishment and she’d have no problem running into anybody from college down here. Everybody would be on campus this Monday. Up ahead the red neon line around the building shone across the rain-kissed roads and she followed it.

The club’s logo was like a beacon for her: a silver diamond and a red love heart that slowly rotated inside the static rock. The car park was almost empty so she didn’t expect to be shoulder to shoulder even if that did make her a bit uneasy. Easier to be picked out in less crowded rooms and none of her previous friends had seen her, yet.

She headed towards the front door where Jermaine, the six foot six mass of muscle and silence stood guarding the front door. Jesse put her hands behind her back and shyly approached him. He gave her a smile and she looked over his dark skin and steroid-fuelled physique. She’d have loved him to take her home but he was ever as always the professional, and she wasn’t his type.

“Why don’t you just get a job here, girl?” he asked her as he pushed the door open for her.

“That’d take the fun away,” she replied as she stepped in.

She stepped down the red-carpeted hallway and wiggled her behind, knowing he was still watching her go. Then she stepped into the main room.

Inside, the main girl, Brandy, was gyrating in the smoke against the rhythm of some trash, electronic beat. Lazers shot up around her in all shades of red and purple and she was completely naked, except for her knee-high heels which she balanced in perfectly. When she slumped down at the bar, the bartender, Marcus, slid her a mohito. He nodded down at the end of the bar where a thin, older man sat in a scruffy, tan business suit. She looked away, looked back, and he was already next to her.

“You come here often?” he asked eagerly.

It was slim pickings tonight she figured. It was getting boring dealing with these one-pump chumps. She hadn’t had a good fuck in what felt like forever, and this guy seemed like the kind to roll over and cry once he’d gotten his fill. But she figured this was her best option, as disappointing as that was.

“Sometimes, what about you?”

“I’m new in town I’m a salesman. I sell kitchen utensils but it’s very boring. Enjoying your drink?”

“It’s okay.”

“Well what’s your name, beautiful?”

“Jesse. And you?”

“I’m Phillip. You here alone or—”

“Not anymore,” she said as she looked him up and down, giving him that hypnotic stare that she knew would cut through the bullshit. He gulped and took a sip of his half-empty Budweiser.

“You wanna get outta here?”

“Sure,” he said as she chugged his beer.

Jesse leant off the bar and rolled her eyes. Phillip raised his hand to Marcus and put down a crumpled twenty onto the bar.

“Let’s go,” he said as he looked to Jesse who feigned another smile. Like an excited kid he almost skipped over to his original spot and picked up his briefcase. Jesse followed him but froze when she felt a hand on her shoulder.

She turned around and was face-to-face with Ken the tattooed, burly bouncer who worked the inside of the place. His hairy hand tightened on her shoulder as Phillip approached them.

“You come with me,” said Ken with a grunt. “Now.” her walk down the red-carpeted hallway and she stuck her butt out a little more, teasing.

She felt Phil’s hand on her other shoulder. “Hey, she’s with me—”

“You Anadolu Yakası Anal Escort get the fuck out of here, now,” spat Ken.

Phillip, defeated, slid his hand off Jesse and walked away with his head low. She felt a little relieved at that but as the music shifted to an almost identical song a wave of unease washed over her. Ken led her through the smoke into the back hallway. Jesse looked through the row of curtains where a few girls were dancing, some grinding on top of paying customers, others naked and twerking while guys rubbed their dicks over their pants in enticed excitement.

Ken kept her moving and took her up a flight of stairs that were colder, devoid of the red decor the rest of the club had. When they went up another flight, she stepped into a hallway.

“This way,” he said as his hands gently guided her towards a bright purple door. He stepped forward and opened it, beckoning her in.

Inside was a velvet-carpeted office with a row of security-cameras to the right, and behind a desk was sat a figure, his outline lit up by the skyline visible from the huge glass window that overlooked the city.

“Thank you, Kenneth,” said the man shrouded in darkness.

Ken grunted again and walked out. He slammed the door behind him and it made Jesse jump. Both her hands went instinctively to her ponytail. The man at the desk turned on a lamp to his right and the room flooded with light. She could make him out now in the sudden illumination.

He was sporting a crisp grey suit and black tie. He was in his thirties she’d have guessed with two strips of grey hair on his sideburns, and a neatly trimmed beard. His eyes were light blue, and the suit struggled to hold in his muscular frame which was a stark contrast to his soft-spoken voice. His hair was combed back neatly and he gave her a shark smile.

“Every Monday and Wednesday like clockwork, I look at those cameras. Always,” he looked at the shiny silver watch on his wrist “at eight thirty, you step into my place and within seconds you’re leaving. That’d be all well and good, Jesse, but I’ve noticed you’re taking my business from me on the worst days. Walking out with customers who would spend hours paying good cash here.”

“I’m sorry,” she whispered.

She’d seen these situations in movies. It wasn’t exactly morally superior people running these kind of places. There was a rush of butterflies to her stomach as she imagined he was going to threaten her, break her legs, or maybe even worse. It dawned on her that she was in the predators den and tried to not let her mascara run down her cheeks.

“You’ve been doing it for a while now and I’m sorry but I just can’t have that,” he said to the sound of a drawer sliding open.

Her eyes wider. Legs went to jelly and she gripped her hair tighter. “Please—I’m sorry, I’ll stop. I didn’t mean to I didn’t mean to cause you any problems, sir.”

The owner continued to reach into the drawer and she could only stand like a deer in headlights. “Oh God, please —” He’s gonna shoot me, she thought. He’s gonna pull out a knife or–

She imagined he had a silver pistol to go with his watch but all that was in his hand when he held it up was a chrome Zippo lighter. On the desk was a pack of cigarettes that he pulled one out of and lit it up. As the smoke moved through the air like a snake, she felt her lips trembling. His eyes widened as he inhaled, the cherry lighting up red.

“Come here,” he demanded.

“Please, she squeaked and edged closer to him.

“Closer. To this side. To me.”

She obliged, and circled the desk to stand in front of him. He took another drag. “Why are you shaking?”

“You scare me,” she whispered.

His eyebrows raised and he stuck his tongue in cheek before taking another drag. She looked down between his legs as he opened them.

“I want you to listen to me, Jesse.”

“Anything,” she said desperately trying to make sure her tears didn’t trickle down her cheeks.

“I think I need some compensation for my lost business. I believe you can offer it.”

“What do you mean?”

“You’re going to do exactly as I say,” he said with that loaded smile. His eyes were all over her, undressing her. “Take off your clothes.”


“You heard me.”

“But I’m not—”

“In fact,” he said. “Let’s begin slower.”

She watched him as he unbuckled his belt. He unzipped his pants where she’d spied the huge bulge and then it slid out with a thick slap on his hand. It was huge—a bulbous shaft that was all muscle. Jesse’s mouth opened and looked at the one huge vein cutting across it. It was definitely about nine-inches or close to it. It was the Anadolu Yakası Yaşlı Escort biggest cock she’d seen up close. The fear dissipated and suddenly she felt something else, a need. She wanted it in her mouth so fucking badly.

“Touch it,” he said. “On your knees.” She got down and he raised a hand. “Crawl to me, slowly.”

Her eyes were locked onto it. She gently moved towards him, when she was close enough her hands reached for it. She felt so small when it was against her hand, the touch of it made her own cock jolt. Her red-nailed fingers gripped it and she felt the pure weight of it. His hand pulled her hood down and with his other hand he cupped her chin.

“Show me what you can do.”

She looked down at the cannonballs he was packing and sniffed at them ravenously, his strong, musky smell made her own cock drool even more. The fear before had fuelled her, and as it finally disappeared she felt the adrenaline of pure cock-craving. She felt that sudden tightness pushing against the chastity cage. With her eyes rolling back she lapped at them, feeling the smoothness of them before gliding her tongue straight up his pipe, and finally over his head.

It stretched at her lips but she took at least half of it, remembering to open her throat and let it slide up and down, taking in air as she could. With both hands around his thick shaft she quickly stroked him up and down to the rhythm of her tongue. When he leaned back and let out small moans her cock pushed tighter against the cage.

This was the type of dick she wanted, needed. With each pump of her throat she tried to go deeper, until finally his hand was on her head, pushing his gigantic pipe lower. It was like a flicker of fire inside her, spreading between her legs. The tightness of her clit pushing against the cage was unbearable.

“You’re a good throat-fuck,” moaned the owner.

She pulled away from him and let out a high-pitched gasp, thankful for the air. Thank God she’d practised on her trusty dildo to keep that gag reflex in check. As air seeped into her lungs his hands slid through her hair softly and he brought her back. “We’re not done.”

He slid his cock back into her throat and her eyes rolled back into her head as it hit the perfect spot. She felt those instinctive tears gently flood down her cheeks as saliva dripped from her mouth, drooling onto him. The veiny bumps against her tongue as he slid in and out of her mouth gently were like heaven to her. The demanding tone of his voice had smoothly changed to concern when she let out a choking, gasp of air.

“Can you breathe?” he asked with genuine concern in his voice.

She nodded with saliva pouring from her mouth, dribbling down her. Making her a mess as his cock rested in her throat.

“Mhmph,” she forced out.

“Good. Keep going but softly,” he said as he slid in further.

She sucked harder, wanting more of his thickness deeper. She wanted to drain those balls of his and swallow all he had to give. When he began to shiver with moans so loud anybody could hear, she knew she had him. His cock tightened, shuddering until finally there was a rise in his hips and his mouth shot out raspy breaths as his hands gripped her mouth tightly. He flowed hard and fast.


She felt the fire-hose pressure of hot, sticky cum oozing down her throat. Her eyes went fully white as the sweet taste of him enveloped her mind. His legs tensed and he thrust up, his girth going deeper as she felt every last drop of him pour down into her until he was dry.

With a smile on her face his cock slid out of her mouth. His thick muscle was covered in strings of saliva and cum, dripping down her mouth as if begging for her back. He took hard, deep breaths and she looked at him as the muffled sound of her swallowing brought his attention back to her.

“Stand up.”

She got onto her feet and he grabbed her hands. “Sit on my desk.” She submitted; her legs overhung, gently swinging and he spread them. Her cheeks flushed red and she looked away. His hands cupped her chin and he made her face him.

“Wait, I’m not a—”

He raised a finger. “Show me. Now.”

She was always careful and made sure to explain to every single person she’d shared herself with that she was your average girl. When she opened her legs fully the metallic thud of her cage against the mahogany desk was loud. The owner looked down and pushed her legs further apart as he edged closer to her with his chair.

She covered her face with the sleeves of her hoody and waited for him to scream, to tell her to get out like the faggot she was. But when he lifted up her hoody, he just froze and stared at down at her cute little Anadolu Yakası Zenci Escort cock for a moment. She peeked out of the cover of her sleeves. “I’m sorry, I should have said— “

“Where’s the key?”

Her eyes widened and she lowered her arms. “But I’m—”

His eyes were filled with that hunger again. She pulled out the necklace and gently undid it. He took it from her and with precise speed put the key in the lock, turned it, and slid off the cage. Her cock drooled on his desk with thick pre-cum as he put the device next to his lamp.

“Well well,” he said as he ran his hands up her soft, smooth stomach.

“I tried to tell you,” she said as the owner lowered his mouth down between her legs. You have a cute little clit.”

His tongue lapped at her head, gently flicking against it. The tingling down below was arguing against her conditioning. Don’t get hard. But it was impossible when his mouth covered it whole. Jesse felt his fingers rubbing her tight, pink asshole and shuddered his tongue slid down past her cock, and deep into it. It was so deep inside her she couldn’t help but shake as he stopped and went back to her clit as his fingers slid inside her.

She couldn’t stop it. The sudden rush of his fingers so deep in her pussy, while his mouth slurped and sucked on her small, hard cock was too much to bear and she felt that sudden hotness again, until finally her legs shook wildly and she let herself go as she blew her entire load into his mouth. He continued to suck, swallowing her like she had done to him. He let out satisfied moans until finally she could not sit upright anymore and fell back on the desk with a weakened moan.

“I’m sorry,” she said through heavy gasps.

“Lay on your front,” he said as he wiped at his mouth and stood up.

“Okay,” she said airlessly and felt his hands help her turn over. She let out a squeak as his hands spread her pussy from behind.

“You have such a pretty little asshole.”

She was already so spent. The mascara was drying on her face, and he’d smeared her makeup. There was no fight left in her as he thrust his tongue into her cunt again and then finally pulled away. The bulbous head of his cock pushed against her and she raised her head. “Wait—”

He slid inside her and her tongue rolled out of her head. It was so big, bigger than any cock she’d taken before. She felt every inch as he slowly penetrated her until finally she felt his hand pull her hair back. He sunk his teeth into her neck as every inch of him was amazingly inside her. I can’t feel my legs. Her brain went pure white as she drooled over the desk to the sound of his groans.

“You’re so tight like a good sissy. Beg me to fuck you harder.”

He rammed her hard, grunting while she held onto the desk weakly, she let out squeaking yelps of pleasure. “Fuck…fuck m-me harder, sir.” Her words were airless.

He obliged, breeding her so intensely that she almost blacked out for a second. Her pussy was on fire—every hair on her being stood up to attention as his cock struggled to fit inside her tight asshole. She was his in that moment. Seconds passed like hours as the pleasure engulfed her like a wave slamming against her as she felt his muscled-rod stretching out her boy-pussy.

His hands caressed her and moved to her throat. He pulled her head to the left and slid his tongue into her mouth. She weakly sucked at it and then finally as he thrust in and out of her for the last time with full force, her mouth opened in shock and a screaming moan escaped her that she stemmed by biting into the sleeve of her hoody.

He grunted and groaned as his face burrowed into her neck and she felt that familiar quiver as he released himself fully. She felt the hot, filling pressure of his cum inside. Her pussy felt so full. He’d turned her into a cumslut so quickly, so much better than all the other fucks. His seed oozed out of her and with final thrust she fell flat on her front and tried to not get swallowed by the pleasure whole as she shook.

He slid out of her gently. He’d come so much that it poured out of her. Half-awake, she

heard the metallic rattle of his belt. “You paid the price.”

He walked around to face her as she lay across his desk, spread out, utterly ravaged. His fingers lifted her chin up and she looked at him with glassy, submissive eyes stained with pleasure. He’s fucked me into oblivion.

“Was it adequate?”

“Best…” she closed her eyes and tried to build up her energy.

Her legs shook, and her pussy kept twitching as she felt him still seeping out; pouring onto his desk.

“I’m afraid there’s another request I require of you, Jesse.” She looked up at him and imagined how much of a mess she looked in that moment. Her smudged makeup, in a pile of cum while her legs shook. He knelt down and kissed her gently on her lips, and she returned it like he was fresh water in desert.

“Yes?” she croaked.

“How does dinner sound?”

“Yes,” she said. “Yes, please.”

He kissed her again, softer. “Good.”

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