Jo and I


It was a typical Saturday morning. I was at the grocery store doing my weekly food shopping. As I was perusing through the vegetable section my eyes caught sight of a a very attractive woman. She had long dark brown hair, pretty face and a nice body. I worked my way over to her and checked her left hand for any signs of a wedding ring. She had none. I made some remarks about the slim pickings the supermarket had. She and I quickly engaged in conversation about cooking etc.

We walked around the store side by side picking our own groceries an just having a good time. It was time to check out. I introduced myself and she told me her name was Joann, Jo for short. We exchanged phone numbers and over the next several weeks had lunch a few times. After just a couple of meetings I felt I knew her all my life. There was a real connection there.

After a few weeks I asked her out to dinner to one of my favorite restaurants, we had a great meal and even danced a bit. About midnight we decided that it was time to head out because it was another forty minuets back to her house.

As we got onto the highway she leaned over to me and kissed me on the cheek and thanked me for a nice evening. She slowly moved her hand over my crotch and started rubbing softly. My cock reacted right away. I could feel it swelling in my groin. She pulled my zipper down, reached in and pulled my hard dick out.

“Oh my.” she said seductively as she gazed at my eight inch cock. She lowered herself down and gently cupped my cock into her mouth. She started with just a little bit of suction on the head and she used her hand to slowly stroke the base of my cock. Then slowly with each bob of her head started going down further and further down my shaft until she had as much in her mouth as she could given the fact that we were sitting in a car driving down the highway. The pleasure was intense. She seemed to know what my cock was thinking. When it started to get too excited and ready to blow, she would slow down and just lick up and down my shaft. Then as my cock started to soften a bit she would ram her head down on it and start sucking hard. I didn’t think my dick could get any harder than it was, it was the best blowjob I ever had.

As we neared her house she sensed that I was close to cumming and this time she put me over the top. I shot my entire load into her throat, and she took every last drip. She left my cock in her mouth for a minuet after I came and then she took her hand and slowly massaged my dick with short strokes from the bottom of my shaft to the top squeezing hard to make sure she got every last drop.

It was fortunate that there was very little traffic on the road because I could hardly pay attention to driving. It was a mind blowing experience. If I didn’t love her before, this would surely have sealed the deal.

She gently put my cock back into my pants as we pulled up to her apartment.

“That must have been a week’s worth of cum.” she said.

“No,” I replied “Just one day, I usually cum a lot.”

She smiled Anadolu Yakası Esmer Escort at me and gave me a deep sultry murmur, then I leaned over to her and kissed her on the lips. It took a little work to work my tongue into her mouth but once it was in there she gladly accepted it. I could taste my cum. After we broke the kiss she said, “Usually guys don’t like to kiss after a blowjob.” I just smiled. With that she got out of the car and wished me good night and we agreed to talk the next day.

Over the next few days work was very hectic but I made it a point to check in with Jo. Just quick hello. I was thinking about her every minuet, I thought that finally she is the one, the one I will settle down with. On Thursday I sent her a bouquet of flowers with note that said “I love you”. Later that day when I tried to check in with her she didn’t pick up her cell phone. I thought maybe she got busy and let it go.

The next morning about ten o’clock she called back. She sounded somber. “I need to tell you something.” she started, my heart sank. She is breaking up with me I tought. “It’s not easy to say this,” she continued “and, well and, but it is something I have to say over the phone” There was a long silence. I couldn’t talk. “I really like you” She stared back up “I mean love you and well, you need to know that I am.” she paused for a long time again “A man, a transvestite, I am sorry.” She hung up.

This was one of those moments where I was in suspended animation. The world continued its oblivious buzz around me, but I was still as a statue just sitting there. A million thoughts went through my head. I was confused, angry, bewildered. I sat there for about five minuets like that until my buddy Frank came by and slapped my back and said “Wake up, staff meeting, come on!” I stood up and walked out of the building. I was in shock for the rest of the day and in fact sat up most of the night just staring at the wall until tiredness just won over my shock and I fell asleep.

I woke up. It was Saturday. I felt like I couldn’t move. “How could this happen to me?” I asked. “We had such a good thing going.” then it came to me, “So what! What if Jo is a guy, We had a GOOD thing going!”

I called Jo and told her I wanted to talk to her. She explained that she has been beaten by other men in anger at this point and that’s why she had to tell me over the phone. I convinced her that we should then meet in a public place so she would feel more comfortable.

We each drove ourselves to the restaurant that we went to the week previous. We sat down and slowly started to talk. I explained to her that I felt that there was so much positive in the relationship that her being a guy was really not a deal breaker for me. After a few drinks started making googly eyes at each other like before. We danced and around midnight decided that it was time to go home. We walked to my car. I pulled her close and said “We’ll come back for your car tomorrow.” and I kissed her deep. We got into my car and headed back Anadolu Yakası Eve Gelen Escort to her place.

As we got onto the highway she leaned over, kissed me and thanked me for a wonderful evening. Then she gently reached for my zipper and proceeded to give another incredible blowjob.

We arrived at her apartment. I could hardly walk from the ecstasy that just took place in my groin. We got into her apartment and went over to the couch, the lights were dim. I pulled her close, kissed her and whispered “I showed you mine, now you show me yours.”

I sat down on the couch, and slowly she pulled her blouse off over her head. She then unclipped her bra and I helped her off with it. I stared at her breasts for a few seconds. I thought “There are a lot of women who would love to have a rack like this!”. I cupped her breasts with my hands and massaged them gently, then I reached around her to pull her closer and started sucking on her nipples and kissing her stomach. I unzipped her skirt and it fell to the floor.


t was time. I was nervous since I had never been with a guy before. I pulled her panties down her legs revealing a completely shaved six inch cock and balls. Her skin was incredibly smooth. I pulled my hand across to her front and gently grabbed her cock. I figured, I never did this before, but I guess I’ll do what I would think would be pleasureful to me. I felt her dick. It was hot and hard. A drip of precum appeared as I gave the base a squeeze. I took it into my mouth. It was strange but erotic and tasty. I started bobbing up and down, sucking hard, then sucking soft. Running my tongue up and down her shaft. She moaned with pleasure. After only a few minuets I felt her cock getting harder and thicker. I felt the veins as my lips tightened around her shaft as she was getting ready to release her load into my mouth. Them with a deep grunt she let it go. I could feel each shot of semen as it hit the back of my mouth, the only thing I could do was suck harder to make sure it all come out so I can have it all. As the last stream made it’s way out of her cock I slowed down and started massaging her cock slowly, milking it to get every last drop. Finally I let it plop out of my mouth. She kneeled down in front of me and gave me a deep tongue kiss so she could taste herself inside my mouth.

Then she said “Are you sure you haven’t done this before?” and smiled. By now my cock was ready to rock and roll again. She peered down at my stiff willy and said “Oh, I think someone wants a treat”. We went into the bedroom.

She laid down on her back and spread her legs. Her flaccid but still engorged cock shimmered in the dim light. I got onto the bed and slid my hands under her ass. She took my signal and put her legs up in the air spread eagle exposing her beautiful ass. I gently pulled her cheeks apart and studied her asshole. Slowly I lowered my head down, stuck my tongue out and started circling her sphincter. She loved it. Every few revolutions my tongue found Anadolu Yakası Evi Olan Escort it’s way into the middle of her hole and I gently pushed it in. I worked some spit up for lubrication and started to lather her sphincter. By this time my cock was rock hard and I knew what to do. I got on top of her, started tongue kissing her while she helped my dick finds it’s destination. I felt my head rubbing on her hole. I started pushing gently and my head was soon inside her hot ass. Just the thought of having anal with a guy gave me a weird charge. I started pumping. Each stroke went in deeper and deeper into her ass. Soon I was balls deep inside her and I was pumping my cock into her tight ass like my life depended on it. She was moaning in ecstasy. I pumped harder and faster and I could feel my cock swelling to the breaking point and finally the release. I started shooting my hot load into her. Each stroke brought a new spurt of joy juice deep in her colon until my balls were completely empty. I stopped pumping but I left my cock inside her as we kissed for a long time.

I slowly withdrew. A squirt of my own semen followed my cock out of her ass. We hugged each other and drifted off to sleep.

The next morning I woke to an incredible need to take a piss. I opened my eyes, and in the morning light I gazed at Jo for a few seconds and thought that she was every bit as beautiful and sexy as day I first met her. I slipped out of bed and as quietly as I could walked into the bathroom. I held onto my dick to get a good aim and started my business. She woke up to the sound of the running water and came into the bathroom.

“Good morning babe” She said as she looked into the mirror and adjusted her hair. “Last night was incredible.” she said.

I looked over at her thin naked body. There was something totally weird and erotic about seeing a beautiful woman with nice breasts and having her penis dangle into sink as she leans forward to look at herself in the mirror. It electrified me. I could feel my cock hardening. I moved over behind her and gently put my arms around her making sure I ran my hands across her breasts and down to her cock. I was so close that as put my arm around her my growing cock gently pried it’s way between the gorgeous cheeks of her ass. Then I felt the moisture of my cum from the night before. My right hand massaged her cock gently.

“You know, I got to go” she said.

“Go” I said.

With that she started to release a stream of urine right into the sink. I held her dick nice and steady for her. It was very erotic and by now my cock was noticeably hard. I stroked her a few times.

She bent over. Instinctively my cock head made it’s way to her moist opening. With a few thrusts it was in. I worked my cock all the way into her all the while reaching around her to stroke her hardening cock. My thrusts got harder and faster. It was hot and moist in there. I knew I was being lubricated by my own cum from the night before and that made it so much more exciting. I pumped as furiously as I could, each time landing balls deep in her asshole. She groaned with each thrust.

She muttered “Let’s cum together” She hardly finished saying it when I let loose my load inside her ass and she shot her jizz all over the vanity.

After my cock forced the last drop of semen into Jo, I pulled out and I put my arms around her and said “I love you”

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