Jogging In The Park


He was waiting in the shadows beside the stone bridge. He peered through his ski mask around the corner and saw her coming toward him, totally oblivious of his menacing presence. She always ran at first light and today was no different. On she came, pony tail and breasts bouncing with each step. She was 5’4”, blonde, firm bodied, but slightly large for her size in the chest. She wore running shoes, shorts and a light sweat shirt to ward off the morning chill. He was getting visibly aroused as she moved closer and closer. His hand went to his pants pocket, his fingers curling around the cold handle of his switchblade. Pulling back into the shadows, he waited until she passed by, stepped out, sprung the blade and grabbed her around the face, cutting off any scream. “Do as your told and you wont get hurt! Try to scream and it will die in your throat!” he whispered, brandishing the long, sharp blade that glinted in the sunrise. Dragging her into the bushes, he threw her onto a blanket, already set up on the ground. She tried to scramble away, still dazed by the suddenness of her attack.

Anticipating the attempt at escape he threw himself on her sticking the tip of the blade to her throat. “Feisty little bitch, aren’t we!” he said as he rolled her onto her back. Still struggling, she watched in horror as he slid the blade down, cleanly cutting away the fabric of her sweatshirt. Not ready to give in yet, she tried turning and crawling away but only succeeded in losing her running shorts, which he used to trip up her second attempt at escape.

“ I like a woman who fights back!” he said flipping her over again with relative ease. “But it isn’t going to do you any good! It just makes me cum harder.” he threatened as he slid the blade under her sport bra, freeing her ample bosom from its confines.

“Please don’t do this!” she begged as he grasped her left breast in his long slender fingers, paying particular attention to her dollar sized nipples, stiffened with the morning chill.

“What? Don’t we like sex?” he asked, not expecting an answer. “Maybe we need some practice! Or, maybe your boyfriend doesn’t know how to use one of these.” Pulling his boxers aside he exposed his 7 inch long sharply curved, rock hard cock, waving it in her face.

Her mouth dropped open as she stared at the dark pink head, already dripping pre-cum.
Again she tried scurrying away, and again he foiled her attempt, pinning her to the ground with his knees and smearing the clear liquid onto her nose and cheek.

“Tell you what, bitch! I’ll give you a choice! What hole you want me to cum in? Your mouth? Your ass? Or that cute little cunt of yours!”

“Oh god! Please don’t do this!” she begged. Why me? Why did you pick me!”

“I’ve been watching you for over a week, dreaming of how good it would feel to slide my cock deep inside you and blast you with my fuck sauce.” he answered, “ Now what’ll it be? Choose! Now!”

“I…I’ll suck you off! She said, defeated, “But then you’ll let me go, right?”

“I’ll do whatever I want, bitch! Now lay down and get ready for the throat fucking of a lifetime!”

Confused at the order, but still afraid of the knife, she did as he wished, wondering how she would fit his curved cock into her mouth.

Scurrying around he presented her with his stiff member, his balls hanging over her forehead. Tentatively, she opened her mouth, recoiling slightly as he pushed forward, the heat of his prick seemingly scorching her lips. “Suck it, bitch!” he snapped pushing the crown past her parted lips. “And don’t get any ideas about doing a bobbit! I still have my knife.”

Slowly Sex hikayeleri she swallowed more and more of his length, craning her neck to make entry more comfortable, until his hairy nut sac tickled her cheeks. He rocked back and forth, nearly taking his cock all the way out before pushing it back in, moaning each time his balls brushed her cheeks. She gagged with each thrust, the saliva dripping from her mouth, unable to swallow it. The more she coughed the harder he thrust.

He leaned over her naked torso, breathing in the scent of her aroused pussy, before pushing his face into her neatly trimmed blonde cunt.

“Mmfff!” she moaned, her face full of his manhood, as she felt his tongue invade her gash.

He licked from her clit to her ass, then shoved his tongue between the bedewed lips of her puss. “ You taste good, bitch, especially after working up a sweat!” he said before spreading her lips and shoving his tongue deeper still.

Her body’s needs were betraying her. Here she was, being orally raped and her vaginal passage violated and she was enjoying it. How disgusting I am, she thought, but still sucked voraciously at this strange cock as it tried to force its way down her throat.

“You’re liking this aren’t you, girl?” he asked, as if he could read her mind.

“Mmm Hmm!” was all she could muster as an answer.

He returned to her engorged clit and sucked it and the surrounding tissue into his mouth, rasping the tip with his tongue.

She began bucking her hips up toward his face in time with his thrusts into her mouth.
“Mmmm! MMMM! AAAnnnggghh!” she screamed into his cock as she orgasmed, leaking her juices onto his face and into his mouth.

Now it was his turn. “I’m cumming, bitch! Swallow it!” he grunted as his cock spasmed and shot his hot salty syrup down his captives throat. “That’s it! Eat my jizz!”

He pulled out in time to squirt the last of his semen onto her turgid nipples. “Thanks for the ride, bitch! Maybe we can do this again some time!” he said, gathering up his clothes, and her panties, and disappearing into the underbrush.

How long she sat there, she did not know. She just sat, in a daze, staring at the tattered clothing her assailant had left behind.

“Are you alright miss?” the soft voice said.

Pulled from her trancelike state, she tried to cover her bare breasts.

“Here! Take this! It’ll keep you warmer until we can get you something to wear.” he said, offering her his oversized sweatshirt. She pulled it on and stood on unsteady feet.
“We need to get you warmed up and call the police!” he said in a soothing, gentle voice, as she slumped against his tall, thin figure. “My place is right around the corner. We can call from there. Oh, by the way, my name‘s Rob.”

“Uh! O.K.” she said as he held her up and they walked from the scene, to his apartment, only a block away.

Once inside, he helped her to the couch and went to the kitchen to get her something warm to drink. Returning, he saw her curled up on the couch, her bare legs tucked under her butt and the sweatshirt pulled over her knees. “Thank you for your help.” she whispered as he handed her a mug of strong tea.

“Sorry, I’m not a coffee drinker but I thought this might do.” ,he said as he sat down next to her.

“This is fine.” she replied, drinking the dark liquid.

He tried to make small talk, but her answers were short, not leading into any kind of dialogue, so, after a short while, he gave up trying.

The silence was awkward. He got up and said, “Let me see what I’ve got that you can change into. Sikiş hikayeleri Since I’m not a cross dresser, it won’t be very feminine, but I’ll do my best.”
He smiled as he left the room. She drank more of the warm tea, enjoying the sensation it gave her as it went down her throat.

The man returned with a pair of cargo shorts. Handing them to her, he said, “You can try these on if you like.”

“Thanks” she said as she stood up. “I’m feeling kind of dizzy” she said as she sat down again.

“Tell you what! Why don’t I call the cops.” he said as he left the room again.

She sat, feeling more and more dizzy. ‘I don’t understand’, she thought, ‘I was fine this morning. And all the guy did was force me to give him a blowjob. And to top it off, he ate me until I came too. How could that make me feel so light headed?’

Just then her rescuer reappeared at the doorway to the living room. Beside him was another man. “This is Tom. I understand, you two are acquainted.”

She looked at Rob, not seeming to comprehend. “We are?” she said

“Maybe you don’t recognize me” Tom said.

“I’m afraid, I don’t” she replied

“Maybe this will help.” Tom said as he stepped forward, standing in front of her. He dropped his pants, revealing his 7 inch long, rock hard, sharply curved cock, waving it in front of her face. “Now do you recognize me?”

Recoiling in surprise, she tried to get away, but found it difficult to move.

“Roofies do it every time, buddy!” Rob said as he stripped off his clothes.

“You…you drugged me?” she stammered.

“Yup! Wasn’t sure you would co-operate when you two got reacquainted.”

Tom reached out and pulled the sweatshirt over her head. She didn’t resist, in fact, she was admiring the size of her assailants equipment. The thoughts of what they were going to do excited her a little, making her wet. At the same time, the thoughts of trying to accommodate these men was a little frightening.

“Tom tells me you’re quite good at cock sucking. Is that true?” Rob asked, waving his stiff prick in the blonde’s face.

She looked silently at his long, thick penis, then up at Rob, then back at the stiff prick, her mouth slack. He took this as a yes, and pressed the spongy pink-purple head against her lips, smearing a droplet of pre-cum on them as he pushed past her teeth, filling her mouth with his manhood.
In the meantime, Tom had dropped to the floor, pulling her knees apart, exposing the pink folds of her shaved pussy. Lowering his face, he breathed in the scent of her, as he gave her a long, wet doggy kiss along the entire length of her crack.

She squirmed away, although she couldn’t get far, and Tom’s tongue, long and thin, like his cock, never lost contact with the smooth skin of her naked twat. “You taste just as good as you did in the park, girl” he said, just before he plunged his tongue deep into her musky folds.

“Mmmm!” she mumbled, her face now full of Bob’s pulsing prick. Almost involuntarily, she pulled her legs further apart, bringing them up toward her chest, giving Tom better access. Tom wasted no time, spreading her pussy flesh and pushing his face into the moistness as he tongue fucked the helpless girl. He even wormed a finger into her asshole as he slurped and sucked the sweet-sour pussy cream from her freshening cunt. Her hips began to slide up and down, wiping the scented sauce onto his chin, lips and nose.

By now Bob had fed her most of his length, and was sawing in and out of her mouth, holding her head in place, and smiling as she coped with his sizeable girth. Every now and then Erotik hikaye he would push a little too far and she would gag as she tried to swallow the vast amounts of saliva. She had copious amounts of drool dripping from her chin onto her ample cleavage and down onto her belly.

She was getting ever closer to coming as Tom had latched onto her clit and was milking the little fleshy bud as his fingers slid in and out of her sopping cunt and well lubricated sphincter.

Bob, too was close. His moans were getting louder and longer as he plunged his dick in and out of her face, his balls slapping her on the chin as he urged her to suck harder.
He tensed, grunted, his grip on her hair tightened. Ohhfuck! I’m cumming” he shouted as the first jet of sperm spewed out of his cockhead, landing in the back of her throat, followed by two more.

Tom’s ministrations to her pussy took their toll and she came as Bob was finishing.
“Annngh! Aaaahnnngh! She gagged as her pussy began spasming, sending shockwaves throughout her petite body. Pulling free of Bob’s still pulsating manhood she watched as the last squirt flew into the air and landed in a long string stretching from her forehead to her nose as her cunt continued to contract. “Ohhhh! Aaaaah! OhmyGod!” she screamed, clamping her legs tightly to Tom’s head. As her climax subsided she loosened the grip on Tom’s face and he got up onto his feet. He and Bob picked up the girl and carried her to the bedroom where Tom laid onto his back. Bob arranged her on top of Tom and he slid his long curved prick easily in between the puffy lips of her freshly moistened cunny.
Rocking his hips as he held her up by placing his hands on her tits, the helmet of his penis rubbed against her g-spot, making her moan with pleasure each time he thrust deep within her. Bob wiped the string of cum from her face and smeared it onto his cock, then took over holding the limp girl up while his friend drilled deep within her womb, the exaggerated curve of his cock maintaining contact with her g-spot. “Ohhhh! Yess! Feels so ….fucking good!” she crooned , Tom fucking up into her as Bob kissed her neck and kneaded her nipples, gently tweaking them between his thumbs and forefingers.
“Oooooh! Mmmm! Ohh God! Ohhh Fuck!”

Bob’s manhood was reawakening and he rubbed his cock up and down the crack of the girls ass as he continued to twist and pinch her tits. When it had fully hardened, he pushed it against her rear. The head, already lubricated with cum, slid in with little effort.
The girl, dangerously close to another orgasm, welcomed the additional stimulation.
“Ohhh! Ohmyfucking God! Ahhh! AAAAHHH!” she screamed as the inner walls of her pussy pulsated around Tom’s cock. He felt a flood of warm liquid envelope his cuckold, travel down his shaft and onto his bloated balls. He leaned up and sucked greedily on her left nipple, mauling the other breast with his free hand as his friend buried himself deep in her ass. The two men established a rhythm, Tom plunging in while Bob pulled out, then Bob burying his cock as Tom pulled all but his crown out of her sopping cunt.

All this time the poor girl was babbling incoherently, as her captors ravaged her petite body. Tom came first, grunting as he chewed on her nipple, spitting his semen into the entire length of her clasping cooze. The girl came again, farting pussy juice as she screamed out yet another gut wrenching orgasm. Finally Bob, giving in to the tightness of her anal ring, disgorged the contents of his cock and balls into her rear passage.

The three collapsed in a heap on the bed, all panting heavily with the exertion of their just completed menage a trois. Finally Bob whispered in her ear, “Happy Birthday, sweetheart!”

“It has been so far!”, she said. “But how are you going to top this?”

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