John, Joan and Tommy – Party No 2

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After Tommy had become lover to John, his flatmate, and to John’s mum, Joan, they had continued to see each other regularly. All three had agreed, however, that it would be nice to introduce something, or someone, else into their funtime.

Joan had been visiting her older sister, Lou, recently, and it had seemed to her that Lou was becoming a lonely person. Lou was now in her mid fifties, and had lost her husband to cancer a few years ago. She had a son, but he lived in Australia now, so she saw very little of him.

Joan knew that Lou used to have an active social life, and in her younger days, a fairly active sexual life. In fact, although John didn’t know it, she used to come regularly to Joan’s parties, and shared her very relaxed view of sex, even within the family. She decided to invite her to her next party.

Although Lou was a bit sceptical, the more she thought about it, the more she thought that it might be what she needed in her life, again. She was definitely not looking for another relationship at the moment, but sex was something else.

When Joan mentioned Lou to John and Tommy, John was a bit unsure. He had always liked aunty Lou, but had never thought about her sexually. Times change, however, and now that he had been fucking his mum, Joan, for two years, he began to consider Lou in a new light.

Tommy had never met Lou, but John had shown him a recent photo, and he thought that she was quite attractive for her age. He said he would be happy to meet her, and more than happy, if she wanted to join them at any time.

A couple of days before the party, Lou had a touch of cold feet, and phoned Joan. “Joan, I’m really not sure about your party, I don’t have any party frocks any more, and I think I’m a bit old for your parties now.”

“Thats silly,” said Joan, “Look, I can lend you some clothes that I know will fit you. And as far as your age is concerned, there are always some of my older friends come along, even if its just for a drink and a chat (little white lie). Please come Lou. I know you’ll have a good time.”

Lou grudgingly agreed, and said she’d come over to see if Joan’s dresses might suit her. She was still a bit reluctant, but found a clingy, black cocktail dress that she liked. When she tried it on, she had to admit that she liked it, and, although she wouldn’t admit it to Joan, she decided to get some new underwear to go with it. She chose black silk, not what you would call dirty, but classy, and sexy.

On the night of the party Lou took a taxi to Joan’s house. She thought that she might at least have a drink or two. Joan met her at the door, and laid it on thick, “Wow, Lou, you look amazing, come in and get a drink. I’m so glad you could make it!”

They went through to the kitchen, and Joan poured her a gin and tonic, letting her hand slip a bit, discretely, with the gin. There was music throughout the house, and after a bit of light chatting and drinking, Lou could feel herself relaxing, and was beginning to enjoy it.

John came into the kitchen and immediately greeted his aunty with a giant bearhug. “How are you Aunty Lou,” he smiled, and kissed her on both cheeks, “Long time no see! Here let me top you up.” He took her glass and topped it up, before she had a chance to object.

“I’m fine thanks John, I don’t get out so much these days, but your mother twisted my arm, so here I am.” Lou had always like John and could see that he suddenly seemed to have grown into a good looking man. John, on the other hand, had not really seen Lou for sometime, other than briefly, at his uncle’s funeral, but was pleasantly surprised that he found her quite attractive, and actually sensuous.

As the kitchen was getting busy, Joan took John and Lou by the arm,

and guided them out and into the living room, where there was also drink available. Some couples had begun to dance. The music was a bit louder, so that you could still speak to your partner, but couldn’t really hear what others were saying.

John asked Lou for a dance. “Come on aunty, its time we had a dance, and you can tell me what you’ve been up to.” As John took Lou into the dancing, otele gelen gaziantep escort he was warming more and more to her. She was quite slim, and Joan’s cocktail dress was sliding over her body as she moved, enhancing the natural curves of her breasts, and unless he was imagining it, her hard little mound.

Immediately he had taken her hand, John felt that she was warm, and relaxed, and drew her close to him. They swayed in time to the music. “Its nice to see you again Aunty Lou. Mum tells me how you’re getting on, but its not the same as seeing you.”

“I see you’ve got your mum’s gift of the gab, John,” Lou replied. “Anyway, its nice to see you too. As you get older you just don’t seem to get out so much.”

“But you should, you’re not old yet, and you look lovely!” John continued.

Lou laughed at John’s compliment, but inside she felt something that she hadn’t for a long time – that first tingle, when the prospect of being with someone appears possible. She squeezed John’s hand, and he could feel her, just a fraction of a fraction, closer to him. He had been with his mother when she had worn that dress, and the feeling of it sliding against him was beautifully familiar.

“Have you actually been to one of mum’s parties before, Aunty Lou?” John whispered close to her ear.

Lou knew that this was a pointed question for her. Admitting that she had, would tell John something very private about her, but the effect of the alcohol, and the feel of John’s body, tight against her, emboldened her. She whispered back to him, “Yes, John, your mum and I used to have a lot of fun here!”

“Well, that’s great Lou. Do you mind if I drop the ‘aunty’ bit by the way. I hope you have as much fun tonight.” John whispered, turning his head to look at Lou. She was gazing deep into his eyes, and they both knew that they would make love.

“I think I’m going to, John, and yes, I’d love you to call me Lou.”

Lou squeezed John’s hand again, and she could feel him pull her to him, this time with a little more confidence. “Lets get another drink John, and you can tell me all about you’re life in the city now.”

They stood with their drinks at the edge of the room, for a while, as John brought Lou up to date with (some of) his life. A bit too soon, he thought, to tell her about Tommy and his mum, but hopefully, he could tell her later. He had been a bit doubtful about Lou, but now he was beginning to like her a lot, and she seemed to like him, more than an aunty should.

It was all coming back to Lou, of course, as she watched couples on the floor, becoming more and more amorous, and when John suggested they dance again, she put her hand around his waist and almost rushed to be back on the floor. The music seemed slightly louder now, and someone had dimmed the lights.

This time, both of them went straight into a close position, and, after only a few moments, she put her arms round his neck and kissed his cheek. John was a little surprised at the speed with which his aunt was getting closer to him, but he knew he had to react quickly, in case she felt she had gone too far. He pulled her hips into him and stroked her hair.

Without speaking, he put his hand on her cheek, and kissed her deeply. Lou only hesitated for a fraction of a second before pulling him further into her, so that she could feel his hard cock push assertively against her pussy.

It had been so long since Lou’s pussy was so wet, and she was in heaven, with the feel of John. She simply wanted him to ram his hard cock up her as far as he physically could!

John whispered to Lou, “Why don’t I show you the main dance room upstairs Lou? It might be a bit more lively.”

“Ok John,” she said, remembering well, that it was upstairs where people really began to lose their inhibitions.

When they entered the room, Tommy and Joan were already dancing, but stopped to come over and speak to them.

Lou was at first a little nervous, but Joan spoke first. “Hi, you two, I saw you dancing downstairs, but didn’t want to disturb you.” Lou thought to gaziantep otele gelen escort herself that Joan was ok with her son and sister edging towards sex with each other, which was just as well, since Lou was now determined to have her sexy nephew!

“By the way, Lou,” Joan continued, “this is Tommy, John’s flatmate.”

Tommy shook her hand and kissed her cheek. “Nice to meet you Lou” he said, noting that her hand and cheek were both very warm. ‘It might have been the room temperature,’ he thought, ‘or the booze, or just maybe she was already aroused by his lover, John?’

It had been immediately clear to Lou that Joan and Tommy were more than close friends, but she was happy, since she was not the only ‘older woman’ with a young man!

After they had been talking for a while, Joan asked John for a dance, leaving Lou and Tommy together. “Well Tommy, can I tempt you to a dance with an older woman?” Lou smiled.

“Did you read my mind then?” Tommy laughed in response. “Of course, I’d be delighted.”

As they went onto the floor, Lou was still slightly aroused by John, and found that Tommy was having a similar effect on her. ‘Am I really this sex starved?’ she wondered, ‘or is it just that these two young men are both so sexy?’

“Have you known Joan long Tommy?” Lou asked casually.

Tommy decided that Lou had already clocked Joan and him together, and decided an honest response was required. “Actually I’ve been out with Joan a few times now.”

“Oh,” said Lou, “and that doesn’t lead to any problems between you and John then?”

“No, not at all. Joan and John are very liberal as far as sex is concerned, so we all get along very well.” John had said this, leaving Lou to decide exactly what it meant, and it wasn’t lost on Lou.

As they danced, Lou felt she would like to fuck Tommy very much, but still had John on her mind, and the fact that he was her nephew, whom she’d watch grow up from birth, seemed to add quite a lot of excitement.

When the dance finished, Joan and Tommy said they had to go back downstairs, to get some food ready, so John and Lou immediately went back to the dance floor. The break had dampened their ardour a little, but after they had danced for a little while, the warmth of their bodies, pressed against each other, brought back the beautiful anticipation of enjoying each other fully.

By now, each wanted the other so badly. Lou whispered to John. “It looks like your mum doesn’t mind us being together, John. What do you think?”

“Its Ok Lou, my mum had already told me that she doesn’t mind, because I told her I thought you were sexy!”

“You didn’t!”

“Yes, why not. She also told me that you and she share similar views on sex, so we have nothing to hide or be ashamed of. So, lovely Lou, I want you so much, and unless I’m mistaken, you want me too.”

Lou kissed him deeply, in response, and felt his cock pushing hard against her. The room was quite dark, unless someone opened the door, so John moved his hand down to Lou’s thigh. She trembled, but kissed him harder. John got the message and slipped his hand under the hem of her dress, onto her pussy. She was very wet, and the silk panties were clinging to her shaved pussy. “God!” whispered John, licking her cheek but imagining her cunt, “Shall we go next door, Lou?”

She knew what used to be next door, and assumed that nothing would have changed. “Oh yes John, I really want to. Do you think your mum and Tommy might be there?”

“Yes they might be,” said John, “but I’m sure they wont mind sharing a mattress!”

“You naughty boy,” Lou whispered, “that could be cosy!”

As John opened the door, there was no sign of Joan and Tommy, but the floor was full of couples, either making love while dancing, or at various stages of intercourse on the mattresses. Lou and John began dancing, as John helped Lou begin to take her dress off at the same time. Once it was off, John slipped his hand inside her panties, and began to push his fingers between the hot lips of her pussy. Her mound was so hard he could rub her gaziantep otele gelen escort bayan with the heel of his hand while pushing his middle finger deep inside her hot wet cunt.

He could not believe this was a woman in her mid fifties. Sure, her breasts were a bit less pert than they would have been, but her pussy was just sucking him in. She pushed her tongue far into his mouth and moaned for him to take her quickly.

They both took off the rest of their clothes and lay on a mattress. Lou took John’s cock in her hand and whispered to him, “John please fuck me quickly darling. I know we want to do much more, but I need you so much, and we have the rest of the night.”

John mounted Lou quickly, and they both fucked each other violently, for a few minutes, before loudly climaxing. Their fuck seemed to encourage all around them, as the room was suddenly filled with the screams and grunts of climax.

Suddenly they were aware of two bodies settling down beside them. Joan, now naked except for her panties, whispered, “Hello you two, we couldn’t help hearing you as we came upstairs. You certainly got everybody’s attention!”. She laughed, and kissed John deeply. Before Lou had a chance to speak, she also kissed her.

Deep in Lou’s memory, she thought that they may have shared a drunken kiss once before, but whatever, she was still so high from John’s fuck that she grabbed Joan, kissing her back, and pulling her hand into her hot cunt, still oozing with her nephew’s semen.

Lou gasped in whisper to Joan, “I’ve always wanted to kiss my beautiful little sister like that – I want much much more!”

“Me too, Lou” Joan whispered back.

As she came out of the clinch, Lou noticed that John and Tommy were also kissing. Joan had seen her glance, and put her hand on Lou’s leg. “I didn’t tell you, but John and Tommy are a bit more than flatmates. I hope you don’t mind.”

“No Joan, its a bit of a surprise, but kind of nice as well.”

“Good” said Joan, then whispered to them all to follow her out to her own room. There was a super – king sized bed, the lights were low, and there was champagne on ice, with four glasses. Joan passed them out. “Cheers everybody!” she said.

Lou sipped her champagne. “Why do I get the feeling that this was planned?”

John put his arms back around her. “I’m sorry Lou, but we wanted you to join us so much, and I really fancied you, so I hope you can forgive us.” He kissed Lou and her smile gave them the answer.

There was no time to plan anything, but Joan simply took Lou’s hand and pulled her under the sheets. As they kissed, the heat from their bodies was intense. Lou took the lead over her younger sister, moving between her legs and licking deep into the soft recesses of her pussy flesh.

As the two women moaned, almost tearing at each other, to satisfy a long held hidden lust, John and Tommy were once again in each other’s arms, caressing their cocks, then moving into the 69 position.

The women looked to their side and saw the raw passion which the boys were revealing. They wriggled beside John and Tommy, so each could take a cock in their hands. This time, Joan took John’s cock, and Lou watched lustfully as mother and son used each other’s bodies.

When John’s cock was rock hard and Joan was oozing precum inside her, she stopped sucking and pulled John up and into her.

Lou had not fully picked up on Tommy’s hint that they were lovers but was watching them in amazement. Tommy was now inside her and both boys were fucking them as hard as they could. Joan and Lou took each other’s hands and were moaning and grunting increasingly louder until the boys exploded into them.

When the boys rolled off Joan and Lou grasped each other, kissing deeply and feeding the warm semen left in their cunts from their fingers into each other’s mouths.

At about 3a.m. John and Joan put their bathrobes on and made sure that any remaining bodies were now leaving the house (it was a house rule that Joan’s parties ended at that time).

Once the doors were locked they went back to bed. Tommy and Lou were fast asleep so Joan and John went back next door. They had not finished, and their love making went on for the rest of the night, every move so slow that their heightened senses maintained ecstasy for a long time, while they whispered their love for each other. Each knew that although they relished the sexual thrill from Tommy and Sue, and also from watching each other in ecstasy with them, the ultimate sexual bliss was with each other, and always would be.

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