Justina’s Secret (YNAS) – Pt. 1 and 2


1 – Where Have I Seen Her Before?When I first saw her walk into the company cafeteria, my eyes were immediately drawn to her. Long blonde hair on a firm young body is always a good reason to take a closer look.“Who’s that?” I asked the guys I was sitting with. They looked up and seeing who had caught my attention smiled broadly.“New girl in Purchasing. Nice, huh?”Yes, very nice. She had the body of a model, which is to say, a bit on the skinny side, but nicely shaped with long legs accentuated by slim, black slacks and high heels. As she bent over to retrieve her coffee from the vending machine, the body feature that usually gets me going revealed itself as stunning; a gorgeous, round bottom that I could imagine naked in this revealing position and visualize my hands caressing and my fingers squeezing. I lost the image as she stood and turned to look in our general direction.At first, I noticed an attractive face, the details of which I couldn’t see from a distance, but the long blonde hair framed a round face with large eyes. Moving down from there, her dressy white blouse was open enough to reveal just a bit of cleavage, but then her big, beautiful breasts struck me, or at least I wished they had. Wow! Atypical of a skinny model, this girl’s tits were big, but not in a vulgar way; just in an ‘I’d love to bury my face between them’ way.She smiled at us as she turned to leave, and I hoped I didn’t appear to be gawking, though I felt like I was. It was a friendly smile that I hoped I’d get to see again up close and soon.Over the course of the next several weeks, I saw her several times in the hallways and cafeteria, and my impression of her only improved. Meeting in the hall she’d offer a beautiful smile and a friendly ‘Hi’ but no opportunity to communicate beyond that. Once, I found myself following her down a hallway and prolonged the trip just to enjoy the sight of her beautiful ass.She was very partial to the same black dress slacks as I’d seen her in the first time, as she wore them frequently. Her thighs filled the slim pant legs giving evidence of being in good physical shape Sex hikayeleri and flowed nicely up into her delicious bottom. From the defined cleft between her firm round cheeks, it was clear that she wore thong panties, or perhaps no panties? No, I confirmed she wore some kind of panty when I once found her kneeling near a copy machine and caught sight of some bare skin and a fragment of bright red elastic above her pants. Perfection is not too strong a word to describe the size and shape of her gorgeous sit spot.I also got a better look at her face and those magnificent breasts. Her round face was pretty and innocent in a cute, friendly way. Her big, brown eyes contributed to the girlish demeanor, offering an innocence that the rest of her body conflicted with.  Her smile could turn my mood around, but it was her body that still grabbed my attention most. Anything lacking in her slim, firm body was completely offset by her shapely tits and ass. In other words, ‘skinny’ would not be the first word one would use to describe her sensuous body.I was captivated by her looks but wanted to get to know more about her. I’d seen enough of her fabulous body to know I wouldn’t miss a chance to get my hands on it, but as much as I wanted that, I’m not the type to push myself in any way on a woman. I needed to find a way to talk to her. Eventually, the opportunity came as part of normal business. I was in my office one day when someone knocked. I looked to see Melinda, the Director of Purchasing. “Hi, Mark! Got a minute? I’d like you to meet someone.” She turned to someone standing out of my view, motioned her into my office, and in walked the subject of my desires. “I’d like you to meet Justina. Justina, this is Mark, our VP of IT. Justina is going to be handling the receiving documents and processing for all your computer purchases, so I thought I should bring her around to introduce you.”“Very nice to meet you, Justina,” I said, hoping it sounded sincere, and reached out to shake her hand.“Nice to meet you too, Mark,” she replied with a hint of an accent I couldn’t identify and Sikiş hikayeleri shook my hand. Seeing her face up close and not just in passing, I was again struck by the girlish innocence, no doubt a result of those big, brown eyes. Her silky, straight hair framed her face and fell to just below those even-larger-close-up tits.“So, we’ll be working together. I look forward to it!” I offered hoping to get a similar response.“Yes,” she replied simply, a hint of nervousness showing in those eyes. As I waited a moment longer, hoping she’d add something, I got a sense of having seen her somewhere before, and in the back of my mind, began processing that, trying to figure out where. I couldn’t say I knew her, just that I’d seen her someplace. Maybe at a prior job, bank teller, hamburger slinger, or salesgirl in a department store, but try as I might, I couldn’t place her.“Have you ever done this job on a computer before?“No, I haven’t. You’ll help me if I need it?” she asked, imploring with her eyes.“Of course. There are parts of the job I’ve never done either, but we’ll figure it out,” I said, getting a beautiful smile in return. “Justina, I can’t help thinking we’ve met before or at least crossed paths. Perhaps in a prior job?”“I doubt it,” she replied, a bit nervously, “I’ve been working in Tampa until now.”“You’re probably right. Maybe the look-alike they say everyone has.” She just smiled nervously again.  “So, how do I find her, Melinda?”“She’s in the cubicle across from Karen. Karen’s doing her computer training, so it made sense to put them together.”“Great. I look forward to our first task together. Good luck, Justina!”She thanked me before she left with Melinda, while I was left trying to figure out where I’d seen her before. I thought about places I frequent and people I’ve seen there, and nothing would come to mind. I wondered why, after all this time, it should only just strike me now. ‘Probably just being close up’, I thought to myself, but then realized it may have been her clothes.When I say she was partial to black pants, I mean she wore them almost every Erotik hikaye day, and often with a white blouse. As today was Casual Friday, she’d worn jeans; nice, tight jeans and a casual knit top. That may be why her breasts seemed even bigger, and possibly why she suddenly looked familiar.In the weeks that followed, we had the once or twice-a-week task we did together but didn’t go much beyond that. We got somewhat friendly, but I sensed that she was trying to keep a distance, which I respected, and over time I think she appreciated it as she did warm up a bit.Several more times in the first few weeks, I again tried to figure out where I’d seen her before, sometimes involving her in additional discussion, but always eliciting the same nervous response. I eventually gave up asking her anything about it or even thinking about it myself, but at that point, I was quite sure that I had seen her before despite her denials.Months had gone by since I’d dropped the subject, and Justina and I continued our occasional work together. I always enjoyed it when something got a little more complicated because I got to spend more time with her, and I thought she might be enjoying it too, but never to the point where I felt comfortable going beyond our friendly, professional relationship.One morning we were having difficulty with a particular shipment because the documentation was lousy, and the receiving clerk had made it worse. We had to identify the mistakes and correct them one by one. The atmosphere was friendly as we shared in the misery of cleaning up someone else’s mess.There was one item left that we couldn’t seem to fix.  No matter what Justina did in the system, it still came out wrong. Eventually, she asked Karen to get involved to see if she was missing something. It took her a good ten or fifteen minutes, but she did figure it out.“Who turned this asset flag on? That’s the problem. You’re trying to receive an asset that’s not identified in the financial system.”“Probably Steve, in shipping. You know how lazy he is,” Justina replied.“I don’t think he could if he wanted to. Maybe Mark’s buyer? No. Wait a minute … you did it, Justina!” She accused her with a big smile on her face, but we both jumped on it, chiding her for blaming someone else when she’d made the mistake. We were really piling it on thick when Justina finally responded.

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