Karma : Olyvia’s p.o.v._(1)

No Panties

Sometimes it’s hard to know who’s going end up being the victim…

The sun is just starting to set over the tops of the trees in the neighborhood. I pull the mirror out of my purse so I can apply a new coat of tantalizing red lipstick. Satisfied with the reflection, I stick the knife from my purse into my bra, toss the bag under the seat, and climb out into the school parking lot. I parked around back so the car wouldn’t be visible from the road. I know the middle school doesn’t keep cameras in the lots so it’s a perfect place to leave the getaway car since the neighborhood is literally right behind the school property. I tape the keys to the underside of the car under the driver’s door, take a step back, and check my full body reflection in the tinted glass. My shoulder length blonde curls frame a pretty young face and innocent looking blue eyes, but what makes my operation so easy is my body. No guy worries about a 5’3 petite girl. That is if they ever get past looking at the 34 DD’s, small waist, and the tight bubble butt that made me so popular in school. One thing I’ve learned is if you can distract a man’s one head long enough the other will never see the threat coming. I adjust my black, red, and white plaid mini skirt and the white thigh highs so they r straight. Pulling the garter straps tighter to keep everything secure, I check the reflection one last time. Making the final adjustment of undoing another button on my white top and tucking the matching plaid tie between my boobs, I start walking to the opening of Evergreen Estates looking for tonight’s game.
On the street in the shade of the trees it seems closer to night than twilight, but the visibility is still decent so I keep my eyes open. The street is deserted and my high heels echo down the main road. I can see families sitting down for dinner in some houses, kids watching television in others. Suddenly I’m pulled out of my surveillance as I hear a shot hit the ground just a foot from me and I nearly fall backwards from shock. I see the green smear on the pavement and look up towards the direction from which it came. Three boys are sitting on the roof of one of the smaller homes on the street. The one leaning up against the chimney with a wide smirk on his face is holding the paint ball gun. It’s painfully obvious he’s the flirt of the group from the “just off” shot and the smirk. He’s got an average build with a mop of curly, dirty blond hair, but the sharper chin and long legs gives him away as about 18. Not really my type, but I could see where he might be a bit of a player in his school. Ehh, he’d do but stuck up guys put up more of a fight and I don’t really have time for that tonight. The boy next to him is harder to gauge. He has the build of a man; with the broad shoulders and larger arm muscles. His dark hair that just brushes the top of his eyebrows and the serious look marking his face makes him a drastic alternative to his buddy. Even his clothes, dress pants and a suit vest over a partially undone button down, make him seem older than his tee shirt clad friends. The only thing that betrays his age is the pretty-boy youthful face. I’d guess he was about 16. The final boy fits about every cliche of nerd that’s been created. He’s skinnier than most runway models with thick glasses and a distinct nervous habit of picking at his nails. As my eyes come to him he bows his head letting the messy brown hair hide his face from me. Oh yeah this is going to be too damn easy.
“Can I help you?” I call up to the boys, painting my voice and face with just a tad of irritation.
The blond flirt’s smirk grows as he replies, “We just don’t like trespassers.”
I laugh just a bit. “You wouldn’t shoot an innocent, unarmed woman would you?” I take a step closer to the yard so they can see my flirty sweet pout and maybe catch a glimpse of the wicked look in my eyes. From my new position, I think I catch the serious one crack a sly smile but it’s gone too fast for me to be sure.
The other boys sit back and continue to let the blond talk, “How do we know you’re unarmed?”
I try to make eye contact with the nerd because I know he’d be the easiest to manipulate, but he’s still hiding his face so I find myself locking eyes with the middle boy as I reply, “Well you could always frisk me.” I smirk at the shocked cough that escapes the blond, “Or since you’re all the way up there I could just show you.” With that, I check both directions to make sure the street is still deserted and I start to strip right there.
As is predictable for teenage boys, even the nerd bothers to lift his head to watch intently as my fingers move gracefully down my shirt, undoing one button at a time. I can see their eyes lock on my cleavage as my sheer white lace bra comes into view. Those familiar chills start running through my nerves; there’s something deliciously addicting to have this kind of power over men. Never looking away from their lustful stares, I untuck my shirt, dropping it down my arms to my elbows to reveal everything (except the knife in my bra). I turn while lifting my skirt to reveal the matching thong, the garter straps, and of course my bare ass. I’m met by a tableau of shocked faces as I complete the turn. The nerd looks as if he might have a heart attack, the blond’s tongue is practically hanging out, and even the serious one has lost his poker face to a slack jaw and a slightly awed expression. Hmm maybe he’s innocent and unsuspecting enough to be an easy target too.
In their stunned silence I start to redress as if nothing’s out of the ordinary. While I’m still buttoning my shirt I say, “Now that we know I’m clean can you stop shooting at me?” I don’t wait for a reply but continue, “I actually could use some help. My friend lives in this neighborhood but it’s like a maze in here and she only gave me a street name. Do any of you know this place well enough to get me to Springfield Rd.?”
Surprisingly the nerd actually tries to volunteer but the blonde interrupts him. The argument gets so entertaining that I’m trying to hard not to laugh to see the serious one climb down. It wasn’t until he was coming across the yard telling me he knew this place like the back of his hand and that he’d take me that I noticed him. As he gets closer, I get a better look at him. I was definitely right about the build and he’s about 6’ tall. His hair swoops in the way the classic 1950’s movie stars’ did and his walk gives off an air of power and sophistication. If this wasn’t an operation this is the kind of guy I’d go home with, but it is so I’ve got to play this just right. He might fight more than I had hoped to have to deal with tonight though.
The serious boy strolls up, flashing a gorgeous charming smile, and picks up my hand and kisses it. “The name’s Steel. Jack Steel.”
Bond? He’s quoting Bond. I was wrong; this kid is going be as easy as the rest.


As we leave his grumbling friends behind on the roof, we turn off the main road going deeper into the neighborhood. I picked Springfield Rd. because it’s near the heart of the place and I know it’ll give it a chance to get really dark out. We are about half way there as the sun completely sets. I would normally wait longer but all his pleasant charming chatter and his complete avoidance of the subject of my street show has me on edge. I’ve never had a guy see me practically naked and not make passes. It’s not normal and it has me concerned about how in control I am of the situation. Usually I would lead him somewhere more secluded under the implication of sex and then make my move. Apparently with this one I’ll just have to go for it and hope it works.
While I’m trying to figure out a way to get him closer to the woods, a car starts down the road and he pulls me out of the street. As he steps next to me in Sex hikayeleri the grass, I pull the knife out of my bra, shove him against the tree, and hold the blade to his throat. For a moment I lose my concentration as the scent of his cologne overpowers my senses but I’m determined not to mess this up. I’ve gone too far. I bend my elbow over his shoulder blocking the blade from view. As I tighten the blade, I crush my body against his and stand on my tip toes to whisper in his ear. “You better listen well boy if you want to live.” I push the blade hard enough to just barely knick him to emphasize my point, “Yeah I know, you should have taken me up on the frisking offer.” I can feel him tense up as my lips brush his earlobe. “Obviously you live in this neighborhood which means your well off so you are going to take me back to your house and get me all the cash your parents have around. Don’t try to play dumb either; I know rich kids have no issue getting to their parents’ money.” Just to taunt him I drag my tongue down the hollow behind his ear and as I pull away, I see the anger boiling in his eyes and a tremor flash through his body. For a moment I get lost in those raging dark eyes and I can feel the moisture starting to gather between my legs but I have to focus. Breaking the eye contact, I see a couple walking down the street just in time.
I quickly move the blade around the back of his neck to the far side, using my other arm to block it from view. To any prying eyes, we simply appear to be a young couple in a loving embrace. Keeping the threat clear, I lean in to kiss him gently to keep the other couple from getting suspicious. His lips are warm, soft, and actually obedient. He plays along well kissing me back, but after his moment of surprise he gives me one of my own. He wraps his arms around my waist and back, pulling me tighter as he passionately kisses me. His pants are bulging against me and the warmth of his hands sear through my clothes. I can taste his sweet breath and have to fight to keep breathing normally as his tongue explores my mouth. His teeth catch my bottom lip between them. Slowly they rake over my lip, leaving behind an ache only matched by the one behind my soaked panties. I can feel myself getting lost so I break the kiss to see the couple is almost out of sight down the road. Could we have been kissing so long? Damn it, this is not happening, I am in control here. I have to reestablish my dominance.
Shoving the blade even tighter against his throat, I whisper, “Now Jack, you should know not to try anything stupid. I don’t play kid’s games. I promise you that I will kill you. Your friends don’t know who I am and no one else even knows you’re out with me. Hell in these woods, by the time they find your body I’ll be on the other side of the country. Do you understand me?” I take the cold hateful stare as a yes and continue to explain the plan to him. His unfaltering dark glare won’t stop sending chills through my body, but I don’t dare let him see it.


We are walking back down the main street. Ironically, he lives in the third house inside the neighborhood and we are just backtracking. I have him walking with his arm around my shoulders so I can cuddle close to his side and keep the blade next to his kidney. His cologne keeps threatening my concentration, but I’m winning the battle. We end up walking past his friends on the roof again. The awe on their faces is difficult to decipher. I can’t tell if it was because he didn’t come back alone in general or because his arm was around me. They start to yell to Jack, but I poke him with the tip of the blade and he waves them off. I kiss his cheek taunting him, “Smart boy,” I whisper. He won’t even look at me in response. Jack just keeps going, never missing a step in his anxious bee line for his house.
He takes me around his house to his back door mumbling something about his parents being upstairs. I don’t really care; I just want the cash so I can hit the road and the next town. He opens the back door for me like a gentleman but the loathing is dripping from his expression. I catch myself thinking about him letting that aggression out on my body. Thinking about what this big, powerful, handsome man could do to me. I practically feel his strong hands ravaging my form as he slams me against the wall, his lust and hatred overpowering any regard for me as he rips my shirt off……Shit! Get yourself together girl. He’s just a mark, remember that.
I take a deep breath steadying myself and step through the door. Immediately in front of me is a staircase to the next floor, which looks dark and silent, to my right is a bathroom, and the left a room which has the door closed. Jack steps in behind me shutting the door. In the small entry way his size is even more prominent. He seems to be everywhere around me. I’m suddenly very thankful for the knife because in such a cramped space with nowhere to run, I wouldn’t have a prayer in a fight with him.
His sexy, deep whisper fills the room, “They keep the cash in a vault in the room to your left. The combination is 2-7-1-2.” I turn to see that same captivating glower in his eye but I smirk as I run my hand down his face.
“Thanks love, it’s been fun.” I wink and blow him a kiss.
I turn to the door, the relief running through my body. This was so much easier than it could’ve been. The moment before I open the door, I stop because I hear a low chuckle and Jack mumble something. It sounded like, “Oh trust me, the fun is just beginning,” but why the hell would he say that? I look back at him and he’s standing the exact same way: one hand in his pocket, the other stuck through his leather belt, leaning against the wall, those dark eyes never leaving me. What the fuck is it about this boy that’s making me lose it like this? I need to get this cash and get out of here.
I turn the door handle, step in, and have just enough time to take in the bed, television, and comic books. Right as I turn around with the knife to try to get out of this trap, I catch a glimpse of that lustful look the second his fist connects with my chin and I crumple to the floor seeing nothing but black.


I start to wake up, shaking myself to consciousness. The bruise is already rising on my chin, I can feel it. I try to open my eyes but the sudden brightness hurts to bad. God I’m so lightheaded. What is that noise? Shit, is that me groaning? I’ve got to get up. Wait, why am I laying on the floor?… In the moment it hits me where I am, that same intoxicating scent fills my mind again and I’m acutely aware of his hands restraining my wrist over my head and of him pinning me by straddling my hips. I hear myself groaning again and I try to open my eyes, but the sudden feeling of the broad side of a cold, steel blade pressed against my cheek has me freezing in place. I don’t even breathe as he runs it down my face, over the tender bruise, against my tense neck, and finally stops with the tip toying around the hollow at the base of my throat.
His deep voice fills my mind as he leans in next to my ear. The heat of his breath makes me quiver as I weakly try to free my hands from his grip, “Come on slut, I’m getting impatient and I want you awake for every second of this.” His hot tongue licks the hollow behind my ear, exactly as mine had done to him. I turn my head away quickly trying to escape but the effort is wasted. He doesn’t even try to pursue it. Instead his wicked laugh fills the room as I start to finally get my eyes open and adjusted. I see Jack siting up on top of me. Those dark lust filled eyes bearing into mine as he pushes the blade harder against my throat. A sly smirk is painted on his face and I hate him for it. The son of a bitch is enjoying this way too much. I’m nobody’s toy. I have Sikiş hikayeleri to find a way out of here. I’m looking around the room for something, anything that could be helpful when he starts talking again.
“Funny, the big bad tease of a thief doesn’t like to be teased in return.” That damn smirk on his handsome face never wavers and his arrogance is driving me crazy.
I know I shouldn’t but I can’t help myself. “Shut the fuck up kid,” I say as I spit at him.
His hand hits my face so fast I don’t even see it coming. The sting burns deep into my cheek and he makes it worse by roughly grabbing my face, digging his fingers into it. The smirk is finally gone replaced by that familiar rage as he replies, “Bitch you better learn your place.” The blade is shoved so roughly against my throat it knicks me and I fight back the squeal. I won’t give him that satisfaction. I try to free my hands but his grip tightens and he slams them against the wood flooring, sending pain shooting through my arms as he continues, “You thought you could control me? A little slut like you? You’ve got to be kidding me. You’re at my mercy now and you’d be wise to think everything through first because I promise you I have no more qualms about killing you than you do about me.” He drops my head, letting it slam into the wood floor. The shock has my lightheaded and dizzy again.
Damn it this is gone too far. But I don’t really see an escape so I might as well accept the arrest. Maybe I can seduce the cop. “Alright Jack,” I mumble, “ you’ve had your fun. Just call your parents or the cops already, okay?”
I don’t know why but for some reason his laughter seemed darker this time around, the humor in his eyes even more menacing than the rage. His pleasure in my statement confuses me until he finally stops laughing long enough to speak. “Call my parents? Oh, okay, sure.” The smirk never leaves his face as he repeatedly yells for his parents to no response and then looks back to me. “Oh darn, that’s right, my parents are out of town. Shucks. Well there are the police, except you have that bruise on your face, those innocent looking eyes; oh and yeah you’re a hot little slut who’d just seduce the cops.” He drops the knife, replacing it with his powerful hand. Flexing it to play with the effects it has on my airways, he continues, “I’m not stupid, bitch. I’m not letting you get away with this. You thought you could steal from me? You thought you could use your body to trick me? Well I’m going to use your body to steal from you. You need to learn what happens to little whores who think they are smarter than they really are.”
His hand closes so tightly around my throat, my eyes role back in my head from the lack of air. I feel the gagging caught beneath his hand and I start to see spots as a tingling sensation spreads through my entire body. I’m on the verge of passing out when at last he lets go. While I’m caught up and weak in my fit of coughing, I feel his hand on my wrists replaced with something smooth and tight. I know I should try to fight at this point, it’s my best chance of escape but I’m just so limp. I don’t think I could move if I wanted to. I don’t even notice my eyes are still closed till another slap connects to my face bringing me back to. The bruise stings even more from the fresh abuse.
I wake to a new quiet popping sound. I look down to see Jack’s hungry eyes watching his work intently. He’s taking my knife and popping the buttons off my shirt one at a time. Instinctively, I go to jerk my hands down to stop him, but they barely move in my new restraint. Anxiously, I strain my neck to look up and over, only to find my wrists are tied together and to the bottom of his bed post with his belt. Shocked, I look down and see his pants are undone and hanging open, his raging hard cock straining against his underwear. Finally his little speech sinks in, filling me with dread. There isn’t much I can do unarmed against a man this strong in general and definitely not in this position, but I have to try.
I start bucking wildly, trying to get my legs in front of his torso to kick him. This is not happening; I’m not getting raped by a mark. I’m not getting raped by a kid. Hell no. I get one leg high enough to get it in front of his hip and I throw my heel in to him with all the force I can muster. He falls forward yelling, “Fuck.” He places all his weight on one hand which he puts on my torso, holding my core still as he wrestles my legs under his thighs. His arrogant smirk returns with his control, as he knocks the fuck out of me again. I know he can read the terror and knowledge in my eyes and the bastard is enjoying every second of it. What the hell happened to the hand kissing Bond fan teen?
He goes back to his project, making quick work of my shirt buttons. Ripping the shirt open, off my chest, and out of my skirt, it’s apparent his taunting self-control is starting to waver as his lust takes over. The blade’s cold steel runs up over my stomach and down, back and forth as his other hand squeezes my breast. His warm fingers play with the lace along the line of the cup. I can’t peel my gaze from his face. Those dark lustful eyes hungrily consuming my body, the moisture on his lips, and the raw determination in his expression, it’s all turning me on more than I have ever been before. The sensation of his hands on my chest is overwhelming. No, no, no! He’s raping me, I will not enjoy this. I will not give him that.
I start to wriggle my torso trying to get out from under him but it’s useless. Jack just watches me with that disgusting arrogance, delighting in my discomfort. As he slides the knife under the middle of my bra and cuts it so it falls away revealing my bare tits, he starts taunting me again, “Mmmmm these look wonderful, I’ll give you that whore.” The knife circles the areolas of my nipples, making my breath ragged. “You like it don’t you slut? You like me tieing you up and using you?” His growl echoes off the walls as he slaps me again, “That’s too bad. I’ll just have to make it hurt more then, bitch.”
He drags the knife quickly down my torso; hard enough to sting but not to cut me. I let out a scream of pain and I see his erection twitch in his underwear in response. Jack cuts away at my garter straps and my thong, purposely scrapping me with the blade to make me scream. I try to fight back the screams, but I can’t. I’m losing another battle too; my panties are soaked, and he doesn’t miss that fact. “You dirty fucking slut. You want this. You’re cunt is dripping for it. You want to be hurt and used.” He shoves the broad side of the blade into my thigh, not hurting me but scaring another scream out of me. “That’s right whore, scream. No one can hear you but me, and I love hearing those screams.” Jack leans down, running his tongue from between my breasts, up my neck, and into my mouth. As he shoves his tongue deep into my throat, I nearly choke. His aggression is overpowering me. In defense I bite his tongue, making him yelp. Jack pulls back and punches me in the stomach, winding me.
He just smirks and spits the blood at me, marring my face, “You don’t get it, bitch, do you? I like my toys feisty. I don’t care what you do; I’m going to use you however I want till I’m done with you.” His eyes slowly rake over my body, taking in my breast, my stomach, and my bare pussy partially covered by my skirt. “And honestly slut, I’m getting impatient. You aren’t learning your lesson very well, so I’m just going to cut to the chase and take what I want. You wanted to steal from me bitch so I’m going to steal from you. I’m going take your virginity.”
I start laughing, only to be cut off by his grip on my throat. “What’s so funny bitch?”
I let my smile eat away at him, refusing to answer till he punches me in the gut again. Erotik hikaye Hoarsely, I reply, “You’re too late for that bastard,” but my smirk fades with the start of his laugh.
“You stupid slut. Did you really think I thought you were a virgin? I’m going to take your virginity darling, just not the kind you’re thinking.” With that he slaps at my ass and it hits me. Anal? No, no, no, this is not happening. Pulling desperately at my restraints, I start screaming for help, praying his neighbors can hear me.
Jack slowly strips his clothes off just smiling and watching me fight the restraints, enjoying my screams. As much as I hate myself for it, I can’t help but notice his body. His muscled arms and broad shoulders continue down into a strong, steady torso. As his pants fall I can clearly see the muscles of his calves and thighs. Though once his underwear comes off, his cock distracts from the rest. It looks about 7 inches and is the thickest I’ve seen. I don’t think I could get my hand completely around it. Finally to top it all off, it is curved to practically make half of a ‘c’. Without anything touching it, his cock twitches and I finally break my stare to see a satisfied look on his face. I go to speak, but like a flash he drops down between my legs and shoves my ruined panties down my throat. I try to spit them out but they are too deep. I can taste my own moisture off the thong as they soak through in my mouth.
I feel him start to rub the head of his cock against my moist pussy as he murmurs; “Now I’m going to be nice and get a little slick before I take that fine ass.” Jack starts to barely push and I can feel that hot bulbous head moving through the slick juices at my opening.
Whimpering in a mixture of dread and desire, I close my eyes waiting anxiously but he grabs my face violently, demanding I look at him. As I open my eyes and meet that burning gaze, he slams his entire cock into me. I throw my head back trying to scream, but the panties get in the way. His huge, throbbing cock is tearing through me. The way he’s pounding away at my tight pussy is overwhelming. His size is painful, almost bringing tears to my eyes but the way he feels is mind blowing. My pussy is quivering, stretched tight over him. I’m pulled out of my blissful consciousness by his teeth digging into my neck and his hands pawing at every inch of my body. I can feel his nails digging into my back and ass as I buck against him, finally giving in and meeting his thrust. His growls and moans fill the room competing only with my muffled squeals and the sound of his balls slamming against me.
The sharp chills start running through my veins as his lips make it to my nipples. Never altering in his violent rhythm, Jack is successfully making me lightheaded. I can feel my blood pulsing as the pressure builds. All my senses are overloaded. The sound of his massive cock abusing my pussy, the scent of sex mixed with his cologne, the sight of his sexy body moving on top of my quivering form, and the icy fire that burns in my nerves wherever he touches me are all making my pulse pound in my head. My mind is so clouded by the pleasure and pain that I don’t even realize it’s coming until I lose myself to it. I start screaming past the panties as my back lifts off the ground and my arms jerk against the belt in the vicious throws of my orgasm. I can feel my pussy constricting so tightly it must hurt him, but Jack stays steady never slowing. He continues to beat at my tender pussy with his cock to the point I have tears in my eyes, put the convulsions won’t stop. My hot cum is spilling out, running down my crotch into my ass crack as I collapse to the floor limp in the aftermath of my orgasm. Finally he pulls out, still rock hard and throbbing.
He stands but I’m lost in a wave of pleasure on the floor. The sharp kick to my ribs brings me painfully back to reality. I look up right as he squats down beside me and grabs me by the throat again. I struggle to concentrate and understand his words as I choke, “You’re more of a slut than I realized. I just raped you and you came all over me like a fucking whore. I don’t even know why I’m surprised.” Laughing as he watches my face, Jack runs his finger down the path of my juices to my asshole. I squirm, trying to move away, pleading through the gag, but I can tell he’s lost in his lust as his cock twitches again. His fingertip plays around my bud. I know he’s dragging this out to torment me and I don’t want to give him the satisfaction. Lying as still as I can, I close my eyes and try to focus on anything else but the dread is still building inside me. As soon as he tries to push his finger in I lose it. Screaming so loud the panties nearly come out, I buck throwing a knee towards his torso.
Jack catches my knee and shoves me back to the floor. I know the fear is apparent on my face but I can’t stop staring at those dark eyes, conflicted between rage and lust. I’m so mesmerized that at first I don’t notice his feverish hands on my waist, but as quick as his smirk returns, I find I’m suddenly face down on the wood floor. His strong thighs are stretched over my own and his large powerful hands are squeezing my cheeks. God no, no, no. This can’t be happening. My ass cheeks are being pulled apart savagely and I can feel his head pushing against my opening. I hate myself for it but I start to cry.
Surprisingly the pressure eases as I feel him lay across my back, so his lips are next to my ear. I’m quivering from fear as his husky hot breath floods me, “You came slut, now it’s my turn. But I’ve got one last thing to do first.” With that he reaches around and pulls my panties from my mouth as he whispers, “I need to hear those agonized screams.”
Suddenly he shoves his cock into my ass and the pain is earth shattering. My screams must be shaking his house. It feels like a fire ripping through me as his massive cock plows into me. I know my body must be writhing from the pain but he never slows. Jack is talking but I can’t make out the words. I can’t feel anything but the pain and his throbbing cock owning me. His hands are digging into my waist jerking me back into his thrusts. I try to focus on the belt cutting into my wrist to distract me from the fire.
Finally after what feels like forever, the pain starts to fade. His thrusts are still coming hard and fast, but I’m beginning to enjoy it more. The steady rhythm of his rock hard cock slipping in and out of my tight ass is becoming addicting. I’m only brought out of my new pleasure as his groans fill the room. Jack’s pace is picking up as his breathing grows shallower. Suddenly his bicep is wrapped around my throat crushing my windpipe. His voice fills my head as I start to see spots, “Oh god, your ass is so tight. I’ll be honest with you whore; this is all I’ve been thinking about since I saw this perfect ass on the street. I spent the whole walk trying to figure out a way to get to know you, date you, and have you. But thanks to you being a slutty worthless criminal, there was no need for me to wait.” He punctuates his point with one final deep thrust into my ass and his hot cum exploding in my canal just as I lose consciousness.


A cold breeze washes over my bare skin as I come to. Due to the clear moon, I can see pretty well. I look down to find I’m lying in a pile of sand, dressed in my ruined clothes. Through the dark I can see the fencing and school. I look back to the pile of sand and realize it’s a pitching mound; I’m on the middle school baseball field. There’s something wet tied around my thigh and after a few minutes my numb fingers finally manage to untie it. Three hundred dollars in cash and a note falls away from my leg as I free the knot. I lift the saturated fabric into the moonlight and see it’s my ruined thong. After securing the money, I finally bother to look at the note.
I figured it was a fair trade slut. One thief to another.
P.S. Since I let you keep your life as a souvenir, I kept your knife as my own.

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