Kayla’s New Life Pt. 02 – Change


Fall was the perfect season for moving. The weather was chilly enough to keep one cool while moving furniture and boxes, but not cold enough to invite rain or snow. The changing leaves lent themselves to the air of transition, moving from one environment to the next. Kayla smiled without even realizing it. Things were changing alright, and absolutely for the better.

Kayla closed the door to her old apartment one last time. It had certainly served its purpose over the last year she had lived there, as it was close enough to the college campus and her work, but it was exhilarating finally moving out. Moving into a house that bordered on being a mansion. A house that was a very concrete reminder of her relationship with her new Dom and keyholder, Frank.

Kayla’s excitement flared again thinking about him waiting patiently for her at his house while she packed up the last of her things. He had helped her move and was busy organizing her boxes and various belongings back at the house. She had come to turn in her keys to the rental office and grab the last couple of things that remained in the now-bare apartment. She thought it might be slightly bittersweet, as she had quite liked the cozy two bedroom apartment, but she found herself perfectly fine with leaving it as she locked up.

Having spent the majority of the last four weeks at Frank’s house anyway, it just seemed natural to move her things there. He had suggested it after they had realized that she had been at his place almost a week straight and she jumped at the idea. Their relationship had grabbed both of them immediately, and with her moving in, they could take their D/s dynamic up a notch.

She had enjoyed her time at Frank’s house. It was much more spacious than her small apartment, even if he did sometimes make her spend the night in the padded cage that sat next to the huge king-size bed they usually shared. She smiled, her clitty stirring slightly at this thought. She didn’t consider herself much of a bratty sub, but she did love it when he was strict with her. Even more than that though, she loved sharing his bed, especially when he woke her to rough morning sex.

Kayla walked to her car with the last boxes, comfortable despite the chilly evening air. These days, she always felt a slight flush of warmth no matter how cold the approaching winter made the temperature. She wasn’t sure if it was just a placebo from being so sexually frustrated from her permanent chastity arrangement with Frank, or if the constant underlying arousal was actually causing her body temperature to rise. Either way, she was absolutely in love with it. Her small, feminine cock had been locked up for over a month straight. As much as Frank adored teasing her through the cage, he had made no indication of if or when she would be allowed release.

The idea of living with her Dom was one that Kayla had wanted since her dating life had dried up with her transition to living as a woman full-time. She hadn’t really dated much at all in the vanilla scene, let alone try and find something kinky. Yet here she was, driving back to her new home fully expecting to be either punished, ravaged, or both, upon her arrival. Secretly, she hoped it was both.

With these thoughts running through her head, she made the short drive back to the expensive neighborhood where Frank’s house was. She parked and got the boxes out of her trunk, seeing Frank through the huge windows in the living room. He gave her a wave and smile, causing her locked up clitty to twinge slightly. Jesus she was horny, if all it took was a wave. She blushed and waved back, rushing hurriedly to bring the last of her things inside.

Frank watched her patiently from the window, the absolute picture of stoicism. Under his placid demeanor however, he was chomping at the bit to get at his submissive. She was a perfect fit for their relationship, everything a Dominant could want. She was obedient, but not a total doormat; eager to please, but still incredibly independent.

Frank watched her slim form unload the last of her belongings from her car. He almost rushed out to help her, but was enjoying watching her far too much to leave the window. He rarely let his lust override his gentlemanly nature, but today he allowed himself the pleasure of watching his gorgeous sub from a distance.

Usually Kayla was very well put-together, with carefully picked outfits and makeup. He had a sneaking suspicion that since she was transgender she felt the need to have every little detail of her appearance nailed down. He loved seeing her as she was now though, a picture of effortless perfection even Ataşehir escort bayan in just a plain sweater and jeans, cheeks flushed from carrying boxes and from the cool afternoon air. It made him smile to think that she was beginning to be comfortable enough around him to let him see her like this. His smile grew slightly wicked when he thought about the small cage concealed beneath her clothing, a cage that only he had access to.

Frank left the window as Kayla quickly approached the ornate door to the house. With her hands full, she hurriedly tried to blow a long strand of hair out of her face as she heard him unlocking the front door. She really hoped she had time to change, or at least run to the bathroom and freshen up. In her rush to move she hadn’t even considered her appearance, and she was painfully aware of how mundane her outfit looked to the man she adored. She couldn’t help but kick this nagging thought as Frank opened the door to let her in. She smiled as he closed the door and gave her a quick kiss around the stack of boxes she was carrying.

Kayla turned to set the boxes down, and as she stood back up she was slightly startled to see Frank standing very close to her, close enough that she caught her breath. As he towered over her, it was quite apparent how much larger he was than her, his muscular frame dwarfing her petite, soft body. She worked out regularly, but her ladylike curves carried a different weight than his rock solid physique. Kayla had also considered that their power dynamic also added to this, and she felt her clitty stir in its prison as she stood meekly next to him, waiting for his imminent command.

The command never came. Instead, he simply placed both of his hands on her hips gently, and shimmied her loose sweater up her waist until she raised her arms compliantly and let him take it off of her. She shook out her dirty blonde hair, trying her best to contain the enamored smile that was threatening to take control of her carefully submissive demeanor. She almost stumbled backwards into the boxes she had just set behind her as he leaned in to embrace her, his huge arms engulfing her thin torso. As he hugged her tightly, she let herself be drawn into his passion. He wasn’t usually like this until late into their play sessions, and she was in a whirlwind of emotion at this outpouring of affection.

Kayla almost fell into a daze as Frank turned his attention to her neck and shoulders, his mouth moving across her skin lighting fire everywhere it touched. His hands slipped down from her lower back and onto her ample ass, squeezing and cupping it though her jeans. Her moans grew louder as this continued, and she briefly pulled away to slip out of her tank top and bra without even caring that they were standing precariously close to the open living room window.

As soon as she pulled her breasts free of her top, Frank turned his intense gaze on them appreciatively. He was always fascinated with them, which made Kayla feel wonderful. She rubbed her light pink nipples for him, pressing her breasts together to create a bit of cleavage. Her nipples were always rather tender from the hormones, which Frank took full advantage of when it came time to punish her. Now though, her caressed them tenderly as he stepped back to her, his large hands encompassing her b-cups completely.

His attention to her tits drove Kayla wild. Her clit was spasming in the chastity cage, her cotton panties soaked with her frustration. Her moans were turning more and more wild, and she felt as if she were burning up with how flushed her face was. Spurred by all of this, she quickly got down on her knees and frantically pulled at Frank’s belt buckle, fumbling as she did so.

“Good lord Kayla, slow down. It’s not going anywhere, you live with this cock now!” Frank chuckled as he said this. He had thought he was impatient, but clearly the woman topless in front of him had less patience than he did.

She looked up at him with lust-filled green eyes. “Sir, I really, truly, desperately, need your cock right now. Please will you fuck this whore’s face?”

Kayla only referred to herself like this when she was feeling particularly slutty, and Frank recognized immediately that she was slipping into her submissive headspace. He had enjoyed stepping a bit out of their normal roles for a bit, and letting his adoration for her take over, but it was clear that she needed her Dom now. He shifted his tone slightly. Nothing terribly perceptible, just enough so that it was perfectly obvious who was in control of the situation.

“Of course slut. It’s good that Escort Ataşehir you know your place, kneeling in front of me like a good girl. Now take it out and choke yourself on it, I know that’s what you’re dying to do.”

Her hands deftly freed his cock from his pants, keeping herself right at eye level to it, as if expecting her delicious prize to disappear in front of her very eyes if she looked away. She absolutely loved being choked on it, even to the point of tears, ever since he had thoroughly face fucked her the very first time they met in person. Within a few seconds of her attention, it was standing stiff and tall, a huge monster next to Kayla’s dainty mouth.

Kayla greedily wrapped her lips around the tip, staring up at him as she slowly inched her way down the shaft. Frank’s slight grunts of pleasure were soon drowned out by Kayla’s decidedly unladylike sounds as she took him all the way to the base. She hadn’t been able to take it all without gagging when they first met, but she had made it her mission to successfully deepthroat it, and had gotten very good at it. Of course, she had had a lot of practice over the last month, and she held herself down at the base of his cock staring up at him, involuntary tears starting to stream from her eyes.

Finally he grabbed her hair and pulled her back a bit, only to thrust back in. She couldn’t hold his gaze as he began to do this over and over, instead closing them tightly as she endured the rough blowjob. He finally pulled out, leaving her gasping for air and dripping spit down her chin and tears down her cheeks. He took a second to admire the small mess that had dripped down onto her naked chest, and then bent down and swiftly grabbed her hand, pulling her onto her feet. He marched her up the stairs to the bedroom, and stopped just shy of the foot of the bed.

“Strip the rest of the way. Nice and slow, you know what I want to see.”

She obediently complied, dainty but seductive at the same time. How she managed to pull off sultry no matter the setting, even after a long day of moving and manual labor, Frank would never understand, but he loved every minute of it. Her waist-hugging jeans came off first, dropped slowly down her smooth hips.

She turned around slowly at just the right time to show off her ass as it popped out of her jeans ever so slightly, her lace panties accentuating her creamy skin nicely. She stayed facing away from Frank as she hooked her thumbs into the delicate fabric of her panties and sensuously inched them down as well. Once they had dropped down to her ankles, she stepped out of them carefully and then moved them off to the side with a little flick of her foot.

Finally she turned back around to face him. She did so at a tantalizingly slow speed, her back arched just enough to accentuate the small dimples above her ass. She knew Frank loved this part of her body and had spent countless hours in the gym over the last month sculpting her body and lower back. Her ass had been fairly toned when they had met, but she had spent enough time focusing her workouts on it that it was now almost perfectly curvy. Frank drank all of this in, loving it, but waiting in stoic anticipation for her to finish her turn. They both knew exactly what he wanted to see, and Kayla knew if she took much longer to show it to him she might have to face the consequences for it. She was half tempted to do so, she always loved it when he was rough with her.

Kayla finally finished her mini-striptease. She faced Frank, a look of flushed excitement on her face. Her chastity cage was clearly visible between her thighs, her clitty straining with excitement spurred by Frank’s attentive gaze. He let out a long sigh, an almost animalistic exhaling of a breath he hadn’t realized he was holding. Immediately he stepped forward and grabbed her, lifting her off the ground and into his arms. She instinctively wrapped her toned legs around his waist, pressing her tortured clit into his strong body, trying to get any sense of pleasure to alleviate her frustration. He kissed her again, holding her suspended in the air, and then took two large steps to the foot of the spacious bed. With one last press of his lips against hers, he pushed her onto the huge mattress.

Kayla let out a slight gasp as she fell onto the bed, arching her back where she lay, pushing out her tits up towards Frank. He responded as she had hoped, nibbling and kissing them intently. He did so softly at first, but his affections increased in intensity until Kayla was gasping as he nipped at her sensitive nipples. Eventually he tired of this, and quickly Ataşehir Rus Escort stripped naked before joining her on the bed.

Kayla drank him in, doing her best not to stare like a naive schoolgirl at his toned, muscular body. She was startled out of this reverie as he lifted her legs up, spreading her into a position where she was ready for his taking. He placed his stiff cock against her pink hole, pressing gently but insistently, until he had pushed into his moaning sub.

Kayla threw her head back as Frank took her, her heels resting on his shoulders as he pinned her legs up. This was a position they had spent a lot of time in over the last month, but Kayla loved it every time. It would never get old to her, with Frank’s chiseled, tan body straining almost effortlessly as he pounded her into the mattress. She wasn’t sure if the neighbors were close enough to hear her husky screams and moans, but Kayla liked to imagine the entire classy, rich neighborhood was listening with intense jealousy as her pleasure reached a peak.

Her orgasms were different these days, with her cage locking up the part of her that she was used to using for pleasure, when she came now it was a whole-body sensation. The rising wave of ecstasy built slowly as Frank fucked her, pinning her down against the bed as he pushed further and further into her. Kayla’s back arched as she did her best to reciprocate, grinding her hips into his efforts. Their rhythm climbed to an intense peak as Kayla finally came. Her clit spasmed over and over again as she let out unintelligible, involuntary yelps of pleasure. Her whole body shook and she felt her eyes roll back in her head, losing herself in the almost unbearable pleasure.

Frank watched her orgasm from his position mounted on top of her. His thrusts grew more intense as he responded to her tight hole wrapping around him as he fucked her. He finally couldn’t take it anymore, Kayla’s moans and yelps pushing him over the edge. He blew his load deep inside of her, burst after burst of pleasure taking over him, pulling every muscle tight as he pushed as deep as he could inside the gorgeous blonde woman lying underneath him.

They both gasped for air as their respective orgasms receded. Still firmly planted inside of her, Frank placed a kiss on Kayla’s pale cheek. Smiling from this, she gave a small shudder as he slowly pulled out of her. She moaned again, savoring the feeling of having her ass filled full of his warm cum. He looked down at her where she lay in front of him, tension seeming to visibly drain from her naked body as she melted into the cushioned comforter. She leapt up and kissed Frank quickly, an uncharacteristically energetic token of her affection. Normally she let him lead their romantic and sexual interactions, but the fact that they now shared a house had put her in a borderline euphoric mood.

Kayla was the first to get up off the bed and hurry over to the large master bathroom, feeling a sense of giddy panic as the huge load in her backside threatened to leak out. Frank followed her at a slower pace, suppressing a chuckle as she rushed out of the bedroom. He always made it a point to not laugh openly at her behavior. His laughter in this case was full of affection and bemusement for this girl that had wandered into his life, but he knew she might not take it as such. It was very important to him that their relationship was healthy, he knew too many dominants who didn’t prioritize their submissive’s needs and feelings, instead taking only what they wanted and moving on. He desperately needed to keep Kayla in his life, so he made sure to treat her in the way a wonderful woman like her deserved.

After they had cleaned up, Kayla grabbed a fresh set of clothes from one of the opened moving boxes that sat in the corner of the room next to the walk-in closet. As she pulled a pair of panties over her locked up clit, Frank smiled to himself as he thought of the key safely hidden away in his office at work. The power she had given him over her most intimate parts always filled him with an incredibly deep sense of pride.

The blonde looked over at him quizzically as she was halfway into fastening her bra behind her back, confused as to why he was smiling at her so intently. He walked over to give her another kiss, taking her in her arms as she stood in the corner of the room in her underwear. He wanted things to stay like this forever, and he knew his gorgeous submissive felt the same. She reinforced his feelings as she leaned into him, pressing her warm, slim body against him while they embraced.

The fading fall light creeping through the window bathed them in orange light, the changing seasons mirroring the new shift their relationship had taken, from Dom and sub, to much, much more than that. Things had changed indeed, and their combined excitement for their shared future was easily apparent from their tight embrace.

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