Keeping It in the Family Ch. 06

Female Ejaculation

DISCLAIMER: This story has strong cuckold, threesome, cum play, and incest themes. If it is not your cup of tea, would sincerely recommend you not proceed ahead.

I request all the moral police to just chill, it is pure fiction. So, if you are turned off by any of these themes, please close the story right now.

The author strongly urges his reader to follow safe sexual practices to avoid STIs and unplanned pregnancies. All the characters in the story are above 18 years of age.


Swati desperately needed to get out of the house. Over the last few days, she slowly accepted the fact that Avnish and Revati used to bang before her marriage, and Revati had Avnish’s baby. She imagined her wedding day. While Avnish tied the knot, his seed was swimming towards Revati’s fertile womb.

“That bitch,” Swati murmured.

“What?” Harish asked.

Swati said, “That bitch, Revati, fucked my husband before my wedding. She had her cunt filled with his cum when she blessed me.”

“I can’t believe I was his second lay for the day. Fuck!!,” she continued her rant.

Harish raised his eyebrow at the coarse remark. Harish looked at Swati, and said, “I thought you were over their relationship. Didn’t you guys have a threesome yesterday?”

Swati glared at Harish for pointing out the hypocrisy. “Thanks for the comforting words,” she retorted.

Harish sensed the anger. He tried to placate her, “Sorry if I offended you. But, I fail to understand how this upsets you.”

“That bitch is pregnant with Avnish’s second child,” Swati shouted. She couldn’t hold her tears anymore.

She continued, “One touch of Avnish’s dick and she gets knocked up. Fucking slut,” still sobbing.

Harish ran his fingers into Swati’s hair as she hugged him. “I guess I am barren,” she blurted and sobbed. Harish comforted her. Her tears ran down her chin.

Harish said, “Look, it takes time for people to get pregnant. You still may have time.”

Swati wiped the tears from the back of her hand and said, “I am not a fool. For the past few months, I have been fucking him almost daily till I came to know about the family affair. Revati gets pregnant with one shot while I can’t get knocked up with daily fuck!”

Harish hugged Swati tight as she sobbed.


She had messaged him yesterday. The text read, “Thanks for the talk last time. You are such a great friend. I discussed it with Revati and resolved it at home. We resolved it with ‘A bang’ if you know what I mean,” followed with a wink.

Harish’s penis instantly woke up reading the text. He didn’t want to seem too eager and replied, “Wow, that is great. Glad to help!”

A moment later, Harish couldn’t believe himself as he read the next text, “Today was the first day I did a lot of firsts – my first threesome, the first time sharing my husband officially. God, it is hot AF.”

Harish instinctively unzipped and started jerking off.

“Message read, and no reply means – Jerking off?” Swati replied.

“Yeah,” he replied.

“Want some gaziantep masaj salonları motivation?” She asked

“Yeah,” he replied.

She uploaded a video. It showed Swati’s lower half with her fingers buried in her pussy. In front of her, Avnish and Revati were naked, lip locked and in a deep embrace. He was ploughing Revati. She was moaning loudly with each thrust. Revati had her legs wrapped around Avnish’s back.

“Fuck, it is hot,” Harish said to himself.

“Came?” Swati asked.

“Almost,” Harish replied.

“Fuck, he just came inside her,” Swati replied.

Harish couldn’t hold on. He jizzed in his hands. He wondered if this means he can get lucky with her again. The thought excited him but did not work on his deflated penis.

There were no messages from Swati till she knocked on his door the next day.


Swati wiped the tears and grabbed Harish to the sofa. She kissed him and her hands travelled south. She pulled his pyjamas and his underwear down. His thick musk spread across the room. Seeing her scrunch her nose, he clarified he had jerked off a couple of times yesterday and slept off.

“Nice video huh?” Swati asked.

Harish nodded and went to the washroom to clean his privates.

When he came back, Swati was butt naked with legs spread apart. She drew circles on her clitoris. She pulled Harish to the sofa and kissed him.

“You want to know what happened yesterday?” Swati asked him as she grabbed his dick.

Harish sheepishly nodded.

“My dear husband rammed his beautiful dick inside her pussy like a jackhammer. It was a sight to watch,” Swati recalled as she played with the mushroom head of Harish’s dick.

“She was on all fours when my hubby pumped his cum inside with a loud groan. I could see his ass tighten with each thrust. Then my husband made me do the unthinkable,” she paused. Harish leaked precum in Swati’s hands as she slowly jerked him.

“He commanded me to lick his cum from her pussy,” Swati continued.

“You did?” Harish asked astonished. He never imagined anyone having command over Swati. In their FWB, it was always her who held the dominant position.

“Yeah. I licked his cum clean off her pussy. I have had his cum before giving him a BJ. But, this was different. His cum was mixed with her pussy juice. She came with my tongue diving deep into her vagina. It was so hot,” Swati recalled. Harish was fully erect and leaking a copious amount of precum.

“You didn’t cum?” Harish asked.

“Avnish fingered me to a nice finish,” Swati answered.

She climbed on Harish’s lap and rode him. To her dismay, Harish exploded in her pussy within a minute. She let out a loud sigh. Harish was used to this. He had no control over his premature ejaculation.

She pushed Harish onto the sofa and positioned her leaking pussy into Harish’s mouth. Harish ate his cum flowing out of her pussy. She rode him with only her pleasure in her mind. Harish’s face was smeared with his cum gaziantep masaj salonları escortları and her fluids.

She exploded with a violent orgasm.

“That fucking slut,” Swati murmured in post-orgasmic bliss and collapsed on Harish’s chest.



Harish woke up to the sound of the shutter. He spotted Swati sitting on the chair and texting someone.

“Did you click my picture?” Harish asked.

“Yeah. Avnish wanted to know where I am. So, I showed him,” Swati replied with a calm demeanour.

Harish was not so calm hearing this. He blurted, “Wtf!”

“Don’t worry. He is harmless,” Swati said and resumed back to texting.

Harish’s heart was pacing. Although he was fucking his sister-in-law, you never know how a man would react to his wife straying.

“Harish, don’t worry,” she tried to assuage his fears again.


The bell rang. Fear took over Harish and he looked like a deer caught in the headlight.

Swati calmly walked to the door butt naked and opened the door.

Harish tried to cover his crotch with a cushion and tried to run to the bedroom, but he was caught midway by Avnish barging into the house.

“You left me and came here to fuck this guy?” Avnish asked Swati pointing at Harish.

Harish looked at the chiselled muscular frame of Avnish as he sneered at him.

Swati raised her eyebrow and replied, “You are judging? After pumping two babies in Revati?”

Avnish was silenced but he was visibly distraught.

“Now, I have a proposal. You can accept my punishment or I will leave you,” Swati told Avnish.

Avnish asked, “What is the punishment?”

“So, you accept?” Swati asked coyly and grabbed Avnish’s hand. She led him to the bedroom. She undressed her husband.

“You are not going to get up without my permission,” Swati commanded.

Harish was standing at the bedroom entrance still holding a cushion to cover his crotch. He studied Avnish’s flaccid cock, it was magnificent. He felt inferior compared to his tiny cock.

Swati grabbed the cushion and threw it on the floor exposing Harish. He was semi-erect but still, his penis was smaller than Avnish’s flaccid cock. Avnish sneered at Harish.

Swati knelt on the floor in front of Harish’s cock. She sucked on Harish’s balls with her eyes locked on Avnish’s eyes. Her lips kissed Harish’s penis tip. Harish twitched at the kiss. Swati’s eyes peered into Avnish’s as she licked Harish’s pink head. Harish’s penis grew at the stimulation. She grabbed Harish’s ass and took his penis in her mouth fully.

Avnish watched her wife teasing him by giving a BJ to her friend. Strangely, his penis was stirring as she kissed and licked his penis.

Swati did not want Harish to cum. That would spoil everything, she thought to herself as she sucked Harish’s penis. She lay on the bed and asked Harish, “Darling, would you prepare my pussy,” and opened her legs. Avnish twitched as she called Harish darling, masaj salonları gaziantep but her flaying her legs to reveal her moist pussy aroused him.

Harish dived into her pussy. His tongue flicked her clitoris and his fingers plunged into her pussy. Swati groaned in pleasure. She watched Avnish’s cock grow larger. “Mission success,” she thought to herself.

She pushed Harish onto the bed and positioned his cock in her pussy entrance. She turned back to look into Avnish’s eyes as she lowered herself. Harish’s not-so-big cock penetrated her slowly. She looked at Avnish’s cock standing at full mast.

Avnish could no longer take it. He grabbed her wife by her waist and lifted her from Harish’s cock. He pushed her head down and plunged his massive cock inside her.

“Fuck fuck fuck,” Swati screamed as Avnish rammed into her.

Swati was in a state of absolute bliss. Her eyes were rolled back, her body glistening with sweat, her mouth uttering unintelligible words drooling on Harish’s chest as Avnish fucked her like an animal. Her body convulsed into a series of spasms as the first wave of orgasm rippled through her.

Harish had never seen Swati in this state in any of their previous sexual encounters.

But, Avnish was not finished. He continued fucking her with no rebate as another wave of orgasm hit her. Avnish’s speed increased and he exploded inside Swati with a loud grunt. He deposited cum in his wife in front of her paramour. Avnish’s animalistic fuck was meant to show Harish that she was not with Harish for sex.

Swati climbed on top of Harish and fed him Avnish’s cum. Avnish watched Harish clean his cum from his wife’s pussy and asshole. Swati grunted her third orgasm as Harish’s tongue explored deep into her vagina.

Swati mounted Harish for the second time that day with eyes fixed on Avnish. Within a few minutes, Harish grunted as he emptied his balls into Swati’s pussy. Swati purposefully bent down and dismounted him to give Avnish an unobstructed view of her cunt leaking Harish’s cum.

Swati looked at her husband sporting a boner again. “My champ,” she exclaimed as she jumped on Avnish’s lap.

Avnish lifted her off the chair and placed her on the bed next to Harish. Avnish did not pay heed to her cum filled pussy and mounted her. Her pussy smeared cum on Avnish’s balls as he plunged deep inside her. This time Avnish made love to his wife in the view of Harish.

Avnish kissed Swati passionately as he plunged his cock in and out of her well-lubricated pussy. Swati was too tired to fuck, but she loved the feeling of her husband making love to her. She grabbed his ass and held him deep inside her at each stroke.

Harish was fully absorbed by the incredible lovemaking in front of him. He was in no position for another round that day as his penis stayed flaccid. He wondered how Avnish could get going within a few minutes.

Avnish finally exploded inside Swati. Swati was half unconscious as she dozed off. Avnish nested his head in her bosom and slept. Harish was the last to sleep.

When Harish woke up later, he was the only one in the room. They had left while he was still sleeping. There was a big blot of cum stain where Swati and Avnish made love. He touched the dried cum stain and instinctively smelled his fingers.

There was a message from Swati on his mobile phone. It read, “Thanks! That was amazing!” Harish wished she had stayed with him for the night.

-to be continued.

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