Labor Day Party Ch. 02


Once again, this story is the culmination of a long erotic dream I had one morning. I fleshed it out and added more details to make it longer. None of the people are real, but are loosely based on people in my life. If cuckolding isn’t your thing…well, you can always click away. Or keep reading. You may find something you like…

Derek looks at the scene in front of him — Marcus laying on the bed, my wife Maria’s wet mouth wrapped around Marcus’ cock, and me, naked, my hands tied to the bedpost above my head. He shakes his head, and says, “I see you guys started without me — looks like it’s gonna be a fun night.” Derek slides his boxers off, and his soft cock bounces off his thigh. He is longer flaccid than I am hard, just like Marcus.

“Come on,” Marcus says as he lifts Maria up by the arm. He walks her over between them, and she drops to her knees between them. I watch her reach over and grasp Derek’s cock and she immediately has her mouth wrapped around it. I have a clear view of my wife on her knees with two black studs feeding her their cocks.

Her mouth switches back and forth from one to the other. I watch them both get nice and hard from her skills. Both of them are probably in the nine- to ten-inch range. Their cocks glisten with saliva when she stops sucking one and resumes sucking the other. She looks up at me and asks, “Do you like to see me on my knees like this?” I respond with a ‘Yes’, my cock aching for attention and release. “Do you like watching your wife suck big black cock?” she asks loudly. I look over and see the door is still open, and I quietly reply with another ‘Yes’.

“I can’t hear you,” she chastises me for speaking quietly. I reply again a little louder, looking at the door. “Oh, are you afraid someone might hear you? I don’t care. Tell me loudly that you like it”. Maria stares me down as I lay helpless on the bed.

“I like watching you suck cock,” I say, hoping it is up to her standard. My heart skips a beat as I admit this to her for the first time. I lay there amazed that she finally knows.

She frowns and says ‘LOUDER!’ and I realize I have no choice. I say very loudly, “I like watching you suck other guys’ cocks!” The words hang in the air as Derek and Marcus laugh at me.

She smiles and says, “That’s better,” then resumes taking Marcus deep. Her mouth glides effortlessly down Marcus’ shaft. Maria draws her head back, leaving his hardness standing upright, and then extends her tongue and licks the bottom of his cock from head to balls, then back up again. After a few rounds of this, she takes Marcus’ balls in her mouth and gently sucks them one at a time.

Derek looks over at me and says, “Your wife told us about all that cuckolding shit you get off on. She also told us that it turned her on too, so we planned ahead for this party. She invited us over and showed us all the kinky shit you looked at — damn, you are one freaky fuck. But don’t worry, we’re down for it. Especially if it means we get this sweet piece of ass.” Derek reaches down and starts rubbing Maria’s breast, pinching her nipple. Maria’s eyes roll back in pleasure as she moans on Marcus’ cock. Her hand slides up between his muscular thighs and starts rubbing his balls.

Marcus guides her head deeper on his cock, and says to me, “You wanna see me bust in your wife’s mouth?” Holy fuck — I have dreamed about this, now it will happen.

“Yes,” I say, my breathing getting faster as my heart races in anticipation.

“Yes Anadolu Yakası Fetiş Escort what? Come on, you know what she wants to hear,” Marcus scolds me. “Say it right.”

“I want to see you cum in my wife’s mouth,” I say loudly. My mouth is dry as I hear her moan with approval. Her eyes look up at Marcus, as he stars to thrust his hips into her face. Maria runs her hand up his chest, her other hand rubbing and milking his balls. She drags her fingernails lightly across his stomach. I watch her work his cock for all it is worth until Marcus moans loudly and convulses. At this point I know that my wife is getting her mouth filled with hot cum. He continues to moan and say ‘Oh fuck’ a couple of times as Maria takes his load like a pro.

I watch as he pulls back and his still-hard cock slips from her lips. She stands up and walks over to me, shaking her ass back and forth as she walks. She has a tight-lipped smile on her face, and her eyes looking right into mine with erotic fire. She leans in to me, smiling wider, and places a hand on either side of my face. I feel her lean in and kiss me. Her mouth opens into mine and Marcus’ cum pours out from her lips. Maria swirls her tongue against mine, giving me a deep cum-filled kiss. She rubs her knee against my cock as I taste his salty jizz on her mouth. “I just thought I’d share some of that with you,” she coos at me. “Some of those sites you went to? Veeeeery good research material. I especially like that bit about snowballing. Did you like that kiss?” she asks of me.

“Yes I did,” I say. Maria just rolls her eyes at me.

“Really? You don’t know the way to do things yet?” I look puzzled as Dominant Maria rears her head again. “When I ask you a question, you will answer me loudly and with detail. I want you to hear yourself begging for all the kinky shit you like. And you will refer to these two black studs as Master Marcus and Master Derek. Got it?”

“Yes honey. I will respect Master Marcus and Master Derek.” The words sound deeply erotic as I speak them, realizing my new place in this situation.

“Good — now about that kiss?” Maria cajoles me.

“I very much enjoyed tasting Master Marcus’ cum from your mouth after you sucked him,” I say loudly, giving my wife what she wants. Her face beams bright with a smile as she slides off me.

“If you liked that, then you will also like when Derek does the same.” Maria turns to her left and sees that Derek has approached the side of the bed, his hard cock jutting straight out. She looks up at him, then looks back down to me. “You know, on top of those cum-kissing pics, I did also see that you have looked at quite a few sites that involve the cuckold sucking the big black bull.” Maria starts stroking Derek’s cock, and he steps closer to the bed…and closer to my face. “Do you want to help me suck Derek’s cock?” Maria’s words hang in the air. I look up at a smiling Derek, and then I glance down at his fat cock. He takes another step closer, and now his cock is only a few inches from my face.

I look back at Maria, and ask her “Do you want me to suck his cock?” I can’t believe how far she wants to take this. I suddenly realize that just about anything I looked at online could be used against me. My fear is only matched by my curiosity and horniness.

She shakes her head back and forth slowly, and I feel that there might be a little reprieve from her request, until she says “Don’t answer my question with another Anadolu Yakası Gecelik Escort question. Do you want to help me suck his cock?” I look back at the bulbous head, glistening with Maria’s saliva. “Answer me,” she says.

“Yes,” I reply weakly. “I want to help you suck Master Derek’s cock.” Her eyes light up as I speak the words. I almost don’t believe they are coming from my own lips.

“Ask him for his permission” Maria says to me, her ass rubbing against my cock.

I look up at Derek, a guy I’ve known for a few years, and speak, “Master Derek, may I help my wife suck your cock?” He looks over at Marcus, laughing.

“Man, she’s got you whipped, doesn’t she?” he says laughing. “Tell you what — You can suck my cock, but your wife ain’t helping you. You’re gonna suck my cock til I blow my load in your mouth. Your wife can watch you turn into a cocksucker.”

Maria reaches up to my wrists and undoes the belt and tank top that were keeping my hands at bay. “I figured you will need these to stroke his wonderful dick and his heavy balls,” she says, her breasts brushing against my face. “I never thought I’d get you to this point so quickly.” I look over, and she grasps his thick black cock by the base. “How many times have you jerked off looking at husbands sucking the cock of their wives’ lovers?” I have no idea, and just shrug. She smirks and asks “Have you fantasized about sucking a cock as I watched?”

I reply, “Yes I have fantasized about sucking a cock as you watched.” Maria’s hand guides his dick closer.

“Here’s your chance. Take him from me.”

I reach out and grasp Derek’s cock at the base. I can barely get my hand around its thickness, but it feels hot holding another man’s cock as my wife watches. I start to stroke him, feeling his length in my hand. My wife is watching me eagerly, her mouth open slightly. I lean in and slide my tongue around the head of his cock. It feels smooth against my tongue. I lean in more and wrap my lips around his cock head, licking and sucking on the big mushroom. My hand lowly strokes his shaft as I suck him deeper. I feel him pushing his hips into my face, so I start to match his rhythm. My mouth gets wet as I try to drool on his shaft, getting it lubricated so it slides in and out of my mouth. I give a moan as I feel the head of his cock push against the back of my throat. I pull my head back and take a deep breath, a trail of saliva from my lips to his cock.

“Do you like sucking his cock?” Maria inquires, her hand between her legs rubbing herself.

“Yes, I like sucking Master Derek’s cock.” I answer like a good little cuckold. A good little cocksucking cuckold. I lick up and down the bottom of his shaft. I suddenly feel a hand on the back of my head — Derek’s — pushing me lower.

“Lick my balls, bitch” he says, planting my face in his sack. I lick and suck on his testicles, stroking his shaft as I work his giant balls. I glance over and see Maria getting on her hands and knees as Marcus pulls her panties down. I keep licking Derek’s nuts as Marcus kneels behind Maria and starts licking her pussy. Her eyes roll back as he works his tongue in her. Watching my wife get her pussy eaten makes me increase my efforts on Derek. I lick back up his shaft and start rocking my head up and down his cock, feeling him hit the back of my throat again and again.

I pull my face back from his monstrous cock and say “Does Master Derek wish to cum in my Anadolu Yakası Genç Escort mouth?” I figure between Maria’s skills and my novice actions, he should be close.

He looks down at me and says “Oh shit, looks like someone likes it. You want my load?” He looks down at me, slapping his cock against my cheek.

“Yes sir, I want you to blow your hot load of cum in my mouth.” The words come out of my mouth loud and strong, then I take his strong hard cock back in my mouth.

Maria quickly pipes up “Not yet. I want to watch you get on your knees in front of your new Master.” Her breathing is ragged from the effects of Marcus’ tongue licking away between her thighs.

I slide off the bed, my erection leaking clear stuff down my leg. I quickly get on my knees in front of Derek, my hands on his hips as he grabs my head and proceeds to pump in and out of my mouth. I feel like a dirty little slut from a porno as he fucks my mouth with a good steady rhythm. “Mmmm, look at my cocksucking husband on his knees like a good little bitch cuckold,” Maria says as she moans from Marcus’ tongue and fingers. “You like being a little cocksucker, don’t you?” she asks me. Derek is kind enough to grab my hair and pull me off his cock so I can answer my wife.

“I love the feel of his cock fucking my mouth,” I say to my wife, then feel my face pushed back onto Derek’s erection. I start to gag as he tries to push deeper into my throat. I push against his thighs, and he lets go. I cough and gag, catching my breath. I start to stroke his penis with long strokes, using my spit as lube. Once I catch my breath I resume taking him between my lips.

“Don’t worry” Maria says to Derek, “We’ll teach him to deep throat. Isn’t that right honey?” Maria is gripping the sheets tightly as she grinds her ass into Marcus’ tongue. Her moaning excites me to no end.

I look up at Derek and say “I’m sorry I couldn’t deep throat Master Derek’s cock.” However hard it is to take him deep, I continue to try. I feel him pushing, trying to get down my throat, and then he eases back and just picks up the pace as he settles in to a quick rhythm with shorter strokes. Even his shorter strokes are still longer than anything I could manage myself.

Maria moans loudly as Marcus starts to make her cum. “Oh fuck, Marcus! Don’t stop!! Oh fuck I’m gonna cum hard!” I watch my wife have a hard orgasm from Marcus. Her ass and hips shake as she rides the orgasm wave. Maria whips her hair back, her eyes open wide as she grunts loudly.

I look back up at Derek and say, “Does master still want to cum in my mouth?” He looks back down at me as I grab his cock and rub his balls. I seal my lips around his cock and start sucking him hard and fast. His cock is slick from my spit, and he puts his hand on my head, holding me in tight against his fat prick. I feel his shaft and balls tighten, then I feel his cock erupt in my mouth. I rub his balls and stroke him fast, milking his thick black cock into my mouth. I try to swallow as much as I can of his sticky sweet cum. I feel him once again grab my hair and pull my lips free of his cock. He grabs his shaft and shoots three quick ropes on my face before pushing it back into my mouth to finish off the orgasm I gave him.

“Look at your husband covered in cum. It suits him.” Marcus laughs at the sight of me on my knees, Derek’s hot white cum on my chin and cheeks. Maria crawls over to me and licks my lips, then kisses me deeply.

“Mmm, Derek tastes good too,” she says, and then kisses me again. I grab the back of her head and kiss her deeply in return. We break our kiss when we hear the soft sound of applause from the doorway — Donna is standing there in a tight tank top and panties, her nipples poking through the fabric. Her breasts giggle with each slow clap…

…to be continued…

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