Lady In Red


You remember what it was like in high school right?

You worked so hard for just one fuck, but everything was always so awkward. Most high school girls put up a fight for every little feel. You’d spend so much time and money romancing a girl and then all you got at the end of the evening was a good night kiss. How many nights did you spend jerking off thinking about some goddess who sat two rows ahead of you in math class, who teased you mercilessly on date, but who wouldn’t ever close the deal?

Of course some guys were luckier than others.

While the chess club only got to beat their meat for four years, the jocks usually could always score off one of the more obliging cheerleaders or maybe one of the preppy wannabe sluts. You know the type: some hot little bitch that couldn’t wait to get your pants down and suck you off as long as you were on one of the sports teams. But even that usually only amounted to a blowjob. Maybe she’d jerk you off after practice. Sweaty nights in the backs of cars were few and far between.

Whatever you got though: kiss, suck or fuck, you’d still made the most out of it, bragging about some lay to the rest of your posse, trying to one up their own ‘adventures’.

Most of those girls I knew in high school were worried about their reputations. But there were enough exceptions to fill my dance card during those years. I remember this one time with a girl up against the wall behind the bleachers in the gym, she was tight, but hell, you know what I mean, man. Even now, as many times as I got laid in high school, I still get hard just thinking about all that unused snatch.

Then I went to college!

That was a whole other story altogether.

It seemed like once you got to college, women were just lining up. There were no more of those stuck up, uptight, frigid types either. These women were smart, beautiful members of the sexual revolution. This was the real world.

You’d cross the quad, flash a handsome smile, and it didn’t seem like you had to do anything more than snap your fingers at them before you’d be in their beds in no time. Hell, you didn’t even have to ask. These chicks would come up to you and give you their numbers! And the best part? They didn’t expect you to make any pretense of love either.

Those were the days!

Those were the nights.

And one of those nights was one I remember from a little bash that was thrown by my fraternity to celebrate some college event.

It’d been quite a party and there were quite a few people there. I made my rounds, it was expected.

Then I saw her.

I’d seen this girl around.

She was fine. You’d never forget that face. Or that ass.

She was a little Latina filly in a red dress that was so high, and so low, it showed off just about enough to make you crazy. She had long, black hair and a deep tan on her smooth skin. I kept seeing her all night. First at the bar, then in the kitchen, and finally on the dance floor.

My buddy Doug said her name was Theresa. But she went by Resa for short.

I could tell she was into me.

She had to be because she kept running into me! I wasn’t even trying to make it happen. On the dance floor she came right up to me and ground her ass against my package.

She had to know what she was doing to me. But I couldn’t seem to get her alone for five seconds. She was more slippery than a greased weasel.

Late in the evening the party started to wind down a bit, but Resa and I still hadn’t managed to connect at all, despite sharing some very close encounters. I figured she was trying to avoid direct contact with me enough to keep my curiosity going strong. And by that point my curiosity wasn’t all that was going strong, if you know what I mean.

After I had lost track of her for awhile for the third time after grinding with her on the dance floor, I decided to head upstairs to see what was going on. My frat had a den upstairs in the house where we could smoke and hang out. There were a group of people in there playing drinking games. Seems like most everyone else in the house had started hooking up by then or had given up and gone home.

I hadn’t really been playing the scene like I would have been if Resa hadn’t attracted so much of my attention. So I was getting pretty horny and would be more than a little pissed if I missed out on getting laid because of some phantom vision in a red dress.

But there she was in the den.

She was giving my frat brother, Doug, the biggest, longest, wettest kiss I’d seen in a while. There was plenty of tongue action going on and everyone was cheering them.

I felt an irrational pang of jealousy.

“Five minutes, man!” Jamie, my other frat brother and former roommate, told him. “Hey, dude, come up for air already!”

There were three girls and four guys in the room. I already mentioned Jamie and Doug. Another of my brothers who was there was Kelly the Red, so named because of his flaming red hair. The fourth guy I didn’t know at the time, but whose name I later learned was Ian.

The Anadolu Yakası Grup Escort girls were Resa, Amy and Brenda. I knew Amy and Brenda. They were two sorority sisters from a neighboring house. I hadn’t fucked them before, but I’d always wondered what it might be like. I called them the titty sisters, for the very obvious reason that they both had two of the biggest pairs I’ve seen outside of porn magazines.

It turned out that Ian was Brenda’s boyfriend from back home.

With no better prospects, I decided to join them. Turns out they were playing spin the bottle. Whoever spun the empty bottle had to take a drink from another very full bottle of beer and whoever the empty bottle landed on had to pull a dare from the hat, perform it, and then take their turn to spin.

Doug took his drink and then spun the bottle. It landed on Ian. Ian pulled out a slip of paper that said he had to take off his shirt, which he did with about as much show as he could manage. He made a big deal out of it and the girls made a lot of noise. Ian took a drink. It was pretty obvious that we were all more than a little drunk. Ian spun the bottle pretty hard and it landed on Resa. The slip of paper said she had to give him a lap dance. I held my breath for a minute.

At least whoever had come up with these dares had put a little thought into them, made them interesting.

Resa was a consummate performer.

She started moving real slow and sexy like and there wasn’t even any music playing. She gave him a thorough going over. I couldn’t get a real good view, but Doug was into it. He and Kelly kept nudging each other. It was obvious that Ian was hard.

I looked over at Brenda, but she was just getting into the action too, enjoying the show.

Brenda was giving Ian these sexy, longing looks, and making little playful gestures with her tongue. When Resa finally finished she got up nonchalantly and took her swig and spun the bottle. I had started eyeing Brenda and didn’t even realize at first that the bottle had landed on me.

“Hey man, pay attention,” said Kelly as he gave me a playful punch in the arm.

After realizing what had happened, I reached into the hat and took out a piece of paper.

“It says: Spend seven minutes in heaven with the person who spun the bottle,” I read.

Doug started to laugh! And Jamie hollered.

“Dude, fuck yeah, lucky bastard! You can use the closet,” Kelly said, motioning to the door across the room.

I looked up at Resa. She only waited a second to get to her feet, heading for the closet. She gave me this come hither look. I just grinned and looked at the guys.

“See you in seven minutes,” I said, as the catcalls followed me to the closet.

Resa opened the door to the closet, and then went inside. I followed her and shut the door behind me. The light was dim, but I could see well enough.

“Well hurry up,” she said smugly, “We’re on the clock.”

I got on my knees immediately and slid my hands up behind her long luscious thighs, pulling up her dress. She wasn’t wearing any underwear and her pussy was beautifully shaved. It doesn’t get any better than this, I thought, as I moved my lips to her pussy and started licking and sucking, moving my tongue over every nook and cranny. Man, she was getting so wet and heat emanated from her body in waves. I could feel her warmth on my face and her musky smell was all over the enclosed space.

I set to work on her nether regions with a vengeance and she started moaning loudly. Man, it was so hot! I just wanted more and more of the taste of her. I could hear the muffled cheering from outside. Resa was very worked up and she came suddenly. There just was no other word to describe the onslaught from her pussy. She arched her back and held my face to her pussy as she finished.

I stood up when she was done and pulled her dress up and over her head, so that all she had on was a lacy black bra. I expertly moved my hand to her back to undo the clasp.

She was feeling the same urgency I was and she moved her hands over my chest and down my back, groping to get under my shirt. She quickly had the buttons undone and my chest naked. I had taken my hand and started cupping and stroking her gorgeous breast as I moved my tongue down to suck on her nipple. Her moans got louder. My breathing got heavier. The noise outside increased.

I can’t imagine what everyone else outside was thinking. Resa and I were so busy we were knocking stuff around everywhere without a care. I knew I had to have her and my cock felt like steel.

Her hands were all over me. I reached behind her to cup her ass, pulling her close.

“Oh, your muscles,” she sighed, feeling me, a sense of urgency in her voice, “You … are … so … hard … all … over.”

“Darlin,” I groaned in turn, “I wanna fuck you.”

“Oh,” she moaned, “Go ahead. I want you right now.”

I quickly pulled my emergency condom out of my wallet, which along with two others I kept for situations like this Anadolu Yakası Manken Escort as she reached down to help me with my belt. Once it was loose my jeans fell to the floor. I pushed my boxers down too. I still had on my shoes, but I was in way too big a hurry to worry about them and get my jeans all the way off. I slipped the condom on.

I grabbing her firmly by her ass and lifted her up to take better advantage of the situation. Using the back wall of the closet to pin her up against, and to keep my balance, I positioned her over my throbbing dick.

“I hope you’re ready for the big time darlin!” I said.

“Hurry up!” she said impatiently, “I’ve waited all night for that fucking cock!”

I didn’t need a further invitation. I knew where her hole was and I slid her down my nearly ten inch flagpole, gravity doing most of the work for us. What a fucking salute! I needed a second just to catch my breath.

Her pussy gripped me like a vice, and with an intense heat. It was so velvety smooth. My animal lust kicked in and I started moving her up and down on my prick like there was no tomorrow. She had some incredible control and she really knew how to work the muscles in her cunt. Her tits were crushed against my chest, and I could feel her hard nipples imprinted on my chest.

“Come on baby,” she whispered in my ear, “Fuck me harder.”

I didn’t think I could get any harder! I was having trouble getting the leverage, and I was getting a workout just keeping her in the air.

Just then the closet door opened.

“Your seven minutes are up already!” I heard Kelly say.

I wasn’t stopping for anyone. This Latina slut was going to get the ride of her life.

“Man,” I said to him, “Can’t you see I’m in the middle of something?”

Kelly just laughed, “I can see that, man. I just thought maybe you two wanted to join the rest of us.”

I turned my head to get a better look and realized that Kelly was standing there buck-ass naked.

“Well alright, man,” I laughed, “We’ll be with you in a minute!”

I kept pumping into Resa and she was in full swing. I think she was cumming again from the moist, wet feeling I felt on my balls. Her moans went into overdrive and her fingers gripped the muscles of my back. I thought now would be the time to finish the bitch off. I went into overdrive, from merely hard thrusting to the rhythm of a jack hammer. I was, as Jamie would have put it, like a hamster in heat.

Resa’s pussy was flexing in response and her juices were now flooding down my balls to my thighs. Understandably as it is a pretty intense experience to be fucked by an almost ten inch dick.

“You ready for me to cum, bitch?” I snarled at her.

My balls were churning and I let loose, my cum squirting up in the condom buried deep inside her. I kept thrusting to make the most of the sensation.

And damn it all I think the bitch was even cumming again!

When I finally finished, I continued to hold her up for a minute as we kissed full on the mouth. Kissing after sex is so fucking hot. My dick had gotten softer and it pulled out of her as I lifted her up and off of me, setting her gently on the ground. I threw the used condom on the floor.

Resa smiled at me, gave me a sexy little flick of her tongue, and walked out of the closet into the den. I took a second to take off the rest of my clothes and followed her to see what was going on.

When I stepped outside I saw that Doug, Kelly and Jamie were all standing around Amy. And Amy was on her hands and knees giving Doug one hell of a blowjob. Kelly and Jamie were both holding their dicks, slowly stroking them. I turned my head and saw Ian on top of his girl Brenda, really nailing it to her on top of the couch. Resa didn’t waste any time. She walked over to Jamie and pulled him to her by grabbing on to his pecker.

She got on her knees and started to suck him off.

“Hey, man,” I called over to him, “You should try that hole, it’s tight.”

He just let his head fall back and said, “Oh, yeah, man.”

I was more interested in Brenda at that point. My cock sprang back like it had a life of its own.

It had the right idea.

Ian had started to groan louder and in a couple seconds he came in his girl’s pussy grunting.

He just stood there and I was feeling the need to fuck. I went over to him and muscled him off Brenda, his dick made a slurping sound as it was pulled out. He just looked at me stunned. Although we were the same height, my frame was much thicker than his, densely packed with muscle from eight intense years of working out. I made one tough looking customer and I knew he didn’t want to mess with me. Looking down I surveyed his little dick and wondered how it kept a girl like Brenda satisfied.

“Hey pencil dick,” I asked him, motioning to the armchair, “Why don’t you go over there and amuse yourself?”

Turning back to Brenda, I said, “Are you ready for a little more action, darlin? Want to feel some real meat in your pussy?”

She Anadolu Yakası Masöz Escort smiled traitorously at me, “Bring it on stud!”

Ian didn’t make a move.

I sat down on the couch and she got down on her knees right away and started sucking my dick.

I like a suck as much as the next guy, but I was in the mood for a little tighter, wetter action. I fucking love sloppy seconds. Maybe it’s the fact that I’m a country boy at heart or that I was brought up to share. I just don’t know, but I love used cunt. When I do a virgin, she always seems to have some pain taking all my nearly ten inches of big, thick dick. Find a used fuck hole and you never have any problems! Still feels tight, but goes in like a well oiled machine after a few strokes.

“Get on your knees bitch!” I ordered her.

Ian eyed me wearily.

“Give your boyfriend a blowjob,” I told her.

Ian apparently didn’t need any more excuse. He moved off that armchair so fast I thought I saw smoke. He was in front of her and soon she was sucking on his hardening dick.

“Okay, darlin, hold on!” I instructed Brenda.

I wanted her bareback, so that I could feel all that warm pussy juice and wet cum. I slid myself inside her damp, wet and waiting hole.

She was not as tight as Resa, but considering that she had just been fucked by Ian’s little pencil dick, she was feeling none too bad around my cock. I was going to give her a good stretching to remember my passing.

Ian said to me, “Man, you know she’s never fucked anyone but me before.”

Strangely, however, he didn’t seem too bothered anymore. Probably because his dick was in her mouth. I know it’s been my experience that I’ll agree to just about anything while I’m getting a blowjob. Ian was probably no different.

“There’s a first time for everything,” I told him, pulling out momentarily to survey my handiwork. “She’s had the man, now it’s time to have the legend.”

“Quit talking,” she told me, pausing for a second from servicing her boyfriend.

She was wet and still juicing, cum and pussy juice all mixing together. I pushed inside her again, my dick getting well oiled in the process. I slid in and out of her pussy a couple more times and decided to go all the way. Ian’s cum had my dick really lubed, so I pulled out and positioned myself against the tender cheeks of her ass. My tip was wedged against the bud of her asshole.

In retrospect I probably could have been gentler, but with the amount of alcohol I drank that night I was feeling a little mean.

I pressed against her. The head of my cock felt so big and thick against her tight sphincter. I pressed and pressed and pressed and then I was in. I pushed some more and pushed and shoved, her whole body shaking, as I forced myself further into her. She opened her eyes in pain and surprise and tried to scream out but whatever came out was muffled around Ian’s prick. And then my thighs were pressed fully against her ass, lost in my own masculine power, and feeling really, really big insider her really, really tight space.

I groaned and grunted, “Oh baby…you’re so fucking tight!”

I needed to tell her. She deserved to know.

She was so tight that it was actually hurting slightly; her virgin ass was stretched like never before. I withdrew a bit and then suddenly pushed deeper. Then I withdrew, and thrust deeper, and deeper, and suddenly, my balls were slapping against her pussy. I was all the way in, filling her insides to the hilt, totally stuffing her.

Ian looked over at me and said, “Whoa, dude! You ass fucking her man? The bitch never let me do that before.”

I just ignored him, lost in my own little world. I looked over to see Resa moving up and down on top of Jamie’s dick. Amy meanwhile was servicing both Kelly and Doug in a classic double penetration: one filling up either end of her.

I began to thrust slowly, real slow, to get her used to it. Then I built up the tempo, and began to thrust faster and faster and faster. Within a few minutes I was pistoning in and out happily, balls slapping against her pussy, and she was pushing back on me!

“Yee haw!” I crowed, slapping her ass a few times.

It felt really good now. I began to stroke her pussy as I pumped into her, my thick fingers strumming her clit, playing with it. Brenda’s pussy began to undulate in an orgasm. She came and came. I was more than obliging, playing with her, stimulating her to the best orgasm of her young life.

I could feel that little tingle in my balls telling me that I wasn’t going to be too far behind her. As she continued cumming, in perfect timing, I came too. Our bodies tensed and shuddered together and we were locked for that moment. I felt so big inside her, and that sense of fullness just overwhelmed my senses. I pumped my load deep into her ass. Catching my breath, I shrank and pulled out from her gaping hole with a popping sound. Looking down, her asshole gaped open, but it slowly shank back to its usual size. She was panting around Ian’s cock, as her sucking of him returned to a more leisurely pace.

This party was in full swing now.

I walked across the room, passing Resa, who was by now being nailed by both Kelly and Doug. I went up to Jamie who was fucking Amy’s pussy. His eyes had that glazed look that told me he was nearly there, so I started to stroke my dick in anticipation.

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