Ladyboy Maid


‘Hi,’ she said, her voice sultry. ‘I’m the new maid. Lisa.’

The new maid had turned up at the house of Mark and Susan Reynolds. Mark had answered the door, and he was impressed.

Lisa was around thirty, with large brown eyes and wide red ruby lips. Her exotic features made Mark think that she was from somewhere near Persia. She was about 5’6″ in black high-heeled shoes, long-legged, with dark hair that ran in curls down to her shoulders. She wore a white open-necked shirt that strained against her large firm breasts, and a gold locket rested against her open, tanned cleavage. But the thing that most impressed Mark was the pair of tight blue jeans she was wearing which showed off her shapely legs. He thought she had a slightly dirty look.

She was holding out a slender hand for him to shake.

Mark took her hand which felt warm to the touch and, for a moment, forgot to speak. Lisa put her other hand over her mouth and let out a giggle.

‘He’s Mark,’ a woman’s voice said. ‘And I’m Susan, his wife.’

Mark was relieved to see that Susan hadn’t taken his stumbling over the new maid badly. She could get very jealous at times – not that there was any reason to. Mark had been faithful to her throughout their entire marriage. Ever since they’d got together at school, he’d never even so much as kissed another girl. Now, fifteen years later, they had built a perfect life together, a good house, a good car and up until a week beforehand, a good maid. That was until Susan had accused the girl of stealing, and Mark had sat back as the fireworks flew. Now they had the replacement, this exotic looking beauty called Lisa.

They went through to the lounge, where Susan and Mark sat on the sofa and Lisa sat opposite them. As the new maid crossed her arms in front of her chest, Mark couldn’t help but note what large breasts she had. Certainly bigger than Susan’s. She was maybe more interesting looking as well. Susan would never have dreamed of wearing what Lisa had on – she was always bad-mouthing women who dressed ‘like sluts’. The way Mark saw it, Lisa had some amazing attributes and was just making the most of it. He realised, as he gazed along Lisa’s long legs, that he had a growing erection. Lisa raised an eyebrow at him and gave a slight smile.

Susan started talking about the tasks that Lisa would be doing round the house, a topic that Mark paid no interest in until it came onto dress-code.

‘Clearly, what you are wearing is inappropriate,’ Susan said.

Lisa was annoyed. ‘What do you mean?’

‘I can’t have you wearing high heels to clean the house. Don’t you have anything more suitable?’

‘These are feminine clothes,’ Lisa said. ‘What a women should wear.’

‘But you’re my housemaid,’ Susan said.

‘Well,’ Lisa said, placing one of her slender hands on her thigh. ‘I do have a maid’s outfit.’

‘Fine. You can wear that next week. For today, you’ll just have to see how you get on. Why don’t you start with cleaning our bedroom?’

‘Of course,’ Lisa said.

She got up and Mark once again drank in the spectacle of her looks, the never-ending legs and the tight jeans. This time he was given a view of her arse, the shapely buttocks that wobbled slightly as she walked. He watched her large breasts in profile, then had one last look at her sultry red mouth as she turned to smile at him.

‘Will Mr. Reynolds show me round?’ she said.

‘No,’ Susan said. ‘I think I’ll do that.’

Watching Susan stand up next to Lisa, Mark was surprised at how plain his wife looked. The lack of make-up might have made her more natural, but the smoky looks of Lisa intrigued him. Then there was Lisa’s glamorous hair, compared to Susan’s ponytail, and the height of the other woman, a good few inches taller than Susan. The new woman in his house was almost imposing.

That was enough of thinking about that, Mark decided. He wasn’t going to go down that road.

Later, after Lisa had gone, Susan asked Mark what he’d thought of her.

‘She seemed ok,’ he said. Best not to sound too enthusiastic.

‘Do you want to know why I hired her?’ Susan was grinning now, pleased with herself over something.

‘Go on,’ Mark said.

‘Because she’s a ladyboy.’

‘That’s a stupid joke.’

‘I’m not joking.’

‘What do you mean?’

‘Well, when I was looking for a new maid, I started getting jealous. I didn’t want you having any temptation. I even thought I might not get one at all. Then my friend Angela told me about a company that she’d used. Don’t you remember that dinner at Angela’s? You saw the girl when we were round there a couple of months ago.’

Mark knew who Susan was talking about. The maid had been introduced to him by Angela’s husband, Tony. She was only small, just over five foot, a pretty little Thai girl called Janjira.

‘She was a ladyboy?’ Mark said.

‘Yes,’ Susan said, still grinning, pleased with herself. ‘Ladyboy Maids. Hired to keep your house clean and your husband true.’

She gave him a tap Ataşehir Öğrenci Escort on the shoulder to prove how clever she’d been. Mark, though, was thinking back to when he’d gone round to Tony and Angela’s house the previous week and stumbled across something he shouldn’t have seen. Tony standing in his lounge as that pretty little Thai girl, her clothes stripped down to the waist to show off her petite breasts, lovingly sucked on his cock. Mark had seen enough to know Tony had come in that girl’s mouth. The knowledge that the Thai girl was a ladyboy put a whole new spin on it.

Susan was still going on. ‘I phoned up the agency and they sent us Lisa.’

Mark tried once more to make sense of it. He thought back to their new maid, and ran the image of her beautiful face and gorgeous body through his head. The black high heels and that little smile she’d given him on a couple of occasions. One of them when she’d caught him admiring her long legs. One when she’d caught a glimpse of his erection.

He tried to imagine her with a cock. Hidden away in the crotch of those tight jeans.

He shook his head a few times to clear the image away.

Susan let out a laugh. ‘Don’t worry, hubby. She’ll be the perfect maid.’

That evening, Mark couldn’t sleep. Ignoring the protestations of Lisa, and only telling her he was going out for a walk, he went out into the streets. He wandered around, not sure of where he was planning to go, until he found himself at Angela and Tony’s house. The bedroom light was on. He was sure Susan had mentioned something about Angela being away visiting her mother.

Mark thought over his guilt. He’d remained silent over everything he’d seen a week beforehand, watching as the Thai girl gulped down Tony’s cum. Tony stroking her hair like she was an obedient slut. Could that same girl be a ladyboy? He decided it was time to find out the truth.

He rang the doorbell. From beyond the door he heard the sound of a woman’s light footsteps coming down the stairs. Maybe Susan had been wrong about Angela being away. Which was going make explaining his late arrival difficult.

But it wasn’t Angela who answered the door. It was the Thai housemaid. She was as pretty as he remembered, young looking with an open smile and dark dreamy eyes. She was wearing a white silk kimono which contrasted with her brown skin. The kimono was flapping slightly open, and Mark caught sight of the naked outline of her small breasts.

‘Mr. Reynolds, sir.’ She leapt forward and embraced him. Mark wasn’t quite sure what to do, but found himself hugging her back. She gripped him tightly and squeezed him, leant back and smiled. Her kimono was still open, and she saw him looking at her bare chest. ‘Naughty,’ she said, pulling it shut.

Tony arrived behind her. He was wearing just a t-shirt and shorts, surprisingly out of breath for a man of thirty. Mark thought that must have been the results of some exertion.

‘Janjira,’ Tony said. ‘Leave Mark alone.’

She pouted at him as he pulled her back by the arm and turned her round. He slapped her backside and pushed her inside, then shut the door of his house.

‘You have to forgive Janjira,’ Tony said. ‘She’s very friendly.’

‘I’ve only met her twice.’

‘I told you she’s very friendly. Besides, you’ve only really met her once.’

The image flashed back in his head of his friend dominating the small Thai girl. ‘I need to talk to you about that second time.’

Tony frowned. ‘You’re not going to say anything to Angela are you?’

‘It doesn’t look like you’ve quit the habit though.’

Tony shrugged. ‘You wouldn’t either if you had Janjira. She’s incredible, Mark, the things she can do to your cock. When she’s sucking it. When she’s riding it. Man, when she’s riding it, that’s the best. She’s only small, but the things she can do. I’ve never cum like it.’

Mark held up a hand. ‘Christ, I don’t need the details.’ Then he thought of what he had come for. ‘Well, one, maybe.’

‘Go on.’

‘Is she a ladyboy?’

For a brief moment, Tony was offended. Then he smiled. ‘Yes’ he said, ‘It’s true. How did you know?’

‘My wife is using the same housemaid company as Angela.’

Tony laughed. ‘So what does your one look like?’

Mark described Lisa. He tried not to go into too much detail, but he explained the long legs and the large breasts and the knowing smile.

‘Shit,’ Tony said, rubbing the back of his neck. ‘You’re in for a real treat.’

‘I’m not interested in ladyboys.’

‘But you should be,’ Tony said. ‘Do you want to try out Janjira? See what it’s like to have the little ladyboy slut riding you?’

‘You’re a pervert,’ Mark said.

Tony shrugged again. ‘So what? I’m having the time of my life.’

For the next week, Mark tried not to think of his friend’s adultery. Even when Susan mentioned that Angela would be coming back early from the trip to her mother’s. Mark made no mention of what might be waiting for her. Nor did Ataşehir Çıtır Escort he say anything to Tony. None of it was his business. He was best out of the whole mess.

That was what he was thinking as he answered the door to Lisa. She gave him a wide smile when she saw him. She looked so feminine that he still couldn’t believe she was a ladyboy. He also couldn’t believe what she was wearing. A skimpy maid’s outfit, with her breasts pushed up and a frilly skirt that barely made it four inches past her crotch. Her long tanned legs were on full display and she was wearing a dark red lipstick that accentuated her lips and made them look wet and soft. How could this not be a woman?

‘Morning, Mark,’ she said, kissing him on the cheek as she came inside.

He watched her go straight upstairs and found himself admiring her legs as she went. He told himself to snap out of it. Then he heard her calling to him from the bedroom. He followed after her.

He walked into the room and he couldn’t see her. The bed was already made – not of course by Lisa but by Susan. It had been her parent’s bed, before Mark and Susan had taken it for their house. It had been the bed they’d used when they’d made love for the first time, and it had been their bed for their wedding night. It held a special significance in Susan’s heart. Next to that was the photograph from their wedding five years before. Susan had been in her element that day, controlling everything, bossing the bridesmaids and the ushers. She had looked beautiful though.

He turned round to try and spot Lisa. He caught a sight of himself in the full-size mirror that reflected back onto the bed, then two hands were covering his eyes. He caught a scent of jasmine.

‘Sneaking into a girl’s bedroom is very bad,’ a sultry voice said.

‘But this isn’t your bedroom,’ Mark said. He lowered her hands.

Lisa stepped to the side and he found himself again looking at the top of her breasts which were trying to burst out of her top. The idea of this ladyboy in his bedroom, dressed in a sexy maid’s outfit and calling herself a girl, was unsettling.

‘So, do you want me here?’ she said.

He stumbled over a reply. ‘What?’

‘Do you want me here?’ Then she playfully pushed him in the chest, digging her long red fingernails into him. He told himself again that this was a ladyboy standing in front of him. It wasn’t a normal girl wearing this slutty maid costume, but a chick with a dick.

‘Yes, start here,’ was all he managed to say.

But instead, she walked over to photograph of Mark and Susan.

‘It was always my dream to get married,’ Lisa said, drawing one of her slender fingers down the picture and smiling at Mark. ‘I always wanted to find a man who would buy me a beautiful white wedding dress, a man who would look after me and make love to me whenever I wanted.’

Mark gulped. It had been a while since himself and Susan had done anything like that. He realised his gaze had drifted down to Lisa’s crotch.

Then there was the sound of coughing. Susan had appeared at the door. ‘We make a good couple, don’t we?’ she said.

Lisa’s smile grew wider. ‘A very good couple.’

‘Back to work Lisa, like a good girl.’

Mark couldn’t help note the sarcastic way Susan said the last word.

Later in the afternoon, he found Lisa struggling to pull down the ladder to the attic. Mark had to walk round her back to help steady the weight, and for a moment was pressing his body into hers. He could smell the flowery shampoo she’d used in her hair as they lowered the ladder. She almost let the ladder fall and he had to run his hand past her arm to stop, and he felt her smooth soft skin under his touch.

‘Thank you,’ she said.

He backed away. That had felt weird. ‘What are you trying to get up there for anyway?’

‘Susan said the attic was the dirtiest place and that I should work there.’ She looked hurt. ‘I don’t think she likes me. Do you like me, Mr. Reynolds?’

Mark rubbed his jaw. ‘You don’t have to call me that. You can call me Mark.’

She gazed at the floor. ‘You think I’m dirty too,’ she said. ‘Because I’m a ladyboy.’

‘I’ve just never met one before.’

‘I’ll be a good maid for you,’ she said. ‘I’ll do anything I can to make you happy.’

‘Ok,’ he said, not sure what else to add. ‘I should hold the ladder steady for you.’

He stood underneath her as she climbed, and he found he was staring straight up her legs to where her skirt parted. There was a dark patch at her groin. She looked back down, and gave him a knowing smile. ‘Come up if you like, Mark. I’ll need help.’

‘I’d better not,’ he said, letting go of the ladder as it were boiling hot.

‘A shame,’ she said. ‘I always like a man’s hands to help me.’

A week later Lisa returned to the house. She walked up the driveway with an elegant stride, her dark hair waxy and shiny. She was wearing skintight black leather trousers and a white cashmere jumper that showed Ataşehir Elit Escort the shape of her breasts. As soon as Mark saw her, he felt his erection growing.

Maybe that was why he did something so stupid.

When Lisa went to walk through the door, he didn’t step out of the way. To get past, she had to press her arse against his crotch. She lingered there, letting his cock press against the crack between her buttocks. Only when it had rested there for a while did she walk through into the house.

‘You should go and see Susan,’ Mark said. ‘She’s got a special job planned for today.’

Lisa smiled at him. ‘Sure, Mr. Reynolds.’

The special job, in truth, was to do some shopping. They all went to the supermarket together, but whilst Susan went round ordering large items, Mark and Lisa went over to the groceries section. As they walked along the aisles Mark began to wonder if people would think Lisa was with him, and if so what would they think? The leather trousers showed the perfect shape of her arse, there was the cute white cashmere jumper that hugged her breasts and there was her feminine laugh that she would make whenever he told a joke. And then he would think of what was between her legs. It was almost impossible

‘Got everything,’ Susan said. ‘Let’s go.’

Susan had ordered new equipment for the house, a huge TV and stereo system. Mark had to lug it all to the car. He loaded them into the passenger seat, and then was surprised to find his wife wanted to drive.

‘I don’t trust you to drive with all this expensive equipment,’ she said.

Mark shrugged, he didn’t care. What it did mean though was that he was in the back with Lisa. With all the groceries that they’d bought, there was barely enough room to fit one person in.

‘Just sit on each other,’ Susan said, keen to get back to the house.

Lisa gave a brief smile, her luscious red lips parting to show her perfect white teeth. She stepped aside to let Mark get in, then climbed in after him.

‘Buckle up,’ Susan said.

Lisa laughed. ‘We can’t fit.’ She adjusted her position on Mark’s lap. Her fingers dug into his thighs as she moved. Mark could smell the perfume on her neck and could feel the pressure of her body as she sat on him. She wriggled round, and then eased her arse into his groin. She knew what she was doing. He was getting hard.

Maybe nothing more would have happened, if they hadn’t hit traffic.

Susan got impatient, so she took them onto side roads to get back. The movement of the car forced Lisa to shift her position, and it gave her a chance to move her firm arse over Mark’s cock. She began to massage his penis and Mark grew raging hard. A tentpole in his trousers prodding against the leather of Lisa’s trousers, pushing against her buttocks. Then the car suddenly broke, and Lisa leaned fully back.

‘I’m sorry,’ she said, her breath warm and light.

‘That’s alright,’ Mark replied. He put his hands around her waist to shift her back into position, but he found he let them linger.

Lisa leaned further back, making a small moan when she pressed against his cock. His dick was like rock now, flattened down and pressing against the extra mound in her crotch. He knew then that his cock was touching her cock. She whispered to him, ‘What would your wife say if she knew you were dying to push your cock up my ladyboy ass?’

‘What was that?’ Susan said from the front. She had heard something, but not enough to understand.

‘Nothing,’ Mark said. He pushed Lisa forwards on his lap. But in response, she leaned round and placed her hand on top of his dick. She began to rub it through his trousers.

‘Be a good boy,’ she said.

He was panicking, thinking that Susan would see and also thinking of what was in Lisa’s panties. The dirty secret she hid away there. ‘Get off,’ he said.

The feeling, though, was so pleasurable, that he couldn’t bring himself to lift her away. She made slight moans as she pushed on his cock, then she suddenly stopped. She leant back again and whispered to him, ‘I’d love to feel your hard cock inside me.’

‘It’s not going to happen,’ Mark said. But he was already wondering what would happen when it did.

He avoided Lisa for the next couple of weeks. He concentrated on being a good husband, taking Susan out to dinner, coming home early for work to spend time with her and doing odd-jobs around the house that he’d been avoiding.

Then on the morning after Lisa had been, Susan noticed her wedding ring was missing. ‘Have you seen it?’ she asked Mark. He shrugged, and didn’t think of it again until later in the day when he was surprised to see Lisa inside his house. She had cornered him fixing one of the light bulbs that hung above the mirror in the bedroom. She was wearing denim shorts that showed off her tanned brown legs and a tight t-shirt that strained against her breasts. She was braless and he could see her nipples that pressed against the material of her top. Her feet were naked too and her lips were bright red. She was smiling devilishly.

‘I wanted to talk about the other day,’ she said. ‘When we were in the car.’

‘I’m not going to discuss that,’ Mark said. Then he saw what she was wearing on her hand. ‘Whose ring is that?’

‘Your wife’s,’ she said. ‘I thought I should wear it.’

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