Laura’s Story Ch. 02


I walk in and I can tell you’re mad. I look at the clock. It’s 7 a.m. I’ve been out all night. I’m still in my skirt that I wore yesterday to work, though it looks like it hasn’t been ironed in a week.

“I thought you were ‘just going out with some friends'” you glare.

“I did. Christ I did!” I say, already tired of the fight that I know is breweing.

“It sure as hell doesn’t look like it. Looks like your skirt spent the night balled up in the corner.”

“Well…it did, but I still went out with friends.” I shoot back.

“Really? Which friends are these?” You question.

“Actually I went out to a club with Megan. I spent the night with her.”

You are about to reply, but the wheels start clicking in you head. You remember Megan, the incredible redhead I brought home a few weeks ago. You shift in your chair. Is that bulge growing.

I realize you aren’t as mad as you were when I first walked in. With that knowledge, and the knowledge of my evening, I turn from you and go into the bedroom. You are instantly behind me. You’re so predictable.

“So what happened? Where did you go? What did you do?” you ask like a kid eager to find out what a present is.

“We went out dancing, okay, down to the club.” I fire back.

“I want details!” you beg.

“You do huh?” I ask. You look at me with those puppy dog eyes. I cross to the bed and sit down, you are over next to me in a flash.

I take a breath and start, “Well, she came by work and said she’d like to take me to this new club that just opened. Well, I knew I should come home, but, come on, it’s Megan. How can I say no to those green eyes?”

“I don’t blame you.” you add.

“Oh so I’m forgiven?” I ask.

“If you keep on with the details.” you say sternly.

“So we went to the club. There were a TON of people there. The dance floor was packed, but for some reason I’ve always liked that. We got a drink at the bar and headed out to the center of the throng.

The music was great and everyone was really grinding against each other. Megan was pressed right up against me. I love it when I can feel her tits against mine. So we’re dancing and I’m sure that everyone around us notices that we’re dancing a little friendlier than two women usually do, but that made it more fun.

We must have been out there for an hour, non stop. We were both dripping with sweat. I was dying of thirst so I said I was going to get a drink. Megan couldn’t stop dancing so when I left her there while I went to get something to cool me off. That’s when i realized that II was dripping wet. Dancing with Megan made me so worked up.

I found some water and after I had cooled off enough I pushed my way back out to the center of the floor. When i got there, Megan was still dancing, but now I noiticed she was pressed up against this huge black guy, who had his hands on her hips, grinding his hips into hers. I was about to let them alone and, dissapointedly, return to the bar, when she motioned to me to wait. She whispered into the guy’s ear and he looked at her and smiled and nodded. He then pushed his way back through the crowd.

Megan came up to me and pressed herself really close.

‘What’s up?’ I asked.

‘Let’s leave and go back to my place. I wanna do more than dance.’ she purred with a wink.

‘I’m ready!’ i said and made a bee line for the door with Megan right behind me. All the way to her house, all I could think of was going down on that sweet little shaved pussy of hers.

When we got to her apartment and she let us in, I grabbed her and pushed her up against the wall and thrust my tongue into her mouth. She moaned and replied in kind. Our tongues swirled around eachother and my hands found her incredible tits. Anadolu Yakası Yabancı Escort Her nipples were hard as rocks through her bra and top and I rolled them around in my fingers as we kissed.”

“Well, then what?” you ask. I suddenly realizerd I have become totally lost in the thought of Megan and I kissing while you, obviously have become lost in the story. Your hand is rubbing your cock through your pants.

“Oh well, then,” I laugh, “Then I suddenly realized that the water I had at the bar went straight to my bladder and I had to pee.”

“Really?” you ask skeptically.

“REALLY! I had to go!” I reply, “So I told her and she said to go use it then meet her in the bedroom. So I went and made myself look good before I came back out. Right before I opened the door to the bathroom I thought I heard another voice.

‘Does she have a roomate?’ I wondered, hoping that if she did, it wouldn’t spoil our fun.

I opened the door and saw no one, so I padded off down to her room and pushed open the door. I was suddenly very embarrased!”

“Why?” you ask.

“Becuase I realized that this might be the wrong room because there was a black guy lying back on the bed while someone was above him pulling off his shirt. Then I realized it was Megan!

‘Umm…should I come back?’ I asked.

Megan looked up at me with a smile, ‘No, I’d really like you to stay.’

‘So would I.’ the black guy added.

‘Well, I’m not so sure if I should..” i stammered.

‘Well,” Megan continued, “Why don’t you just sit and watch for a bit?’ I figured, there be no harm in that. I was mad that I might not get to have time with Meagan, but if I could watch and bring myself off, that might be okay, so I sat in the chair in the corner.

‘Have you ever been with a black guy, Laura?’ she asked.

‘No I haven’t.’ I answered.

‘She doesn’t know what she’s missing huh Tony?’ she asked of her male friend. He laughed and shook his head in agreement.

Megan came around to his feet and reached up and ran her hands across his chest. He smiled and she giggled. Her hands went to his pants buttons and she started to unbotton them.

In moments she had them open and started to pull them down. It wasn’t until she had them all the way off that I saw his cock for the first time. It was huge! I couldn’t believe it. It was easily 9″ and still growing and about 3″ thick.

Megan caught me staring, “See what I mean?” she laughed. I could only nod. I swear to God I almost came, just watching Megan’s tongue start at the base of his hardening cock and lick to the top. I’m sure I was drooling.

My hand went immediatly to my skirt and slowly sliding up my leg. I never thought this would be such a turn on but it was. Megan wasted no time and began licking his cock as it lay pulsing on his stomach. She started at the base where his huge balls hung and licked to the very tip of his cock.

By the time she reached the top, he was rock hard and I KNOW I was drooling then. Megan stood up and slowly started peeling off her skirt revealing an totally hot pair of pink thong panties. Then she lifted of her silk blouse and exposed those incredible tits. God I could suck on those nipples all night.

I looked over at Tony and he had that monster of a cock in his hands and was slowly stroking it up and down. Megan moved back to the bed, nude now, and positioned Tony diagonally on the bed and got between his legs and started to continue working he tongue on his dick. The way she moved him now blocked my view of her sucking, but gave me the perfect view of Megan’s ass.

It was only a few moments before I couldn’t hold out any longer and had to taste Megan. So in an instant I Anadolu Yakası Yeni Escort was undressed and kneeling at the edge of the bed with my face buried in Megan’s pussy from behind. My action’s caught her off guard for a second, but then she just siged and with a mouthful of Tony’s cock said, ‘I didn’t think it’d be too long until you were over here.”

I look over at you and you are glazed over. i know you are picturing everything I’ve been telling you. Your cock is now free from you pants and you are stroking it. I’m starting to get wet again.

“So am I forgiven for coming in late?” I ask.

“Partially, you have to finish the story though.” you reply.

“Hmm, well then I guess I will.” I giggle as my hand joins your hand on your cock and I continue.

“Megan tastes so incredible. I could litterally not get enough of her. In no time I had her cumming on my tongue as I eagerly licked at her clit.

Soon though, I could tell Megan was getting antsy for something a little more than just my tongue in her.

‘Tony.’ she said, letting his cock pop out of her mouth, ‘I need this thing in me.’

‘Then lie down.’ he grinned.

‘But I wanna keep licking.’ I whined, fearful of losing that sweet pussy to that incredible dick.

Megan paused for a second, thinkin, ‘Well then, Tony lie on your back, I’ll straddle you and then Laura here can lick away till her heart’s content.’ Tony was on her back and I watched in amazement as Megan slid herself down his huge cock. Megan let out a tiny whimper as she bottomed out on his dick.

Once she was settled and began a slow rocking, I moved in once again to lick at that beautful clit. I soon realized though, I was licking more than just Megan. Every once in a while, m tongue would come in contact with his dick as it slid in and out of her.

Megan didn’t help me keep focused on my task any by increasing her momentum as she rode that monster, and soon I found more often than not i was licking him instead of her, so i figured I should just go for it and I lowered my tongue and slipped one of his balls into my mouth.

Tony let out a grunt and Megan instantly knew what was going on, ‘I knew you wouldn’t be able to resist.’ she said as she slipped completely of his cock and moved into a sixty nine position.

Our faces were now close and she grabbed my hair and pulled me in close for a kiss. As our tongues swirled, I felt a gasp and I knew Tonys tongue had found her clit. I then realized as we frenched, my hand was slowly moving up and Tony’s cock which was soaked from Megan’s pussy.

Ken, it was SO big in my hand. I could barely even wrap my fingers around it. I was mesmerized and I had to pull away from Megan’s mouth and try to take him in mine. I licked the entire head and then plunged it into my mouth. He dick was instantly in the back of my throat and I had only about half of it in, so I used my hand to stroked the rest.

Megan moved to my ear and began whispering, ‘Wouldn’t that feel SO good slamming into your pussy? Don’t you want to feel it deep inside of you. Deeper than anything’s ever been?’

I moaned a reply.

‘C’mon Laura. Won’t you fuck im? For me?’ she pleaded. I didn’t really need any egging on though, I knew I needed that cock in me now.

I released his dick from my mouth and Megan slid off of Tony’s body. His face registered a bit of dissapointment, until he realized I was moving up to let him fuck me.”

This is where I think you’re going to blow your top. I look at you, but you’re lost and I realize, I probably could have fucked and entire football team by this point and it probably wouldn’t have mattered.

“Ken, I couldn’t believe how it felt. I’ve never Anadolu Yakası Masaj Salonu felt so full and I just had the head of it entering me. I slowly sank down on it, wanting to feel every inch as it slid into me. When i reached the bottom I had to just stop. It was so incredible.

Megan slid up next to me, ‘Nice?’

I could only nod. Then Tony began moving his hips and I swear to God I had an orgasm right there. I shuddered as I came over his cock and immediatly dropped my head to kiss him. Our tongues wrestled as I began to respond and fuck him back.

I slid my hands down his mucular body and grabbed at his ass as it thrust up to me. My tits bounced heavily as he thrust that cock into me. I was in another world. I had no clue where I was, just the fact that I was more filled than I had ever been in my life.

I was on him for at least fifteen mintues. Just grinding my hips down onto him, trying so hard to get him deeper in me. It was then I felt Megan come up behind me and wrap her arms around me, ‘Hey, I brought him home. I wanna turn.’

I started to whine, but she was right, she did bring him home, and I would do anything for my Megan. SO I reluctantlyslid off of Tony slowly and moved to the side to wath Megan lay on her back and Tony adjust to enter her. Tony was really worked up now and wasted no time in sliding all the way indside her dripping pussy and begin slamming into her.

‘Oh god it so fucking big. Fuck me. Fuck me hard!’ she began to moan. I figured I should try to help her remain quiet and straddled her face. Her tongue instanly found my clit and I was cumming again as I rached out my hand and found her clit and began to rub it, enjoying the feeling of Tony’s cock slamming in and out of her tight pussy.

The three of us found a rythm and soon wer were lost in each other. We stayed like that for another good fifteen mintues and then Tony announced he was getting close. At that juncture, Megan pushed me off of her face and then ushed Tony out of her. She grabbed my hand and pulled me to the floor to my knees.

‘I want you to see this close up. ” she said as Tony stood infront of us, stroking his dick inches from our faces. It was so ncredible. I just had to reach out withmy tongue and suck and Megan followed my cue and soon both of our tongues were cascading all over his beauiful black prick.

Tony’s breathing increased and Megan pulled me back just as cum started to errupt form the head of his cock. The first stream landed right across my tongue. The second, aimed at Megan, foudn it mark in her mouth and across her chin. But it didn’t end there. Tony came so much, more than I’ve ever seen and it tasted so good I was in a frezy trying to get as much as I could.

He was finally finished and I looked at Megan who was covered in his cum and we bagan to kiss each other as I tried to lick the cum from her chin. Tony continued to storke his cock as he watched us kiss. I could tell Megan was smiling as we broke off our kiss.

‘So black guys ain’t too bad are they?’ she laughed.

‘ I don’t thinks so.’ I replied, ‘In fact if you’re up to I’d like to feel that thing in me again.’

Megan looked at Tony as he looked at me and replied, “Just lie back on the bed and get ready.’ I didn’t need any further instruction.

He fucked us both two more times before we collapsed on the bed, Tony in between Megan and myself, our hands toying with his only now softening 10 inch cock, while we exchanged kisses.

Then next thing I knew it was 5:30 a.m. and I knew I had to get home, but I didn’t get to leave until Megan coaxed me to help her get Tony hard one more time, so he could fuck us both again. One look at his prick and I had no choice but not to argue with her.

So that’s where I was all night.” I finish, your cock is now rock hard in your hand. I smile and get up to go take a shower when you grab my arm and pull me back onto the bed.

Your lips find mine and our tongues begin to swirl as I feel your hand moving up my leg and your cock pressing into my hip.

I’m glad you’re not mad.

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