Learning the ropes


My first taste of young pussy came when I was 15 years old, from one of my friends little slut of a sister. They had a smoking hot 33 year old 100% French mother, who waited on tables at a bar wearing a french maids outfit. She was 5′-2” with a 36D cup stand up tits and weighed 110 lbs soaking wet and believe me she was always wet. Her 9 year old daughter had started developing early because when I first met them she was only 7 and already had nice little nipple buds poking thru any shirt, as she did not own a bra, mainly because they were poor white trash, living in a run down apartment with a lot of bad folks hanging around in the parking lot all day and night like a drug and whore hotel.

Lilian let her son, me and my brother smoke, drink and play poker during the day when she was at work and during the summer we did just that all day and every night so by the time she came home we were 3 young, aggressively drunk teenage boys with hormones raging to be unleashed. Pat is my friend and his sisters name is Marnie. As I said she is a slut, about 4′ 5” weighing about 95 lbs with strong short powerful legs and a PERFECT ass. She always wore a sun dress or shorts or bikini in the summer and school-girl outfits when she walked to and from school. That’s when she learned at an early age that boys and grown men love that special place between her legs. She loved to open her legs and flash that smooth, sometimes panty-less, perfect pussy. Her clit, always swollen and clearly defined as it was the size of half my little finger and with her pubic hair so baby fine, you could comb it however it was so thin you could still see her skin. She was always wet and when she opened her legs she saw how grown men started treating her different than the other girls her age, by letting her stay up later and swim with the grown-ups at night when all the kids were inside with their Sex hikayeleri moms. I watched her rub that pussy on everything and anything hard from the ladder rail in the pool to the edge of a counter top in the kitchen and even the hip bone, leg or what ever body part she could wrap her legs around of mostly older men. I swear she would go through 4 – 5 pairs of panties a day. It didn’t matter much to her what others thought about her, which at that age, carrying a “I don’t give a shit attitude” is a turn on. She has had experiences from the kind of men, hanging around the pool or parking lot of a run down apartment complex avoiding the law and taking advantage of anyone weak.

Pat told me about his step dad, molesting Marnie starting when she was about 3 years old until she was 6. He was very affectionate with Marnie, always holding her in his lap, playing “ ride the little pony” or reading bed time stories in her every night. Sometimes he would stay in her room with the door locked until the next morning, saying he just fell asleep if he was questioned by Lilian which never happened. When Marnies sleepover friends spent the night, he would get in the middle of the bed with the girls on either side under the covers and all night Pat would hear muffled high pitched squeals and what he said sounded like whimpering along with a steady thud sound that would last hours at a time and continue till early morning. Her room stank of a musky odor and her bed was always wet and stained.

Lilian, because she was so fucked up, she did not or would not see what was happening. After he left, most of her boyfriends were of the same walks of street life, scum and lowlifes. They would get drunk and high on crystal meth or cocaine with mommy dearest, staying up all night parting. Sometimes Pat would find strange men, that Lilian said she just met, Sikiş hikayeleri using her and her home as a white trash whore den.

As Marnie learned how to get her way, by sitting on the laps of these men, hopping up and down and squirming around wearing her short nighty and asking for a favor, “ just please let me stay up a little later” or shyly ask for a dollar to get some candy. She would say so sweetly, “ uncle Tom, Dick or Harry, please with sugar on top of me” and then add a little giggle with a kiss. Every time she did this she would spin on their lap, opening her legs to straddle their waist and when she did they would look

down and stare at that dark pinkish, swollen, soaked little cunt where all the wetness was coming from as their laps were soaked. Moist fluid was so plentiful it would actually drip on the floor into a puddle beneath the chairs. When facing them, the men would hug and hold her down tight and start grinding her wet sensitive pussy on their rock hard cocks, straining to peak out the bottom of their shorts while trying to reach her pussy and acting like they were playing a tickle game. But she would eventually start to quiver and her voice would squeal as the game would get more aggressive with the man grunting in hear ear “ you like that little girl. You want dirty daddy to lick it”. She would look up with a scared expression and with tears welling up try to look over his shoulder for moms help, but she knew there was no stopping this man from having his abusive way with her over and over again and again. Sometimes they would stand up and tell Lilian he is going to read her a night time story and then carry her off down the dark hallway into the back bedroom closing and locking the door. Lilian would barely notice because she would have at least two different men with hands groping her wet cunt Erotik hikaye under the dinning room folding table, as she says “no-don’t and stop”. With her head spinning from downers and liquor, it was just a matter of time before she would eventually end up face down in their laps with their stinking, unwashed, crusty soar infected cocks, leaking a colored substance would find the back of her throat. While holding her head with such a constant pressure, forcing her to gag and throw up with their cocks spewing a foul tasting spunk it would come out her nose. The men laughed and beat her all night. Sometimes they would call their buddies to come over with more drugs and take turns with mom and daughter.

The noise coming from down the dark and smelly hallway from behind the locked door makes your skin crawl as you hear the cruelty being administered by the high pitched slapped skin sound, instantly followed by a pillow muffled scream knowing she cant get enough air with his weight baring down on her tiny 5 th grade elementary school body. As he withdraws his massively swollen hard 8 inch cock full out, pausing briefly only to look at her face, before slamming his fat, two hundred pound sweat dripping, matted hair body down on her, freshly slapped pinkish skin, as his cock plunders into her bloody and soar pussy splitting her tender skin apart with such force the fluid is spraying the ceiling with each thrust that builds in force and tempo until his drooling mouth finds the soft skin of her neck spewing the volume of cum into her little pussy it has no place to go and is now gushing out with pressure from around his pulsating cock he proceeds to bite and eat her until she passes out from the terror and pain, knowing that there is a line forming at the door, of her girl friends dirty daddys each one more perverted than the last.

My time with this family continues.

It is fairly obvious this is my first attempt at writing, so please don’t be to critical. I’m still thinking of sueing the D.I.S.D for letting me graduate.

Thank you for your time

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