Living Doll Ch. 05


The bright lights blinded my but I managed to make my way to the end of the platform. I turned and posed like some of the other models I’ve seen.

The voice in the audio I recognized as Cheryl spoke out. “This is Andi. She is dressed in our T-line, biz cazz ensemble. The Crème Brule coloured jacket and skirt are crease resistant linen developed in house.

For some reason, I felt the need to remove the jacket. I flipped the jacket over my shoulder. I posed and turned more.

“Beneath, the blouse is pure Japanese silk with pearl buttons…” Cheryl explained. “Andi is totally developed by Doll House T products and is totally natural as you will see. Thank you, Andi. Please go back and change into your next outfit.”

I exited all excited. My heart was pounding as my blood pumped through my body.

The next outfit was an after work formal wrap cocktail dress. It looked great especially with the high heels that matched with it.

The final outfit was the piece de resistance.

I stepped into the white satin bikini panties and tucked my little thing under as Alishia had taught me. They fix snuggly and shaped my bum in a nice girly form. Next was a white Jacquard, strapless corset. It was laced tightly in the back and the boning accentuated my figure event more. My tiny breasts successfully filled custom fit cups. White opaque stockings with white reinforced heels and toes went on next and clipped to the dangling stocking straps hanging from the corset. There were five straps on each side.

Finally the dress. A beautiful white, satin and lace wedding gown with white pearls; a full tiara and veil and a ten foot long train.

“Andi. You look so beautiful. Like a real doll!” Tanya said.

I almost started to cry as I looked at myself in the mirror, but I didn’t want to spoil my make-up.

I waited for the announcement.

“And now with our last outfit of the show. Andi!” I heard Cheryl announce. Someone handed me a bouquet of white roses and prompted me to go on. As my foot took its first step onto the stage, I could hear the oohs and aahs as Cheryl started to describe the dress.

It was difficult to turn at the end of the stage especially with the long train, but I suddenly had attendants there with me. Gerri, Deana and Sam helped me.

“…The train is of course removable for dancing during the reception.” Cheryl explained.

I was a little surprised when Gerri and Deana unclipped the train and handed it to Sam. But without it, it was definitely much easier to move around.

“And of course, Andi is ready for later too…” Cheryl continued. “After the reception.”

Gerri and Sam gently held my arms as I felt Deana undo the pearl buttons down the back of my gown. Gerri and Sam prevented the gown from falling but held it lower for me to step out.

No one had told me this and I was totally not expecting to be on display, but trying to be professional about it and playing along Bostancı Türbanlı Escort I stood there in the middle of the stage, in my corset and panties.

I was joined by the rest of the T models as Cheryl ended the show. “Thank you models. And a special thanks to our special guest, Lori Layton for coming out to see our show. I hope you found our new T line of clothing something we can work together on.”

Loud applause.

I was about to return to the back when the lights came on. Cheryl told me to stay while Gerri, Dean and Sam were dismissed to the back. Then I was asked to come down and meet with Ms. Layton. There was something magnetic between us. I had butterflies in my belly and my knees were like jelly. Cheryl introduced us. “Nice to meet you Ms. Layton.”

“Call me Lori. Please. Nice to meet you as well.” She smiled at me. “You were definitely the star of the show. I loved your outfits and especially what you are wearing now.”

Lori examined the detailed work of the corset. Her hand cupped my breasts through the stiff material.

“Really? Very difficult to tell even up close.” Said Lori. “May I?”

Cheryl of course nodded affirmatively. She moved behind me and unlaced my corset enough that it would fall and expose my breasts. The sudden rush of cold air made my nipples react. Lori pinched them. “Amazing. And they are real!”

After Lori was finished her inspection of my breasts, I held my corset up to cover myself. Then Cheryl pulled down my panties. “Andi used to be much bigger but is now down to this. It still works, albeit at a smaller size. Andi will continue to develop with continued use of the DH products.”

I was totally embarrassed by my unexpected exposure to someone I just met as well as her staff around her. Lori smiled at me. “Thank you, Andi. I know this was an imposition but I needed to do my due diligence.”

“Thanks, Andi. Please go change.” Cheryl gave me a kiss on the cheek. “We are going to dinner with Ms. Layton.”

I dashed back behind the stage area. I wasn’t sure if I was scared or upset or what but my tummy was all aflutter. Tanya was reassuring and calmed me down. “You did a great job, Andi. You were the hit of the show. I know Cheryl is really proud of you. Sorry about that last bit. Lori can be a little too assertive some times.”

Tanya helped me unlace the rest of the corset and pointed me to the outfit I was to wear to dinner. It was the formal dinner dress I modeled earlier.

I first pulled on the tiny, dark, string thong. As tiny as I was, the thong barely cover me. The string ran tight between my cheeks to ensure no VPL would show. Didn’t matter much since I’d be wearing garters and dark semi-opaque stockings. And while I didn’t really need it, a deep plunging, dark demi-cup underwire balcony bra. The top of the cups ran under my nipples.

Tanya helped me with the dress. It was dark satin blue which wrapped around my body. Bostancı Otele Gelen Escort It draped over my shoulders but when tied at the waist, gave me a modest vee neck that stopped between my breasts and showed just a hint of my bra. The half-cups let my hard nipples poke out.

The dress flared open in front and the hem stopped about mid-thigh. The stiletto heeled strap backs pushed back my bum and pushed out my tiny breasts.

I checked my make-up but reapplies some lippie before leaving with Tanya for dinner. “Ready!”

As I took my first few steps, I realized then that almost all of my legs were revealed through the opening in front. You could just see the bottom of my stocking welts. I thought it was sexy.

Lori Layton was a dominant looking person but yet very pretty. Short auburn hair, green-grey eyes, soft, pouty lips helped tame her stern look. She stood about six foot three with her five inch spiked heels on. Her shapely legs supported her athletically curved body. The white silk blouse she wore was unbuttons to show the cleavage of her size D breasts.

We got into the waiting limo. Tanya and I sat backwards facing Cheryl and Lori. The part in my skirt exposed some of my thigh. We enjoyed some drinks on our way to the restaurant. Cheryl and Lori were talking about the show and furthering their business relationship. I looked at Lori a little goo-goo eyed.

Lori placed her foot between mine. She used it to slowly make me part my legs. The oily material of the dress cause the front split to slip open more and more. My stocking tops and clips were totally uncovered. I looked at Cheryl. She just gave me a knowing look. Tanya used her fingers to discretely pull my dress open even more.

Finally arriving at the resto, my dress was so spread open, I may as well have been bare assed. Lori seemed to enjoy it so I was glad.

The young, pretty hostess guided us to our table. It was actually kind of old style horseshoe shaped. I sat in the middle right next to Lori on my right. And I mean right next to. Lori and my sides were touching. Cheryl sat close to me on my left. Squeezed in between, Lori and Cheryl had to lean towards each other to talk. I had the feeling they planned this on purpose. Tanya sat to Lori’s right.

More drinks were ordered. We were all laughing when I felt Lori’s hand on my knee. Each time we talked, her hand would move up higher and higher. With Cheryl on my left, she made sure I couldn’t scoot away; not that I wanted to.

With my dress pulled apart by both of them, Lori was teasing me by playing with my stocking straps. My tiny boner strained in the thin g-string. I guess I moaned a little too loud.

“Are you okay, Andi?” Asked Cheryl in a mocking tone.

“Oh, yes. Very good. Thank you.” I stammered a response. Lori continued to her teasing torment. My thighs automatically parted.

“Oh, I’ll make sure Andi stays in good hand.” Quipped Lori. Bostancı Ucuz Escort Her hand was now rubbing my little hard-on.

I closed my eyes and bit my lower lip in an effort to maintain some silent composure. I failed completely when Lori reached inside my micro-thong and used a couple of fingers to stroke me. “Uuuh! Oh gawd!”

She was unrelenting when the waitress came by for our order.

“Aah! I..’ll Oh! Have the…eee! Gawd! Artic Cha…aah… r, please!” I manage.

The waitress failed to supress her smile at my obvious distraction. “Would Miss also like to start with an appetizer?”

“Nooo… Oooh …!” I shot my load over Lori’s hand.

I was almost doubled over as Lori removed her hand and licked off my cum. “Mmm… This goes so well with my vodka martini!”

Eating dinner was difficult and distracted. Lori had moved my hand to between her legs. She wore no panties as she made me play with her wet slit. She also continued to play with me, getting me hard then almost making me cum before backing off again.

The next week, I was asked to attend a meeting at the Doll House building. I was greeted warmly once again by Greta the receptionist. While she was happy to see me, Greta seemed a bit saddened by the fact she wasn’t going to have her fun with me. I was saddened too.

In Cheryl’s office, I was surprised to see Lori Layton.

“Hi Andi. Very nice to see you again.” Lori hugged me. “I very much enjoyed our time at dinner last week.”

I didn’t get a chance to respond before Cheryl started speaking. “Andi. Lori… Ms. Layton and I have agreed to terms on our contract for her to support our DH T-Line clothing. We feel it is a more than equitable opportunity for both companies.”

“That’s great news!” I managed to chirp in. “Fantastic. Congratulations. I’m sure it will be a great success.”

“Yes, it will.” Lori agreed. “Especially with your help.”

I looked at Cheryl quizzically.

“Ms. Layton would like you to be model and spokesperson for the DH T-Line at her company.” Cheryl relied to me. “Meaning, you would work for her.”

I was slightly confused. “What about the Manor? And Alishia?”

“That would mean you would be relieved of your responsibilities at Doll Manor.” Cheryl informed me. “It was really only since you needed a place to live anyways. We’ll manage without you, I’m sure although I know Alishia and Mr. Green at the grocers will miss you.”

The transition that followed occurred very quickly. I had moved from DH Manor to a condo provided by and owned by Lori’s company. Of course it was the same condo where Lori lived. Along with a substantial salary and modelling gigs and promotional travel and the like, I would get numerous evening visitations from Lori.

Over the next while, my breasts continued to fill out almost to a B-cup thanks to the DH products. I no longer took the pink pill but swallowed a blue one like Alishia did. As a result, not only did my penis return, it grew in length and girth and became Lori’s favourite toy.

As I got older and was no longer able to model, thanks to the close relationship, I became the liaison between Lori’s and Cheryl’s company and was in charge of the acquisition and management of the models. That was fun too.

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