Long Time, No See


Long Time, No See

Darius jolted up, startled by the sound of his cell phone’s ringing. Realizing he had been asleep, he groaned as he leaned over to answer it.

“Hello,” he answered drowsily.

“Hey D, are you, uh, busy?” a shy playful voice splashed out of the phone. Darius knew the voice immediately.

“Hey Amanda,” he responded, livening up his tone, “nah, I’m not busy. I must’ve fallen asleep watching a game. What’s up?” There was a brief pause before she replied.

“I was wondering if you might want to, hang out?” she asked nervously. Darius was surprised at the invitation. He laughed at the idea, knowing what it really meant.

“I don’t think Brayden would like that,” he sneered. There was another pause before she spoke.

“We broke up,” she said. Her voice sounded small. It was Darius’ turn to pause.

“I’ll be there in a bit,” he finally said.

“I’ll be waiting,” she replied cheerfully.

Darius freshened up and grabbed a bottle of bourbon from his liquor stash before breezing out the door. The twenty-minute care ride to Amanda’s usually went by fast, but today, it felt like it was taking hours. As he made his way to Amanda’s house, his mind drifted to Brayden.

“That jackass,” he chuckled to himself. Darius never understood why Amanda was interested in him. He never stopped complaining, he wasn’t in shape, and he never seemed too enthused about Amanda being trans. “Maybe hers was bigger,” he laughed.

When they met, Brayden clearly did not like Darius, and the feeling was mutual. He later found out that Brayden was intimidated by him. It was possibly due to Darius being taller, and black. However, it was obviously due to Darius being better looking. Deep down, he hated seeing her with Brayden. He was a pathetic excuse for a boy, let alone a man. His mind drifted to Amanda. It had been a four month since they had last seen each other, and six months since their last hook up. It felt like it was ages ago.

“To think, it all started four years ago,” he looked at his own reflection in the rearview mirror. He had just led their basketball team to the university’s first conference championship. While the others went out to celebrate, he stayed behind in the locker room. Though they had won, he felt conflicted. He was in his junior year. Should he consider going pro? What was out there for him besides basketball? The thoughts were beginning to scare him, until Amanda walked in. Clothed in jeans, a university t-shirt, and accessorized with her Indian jewelry, she was a ray of sunshine. Her smile alone was enough to light up the room.

She was there for him, comforting him, making sense of the madness. Then, when he had settled down, she led him into the showers, turned on the water, and rocked his world. It became a night of firsts: the first time they had sex, the first time he had anal, and the first time he sucked a cock. He could feel his own stirring as he turned onto her street.

Darius collected himself when he pulled into Amanda’s driveway. He reminded himself that he was there to be a friend first and a lover second. His thoughts were interrupted when Amanda stepped out the front door. She was wearing a pink sweatshirt dress that loosely hugged her body and fell to her mid-thigh. Her silky, black hair rested around her shoulders. Regaining his senses, he grabbed the bottle from the passenger seat and got out.

“Hey hottie,” he called, closing the car door behind him, “long time, no hear from.”

Amanda smiled, “A certain someone wasn’t crazy about me talking to you. And in any case, I haven’t heard from you either.”

Darius made his way up the sidewalk, “Well, we both know that certain someone didn’t like me, and I didn’t want to have to hurt him for messing with you.” They laughed in unison as they hugged.

“Good to see, D,” said Amanda.

“You too,” Darius replied.

As they stepped inside, Darius took in the sight. Everything still looked the same. Amanda spent her early childhood in India and the rest in the States. She had grown to embrace both cultures, decorating her home in a style she dubbed the rustic, Indian cottage. He turned his attention to Amanda. Tall by some standards, she was short compared to Darius’ six-foot-tall frame. Her hourglass figure filled out the dress perfectly. She was radiant. She could have been the reincarnation of an Indian princess. Bostancı Anal Escort Something about the night, whether indoors or out, seemed to make her bronze skin shimmer. Darius never knew why but summed it up to her being special in some way.

“Have a seat,” she said, heading towards the kitchen, “I think I have a bottle of wine.”

“Actually,” Darius countered, showing her the bottle of bourbon, “considering the situation . . .”

Amanda squealed with excitement, “God, you’re amazing.” She grabbed two glasses from the kitchen and she and Darius settled into the couch. They laughed and talked about old times for almost half an hour, reveling on the old days. Amanda admired Darius’ physique. She often joked that he would fit in with the Greek gods. He would remark that a black guy probably wouldn’t fit in with the Greeks, to switch she would argue they’d make an exception. Three years out of college and he was still in great shape. “I still can’t believe you decided not to go pro,” she spoke up.


She took a quick sip of her drink. “You had a lot of pro teams interested you, but I guess your mind was set on other things, Coach Carson,” she teased.

“Well,” he began, “after we won the championship our junior year, I wasn’t sure what to do. Then you and I talked, and I realized I’d feel more useful coaching and working around the community. All your ‘teacher talk’ finally rubbed off, Ms. Patel”

“Aww,” she blushed, looking away.

Darius stared at her for a moment, before addressing the elephant in the room. “So, do I need to go have a ‘little talk’ with him?”

Amanda took another sip of bourbon, “No, he wouldn’t be hard to find. He’s probably out trying to find an easy lay in some shitty bar.”

“What happened?”

“He says things weren’t working out,” she started, “I think the truth is he didn’t like being with someone he couldn’t control or belittle.”

“What do you mean?” Darius looked concern now.

“When we first started dating, he tried to be mister macho and boss me around, which didn’t go well for him. Would you believe he even tried getting physical?”

Darius laughed and let out a slow breath, “how bad did you hurt him?” As polite and respectful as she was, Amanda was tough.

She smiled, “Not too bad, I only gave him a black eye and a few bruises.” Her eyes sparkled, “Once we had the equal understanding that no one needed to be in control, things were ok. . .”

“Except in bed,” Darius interrupted.

“What makes you say that?” she looked puzzled.

“I’m here.”

Amanda smiled, staring into her glass. “It wasn’t bad. I didn’t beg to top him, but he still seemed half-hearted.” The thought of Amanda topping brought a pleasant memory to Darius’ mind.

“Remember our last time?” he asked. Brayden and Amanda weren’t together yet, and she had been having a really rough week with her students. Darius went to her elementary school to surprise her at the end of the day. The plan was to take her out to dinner to cheer her up. Instead, they wound up on the floor in her classroom’s restroom, where she pumped a heavy load of cum into him. Later that night, she returned the favor, twice.

“Oh my God,” she said, putting her drink on the table. “The teacher down the hall bugged me for weeks after you came by. ‘Who was that handsome gentleman who came to see you?’ ‘Is the athletic looking guy coming by today?’ ‘Does he have a brother?’ She still asks about you,” she added.

“Seriously,” Darius was shocked, “isn’t she like sixty?”

“She’s fifty-two, but either way she’s still a cougar,” Amanda winked. Darius looked off into space, a little uncomfortable. Amanda continued, “She also asked why we aren’t together?”

“Because we tried being more than friends with benefits and we sucked at it,” Darius snapped back to focus. “It was like we didn’t know how to act around each other anymore.”

“True,” Amanda agreed, “but that was during our last semester. I was having second thoughts about teaching and you hadn’t made your decision about the pros yet.”

“Yea, there was a lot going on. Plus, all our friends were so happy for us. It felt like we had to do extra so we didn’t disappoint. Thankfully, we were able to hold on to our friendship.”

Amanda stared into her glass; a smile slowly spread across her face. “Yea, at least we were able to get the Bostancı Yaşlı Escort friendship part right.”

“The benefits part’s not bad either,” Darius countered.

Amanda blushed. “Well, you make it easy, Coach.”

“Me,” said Darius, “what about you? With those pretty green eyes and that cute smile. Sitting there showing off those sexy legs.”

Darius could feel his cock getting harder and knew the same was happening to Amanda. Reminiscing was nice, but he knew what she was really looking for. He leaned over and eased up her dress.

“Not wasting any more time, I see,” Amanda gleamed, as she sat back. She pulled the dress up to her stomach.

“Why play around?” said Darius as he pulled her black panties down. Her uncircumcised cock was immaculate as always. It would fit anyone’s definition of the perfect erection; not too big, but definitely not small. It sprang to life, begging for attention. Darius enveloped it with his mouth. Amanda let out a moan, pushing deeper into his throat. Her balls formed the perfect plum shape. Darius played with them as he licked and sucked.

“Fuck,” Amanda moaned, “It’s been so long. She humped his mouth slowly as he sucked. She reached over and fished out Darius’s dick. It was the same girth as hers but a little longer. “The chiseled athlete with a spear-like cock,” she thought. She stroked his cock as he worked hers with his mouth. Darius shimmied out of his pants to give her better access to his dick. She enjoyed having her cock massaged by Darius mouth, but she wanted more. Eight months without an eager ass to poke was bringing out the animal in her. It went on for a while, until Amanda pulled her cock from Darius’ mouth.

“Come on,” she said, standing up. The panties fell to the floor. “I need more than head.” She led Darius by his cock to her bedroom. “Get those clothes off,” she commanded, “I’m going first.” She pulled off the dress, revealing the rest of her toned body, and lack of a bra.

“Wouldn’t have it any other way,” Darius responded. He kicked off his shoes and pants, then ripped off his shirt. “How do you want me?” he asked.

“On your back,” Amanda said over her shoulder as she fished through her nightstand drawer.

Darius sat at the edge of the bed and laid back with his legs in the air. Again, Amanda admired him, a black Adonis, enthusiastically waiting to be penetrated. She lubed his hole and worked it in with her thumb. Her cock was throbbing as a drop of precum leaked out. With her other hand, she squeezed a generous amount of lube into her palm, tossed the tube aside, and rubbed the lube on her cock. The lube felt cool, sending a tingling sensation through her body. When she felt he was ready, she rubbed her cock against Darius’ crack, occasionally smacking the head against his waiting entrance.

“You ready?” she asked.

“Bring it on,” he smiled. With that, she pushed into his ass. They each let out a moan as she went, pushing further and further until she was buried inside of him. From there, she eased in and out, getting use to the feeling. Darius stroked his cock as she humped him. It had been so long since he’d had a cock inside of him. He laughed to himself, realizing hers had been the only cock he’d ever had. “You gonna fuck me or keep teasing?” he growled.

Amanda laughed. “Fine then.” She inched onto the bed and began speeding up her thrusts.

“Fuck yea,” Darius moaned. With his free hand, he reached up and felt one of Amanda’s tits as they bobbed in front of him. They were soft to the touch with their juicy, grapefruit shape. He pushed himself up enough to nibble and kiss her nipples. Amanda gasped in response, prompting her to lean down over him and fuck him harder. Darius laid back down and continued jerking his cock. He gazed up at Amanda. Even covered in sweat, she was gorgeous, pumping away at his insides. Amanda took in the sight of Darius too. The former basketball star, legs spread wide, happily taking her cock. It was too much.

“Fuuck,” she breathed as she came. The eruption sent shivers through her body. She continued humping his bumhole, savoring the feeling. Soft moans escaped her lips, building up to a cute little whine. She bit her bottom lip, letting the last of her cum ooze out. When her orgasm finally subsided, she began laughing. “I haven’t topped in months.”

“It feels like it,” Darius squirmed, feeling the Bostancı Zenci Escort warmth pooling inside of him.

Amanda leaned down and kissed him. Her limp cock easily slipped out of Darius’s ass. She worked her way down his body. From his lips, she went to his neck, then down his chiseled chest and abs until she was at his cock. She wrapped one hand around his shaft and used the other to cup his balls.

“I wouldn’t be a good hostess if I didn’t return the favor, now would I?” she purred. She enveloped the head of his cock with a mix of lust and excitement.

“God, you feel so good,” Darius grunted as she took more of his cock into her mouth. He took handfuls of the sheets, gritting his teeth. It was mind-blowing. The room filled with the sounds of Amanda’s sucking and Darius’ guttural moans. Though she never considered herself an expert cock sucker, Amanda could make a cock so wet, there would be no need for lube. He could feel her tongue gliding around his shaft. “Like a fucking lollipop”, he thought. He looked down at her to take in the sight. Her hair was a mess, but in a sexy way. She looked at him seductively, her eyes were fiery. Darius had had enough.

He pulled her up to him by her arms, his hard shaft popped out of her mouth. He pressed her against his body and kissed her deeply. They embraced as they kissed, holding on to each other tightly. He repeated her moves as he grinded his cock against her crack. He reached down to guide the head of his cock to her hole. It was slick from Amanda’s handiwork.

“I want you,” he growled. He pressed against her rosebud and Amanda sat up, taking a deep breath. As Darius pressed in, she breathed out. The cold air against his bare chest sent chills through his body. He gazed up at Amanda. Head back, eyes closed, and body shimmering, she looked like an Indian goddess. He had pushed in till his balls were pressed against her soft, round ass.

“You ready?” he asked.

“Give it to me,” she replied with enthusiasm. With her approval, Darius pulled her close again and began thrusting in and out of her tight ring. Amanda let out soft whimpers and coos as he pumped away. She wrapped her arms around his broad shoulders. He felt amazing against her, his body heat melding with hers. He kissed her again, driving his cock harder and harder into her ass with each thrust. Amanda could feel her dick getting hard again, wedged between their bodies. She sat up again to jerk it.

“Fuck, I’ve missed you so much,” she panted, looking into Darius’ deep brown eyes. He met her gaze.

“I’ve missed you too,” he panted back, a sincere look on his face. He couldn’t contain himself. He gripped her waist tighter and took longer, harder thrusts into her. Amanda bounced wildly in response. She jerked her cock furiously, moaning in time with each of Darius’s violent thrust.

“Fuck,” she yelled.

“Take that dick, baby,” Darius urged.

“I’ll take anything you’re fucking giving,” she smiled. She reached behind her and began massaging Darius’ balls. He responded by moving her hand out of the way and jerking her cock. Darius bucked like an animal. Sweat was building on their bodies. The bed creaked beneath them. Amanda positioned her legs underneath Darius thighs and grinded back against his thrusts. She couldn’t hold out much longer. She felt her second load bubbling. She was right on the edge, but she needed something to push her over. Darius unknowingly delivered.

“God, I fucking love you,” he proclaimed over the orchestra of their reckless sex. He couldn’t believe he said it, but knew it was true. It was more than enough for Amanda. She screamed as she came on Darius abs. She clenched her hole while she came, tightening around Darius cock. A surge ran through his entire body.

“I, ugh,” was all he could get out before he started filling her insides. He pushed as far as he could, letting his cock empty out. Amanda massaged his cock with her ass while Darius gave hers a gentle tug. They stayed like this until they had squeezed all the cum from each other. Amanda sat up and let Darius’ cock pop out of her ass.

“Well, I’m spent,” she said, running her fingers through her hair, “and look at the mess I made!” Before he could respond, Amanda was already licking her cum off his stomach.

“A lady in public and a freak in the sheets,” he thought to himself. When she had cleaned him up, she licked her way up his body and nestled in next to him. After some time, Amanda finally broke the silence.

“So,” she smiled, “what was that thing you said? Something with an ‘L’, I believe.”

Darius shyly smiled, “Yea, I uh. . .” She kissed his cheek, cutting him off.

“I love you too,” she said softly.

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